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Ye Cracke (Free House)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
AllGates - Mild At HeartExcellent1
Slater's - On The PullExcellent1
Peerless - Paxtons PeculiarGood1
Phoenix - Oak Best BitterGood1
JW Lees (see also Lees) - The GovernorGood1
Scattor Rock - Dartmoor BlondeGood1
Phoenix - Wobbly BobGood2
Slater's - SupremeAcceptable1
Hydes - St George's BitterAcceptable1
Cottage - A New Year CrackerAcceptable1
Weetwood - BlondeAcceptable1
Northern (see also Blakemere) - JewelAcceptable1
Archers - Blarney StonedPoor1
Slater's - High FivePoor1
Hilden - SilverNot Tried0
Burton Bridge - Damson PorterNot Tried0
Beartown (latterly part of Manning Brewers) - Bear AssNot Tried0
Phoenix - ArizonaNot Tried0
Phoenix - Best BitterNot Tried0
Hydes - Jekyll's GoldNot Tried0
Wem (formerly Hanby) - Cherry BombNot Tried0
Northern (see also Blakemere) - Two ToneNot Tried0
Slater's - Wee SleekitNot Tried0
Thwaites - Original Not Tried0
Cains - Finest BitterNot Tried0
Thwaites - Original BitterNot Tried0
Picture 1. Ye Cracke, Liverpool, Merseyside

Visits Details

29 Aug 2014 (HSB)
14:45 Busy in all areas. We managed to occupy the War Office.
JW Lees (see also Lees) - The Governor3.80GoodMarco Pierre White collaboration.
Phoenix - Wobbly Bob6.00Not Tried
Thwaites - Original 3.60Not Tried
30 Jun 2011 (Ian)
Lively afternoon with striking teachers and beer geeks sharing the jukebox
Peerless - Paxtons Peculiar4.10GoodNutty and biscuity brown bitter
Northern (see also Blakemere) - Jewel4.60AcceptableDusty musty golden bitter
25 Feb 2010 (Ian)
Cleaned up a bit with some new wooden stools. Third pub on my fall down the hill. Does real cider as well. Still a good feel of a local small pub in the city. Now does free Wifi.
AllGates - Mild At Heart3.80ExcellentDeep brown, lasting dark beige head. Dark fruit with some malt on aroma. Little roasted malt presence. More like sweet dark plum, jammy, blackberry flavours. It's super to be honest. Great mild. Only vague sting on finish, but the fruity malts are brilliant.
Cains - Finest Bitter4.00Not Tried
Wem (formerly Hanby) - Cherry Bomb6.00Not Tried
Northern (see also Blakemere) - Two Tone4.70Not Tried
Slater's - Wee Sleekit3.80Not Tried
25 Apr 2008 (Ian)
They seemed to have really cleaned this pub up and there was a trio of guys from Ulster who I ran into in the Fly in the Loaf too.
Scattor Rock - Dartmoor Blonde3.20GoodGold, thin off white head. Bit of yeast on aroma. Citrus and hops are ok. I’ve tasted worse beers at 3.2%. Fine, moderate flavour/tastiness. OK, so not great depth in mouth, but a hot summer’s day and a couple of these, I’d be happy. Bit of Burton snatch on the aroma. Must be all that granite in the water.
Hydes - St George's Bitter4.30AcceptableGold, lasting pale beige head. Not hugely interesting, some sweaty sox. It’s ok, the hop is tasty, rest is so-so. Bit minerally. Lemon too. Sweaty sox dominate.
Cains - Finest Bitter4.00Not Tried
Phoenix - Wobbly Bob6.00Not Tried
Phoenix - Arizona4.10Not Tried
Phoenix - Best Bitter3.90Not Tried
Hydes - Jekyll's Gold4.30Not Tried
02 Jan 2008 (Ian)
Not a wonderful mix of clientele I thought, so I had a couple of swift halves and left. Mind you the barmaid did poor me a half of the Wobbly Bob and bring it over to my table when it was ready.
Phoenix - Wobbly Bob6.00AcceptableThis is a favourite strong beer with requisitie strong hop finish. A little pukey on aroma and malts for some reason.
Slater's - High Five5.00PoorChestnut colour with thin beige head. Premium bitter, some of that Slater’s richness, caramel. Pretty basic, some dry malt and caramel. Not much hop present. Some malty syrupy fruit. Not great.
Burton Bridge - Damson Porter4.50Not Tried
Slater's - Supreme4.70Not Tried
Phoenix - Oak Best Bitter3.90Not Tried
Beartown (latterly part of Manning Brewers) - Bear Ass4.00Not Tried
21 Mar 2007 (Ian)
Empty really when I visited. Friendly welcome and interesting range of beers.
Archers - Blarney Stoned4.50PoorChestnut colour with lasting beige head. There is some sweet malt in the mouth. Yeast, light citrus aroma. Earthy, muddy feel to it. Touch too much candy sugar or not fully attenuated. Bit malty and unsubtle and too sweet.
Cains - Finest Bitter4.00Not Tried
Thwaites - Original Bitter3.60Not Tried
Phoenix - Oak Best Bitter3.90Not Tried
Hilden - Silver4.20Not Tried
18 Jan 2006 (Ian)
I hadn't been here since the 1st or 2nd year of University i.e. the very early '90s and I hadn't realised what a good pub this is. I sat in the War Office room inbetween the two bars enjoying the quiet hum of the locals at the public bar and the ticking clock. Excellent pub and I shall be returning next time I'm in the city.
Slater's - On The Pull5.20ExcellentChestnut colour with lasting beige head. Lovely red fruit with strawberry jam, rich, malt aroma. More soft strawberry flavour in mouth. Touch of vanilla too. Finish has some hop to balance the sweetish fruit. Hidden alcohol makes this dangerous. Nice though and slightly perfumed
Phoenix - Wobbly Bob6.00ExcellentPale chestnut with creamy head. Good hop/malt nose. Warm malts and a touch of walnut. Smooth in mouth. Good hop finish. Well balanced beer. Strength doesn’t intrude on the flavour. Good frutiy malts up front and in mouth balanced by drying hop finish. Good English strong ale. Nice almost whisky malts on aroma, thick fruity malt flavours in mouth with long dry finish. Some red berry fruit too. Highly recommend trying this.
Phoenix - Oak Best Bitter3.90GoodCopper borwn with disappearing beige head. Refreshing bitter. Good lively green hops. Slightly earthy hop aroma. Fine in mouth, just enough malt. Finish is hoppily dry and refreshes the palate for the next sip. Good session bitter with some citrus throughout
Slater's - Supreme4.70AcceptableGolden with thin white head. Oaky/hoppy aroma, nice warm citrus flavours in mouth before hops kick in. Some yeast, especially on aroma. Not convinced in best condition. Maybe a little tired
Cottage - A New Year Cracker4.50AcceptableChestnut with thick lasting creamy head. Slightly rich, caramel flavour. Some earthiness. Not really my style of beer. Like the Station House 4 A That I had the day before, it feels muddy, indistinct. Some ginger, but not my sort of bitter
Weetwood - Blonde4.00AcceptableGolden, thin white head. Sweaty socks hop aroma and a tad herby. Like a summer ale in mouth with hoppy dry finish. Some citrus, but a bit fuller than most blondes/summer beers. Quite nice really. Summer beer on a mild January day

About the Ye Cracke

The pub sign. Ye Cracke, Liverpool, Merseyside

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The pub is found in Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 9BB.

Multi roomed pub in Rice Street (just off Hope Street) with lounge/public bar as well as several smaller rooms. Yard out the back for the summer. Number of handpumps with changing guests as well as Phoenix beers. A gem if you can find it.

We have visited this pub 7 times, seen 26 different beers and tried 14 of them.

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Postcode: L1 9BB