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London Beer Dispensary (Southey Brewing Company)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Late Knights - Crack of Dawn Pale AleExcellent1
Gipsy Hill - SouthpawGood1
Southey - StoutAcceptable1
Big Rabbit - Hop FodderAcceptable1
Late Knights - Old Red EyesPoor2
Southey - BBBPoor1
Brockley - Red AlePoor1
Mallinsons - Sorachi AcePoor1
Great Heck - Amish MashUndrinkable1
Late Knights - Morning GloryNot Tried0
Brick - Blenheim BlackNot Tried0
By The Horns - Lambeth WalkNot Tried0
Anarchy - Blonde StarNot Tried0
Clarence & Fredericks - Golden AleNot Tried0
Late Knights - Frosty MorningsNot Tried0
Crate - BestNot Tried0
Southwark - Bermondsey BestNot Tried0
Truefitt - Erimus Pale AleNot Tried0
Siren Craft - White TipsNot Tried0
Hopcraft (experimental side of Pixie Spring) - OceanicNot Tried0
Bristol Beer Factory - SunriseNot Tried0
Oakham - CitraNot Tried0
Pitfield's - BitterNot Tried0
Late Knights - By the Dawn's Early Light American PaleNot Tried0
Outstanding - 3.9Not Tried0
Signature Brew - SessionNot Tried0
Truefitt - TremblerNot Tried0
Brockley - Pale AleNot Tried0
Five Points - Five Points PaleNot Tried0
Picture 1. London Beer Dispensary, Brockley, Greater London
Picture 2. London Beer Dispensary, Brockley, Greater London
Picture 3. London Beer Dispensary, Brockley, Greater London
Michael Croxford

Visits Details

28 May 2017 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening until 11pm close. I seem destined to never get a really good pint here, tonight was no exception.
Southey - Stout5.50AcceptableBetter than the BBB, good taste but by half a pint down had lost all condition and was flat
Southey - BBB4.40PoorMrs McMurk in the glass was as flat as a pancake. When asked the Guv said it was nearing end of cask. Why did he not just change the cask or take it off sale?
Siren Craft - White Tips4.50Not Tried
26 Feb 2015 (ChrisE)
Second pub of a tour of seven SE London pubs, We were the only customers at the time of our visit but I would think that this place gets very busy in the evenings. Lots of new breweries for me so I might have to pay a repeat visit.
Late Knights - Crack of Dawn Pale Ale3.90Excellent
Late Knights - Old Red Eyes4.50Not Tried
Late Knights - Morning Glory4.40Not Tried
Late Knights - Frosty Mornings5.70Not Tried
Gipsy Hill - Southpaw4.20Not Tried
Mallinsons - Sorachi Ace4.00Not Tried
26 Feb 2015 (HSB)
12:50 We were the only customers. Very stark interior, but I liked it.
Gipsy Hill - Southpaw4.20GoodNew brewery for me.
Anarchy - Blonde Star4.10Not Tried
Late Knights - Crack of Dawn Pale Ale3.90Not Tried
Late Knights - Morning Glory4.40Not Tried
Late Knights - Frosty Mornings5.70Not Tried
Southwark - Bermondsey Best4.40Not Tried
12 Aug 2014 (Stephen Harris)
A nice little pub with friendly and enthusiastic staff. A ‘live brew’ was taking place in the main bar area with representatives of Late Knights and Brockley breweries brewing a London porter in front of an enthusiastic audience (a London Beer City event). Now, one doesn’t like to be critical, but I didn’t hang around for very long because the beer quality was, frankly, awful. Somebody needs to get a grip here on the cellarmanship.
Big Rabbit - Hop Fodder5.10AcceptableHazy amber in colour. Plenty of hops apparent, particularly in aftertaste. But the pint was so lacking in condition that it is barely deserving of three stars.
Late Knights - Old Red Eyes4.50PoorRed in colour. Completely limp condition left this tasting like sweetish, malty water.
Mallinsons - Sorachi Ace4.00PoorI love the sherbety, lemony flavours of Sorachi Ace. None of them were apparent here, with this beer in completely flat, limpid condition.
Late Knights - Crack of Dawn Pale Ale3.90Not Tried
Brockley - Pale Ale4.10Not Tried
Five Points - Five Points Pale4.40Not TriedSomebody returned their pint and I could see that it had the appearance and turbidity of potato soup – it was taken off sale.
Late Knights - Morning Glory4.40Not Tried
Brick - Blenheim Black5.10Not Tried
05 Jun 2014 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening. Beer condition worries here after this second visit.
Brockley - Red Ale4.80PoorAwful. Had to have 2 half chalices to avoid a pint jug. Ale was murky, flat, no condition
Bristol Beer Factory - Sunrise4.40Not Tried
Oakham - Citra4.20Not Tried
Pitfield's - Bitter3.70Not Tried
Late Knights - By the Dawn's Early Light American Pale4.00Not Tried
Outstanding - 3.93.90Not Tried
Signature Brew - Session4.00Not Tried
Truefitt - Trembler7.40Not Tried
22 May 2014 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening. A really busy opening night beano. IMHO I think they will rue the day for not offering glasses rather than just jugs for pints and also for not selling at least their own Late Knights beers by handpumps, from a carefully controlled cellarage. Nevertheless a great addition to the local real ale and cider scene.
Late Knights - Old Red Eyes4.50PoorNot hazy but floating sediment was swimming in the glass
Great Heck - Amish Mash4.70UndrinkableOh dear. Sourish white soup. Exchanged with good grace but "no one else has complained"
By The Horns - Lambeth Walk5.10Not Tried
Late Knights - Crack of Dawn Pale Ale3.90Not Tried
Clarence & Fredericks - Golden Ale3.80Not Tried
Crate - Best4.30Not Tried
Truefitt - Erimus Pale Ale3.90Not Tried
Hopcraft (experimental side of Pixie Spring) - Oceanic4.50Not TriedRan out

About the London Beer Dispensary

The pub sign. London Beer Dispensary, Brockley, Greater London

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The pub is found in Brockley, Greater London, SE4 2PH.

Close to Crofton Park railway station, opened on Thursday 22nd May 2014 after a period of closure for conversion. Previously Mr Lawrence Wine Bar which has actually just moved next door. The local brewery, Late Knights of Penge, opened and ran this venue with its own beers majoring but other micro-brewers' wares and cider for sale too. Food initially concentrated on burger meals but with a wider range planned. Real ales initially dispensed through 8 jacket cooled gravity casks on the bar floor, cider through 5 handpumps against the wall. This was later changed to all real ales and ciders being served though the 5 handpumps. Wooden boarded floors throughout. Real ale menu board high on wall above the handpumps. Front room where the sales take place, long side corridor with shelf and a rear room with seating and finally a paved and covered rear patio. Pub policy is to dispense ales and ciders in handled pint and half pint pots. With demise of Late Knights Brewery in August 2016 ownership and beer range changed.

We have visited this pub 6 times, seen 29 different beers and tried 9 of them.

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Postcode: SE4 2PH