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Queen Charlotte (Free House)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Hopdaemon - Green DaemonGood1
Dark Star - Winter SolsticeGood1
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - SeasiderGood3
Dark Star - Hophead (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)Good2
Dark Star - RevelationAcceptable1
Goody Ales - Bleangate Brewery - Good HeavensAcceptable1
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - She Sells Sea ShellsAcceptable1
Dark Star - American Pale Ale (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)Not Tried0
Time and Tide - Smugglers StoutNot Tried0
Goody Ales - Bleangate Brewery - GenesisNot Tried0
Picture 1. Queen Charlotte, Ramsgate, Kent

Visits Details

14 Apr 2018 (Dosser)
Late one
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - She Sells Sea Shells4.70AcceptableFar too warm
15 Mar 2018 (ChrisE)
Thursday evening to listen to the 78rpm records. A good crowd in enjoying the music.
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - Seasider4.30GoodA new cask on tonight.
30 Nov 2017 (ChrisE)
Thursday evening and quiet when we arrived but busy by the time we left. Unfortunately we had to leave before the regular Thursday night disco started with its 83 year old DJ and his collection of 78rpm records.
Dark Star - Hophead (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)3.80GoodThe first one that I had had probably been standing in the line as the subsequent pints were much better.
29 Jan 2017 (Dosser)
Usual crowd in
Goody Ales - Bleangate Brewery - Good Heavens4.10Acceptable
15 Jan 2017 (Dosser)
Last pub on our crawl. Landlord justified his high prices without me asking him to. Linda Lewis the 70s pop singer was in there knocking back a few. She did a duet with me of her hit Its in his kiss. Should have asked her to sing rockadoodledoo as well!
Dark Star - Winter Solstice4.20Good£3.60 and the cheapest beer in the pub. Might not make this pub my new local.
26 Dec 2015 (Jack William)
Mid afternoon Boxing Day - quiet but getting busier. We like the record player (yes really) vinyl played with a microphone for amplification. Nice backstreet terraced pub - majoring in craft beers (not all listed - about 8 or so on offer).
Hopdaemon - Green Daemon5.00GoodListed as "Time as Tide" brewery.
Dark Star - Hophead (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)3.80Not TriedOn tap dispense.
Goody Ales - Bleangate Brewery - Genesis3.50Not TriedOnly beer on hand pump.
27 Jun 2015 (Dosser)
This place is Sooo different. Lots of ales on served by dispenser hence freezing cold. The most expensive place in Ramsgate we have been with the most unusual crowd and such weird music. Brochure says this place is for artists. Well not piss artists at £4.50 a pint with a 2 inch head. Fab selection of beers though. Landlord told me the beer was at the kite mark. I drank some asked for more and he added a tenth of an inch. He then reluctantly added another 10th of an inch. Not our sort of pub, clientèle or rip off prices. Interesting to see what others would make of this place. Very gay friendly.
Dark Star - Hophead (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)3.80GoodOnly £3.60 a pint and the cheapest beer available
Dark Star - Revelation5.70AcceptableTook 10 mins to pour. At £4.50 a pint they werent going to waste one drop. Too cold and lacking flavour as I know it.
Time and Tide - Smugglers Stout5.20Not Tried£4.30 a pint. We had had enough of the loud 'music' that they were playing.
06 Jun 2015 (Dosser)
This pub has very strange opening hours. I looked through the window and spotted Dark Star Hophead and hophead and one other beer. Not open on Monday or Tuesday or before 5.30. Will have to make another visit.
28 Dec 2012 (Andrew)
First time here for me. Friendly place. Long and thin. We sat at the bar at the rear.
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - Seasider4.30GoodNice and fresh
Dark Star - American Pale Ale (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)4.70Not Tried
28 Dec 2012 (Ian)
Friday evening and a good smattering of people in. I liked the reggae music the decor and the little touches. Decent Belgian bottle selection too.
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - Seasider4.30ExcellentLoved the digestive biscuit flavour on this
Dark Star - American Pale Ale (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)4.70Not Tried

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About the Queen Charlotte

The pub sign. Queen Charlotte, Ramsgate, Kent

Summary of Beer Scores


The pub is found in Ramsgate, Kent, CT11 9JJ.

Tiny pub tucked up a little side street, Addington Street. Limited opening hours so do check before travelling far. For a while being used for Airnbnb letting, not within planning rules. Now open again and selling cask ales again.

We have visited this pub 16 times, seen 18 different beers and tried 11 of them.

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Postcode: CT11 9JJ