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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
East London (ELB) - Mandarina Session PaleExcellent1
Sharp's - Manu BayExcellent1
Redemption - Rock the KazbekExcellent1
East London (ELB) - WolfExcellent1
Five Points - Hook Island RedExcellent1
Adnams - Mosaic Pale AleExcellent1
Five Points - Railway PorterExcellent1
Hackney - Push EjectExcellent1
Adnams - T DropGood1
Redemption - Pale AleGood1
Purity - Longhorn IPAGood1
Reunion - Engage!Good1
Five Points - Green Hop GoldingsGood1
Volden - AutumnAcceptable1
Sharp's - Doom BarNot Tried0
Adnams - Fat SpratNot Tried0
Volden - Session (or Session Ale)Not Tried0
Crate - GoldenNot Tried0
Volden - SummerNot Tried0
Sambrook's - Watneys Ray of SunshineNot Tried0
Volden - Pale (formerly Pale Ale)Not Tried0
Long Man - Long Blonde Not Tried0
Black Sheep - Monty Python's Holy GrailNot Tried0
Volden - PorterNot Tried0
Five Points - XPANot Tried0
East London (ELB) - Foundation BitterNot Tried0
Adnams - Southwold BitterNot Tried0
East London (ELB) - CalypsoNot Tried0
East London (ELB) - Walthamstow Beer - Green Hopped Pale AleNot Tried0
East London (ELB) - CowcatcherNot Tried0
Reunion - Incredible Pale AleNot Tried0
Redemption - Urban DuskNot Tried0
Reunion - Midnight RunnerNot Tried0
Volden - WinterNot Tried0
Picture 1. Leyton Technical, Leyton, Greater London
Picture 2. Leyton Technical, Leyton, Greater London
Stephen Harris

Visits Details

03 Dec 2018 (Stephen Harris)
I arrive home after a long flight from South America to find the house cold and the cupboard bare. To the Technical then to eat whilst the place warms up.
Five Points - Hook Island Red6.00ExcellentNice to see this beer back on bars.
Reunion - Engage!3.70GoodGolden, well-hopped and very bitter.
Volden - Session (or Session Ale)3.80Not Tried
Reunion - Incredible Pale Ale5.00Not Tried
Volden - Winter5.20Not Tried
11 Nov 2018 (Stephen Harris)
All five rooms here have diners at 6pm on a Sunday, not just the dining room. No live music today though, which is disappointing as it was part of the reason I came in.
Redemption - Rock the Kazbek4.00ExcellentA very fine pint in perfect condition.
Redemption - Pale Ale3.80GoodA decent enough Pale.
Redemption - Urban Dusk4.60Not Tried
Reunion - Midnight Runner4.80Not Tried
27 Oct 2018 (Stephen Harris)
Very busy ahead of football at Brisbane Road. There is a dubious-looking group of visiting supporters in. A couple of police constables are keeping a wary eye at the door, and the manager is kept busy relieving under-age drinkers of pints acquired for them by older members of the group.
Five Points - Green Hop Goldings3.70GoodGood, that completes the Five Points Green Hop set for me for this year.
East London (ELB) - Cowcatcher4.80Not Tried
Volden - Pale (formerly Pale Ale)4.60Not Tried
Reunion - Incredible Pale Ale5.00Not Tried
13 Oct 2018 (Stephen Harris)
Here in mid-evening after football at Brisbane Road. They have had a busy day.
Five Points - Railway Porter4.80ExcellentNot for the first time recently, this is the outstanding best beer of the day.
Adnams - Southwold Bitter3.70Not Tried
Redemption - Rock the Kazbek4.00Not Tried
East London (ELB) - Calypso4.10Not Tried
East London (ELB) - Walthamstow Beer - Green Hopped Pale Ale4.40Not Tried
29 Sep 2018 (Stephen Harris)
A brief mid-evening visit. With both Leyton Orient and West Ham having played home matches in the area today it is a wonder they have any beer left.
Volden - Autumn4.80AcceptableA strongly malty Brown Ale.
East London (ELB) - Foundation Bitter4.20Not Tried
Redemption - Rock the Kazbek4.00Not Tried
Volden - Pale (formerly Pale Ale)4.60Not Tried
Volden - Session (or Session Ale)3.80Not Tried
24 Aug 2018 (Stephen Harris)
A late-afternoon visit, spoilt by a shouting match at the bar between two customers, one of whom subsequently started touting ‘magic tricks’ around the tables.
East London (ELB) - Wolf4.10ExcellentGolden, fresh and crisp. A very nice beer.
Black Sheep - Monty Python's Holy Grail4.00Not Tried
Volden - Pale (formerly Pale Ale)4.60Not Tried
Volden - Porter5.20Not Tried
Volden - Session (or Session Ale)3.80Not Tried
Five Points - XPA4.00Not Tried
04 Aug 2018 (Stephen Harris)
The new football season began today for my team and I have endured a long round trip to Salford by coach. Necessary beer stop on return to Leyton. Pub quiet on Saturday evening.
Adnams - Mosaic Pale Ale4.10ExcellentA reliably excellent pint.
Hackney - Push Eject6.50ExcellentA very fine, strong IPA.
Volden - Pale (formerly Pale Ale)4.60Not Tried
Volden - Session (or Session Ale)3.80Not Tried
Adnams - T Drop4.00Not Tried
28 Jul 2018 (Stephen Harris)
Mid-evening visit with the last of this-afternoon’s football crowds beginning to disperse.
East London (ELB) - Mandarina Session Pale4.10ExcellentOn top form. Sharp.
Adnams - T Drop4.00GoodA copper-coloured beer flavoured with tea and jasmine. I liked it.
Long Man - Long Blonde 3.80Not Tried
Volden - Pale (formerly Pale Ale)4.60Not Tried
Volden - Session (or Session Ale)3.80Not Tried
28 Jun 2018 (Stephen Harris)
A late nightcap. It has been busy in here and they are down to just two cask beers.
Purity - Longhorn IPA5.00GoodAn amber-coloured Rye beer.
Adnams - Fat Sprat3.80Not Tried
12 Jun 2018 (Stephen Harris)
Really just a late-evening comfort break whilst changing buses.
Sharp's - Manu Bay4.40ExcellentAn unsubtle (I like unsubtle sometimes), golden beer with an interesting hop profile. Good to see Sharp’s still have it within them to brew beyond the bland parameters of mass market stuff.
Sharp's - Doom Bar4.00Not Tried
Adnams - Fat Sprat3.80Not Tried
Volden - Session (or Session Ale)3.80Not Tried
Crate - Golden4.00Not Tried
Volden - Summer4.20Not Tried
Sambrook's - Watneys Ray of Sunshine3.80Not Tried

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About the Leyton Technical

The pub sign. Leyton Technical, Leyton, Greater London

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The pub is found in Leyton, Greater London, E10 5OJ.

Initially this pub existed as a short-term ‘Pop-Up’ pub, open for the duration of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Then closed for nearly a year, it re-opened on a permanent basis in August 2013. The pub is housed in part of the former Leyton Town Hall. It has several different rooms in which to drink, and the toilets are housed deep in the dungeons. The interior of the pub is now very much more homely and comfortable than it appears in my early photo on this site from its pop-up days.

We have visited this pub 93 times, seen 229 different beers and tried 123 of them.

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Postcode: E10 5OJ