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Greenwich Beer and Jazz Festival (Beer Festival)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Salopian - OracleExcellent1
Crouch Vale - AmarilloExcellent1
Hop Back - TaiphoonExcellent1
Crouch Vale - Blackwater MildExcellent1
Wentworth - Oatmeal StoutExcellent1
Nelson - Dogwatch StoutExcellent1
Wolf - Golden JackalGood1
Kelham Island - Pale RiderGood1
Blackwater (sub brand of Salopian) - Counterfeit IPAGood1
Milestone - Raspberry Wheat BeerGood1
Nelson - Nelsons BloodGood1
Anglo-Dutch - Spike's On 't WayGood1
Nottingham - BullionAcceptable1
Windsor Castle (see also Sadler's entry) - Sadler's Worcester SourcererPoor1

Visits Details

09 Jul 2009 (James T)
Crouch Vale - Blackwater Mild3.70ExcellentLumpy white head, black as an imperial stout! Rich roasty. Mmmm. Full of choco malts, and a dash of coffee bean.
Crouch Vale - Amarillo5.00ExcellentAs always this beer was on excellent form. My tasting notes used the words "eyes crushing american hops" Crisp and refreshing. A definate favourite of mine.
Wentworth - Oatmeal Stout4.80ExcellentAlmost wanted to rate this Excellent but its just not quite that good. Fully massive traditional good stout body. Malty, Roasted. I'd happily nurse a few pints of this stuff. Heavy on the bitter aftertaste.
Nelson - Dogwatch Stout4.50ExcellentSo much peat on the top of the mouth during drinking this you would get less peaty compost taste from eating compost. Oh my gosh! Almost too much. Coffee, chocolate, and almost a hint of cherry or fruit cake. Mmm.... Time to go home now! ;-(
Salopian - Oracle4.00Excellent
Hop Back - Taiphoon4.20Excellent2 inch head on the half pint in a pint glass! Such a sessionable light summer ale, some light hoping, and a slightly dry tart aftertaste.
Kelham Island - Pale Rider5.20GoodCitrus fruits surround this in the mouth. Not a massive fan of this, but on good form generally. No more notes on my sheet!
Anglo-Dutch - Spike's On 't Way4.20GoodBit Wishy Washy for me, light weight, golden ale. Thin weak head. Very plain and easy drinking here. Not boasting any extreme hops or flavours.
Wolf - Golden Jackal3.70Good
Nelson - Nelsons Blood6.00Good
Blackwater (sub brand of Salopian) - Counterfeit IPA4.00GoodOranges, citrus, sweet, weak head.
Milestone - Raspberry Wheat Beer6.30GoodI wasnt sure what to expect here. A first whaff of the nose led me to feel confident that this wasnt going to be the next fruli equivilant at least.. My notes read - "subtle rasberry, pleasant sessionable" Subtle and not over powering. In all reflection possibly more E numbers than real Raspberry flavour..
Nottingham - Bullion4.70Acceptable
Windsor Castle (see also Sadler's entry) - Sadler's Worcester Sourcerer4.30PoorI just was totally un-impressed with this and my notes largely read "piss water!"

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The Beer Festival is found in Greenwich, Greater London, SE10 9LW.

We have visited this Beer Festival once, seen 14 different beers and tried them all.

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Postcode: SE10 9LW