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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Anspach & Hobday - Sea Salt & Chilli Stout Exceptional1
Anspach & Hobday - The Pale (Multi-hop)Excellent1
Anspach & Hobday - The Galaxy Saison Chardonnay Excellent1
Anspach & Hobday - RauchbierExcellent1
Anspach & Hobday - The Experimental Double IPA Excellent1
Anspach & Hobday - The India Red Excellent1
Anspach & Hobday - The Session IPAExcellent1
Bullfinch - CitrageddonExcellent1
Anspach & Hobday - The Experimental Imperial After Dinner Stout Excellent1
Anspach & Hobday - Red Wine B.A. Porter Excellent1
Anspach & Hobday - The IPAExcellent1
Anspach & Hobday - Coconut White Stout Excellent1
Anspach & Hobday - The Smoked BrownExcellent1
Anspach & Hobday - The Summer PaleGood1
Anspach & Hobday - Helles LagerGood1
Anspach & Hobday - RoggenbierAcceptable1
Anspach & Hobday - Bavarian IPAAcceptable1
Anspach & Hobday - Rhubarb SourPoor1
Picture 1. Anspach & Hobday, Bermondsey, Central London
Picture 2. Anspach & Hobday, Bermondsey, Central London
Picture 3. Anspach & Hobday, Bermondsey, Central London
Stephen Harris

Visits Details

10 Feb 2017 (Stephen Harris)
A&H installed a handpump on the bar for a recent CAMRA Branch Meeting held here, and have decided to keep it. It was dispensing a very special beer tonight.
Anspach & Hobday - Sea Salt & Chilli Stout 7.40ExceptionalFrom cask. Black and creamy and in fantastic condition. The chilli burn is immediate. The saltiness takes longer to find but is then obvious.
Anspach & Hobday - The Experimental Imperial After Dinner Stout 10.40ExcellentFrom key-keg. An enormous Stout.
06 Jan 2017 (Stephen Harris)
Quite crowded in here; I had forgotten how small the Taproom is here. Five A&H beers to choose from on key-keg, plus some bottles too I think.
Anspach & Hobday - The Experimental Double IPA 8.50ExcellentFrom key-keg. Apparently the ‘experimental’ bit is that each brew will have a different cocktail of hops, as the brewery seeks perfection. This is a cloudy golden colour. A serious, strong, hop-bomb. Perfection is near I think.
03 Jun 2016 (Stephen Harris)
It is not a long walk along the Bermondsey Beer Mile from the Bottle Shop to here, my next stop.
Anspach & Hobday - The Summer Pale3.90GoodA pale, cloudy, gold colour. Fragrant hop smells. Very, very bitter.
01 Apr 2016 (Stephen Harris)
Bar very busy for a birthday party.
Anspach & Hobday - Coconut White Stout 8.00ExcellentOn key-keg dispense. Completely crackers beer, but very tasty indeed. An opaque gold colour. Thick chocolate and coconut tastes.
18 Mar 2016 (Stephen Harris)
Always a pleasure to visit this brewery taproom, and Friday evening is the quiet session around here, free of the hordes of pub-crawlers that walk the Bermondsey Beer Mile on a Saturday. Seven or eight beers available on key-keg dispense.
Anspach & Hobday - The Session IPA4.80ExcellentAmber-coloured. An excellent, fruity-hoppy mouthful.
Anspach & Hobday - Red Wine B.A. Porter 6.00ExcellentA complex, dark beer. Red wine and woody flavours dominate, with the taste of the Porter itself coming through further down the glass. Fresh and almost acidic – would benefit perhaps from even more aging.
17 Jul 2015 (Stephen Harris)
Brewery bar now opening on Friday evenings as well as on Saturday and Sunday. I noticed some pretty stern signs have appeared on the wall of the flats across the road “Residents SAY NO to Druid Street Market’ and ‘No Drinks on this Side of the Road’. A wide range of A&H beers available on key-keg or from bottle.
Anspach & Hobday - The Galaxy Saison Chardonnay 5.50ExcellentA&H’s first barrel-aged beer, from a key-keg. It’s a really good blend of complex flavours – Top hops galaxy, sourness and spice from a Saison yeast, dry, woody and winey bits too.
Anspach & Hobday - The India Red 7.20ExcellentAnother really excellent beer from key-keg. A smooth, sweetish, malty base. Excellent hop flavours from Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe. Near ‘exceptional’ flavour in fact.
22 Nov 2014 (Stephen Harris)
Lunchtime visit to the brewery, where there is a rare cask beer on sale alongside numerous kegs and bottles. Quite busy.
Anspach & Hobday - The Smoked Brown6.00ExcellentA beautiful, smoky, fruity, dark brown beer.
04 Oct 2014 (Stephen Harris)
There is an Oktoberfest theme to this week’s opening here – all lederhosen, blue & white checks and special beers. We try a few of the one-off beers, including by each ordering a three beer tasting tray. Some are distinctly better than others.
Anspach & Hobday - Rauchbier6.00ExcellentOn ‘keg’ dispense. I liked this a lot. A dark beer that is quite subtly smoky and redolent of weekend trips to Bamberg in days past.
Anspach & Hobday - Helles Lager4.30GoodOn ‘keg’ dispense. Has a bit more carbonation than two of the others, but still a bit lifeless. Nicely-hopped lager.
Anspach & Hobday - Roggenbier6.00AcceptableOn ‘keg’ dispense. Rye flavours seem good, but unfortunately the beer is completely flat and lifeless.
Anspach & Hobday - Bavarian IPA6.70AcceptableOn ‘keg’ dispense. Potentially a really interesting beer – a cloudy, golden, slightly sweet, hoppy lager. But again suffering from very flat condition.
07 Sep 2014 (Stephen Harris)
The brewery bar is now opening on Sunday afternoons (as well as Saturdays). Perhaps word hasn’t got around yet as there were only a couple of other customers here at around 1pm – I’m visiting after a strenuous morning spotting tall ships on the Thames. The bar has been moved around since my last visit, and today there were five different keg A&H beers to choose from, plus several bottled Bullfinch Brewery and A&H bottles in the fridge.
Anspach & Hobday - The IPA6.00ExcellentOn keg dispense. Recommended to me by Jack Hobday behind the bar, and on really good, hoppy, form.
Anspach & Hobday - The Pale (Multi-hop)4.40ExcellentOn keg dispense. A variation on the usual Pale recipe, with five different hops in the mix, and Sorachi Ace pretty prominent in the taste I thought. Orange/gold in colour and unfiltered.
07 Jun 2014 (Stephen Harris)
Pretty busy in the late afternoon. I ran into somebody here who I last enjoyed a beer with at the Bierkamer in Ertvelde, Belgium, more than 18 months ago. Eight keg beers and numerous bottles to choose from today, from the two breweries co-located at this site.
Bullfinch - Citrageddon7.00ExcellentFrom keg. A strong, very well-hopped, Black IPA.
Anspach & Hobday - Rhubarb Sour4.00PoorFrom keg. I didn’t like this. To me it had a ‘cheesy’ smell and taste. I’ve tasted cheese in a fruit beer once before (a strawberry beer that time) and, as before, others seemed to be enjoying this beer. Perhaps it’s just me…

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About the Anspach & Hobday

The pub sign. Anspach & Hobday, Bermondsey, Central London

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The pub is found in Bermondsey, Central London, SE1 2HH.

One of the line of railway arch brewers in Bermondsey. Anspach & Hobday initially trial-brewed on the nearby Brew Wharf plant, before launching their own brewery here in January 2014. At the beginning, they shared their small premises with Bullfinch Brewery, the latter subsequently setting up on their own at Herne Hill. The brewing kit is to the rear of the arch, with a bar area and beer garden-style trestle tables at the front. Part of a busy Saturday market area based around Druid Street.

We have visited this pub 22 times, seen 37 different beers and tried 36 of them.

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Postcode: SE1 2HH