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Just Beer Micropub (Free House)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Small World Beers - Long Moor PaleExcellent1
North Riding Brewery - US IPA (V8) (Ahtanum, Calypso, Ekuanot)Excellent1
8 Sail - Red WindmillExcellent1
Furnace - 'C' BombExcellent1
North Riding Brewpub - Clean SweepExcellent1
Three Blind Mice - Upside Down IPA (collaboration with Baker's Dozen)Excellent1
Alechemy - VortexGood1
Bingley - Tri-StateGood1
North Riding Brewery - US IPAGood1
Gaol - On ParoleGood1
Baker's Dozen - Straight Outta KettonGood1
Froth Blowers - SPA AnthemGood1
Abbeydale - Wanderer Japanese Citrus PaleGood1
Little Critters - Little HopperGood1
Errant - Hounds at the DoorGood1
Pennine Brewing (Bedale) - South2North CopperGood1
North - Pale Galaxy + CitraGood1
Blue Bee - Rakaueka RedGood1
Poachers - Black Crow StoutGood1
Cat Asylum - Lady MarmaladeGood1
Shiny - Tea Party - JasmineAcceptable1
Chapter - 8. ParabolaAcceptable1
Revolutions - The Colour of SpringAcceptable1
Hammerton - CrunchAcceptable1
Brass Castle - US Rye IPANot Tried0
360° - New Zealand Pale AleNot Tried0
Brunswick - Steam Forever!Not Tried0
Maypole - Little WeedNot Tried0
Welbeck Abbey - Jess' Canadian SummerNot Tried0
Moor - Deadpunk All DayerNot Tried0
Twisted Angel - Daywalker StoutNot Tried0
Bristol Beer Factory - FortitudeNot Tried0
Dead Parrot - BohemiaNot Tried0
Arbor Ales - LimelightNot Tried0
Little Critters - Blonde BearNot Tried0
Wild Beer Co. - Wild in the CaskNot Tried0
Ossett - SimcoeNot Tried0
Maypole - Maibaum AltNot Tried0
Stonehenge - Eye-OpenerNot Tried0
Three Kings - Darkside of the ToonNot Tried0
North Riding Brewery - Honey StoutNot Tried0
Saints Row - The MothNot Tried0
North Riding Brewery - American Pale Ale Summit • HBC 438Not Tried0
Salamander - Country BumpkinNot Tried0
Small World Beers - Thunderbridge StoutNot Tried0
Picture 1. Just Beer Micropub, Newark, Nottinghamshire
Picture 2. Just Beer Micropub, Newark, Nottinghamshire
Michael Croxford

Visits Details

09 Jul 2019 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening visit until late. Just a few in. Good banter and usual welcome. Used to be a super source of CAMRA magazines from all over the county but none at all tonight.
Errant - Hounds at the Door5.10GoodHighly murky, OK for a half
Blue Bee - Rakaueka Red4.80GoodBlended Rakau and Motueka hops
Stonehenge - Eye-Opener4.50Not Tried
North Riding Brewery - Honey Stout6.00Not Tried
North Riding Brewery - American Pale Ale Summit • HBC 4384.00Not Tried
01 May 2019 (Philip Pirrip)
Mid evening visit. A long gap since my previous string of regular visits and cor-blimey there is a Tap Wall now with 6 taps for KeyKeg and keg beers. Who'd a thought it?
North Riding Brewery - US IPA5.50GoodFull bodied rather cloying beer
Revolutions - The Colour of Spring4.50AcceptableElderflower Pale, very thin
Little Critters - Blonde Bear4.20Not Tried
Ossett - Simcoe4.00Not Tried
08 Oct 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Mid evening visit until late. Guv Stu on duty on a quiet night.
Poachers - Black Crow Stout4.50Good
Bingley - Tri-State4.50Good
Bristol Beer Factory - Fortitude4.00Not Tried
Dead Parrot - Bohemia3.70Not Tried
15 Aug 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Mid evening visit until late.
Abbeydale - Wanderer Japanese Citrus Pale4.50GoodZingy, better balanced than straight lemon juice
Pennine Brewing (Bedale) - South2North Copper4.00Good
Moor - Deadpunk All Dayer3.50Not Tried
Twisted Angel - Daywalker Stout5.80Not Tried
25 Jun 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening visit until close. Just myself and Tapster Stu in. No woes of the world solved conversationally. Has withdrawn the CAMRA discount after the Coventry spring 2018 AGM motion on discounts was passed.
Gaol - On Parole5.10GoodA new brewery to me. Dark burnt roast flavours with an alleged dash of liquorice
Shiny - Tea Party - Jasmine4.50AcceptableA hazy and slightly warm brew, not to my liking either
Maypole - Little Weed3.80Not Tried
Welbeck Abbey - Jess' Canadian Summer4.50Not Tried
13 Apr 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Mid to late evening visit. I wonder when it does close sometimes.
North - Pale Galaxy + Citra4.10GoodThere is unfined and unfined, this was a murk and a slow drinking lemon juice. Stunted my urge to drink fast
Cat Asylum - Lady Marmalade6.10Good
Hammerton - Crunch5.40AcceptablePeanut butter and milk stout, rather sickly
360° - New Zealand Pale Ale3.80Not Tried
Brunswick - Steam Forever!4.80Not Tried
16 Mar 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Mid to late evening visit. Packed, helped by two young groups with their coats, hats and scarves piled high on the back shelf to the long bench seat.
Small World Beers - Long Moor Pale3.90ExcellentBest beer of the evening, clean tasting
8 Sail - Red Windmill4.40ExcellentAn excellent red rye beer
Chapter - 8. Parabola4.70AcceptableDisappointing APA, hazy yet no indication it might be unfined
Small World Beers - Thunderbridge Stout5.20Not Tried
Brass Castle - US Rye IPA5.50Not Tried
03 Jan 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening visit until the doors were locked behind me. Hope I had not kept Tapster Stu from his bed or other things, being the only one in.
North Riding Brewpub - Clean Sweep5.20Excellent
Baker's Dozen - Straight Outta Ketton4.50GoodI'd say this was straight outta a lemon. So one dimensional
Little Critters - Little Hopper3.60GoodOk
Salamander - Country Bumpkin4.20Not Tried
02 Oct 2017 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening visit until close, close being when I left! Tapster Murph had married earlier today and Tapster Stu was the last of the tapsters still standing (just) at reception end!
North Riding Brewery - US IPA (V8) (Ahtanum, Calypso, Ekuanot)5.50ExcellentPreview pint on gravity from back room, lively with lingering dry aftertaste
Alechemy - Vortex3.50GoodLots of flavour for a 3.5%er
Maypole - Maibaum Alt4.80Not Tried
Three Kings - Darkside of the Toon4.10Not Tried
Saints Row - The Moth4.00Not Tried
31 Jul 2017 (Philip Pirrip)
Mid to late evening visit. Just another couple came in. One wonders if the locals had blown their heads and sated their appetites on the weekend's IPA local pub trail with its generally upper 5, 6 and 7%ers.
Furnace - 'C' Bomb6.20Excellent
Three Blind Mice - Upside Down IPA (collaboration with Baker's Dozen)7.40ExcellentExcellent nightcap despite being a long way from home!
Froth Blowers - SPA Anthem4.10Good
Arbor Ales - Limelight4.50Not Tried
Wild Beer Co. - Wild in the Cask3.60Not Tried

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About the Just Beer Micropub

The pub sign. Just Beer Micropub, Newark, Nottinghamshire

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The pub is found in Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1BG.

May be a tad difficult to find first time as it is Swan and Salmon Yard just off Castle Gate. A Micropub modelled on The Butchers Arms at Herne, but a bit bigger, this one roomed bar usually has four real ales available. No juke box, pool table, machines or lager. Just Beer! Awarded CAMRA Newark Branch's Pub of the Year 2012. Awarded CAMRA's Nottinghamshire Pub of the Year 2012. Awarded East Midlands Regional Pub of the Year 2012 meaning it went into the last 16 for the CAMRA National Pub of the Year 2012 competition - it might just crack it you know. In the end went no further in the 2012 competition but didn't they do well anyway? Awarded CAMRA Newark Branch's Pub of the Year 2013 and, for the third year running, in 2014 too then in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Awarded CAMRA East Midlands Regional Pub of the Year 2017. Awarded CAMRA Nottinghamshire Pub of the Year 2018. 8 handpumps on the bar counter dispense beer kept in the same level cellar at the rear. Ciders come from the cellar behind by gravity dispense. In Spring 2014 introduced a small but welcome CAMRA card carrying members' discount on real ale, cider and perry but then subsequently withdrawn in spring 2018. A Tap Wall of 6 keg taps was introduced in early 2019.

We have visited this pub 78 times, seen 322 different beers and tried 182 of them.

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Postcode: NG24 1BG