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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Redchurch - Bethnal Pale AleExceptional1
Vibrant Forest - Mrs MigginsExceptional1
Old Dairy - Soft TopExceptional1
Brightside - Darkside StoutExceptional1
Hop Kettle (Cricklade & Swindon Breweries) - Flapjack BlackExceptional1
Canterbury Brewers - Biggleton's Brown AleExceptional1
Kent - Session PaleExceptional1
Downton - Roman Imperial StoutExceptional1
XT Brewing - X Egham TenExceptional1
Gipsy Hill - SouthpawExcellent1
Ascot - Aureole AleExcellent1
Siren Craft - Broken Dream Breakfast Stout (superseded by 6.5% version)Excellent1
Complete Pig - Oxfordshire Black PorterExcellent1
Cronx - Entire PorterExcellent1
Nene Valley - OPXExcellent1
Castle Combe (formerly Braydon) - Galley-BaggerExcellent1
Weird Beard - Mariana TrenchExcellent1
Longdog - Bunny ChaserExcellent1
Hammerpot - Vinery MildExcellent1
Kelchner (formerly Ampthill Brewhouse, formerly Ampthill Brewery) - First Brew CopperExcellent2
Canterbury Brewers - Canterbury WheatExcellent1
High Weald - Wealden Pale AleExcellent1
Sherfield Village - Pioneer StoutExcellent1
XT Brewing - Animal Brewing RabbitExcellent1
Ascot - Single Hop Nelson SauvinExcellent1
Kent - Green GiantExcellent1
Two Cocks - 1643 ViscountExcellent1
Geltsdale - Black DubExcellent1
Nutbrook - MongrelExcellent1
Problem Child - Good Spankin'Excellent1
Sunny Republic - St Wite's AleExcellent1
Castle Combe (formerly Braydon) - Pot WalloperExcellent1
Wild Weather - Little WindExcellent1
Leighton Buzzard - Smokin' AngelExcellent2
Brightside - Underworld PorterExcellent1
Ascot - Single Hop SorachiExcellent1
High Weald - Charcoal BurnerExcellent1
Old Dairy - Tsar TopExcellent1
Rebellion - XXExcellent1
Havant - Blackberry Milk StoutExcellent1
Caveman (latterly a cuckoo at Leatherbritches) - Chinook (brewed at Kent Brewery)Excellent1
Belleville - Chestnut PorterExcellent1
Longdog - Brindle BitterExcellent1
Shed Ales - Day in the ShedExcellent1
ShinDigger - Pacific Pale AleExcellent2
Hop Kettle (Cricklade & Swindon Breweries) - Meadow GoldExcellent1
Amber Ales - Black NitroExcellent1
Thurstons - Stedman's AleExcellent1
Brewshed - Best BitterExcellent1
XT Brewing - XT99Excellent1
Binghams - Royal AscentExcellent1
Park - Gallows GoldExcellent2
Canterbury Brewers - Galactic BelgianExcellent1
Ascot - Red IPAExcellent1
Weird Beard - Hit the LightsExcellent1
London Brewers Alliance - IPAExcellent1
Clarence & Fredericks - Golden AleExcellent1
Brightwater - Little NipperExcellent1
Old Dairy - HeifferweizenExcellent1
Three Friends - Centennial Rye PaleExcellent1
Botanist - Night PorterExcellent1
Shed Ales - Shedloads: Coalshed # 14 – Blackberry Porter Excellent1
Canterbury Brewers - Canterbury HakaExcellent1
Abbey Ford - 666Excellent2
Goody Ales - Bleangate Brewery - Good HealthExcellent1
Indigenous - Nosey ParkerExcellent1
Ascot - Last of the Blue Devils - CherryExcellent1
Moncada - Notting Hill StoutExcellent1
Binghams - Hop Harvest BestExcellent1
Goldmark - Hop IdolExcellent1
Firebird - Pacific GemExcellent1
Ascot - Single Hop BullionExcellent1
Canterbury Brewers - SwazzaleExcellent1
Old Forge Microbrewery - SledgehammerExcellent1
Hawkshead - ITI (little NZPA) Excellent1
Portobello - Market PorterExcellent1
Pig & Porter - Slow, BlackExcellent1
Malt, The Brewery - Dark AleExcellent1
Binghams - Outer Space Hoppy IPAExcellent1
Shed Ales - Shed Some LightExcellent1
Moncada - Notting Hill Blonde (was 4.2%)Excellent1
Dark Star - Victorian Ruby MildExcellent1
Windsor & Eton - Guardsman Fresh Green HopExcellent1
Aylesbury (ABC) - Boggling FertleExcellent1
Devilfish - Devil BestExcellent1
Downlands (formerly South Downs) - Whapple WayExcellent1
Sherfield Village - ThreesomeExcellent1
3 Brewers of St. Albans - Golden Engish AleExcellent1
Mash - BitterGood1
Bedlam - Golden AleGood1
Southwark - Bermondsey BestGood1
Mash - AmberGood1
Bexley - BOB (Bexley's Own Beer) Good2
Hoptimists - Golden DawnGood1
Top-Notch - Royal FanfareGood2
London Fields - Love Not WarGood1
Thurstons - Festival AleGood2
Chester Ales - GladiatorGood1
Aylesbury (ABC) - Whittle E28Good1
Loddon - Betjeman Brewery – Wantage Bells Good1
Little Beer Corporation - 1917 PilsnerGood1
3 Brewers of St. Albans - Classic English AleAcceptable1
Fool Hardy - Risky BlondAcceptable1
Isfield - Imperial Pale AleAcceptable1
Six Trees - Hop EightsAcceptable1
Deverell's - Redemption Poor1
Picture 1. Egham United Services Club, Egham, Surrey
Picture 2. Egham United Services Club, Egham, Surrey
Picture 3. Egham United Services Club, Egham, Surrey

Visits Details

14 Nov 2014 (Stephen Harris)
Afternoon visit to the beer festival here. Nice weather for sitting outside in the courtyard, although I was troubled by wasps at one point. As ever here, it is mostly an opportunity to try beers from new breweries.
Problem Child - Good Spankin'4.40ExcellentGolden and sharp.
ShinDigger - Pacific Pale Ale4.50ExcellentVery nice with NZ hops.
Leighton Buzzard - Smokin' Angel4.50ExcellentNear black in colour, fruity and smoky.
Park - Gallows Gold5.00ExcellentHazy golden colour. Very well-hopped.
Amber Ales - Black Nitro6.00ExcellentA collaboration beer with Foolproof Brewing of Pawtucket. Black and smooth with orangey-citrus flavours.
Shed Ales - Shedloads: Coalshed # 14 – Blackberry Porter 6.00ExcellentA strong, dark beer with nice juicy fruit tastes.
Kelchner (formerly Ampthill Brewhouse, formerly Ampthill Brewery) - First Brew Copper4.30GoodA regular, brown Bitter with a Crystal Malt tang, but enlivened with some nice hops.
Fool Hardy - Risky Blond4.40AcceptableQuite dark-coloured for a Blonde, and very bitter. In somewhat flat condition.
Top-Notch - Royal Fanfare4.60AcceptableA very traditional-type Bitter based on Crystal Malt.
Bexley - BOB (Bexley's Own Beer) 4.20AcceptableVery much a Crystal Malt taste.
13 Nov 2014 (thebrewingman)
First day of the 19th Egham Beer Festival. Once again, many new breweries and beers. I have only listed those I tried.
ShinDigger - Pacific Pale Ale4.50Excellent
Hawkshead - ITI (little NZPA) 3.50Excellent
Gipsy Hill - Southpaw4.20Excellent
Bexley - BOB (Bexley's Own Beer) 4.20Excellent
Firebird - Pacific Gem4.20ExcellentSingle hop variety bitter using NZ Pacific Gem
Windsor & Eton - Guardsman Fresh Green Hop4.20ExcellentThe normal Guardsman recipe using green hops. Very nice too.
Kelchner (formerly Ampthill Brewhouse, formerly Ampthill Brewery) - First Brew Copper4.30Excellent
Leighton Buzzard - Smokin' Angel4.50ExcellentThe German Rauchmalt has not been overdone giving a well balanced smokey beer.
Park - Gallows Gold5.00Excellent
Indigenous - Nosey Parker5.50Excellent
Pig & Porter - Slow, Black5.10Excellent
Top-Notch - Royal Fanfare4.60Good
Southwark - Bermondsey Best4.40Good
Hoptimists - Golden Dawn3.80Good
11 Aug 2013 (Stephen Harris)
Arriving here after a long country walk on another hot day, I certainly had a bit of a thirst. First time I had been to this venue on the Sunday and I was worried there may be no festival beers left. In fact there was a very good choice, but I soon realised the handpulled beers were in very much better condition that the stillaged beers which were starting to become a little tired.
Weird Beard - Hit the Lights5.80ExcellentI know it’s not playing the game of trying all the new beers, but I could not resist a half of this lovely, hoppy bitter. Easily the best beer of the day.
Goldmark - Hop Idol3.70ExcellentGolden in colour. Full-bodied and with fruity hops.
Abbey Ford - 6664.80GoodChestnut-coloured, full flavoured, malty bitter.
Little Beer Corporation - 1917 Pilsner7.00GoodGolden in colour. Utilises a 1917 Russian yeast strain. Strong and smooth, with a sweetish yeast taste.
Mash - Amber4.30GoodAmber in colour. Nice, balanced. Good malt and good hop tastes.
Thurstons - Festival Ale4.70AcceptableAmber in colour. Quite hoppy, but flavours dulled by very flat condition.
3 Brewers of St. Albans - Classic English Ale4.00AcceptableChestnut in colour. A regular bitter – a bit flat from the stillage which compromised the flavour.
08 Aug 2013 (thebrewingman)
Back for the 15th edition of this popular beer festival. After partaking of too many high gravity beers at the last one I tried to keep to those under 5%. However, the three ciders I tried were all above 5%. These were from Radnage, Virtual Orchards and Twinways.
Abbey Ford - 6664.80ExcellentA dark amber malty brew.
Nutbrook - Mongrel4.50Excellent
Shed Ales - Day in the Shed4.10ExcellentJust try asking for half a Day in the Shed.
Three Friends - Centennial Rye Pale4.70ExcellentTasting notes included parma violet. I had an interesting discussion about tasting notes with a colleague.
Thurstons - Festival Ale4.70Excellent
3 Brewers of St. Albans - Golden Engish Ale3.80Excellent
XT Brewing - Animal Brewing Rabbit5.00ExcellentA nice hoppy pale ale.
Rebellion - XX4.20ExcellentA ruby ale.
Aylesbury (ABC) - Whittle E283.90Good
Mash - Bitter3.90Good
28 Mar 2013 (thebrewingman)
The first day of the 14th Egham Beer Festival. Despite the cold weather, all beers on the outside stillage were in excellent condition. There were plenty of helpful staff on hand to serve the beers and a blackboard menu giving details of which beers were on. I have only listed those beers I tried.
Kent - Session Pale3.70ExceptionalA double hopped version. Superb.
Hop Kettle (Cricklade & Swindon Breweries) - Flapjack Black7.60ExceptionalWow.
Portobello - Market Porter4.60ExcellentVery nice and creamy.
Siren Craft - Broken Dream Breakfast Stout (superseded by 6.5% version)6.00ExcellentLabelled as 6%.
Two Cocks - 1643 Viscount5.60Excellent
Belleville - Chestnut Porter4.90Excellent
Brightwater - Little Nipper3.30ExcellentSuperb for such a low gravity beer.
Canterbury Brewers - Swazzale4.80ExcellentA superb West Coast IPA. Taste those hops.
Downlands (formerly South Downs) - Whapple Way4.40Excellent
High Weald - Wealden Pale Ale4.10Excellent
High Weald - Charcoal Burner4.30ExcellentOatmeal stout
Moncada - Notting Hill Stout5.00ExcellentJust what the doctor ordered.
Shed Ales - Shed Some Light3.80Excellent
Weird Beard - Mariana Trench5.30ExcellentA "transpacific" pale ale.
Wild Weather - Little Wind4.20Excellent
XT Brewing - XT995.00ExcellentLimited edition stout.
15 Nov 2012 (thebrewingman)
First day of their Autumn Beer Festival. A good few attendees but comfortable. I have only listed those I tried and they were all in excellent condition.
Downton - Roman Imperial Stout9.00ExceptionalNectar
Ascot - Aureole Ale3.30Excellent
Kent - Green Giant6.00ExcellentSuperb green hop IPA
Caveman (latterly a cuckoo at Leatherbritches) - Chinook (brewed at Kent Brewery)4.30ExcellentAs good as the citra in its own way.
Clarence & Fredericks - Golden Ale3.80Excellent
Ascot - Single Hop Bullion4.60Excellent
Aylesbury (ABC) - Boggling Fertle3.80ExcellentA nice mild
Brightside - Underworld Porter4.40ExcellentA very tasty malty porter
Canterbury Brewers - Galactic Belgian6.50ExcellentStrongish IPA type of ale with a hint of a triple about it.
Malt, The Brewery - Dark Ale3.90ExcellentA very nice dark mild
Nene Valley - OPX5.60Excellent
Sunny Republic - St Wite's Ale5.00ExcellentA excellent light winter ale brewed with a Trappist yeast. Very authentic.
Thurstons - Stedman's Ale4.10ExcellentA very nice golden ale from a new brewery
Bedlam - Golden Ale4.20GoodFairly average given the quality of other beers at the festival
16 Aug 2012 (Stephen Harris)
I was pleased to hear that this famous beer festival had been brought forward in the calendar by a week, as I have been unable to attend on its usual August Bank Holiday Weekend slot for the past couple of years. Masses of familiar faces here – always an excellent opportunity to catch up with some of the most recently opened micro-breweries. A lot of beers were on; I’ll just list the ones I tried.
Goody Ales - Bleangate Brewery - Good Health3.60ExcellentGolden and a bit floral.
Cronx - Entire Porter5.20ExcellentA classy, dark, porter-style beer.
Hop Kettle (Cricklade & Swindon Breweries) - Meadow Gold4.20ExcellentFruity hops.
Loddon - Betjeman Brewery – Wantage Bells 5.00GoodBetjeman beers are for now brewed Cuckoo-style at Loddon Brewery. This is a full-bodied, malty beer with a bitter finish.
Isfield - Imperial Pale Ale4.20AcceptableAmber-coloured with a grainy malt taste.
Six Trees - Hop Eights5.20AcceptableLacking balance, but I think it was still a little ‘green’.
Deverell's - Redemption 4.50PoorI’m afraid that I did not much enjoy this sweetish red ale with a dusty hop overlay.
17 May 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
A non beer festival visit here by the Thursday night mild drinkers.
Old Dairy - Soft Top3.50ExceptionalBest mild I've had for a long time, virtually no bitterness in this, all sweet, malty flavours without being cloying. Lingering malty finish. My score 18/20.
Dark Star - Victorian Ruby Mild6.00ExcellentMuch improved, with sweet malty flavours dominating and low hopping. Full bodied flavours of caramel, toffee and chocolate. My score 16/20.
Hammerpot - Vinery Mild3.40ExcellentDark brown mild with good sweet malty character, low hop rate and a fruity finish. My score 16/20.
Binghams - Royal Ascent3.90ExcellentLoads of malt flavour in this black mild, with chocolate, coffee, toast and toffee all there. My score 17/20.
03 Nov 2011 (thebrewingman)
Fairly busy for the 10th Beer Festival. The choice of beers at this festival just amazes me. Most of the beers I didn't try would have been "must haves" at other festivals.
Canterbury Brewers - Biggleton's Brown Ale3.80ExceptionalVery tasty brown ale with complex hop flavours.
Vibrant Forest - Mrs Miggins4.30ExceptionalA superb fruity flavour with the fresh hops (Challenger) coming through.
Brightside - Darkside Stout4.60ExceptionalNot dry, not sweet, superb.
XT Brewing - X Egham Ten5.10ExceptionalBrewed for the 10th Egham Beer Festival. Bitter coloured, thick, syrupy with complex hop and malt flavours.
Redchurch - Bethnal Pale Ale5.50ExceptionalCloudy, very hoppy with a great taste.
Old Dairy - Tsar Top8.00ExcellentI could not resist this to finish with. As good as ever.
Binghams - Hop Harvest Best3.70ExcellentA light golden ale made with fresh First Gold hops. I found it a bit light on the hops.
Moncada - Notting Hill Blonde (was 4.2%)4.30ExcellentA blond sweetish beer with a light hop flavour.
Longdog - Bunny Chaser3.60ExcellentA medium brown beer with a complex malt and hop combination.
Botanist - Night Porter5.00ExcellentStrong chocolate flavours came through on this beer.
Ascot - Single Hop Nelson Sauvin4.60ExcellentLight copper in colour with an excellent hop flavour.
Havant - Blackberry Milk Stout4.20ExcellentVery complex flavours with the sweetness of the blackberries contrasting the dry stout.
London Brewers Alliance - IPA5.80ExcellentA limited edition brewed by the LBA at Windsor and Eton. Copper coloured with a good hop flavour.
London Fields - Love Not War4.20GoodBrewed whilst barricaded in during the Tottenham riots. The only beer I had from the bar and was a bit too cold to get the full flavours through.
18 Aug 2011 (thebrewingman)
Excellent Club. Very friendly and knowledgable about beer. Fairly busy for the first day of the festival. I have only listed those I tried. Lots more to come on.
Devilfish - Devil Best4.20Excellent
Canterbury Brewers - Canterbury Wheat4.40Excellent
Ascot - Single Hop Sorachi4.60Excellent
Ascot - Red IPA5.50Excellent
Ascot - Last of the Blue Devils - Cherry8.00Excellent
Binghams - Outer Space Hoppy IPA5.00Excellent
Castle Combe (formerly Braydon) - Galley-Bagger4.30ExcellentGolden and well hopped
Castle Combe (formerly Braydon) - Pot Walloper4.40ExcellentA proper bitter
Brewshed - Best Bitter4.30ExcellentWhat it says on the tin
Canterbury Brewers - Canterbury Haka4.10ExcellentMade with NZ hops. A tad cloudy but tasty.
Complete Pig - Oxfordshire Black Porter3.80ExcellentVery nice
Geltsdale - Black Dub3.60ExcellentA mild.
Longdog - Brindle Bitter4.20ExcellentAnother traditional bitter.
Old Dairy - Heifferweizen5.80ExcellentAn excellent cloudy wheat beer.
Old Forge Microbrewery - Sledgehammer5.00Excellent
Sherfield Village - Threesome3.00ExcellentA good session beer.
Sherfield Village - Pioneer Stout5.00Excellent
Chester Ales - Gladiator3.60GoodHad a bit of a funny taste.

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