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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Rat - Lab RatExceptional1
Fernandes - Jackdaw MildExcellent2
Southport - Dark NightExcellent1
Fernandes - Maia MayExcellent1
Elland - First LightExcellent1
Phoenix - Monkeytown MildExcellent1
Acorn - LightnessExcellent1
Ossett - CitraExcellent1
Fernandes - Merrie City MildExcellent1
Pictish - Black Diamond MIldExcellent1
Burton Bridge - Plough Inn Mystery MildExcellent1
Adnams - GunhillExcellent1
Riverhead - White Moss MildExcellent1
Mallinsons - GalymedeExcellent1
Dunham Massey - Dunham LightExcellent2
Prospect - Nutty SlackExcellent1
Ossett - Millbridge MildExcellent2
Fernandes - Mallard MildExcellent1
Leyden - Leyden EggExcellent1
Offbeat - Wild Blackberry MildExcellent1
Mallinsons - R&R Coffee MildExcellent1
Rat - Golden RatGood1
Little Valley - Midgeley MildGood1
Empire - Graffiti MildGood1
Mallinsons - Mission Bell MildGood1
Scarborough - Moody MildGood1
Fernandes - Light MildGood1
Bowland - Hunters MoonGood1
Riverhead - Marsden PerleGood1
Saltaire - Dark MatterGood1
Mallinsons - Denby Light MildGood1
Goose Eye - BlackmoorGood1
Naylor's - Special Light MildGood1
Rooster's - Spearmint MildGood1
Riverhead - Sparth MildGood2
Ridgeside - Mild & DangerousGood2
Mallinsons - Special Dark MildAcceptable1
Boggart - Light MildAcceptable1
Revolutions - The ScreamAcceptable1
Marble - Mild (Brew 1691)Poor1
Kirkstall - Kirkstall Pale AleNot Tried0
Mallinsons - Sarah's SweaterNot Tried0
Salamander - Hurdy GurdyNot Tried0
Golcar - Dark MildNot Tried0
Summer Wine (SWB) - Resistance Dark MildNot Tried0
Naylor's - Velvet Premium MildNot Tried0
Swannay (formerly Highland) - Light MunroNot Tried0
Mr Grundy's - BritannicNot Tried0

Visits Details

06 Jul 2017 (Bear & Ragged Staff)
Quiet mid afternoon visit.
Rat - Lab Rat4.60ExceptionalThrilled to see this on the bar. One of the best beers I have ever tasted. Simply stunning.
05 May 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
Mild, cider and perry festival under way with 12 milds on handpump on the bar.
Elland - First Light3.70ExcellentVery pale but not hoppy, with a light, soft fruity hop character and biscuity malt giving the true character of a light pennine Mild. My score 16/20.
Burton Bridge - Plough Inn Mystery Mild3.80ExcellentNo reference to Plough Inn on the pumpclip here, but a dark brown and tasty mild. Not usually a fan of BB beers but this is a smooth and malty mild, maybe that is the mystery. My score 16/20.
Prospect - Nutty Slack3.90ExcellentDark brown mild with some toasted malt character and low hopping. Fairly dry finish. My score 16/20.
Offbeat - Wild Blackberry Mild3.80ExcellentSweet and fruity with some malt as a base, but the blackberry flavour dominating without being overpowering. My score 16/20.
Southport - Dark Night3.90ExcellentDark ruby mild with a sweet and malty character, low hop rate and some fruit in the finish. My score 16/20.
Bowland - Hunters Moon3.70GoodRed/brown mild with a lightly roasted malt bitterness and a low hop rate. Some dryness in the finish. My score 15/20.
Fernandes - Jackdaw Mild5.00GoodDark brown strong mild with fairly bitter dark roast malt flavour. Some fruity hop in the finish. My score 15/20.
Scarborough - Moody Mild4.20GoodThis replaced another mild just as I was about to leave. Reddish/amber mild with some malt flavour and a bittersweet finish. My score 15/20.
Golcar - Dark Mild3.20Not Tried
Summer Wine (SWB) - Resistance Dark Mild3.70Not Tried
Naylor's - Velvet Premium Mild4.00Not Tried
Swannay (formerly Highland) - Light Munro3.00Not Tried
Mr Grundy's - Britannic3.60Not Tried
24 Mar 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
Busy on a Saturday afternoon.
Riverhead - Sparth Mild3.60GoodDark brown mild with a dry, malty character. Low hop rate and a dry finish. My score 15/20.
26 Nov 2011 (Martin the Mildman)
Fairly busy mid Saturday afternoon.
Rat - Golden Rat3.80GoodPale gold bitter with good hop character and a little background malt. Crisp, clean finish. My score 15/20.
Revolutions - The Scream4.50AcceptableRed bitter with a very bitter almost burnt malt flavour with some bitter hop too. My score 14/20.
11 Jun 2011 (Flying.geordie)
Mallinsons - Galymede4.10Excellent
Ridgeside - Mild & Dangerous3.80Good
29 May 2011 (Martin the Mildman)
Quite busy on a Sunday afternoon.
Ossett - Citra4.20ExcellentVery pale and very citrussy as one would expect. Packed full of lemony hop flavours and with a good malt balance that keeps the flavour from being too sharp. Good citrus hop finish. My score 16/20.
Fernandes - Merrie City Mild5.00ExcellentDark brown strong mild with a silky smooth and sweet character. Toffee, caramel and chocolate flavours dominate with a little roast coffee in the background. The finish is sweetish and lingering. My score 17/20.
Kirkstall - Kirkstall Pale Ale4.00Not Tried
Mallinsons - Sarah's Sweater4.20Not Tried
Salamander - Hurdy Gurdy4.20Not Tried
30 Apr 2011 (Martin the Mildman)
Mild festival on here and with additional handpumps in use, the number of handpumped milds here was an amazing 26!
Pictish - Black Diamond MIld3.50ExcellentDark brown with low hoppiness and some yeasty flavours. Plenty of roast and chocolate malt too. My score 16/20.
Dunham Massey - Dunham Light3.80ExcellentVery pale light mild in classic style, sweet and malty with low hop rate. Dryish finish. My score 16/20.
Acorn - Lightness3.60ExcellentClassic light Pennine mild style, sweet and malty with just a hint of hop, smooth and easy drinking. My score 16/20.
Riverhead - White Moss Mild3.60ExcellentAn excellent example of a Pale Pennine Light Mild. Sweet malt and soft hoppiness give a very drinkable beer. My score 16/20.
Leyden - Leyden Egg3.80ExcellentSuperbly named and made from dark chocolate malts. Quite bitter, but all from malt with little hop character. The finish is bitter dark chocolate. My score 16/20
Fernandes - Jackdaw Mild5.00ExcellentDark brown with lots of dark malt flavours. Low hoppiness and a dryish, malty finish. My score 16/20.
Riverhead - Sparth Mild3.60GoodRed/brown mild with some maltiness and a little hoppiness in the finish. My score 15/20.
Little Valley - Midgeley Mild3.80GoodDark brown mild with some roast coffee notes and some bitterness in the finish. My score 15/20.
Ossett - Millbridge Mild3.70GoodDark brown mild with a yeasty almost marmite like taste. Some roast coffee malt flavours for balance. My score 15/20.
Saltaire - Dark Matter3.80GoodSuspect this is a renaming of Dark Mild. Fairly dry and bitter for a mild, with some powdery malt and a dryish finish. My score 15/20.
Rooster's - Spearmint Mild3.70GoodDark brown mild with a minty aroma and also quite prominent in the taste. There is some chocolate malt in the base beer, which makes for an interesting flavour. The finish is minty. My score 15/20.
Mallinsons - Mission Bell Mild3.90GoodDark brown with rather a lot of bitterness for a mild. Some malt but citrus hop is a bit too assertive. My score 15/20.
Goose Eye - Blackmoor4.00GoodDark brown mild with a bitter chocolate malt character. Low hop rate but not very well balanced flavour. My score 15/20.
Naylor's - Special Light Mild3.80GoodVery pale mild with a fruity character. Low bitterness and a fruity finish. My score 15/20.
Boggart - Light Mild3.80AcceptableNow shown as 4.0%. Pale mild with a sweet caramel, toffee and butterscotch flavour bordering on diacetyl. Little hoppiness. Rather cloying sweet finish. My score 14/20.
Ridgeside - Mild & Dangerous3.80AcceptableAmber beer wuth a little too much hop bitterness for a mild. Some maltiness but not enough to countereact the hop flavours. My score 14/20.
Mallinsons - Special Dark Mild3.90AcceptableMission Bell Mild dry hopped. This makes an already quite bitter and hoppy mild even more so. More in the style of a dark bitter. My score 14/20.
01 May 2010 (Martin the Mildman)
Annual mild festival in progress attracting a lot of custom.
Adnams - Gunhill4.00ExcellentThis seems to be classed as a mild, and who am I to argue. It is ruby/brown in colour with a fruity taste balanced with biscuit and chocolate malt flavours. My score 16/20.
Ossett - Millbridge Mild3.70ExcellentRuby coloured smooth mild with well rounded malty flavour and just a hint of hops in the finish. My score 16/20.
Mallinsons - R&R Coffee Mild3.40ExcellentEmley Moor Mild brewed with fresh coffee beans as a one off special for the Mild Festival. Strong coffee aroma and good roasted coffee flavour. My score 16/20.
Fernandes - Maia May3.50ExcellentRuby mild with good choclate malt character and a grainy flavour. Low hop rate and a full body. My score 16/20.
Dunham Massey - Dunham Light3.80ExcellentA very pale light mild with low hop rate, smooth, creamy taste and a pleasant sweetish malty finish. My score 16/20.
Fernandes - Mallard Mild4.50ExcellentA golden/amber mild with a low level of hop flavour and good biscuity malt character. Smooth, sweetish finish. My score 16/20.
Fernandes - Light Mild3.40GoodLight brown/amber in colour, lowish on hops, some biscuity malt and a slightly bitter finish. My score 15/20.
Mallinsons - Denby Light Mild3.80GoodVery pale with soft hoppiness and a little biscuity malt. Fairly dry finish. My score 15/20.
Empire - Graffiti Mild4.80GoodDark brown strong mild with a bitter dark chocolate malt character and a fairly hoppy finish. My score 15/20.
Marble - Mild (Brew 1691)6.00PoorFar far too bitter for a mild. Colour is amber, bitterness is approx 90% of the flavour, whatever that is in IBUs, it is far too high for a mild! My score 9/20.
18 Dec 2009 (Flying.geordie)
Lunch time and only a few customers.
Riverhead - Marsden Perle4.50Good
03 Oct 2009 (Martin the Mildman)
Phoenix - Monkeytown Mild3.90ExcellentDark with lots of malty flavours including hints of liquorice and dark chocolate. The finish is quite dry and bitter. My score 16/20.

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The pub is found in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 3EB.

On Chapel Hill this sells three Ossett and six guest handles from a total of 13 handpumps. The Rat Brewery is on site.

We have visited this pub 11 times, seen 49 different beers and tried 41 of them.

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Postcode: HD1 3EB