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King's Head (Freehouse)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Salopian - Dead DropExcellent1
Durham - White GoldExcellent1
Empire - Moonrakers Mild (a.k.a. Moonraker)Excellent1
Magic Rock - RingmasterGood1
Great Oakley - WagtailGood1
Brown Cow - Summer SessionGood1
Little Valley - Midgeley MildGood1
Timothy Taylor - Golden BestGood1
Brown Cow - Scorpio PaleAcceptable1
Yorkshire Dales - Thoresby IPAAcceptable1
Golcar - Alba Rose Best BitterAcceptable1
Empire - SwordAcceptable1
Naylor's - NorthAcceptable1
Greenfield - Retro-Rail AlePoor1
Boggart - Waterloo SunsetNot Tried0
Phoenix - ResurrectionNot Tried0
Adnams - Ghost ShipNot Tried0
Salopian - PropagandaNot Tried0
Naylor's - Toffee MildNot Tried0
Timothy Taylor - LandlordNot Tried0
Timothy Taylor - Landlord Dark (was Ram Tam)Not Tried0
Newby Wyke - White SeaNot Tried0
Bradfield - Farmers BlondeNot Tried0
Elland - 1872 PorterNot Tried0
Wilson Potter - Tandle HillNot Tried0
Abbeydale - SerenityNot Tried0
Timothy Taylor - Boltmaker (formerly Best Bitter)Not Tried0
Dark Star - Hophead (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)Not Tried0
Marble - Ginger MarbleNot Tried0
Phoenix - HopsackNot Tried0
Picture 1. King's Head, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Picture 2. King's Head, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Michael Croxford

Visits Details

15 Apr 2017 (Stephen Harris)
My first ever visit here. The pub features Jimi Hendrix on the pubsign. Probably for this reason I had always assumed that the pub would be dark and loud and smell of patchouli and tobacco. It is in fact none of these things.
Naylor's - North4.00AcceptableA regular Bitter.
Timothy Taylor - Landlord4.30Not Tried
Phoenix - Resurrection4.70Not Tried
Timothy Taylor - Golden Best3.50Not Tried
Bradfield - Farmers Blonde4.00Not Tried
Elland - 1872 Porter6.50Not Tried
Adnams - Ghost Ship4.50Not Tried
Magic Rock - Ringmaster3.90Not Tried
Salopian - Propaganda5.00Not Tried
Naylor's - Toffee Mild4.20Not Tried
02 Jul 2015 (HSB)
16:00 This pub is the former 1st Class Gentlemen's Waiting Room and is currently undergoing restoration. The walls and ceiling have been repainted and the former false ceiling appears to have been removed. The low ceiling over the bar is still in place suspended from the original by a number of struts. The final result will leave the bar in its current location but with the high ceiling restored. The pub was fairly busy.
Salopian - Dead Drop4.70ExcellentI asked the barmaid for the hoppiest beer and this was the recommendation. Superb.
Magic Rock - Ringmaster3.90Good
Timothy Taylor - Landlord4.30Not Tried
Newby Wyke - White Sea5.20Not Tried
Timothy Taylor - Golden Best3.50Not Tried
Bradfield - Farmers Blonde4.00Not Tried
Elland - 1872 Porter6.50Not Tried
Empire - Moonrakers Mild (a.k.a. Moonraker)3.80Not Tried
Wilson Potter - Tandle Hill3.90Not Tried
Abbeydale - Serenity3.60Not Tried
23 Nov 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
A handful in before lunchtime on a Saturday.
Brown Cow - Scorpio Pale4.20AcceptableVery pale, bitter and hoppy. Finish is dry and citrussy. My score 14/20.
05 May 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
Very busy late Saturday afternoon with rail ale trailers.
Empire - Moonrakers Mild (a.k.a. Moonraker)3.80ExcellentGood dark brown roasty mild with low hop rate and plenty of dark malt flavours. My score 16/20.
16 Jul 2010 (Martin the Mildman)
Golcar - Alba Rose Best Bitter4.00AcceptableVery pale dry and bitter Yorkshire style bitter. My score 14/20.
01 May 2010 (Martin the Mildman)
Little Valley - Midgeley Mild3.80GoodDark mild with dryish roast malt character and a little hop bitterness in the finish. My score 15/20.
18 Jul 2009 (Martin the Mildman)
Brown Cow - Summer Session3.70GoodVery good hop character and good balance of malt. Very pale in colour, a refreshing summer beer. My score 15/20.
Empire - Sword4.10Not Tried
Greenfield - Retro-Rail Ale4.20Not Tried
16 Jul 2009 (Ian)
Disappointingly you can't walk off the platform straight into the pub, you have to go out of the station and then back in. Mind you having said that, it is very good. 10 beers on. Lovely tiled main room with impressive neo classical columns outside.
Timothy Taylor - Golden Best3.50GoodSo drinkable, light hop presence, but rest works so well.
Great Oakley - Wagtail3.90Good Gold, lasting beige head. Sweaty hop aroma. Dry sticks on the hop. Good herby hop on finish.
Empire - Sword4.10AcceptableGold, lasting off white head. Yeasty aroma, ok inmouth, bit of herby hop on end. Quite drinkable. It’s a beer. some saltiness.
Yorkshire Dales - Thoresby IPA4.20AcceptableGolden, lasting white head. Slightly sweaty hop on the aroma. It’s an alright creamy slightly lime-y bitter.
Greenfield - Retro-Rail Ale4.20PoorAmber, lasting beige head. Buttery aroma. It’s alright, but too much butter and frankly for me pretty undrinkable.
Timothy Taylor - Landlord4.30Not Tried
Timothy Taylor - Landlord Dark (was Ram Tam)4.30Not Tried
08 Apr 2009 (Magnus Greel)
1830 and fairly quiet. More regulars than commuters. I did not list all the beers on offer.
Durham - White Gold4.00ExcellentVery satisfying floral Cascade hop aroma and grapefruit body
Timothy Taylor - Landlord4.30Not Tried
Timothy Taylor - Boltmaker (formerly Best Bitter)4.00Not Tried
Dark Star - Hophead (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)3.80Not Tried
Marble - Ginger Marble4.50Not Tried
Phoenix - Hopsack3.80Not Tried
Boggart - Waterloo Sunset5.00Not Tried

About the King's Head

The pub sign. King's Head, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

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The pub is found in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 1JF.

Basic station bar at the east end of Huddersfield railway station with a large room and a couple of smaller areas. Serves a good mix of local and other guest beers, usually including a dark one.

We have visited this pub 9 times, seen 30 different beers and tried 14 of them.

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Postcode: HD1 1JF