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London Tavern (Free House)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Hackney - Golden AleExcellent1
Lacons - EncoreGood1
Lincoln Green - TantalumGood2
Cotleigh - Red Nose ReinbeerGood1
Downton - QuadhopGood1
Taylor's Attleborough - 4.1Good1
Wolf - Twenty 16Good1
Lacons - Saint Nick'sGood1
Taylor's Attleborough - Dark VanillaGood1
Lincoln Green - Marion Pale AleGood1
Taylor's Attleborough - Spiced Christmas AleGood1
Robinsons - UnicornGood1
Triple fff - MoondanceGood1
Grain - RedwoodGood2
Wadworth - HorizonGood1
Taylor's Attleborough - Second ComingGood1
Lacons - Jack ValentineGood2
Grain - Best BitterAcceptable1
Elmtree - Winter SolsticeNot Tried0
Wolf - Golden JackalNot Tried0
Wadworth - IPANot Tried0
Buffy's - Polly's FollyNot Tried0
Shepherd Neame - Master Brew BitterNot Tried0
Wychwood - Dirty TackleNot Tried0
Picture 1. London Tavern, Attleborough, Norfolk
Michael Croxford

Visits Details

07 Mar 2016 (HSB)
17:30 Fairly quiet.
Hackney - Golden Ale4.00ExcellentGood session beer
Downton - Quadhop3.90Good
16 Feb 2016 (HSB)
17:15 Went to see the Landlady's new hairstyle. A No.3 cut all over. It looked far better than we expected.
Grain - Redwood4.80GoodIdentical to Friday evening.
Lacons - Jack Valentine4.20AcceptableGetting towards the end but noticeably less sweet.
12 Feb 2016 (HSB)
19:45 Charity evening during which Sam the Landlady was to have her hair shaved off. We watched the preparation but left before the act was carried out.
Grain - Redwood4.80Good
Lacons - Jack Valentine4.20GoodBit sweet for me. The beer is named after a folklore character that is apparently unique to Norfolk.
Grain - Best Bitter4.20AcceptableVery sweet. Neither Steve the cellarman or I thought it was as it should be.
Taylor's Attleborough - 4.14.10Not Tried
Taylor's Attleborough - Dark Vanilla4.30Not Tried
09 Feb 2016 (HSB)
18:30 Fairly quiet.
Taylor's Attleborough - 4.14.10GoodUnnamed new beer. Dark with a touch of bitterness.
Taylor's Attleborough - Dark Vanilla4.30GoodI do not like vanilla in beer and baulked at the thought of it. However, I was reminded that as B.L.O. I was duty bound to try it. Very subtle flavour. I enjoyed it.
Shepherd Neame - Master Brew Bitter3.70Not Tried
Wychwood - Dirty Tackle4.00Not Tried
03 Feb 2016 (HSB)
17:45 Reasonably busy.
Lacons - Encore3.80Good
Wolf - Golden Jackal3.70Not Tried
Buffy's - Polly's Folly4.30Not Tried
22 Jan 2016 (HSB)
17:30 A half day for my wife gave us the opportunity to visit the Tavern on a Friday. Nicely busy. We conversed with John the Weatherman and Real Ale Roger.
Robinsons - Unicorn4.20Good
Wadworth - Horizon4.00GoodToo sweet
12 Jan 2016 (HSB)
18:30 Couple of pints before a curry. Fairly quiet.
Lincoln Green - Marion Pale Ale3.80GoodPleasant session pale ale
Lincoln Green - Tantalum3.80GoodEqually pleasant session pale
Wadworth - IPA3.60Not TriedRe-badged and renamed
07 Jan 2016 (HSB)
17:30 GBG 2017 pub survey visit plus brewery update for the same publication in my role as CAMRA's BLO.
Lincoln Green - Tantalum3.80GoodVery pale and slightly sweet. Unusual pumpclip, more like a cigarette packet.
Wolf - Twenty 164.00GoodNew year, new clip
Wolf - Golden Jackal3.70Not Tried
25 Dec 2015 (HSB)
12:15 Busy. The pub had been very busy on Christmas Eve and the beer choice was, in consequence, much reduced.
Triple fff - Moondance4.20Good
Taylor's Attleborough - Second Coming3.90Good
Taylor's Attleborough - Spiced Christmas Ale3.90Not Tried
13 Dec 2015 (HSB)
12:15 Having gone out to a buy a Christmas Tree we came back via Attleborough. Not too busy early doors. Steve was busy brewing.
Cotleigh - Red Nose Reinbeer4.50Good
Lacons - Saint Nick's4.20GoodNot too spicy
Taylor's Attleborough - Spiced Christmas Ale3.90GoodNice condition and nicely spiced with mulled wines spices but I couldn't drink a pint of it.
Elmtree - Winter Solstice4.60Not Tried
Taylor's Attleborough - Second Coming3.90Not Tried

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About the London Tavern

The pub sign. London Tavern, Attleborough, Norfolk

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The pub is found in Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AH.

Family owned town centre locals pub featuring an ever changing range of real ales. Real ale price discount for card carrying CAMRA members. Occasional beer festivals. An in-house brewery was installed with first brews in May 2014.

We have visited this pub 153 times, seen 447 different beers and tried 358 of them.

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Postcode: NR17 2AH