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The Dispensary (Free House)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Rooster's - Outlaw Dry Irish StoutExceptional1
Rooster's - Silver LiningExceptional1
Titanic - Plum PorterExcellent1
George Wright - Mark's MildExcellent1
Salopian - OracleExcellent1
Rooster's - Outlaw Dead or AliveExcellent1
Cains - Finest BitterGood3
Cains - Dark MildGood3
Cains - Victorian BeerGood1
Ossett - Silver FoxGood1
Fernandes - Celia's GoldGood1
Ossett - On The PisteAcceptable1
Cains - India Export Pale AleAcceptable1
Cains - IPANot Tried0
Titanic - IcebergNot Tried0
Stonehenge - Great BustardNot Tried0
Frome (formerly Milk Street) - Zig Zag StoutNot Tried0
Black Sheep - Best BitterNot Tried0
Ossett - Yorkshire BlondeNot Tried0
Rooster's - YPA (Yorkshire Pale Ale)Not Tried0
Phoenix - West Coast I.P.A.Not Tried0
Phoenix - ArizonaNot Tried0
Hawkshead - RedNot Tried0
Shepherd Neame - Early BirdNot Tried0
Rat - White RatNot Tried0
Timothy Taylor - Boltmaker (formerly Best Bitter)Not Tried0
Salopian - Sapphire GoldNot Tried0
Everards (see entries against Joule's & Robinsons from now on) - TigerNot Tried0
Kelham Island - Reason to BelieveNot Tried0
Wentworth - Black ZakNot Tried0
Castle Rock - Screech OwlNot Tried0
Abbeydale - GenesisNot Tried0
Black Hole - Star GazerNot Tried0
Salopian - Shropshire GoldNot Tried0
Fernandes - Ale To The TsarNot Tried0
Cains - FANot Tried0
Derwent - Whitwell & Marks MildNot Tried0
Picture 1. The Dispensary, Liverpool, Merseyside

Visits Details

13 Nov 2012 (Alenomore)
13:30 visit. Very nice old type. Single roomer, with some nice Victorian features, nice bar area, friendly staff. Quiet at this time, but some good ales on. A current 2013 gbg entry and 25 times previous in 1975/6/81/9-2012.
George Wright - Mark's Mild3.40ExcellentA new ale, and very nice too.
Cains - Finest Bitter4.00Not Tried
Phoenix - West Coast I.P.A.4.60Not Tried
Hawkshead - Red4.60Not Tried
Rat - White Rat4.00Not Tried
Salopian - Sapphire Gold4.00Not Tried
09 Jul 2012 (Mick)
Busier in here.
Titanic - Plum Porter4.90ExcellentI love this beer, just a hint of Ribena
Fernandes - Celia's Gold5.00GoodNice hoppy pint.
Titanic - Iceberg4.10Not Tried
Frome (formerly Milk Street) - Zig Zag Stout4.50Not Tried
Ossett - Yorkshire Blonde3.90Not Tried
08 Sep 2010 (Mick)
Busy tonight, lots of folk enjoying a pint
Cains - Finest Bitter4.00GoodGood balance of hop and malt, nice hop finish
Salopian - Shropshire Gold3.80Not Tried
Fernandes - Ale To The Tsar4.10Not Tried
Derwent - Whitwell & Marks Mild3.70Not Tried
11 Aug 2010 (Mick)
Mid afternoon, just a few people in. Merseyside CAMRA pub of the Year 2010.
Rooster's - Silver Lining4.30ExceptionalStunning, pale with a creamy head, good citrus with a hint of butterscotch. Superb hops and a lingering finish.
Salopian - Oracle4.00ExcellentVery nice,as pale as it is possible to get, hoppy with a good finish.
Cains - Finest Bitter4.00Not Tried
Black Hole - Star Gazer4.00Not Tried
26 Feb 2010 (Ian)
Only a few regulars in. Must come one evening when there is a bit more atmosphere as this pub deserves it.
Ossett - On The Piste4.00AcceptableSlightly sulphur on aorma. Sharp hop on aroma and on finish. Light lemon as per usual from Ossett. It’s an ok golden ale.
Cains - Finest Bitter4.00Not Tried
Cains - Dark Mild3.20Not Tried
Cains - IPA3.50Not Tried
Wentworth - Black Zak4.60Not Tried
Castle Rock - Screech Owl5.50Not Tried
Abbeydale - Genesis3.90Not Tried
25 Apr 2008 (Ian)
Pub number 5 on my Friday afternoon Liverpool crawl. Late-ish afternoon and a fair number of people in. Great decor and a lovely local pub in the middle of the city.
Rooster's - Outlaw Dry Irish Stout4.70ExceptionalOK I had 2 halves of this, one with the sparkler and one without. The difference was really quite marked. I admit I’m an Outlaw fan, I love what they do, making tasty, intense beers. This one is black with very dark brown edges. Lasting tan head. Blow me down!!! Except you couldn’t blow me down because I have just been fortified by the body of this beer, which is excellent. That’s incredible. I don’t want to drink any more because I don’t want to be wrong and I don’t want to finish it. The roasted coffee espresso aroma is just about the best I’ve had. This was the beer of the weekend. 40 beers in and this is head and shoulders above everything else. The aroma is like putting your nose in a packet of mocha coffee beans. Finish is intense espresso/dark choc dryness. That is amazing. The finish is like the mose intense choc/coffee experience of my life. The only beer this weekend that has made me go wide eyed stare. Then I had a half without the sparkler and you know what, it wasn’t as good. A bit more watery than with the sparkler, but the finish is just as good. Roast malt and blackcurrant. I guess there must be some Willamette hops in here for the blackcurrant and subtle herby hop. So with a sparkler a 5/5, without a sparkler 4/5
Cains - India Export Pale Ale4.70AcceptableAmber, lasting beige head. Fruity aroma, bit of lager puke to be honest. Bizarre fruity beer. Certainly not what I would expect an IPA to be. I want more hops for a start. Some hop on end, but not enough. Some jammy fruit. Definitely more an ESB than an IPA.
Cains - Finest Bitter4.00Not Tried
Cains - Dark Mild3.20Not Tried
Everards (see entries against Joule's & Robinsons from now on) - Tiger4.20Not Tried
Cains - IPA3.50Not Tried
Kelham Island - Reason to Believe4.00Not Tried
02 Jan 2008 (Ian)
I love this pub. Good honest clientele for the city centre and some really good Cain's beers.
Rooster's - Outlaw Dead or Alive5.00ExcellentGold with thick cream head. Passionfruit aroma. I mean it’s an incredible Roosters beer. Grapefruit and passionfruit. This is almost like an APA. Whoa, just an assault on the senses. A whopping amount of hop on this.
Cains - Dark Mild3.20PoorActually, this was pretty poor. Bit young/green perhaps.
Cains - Finest Bitter4.00Not Tried
Cains - FA5.00Not Tried
Timothy Taylor - Boltmaker (formerly Best Bitter)4.00Not Tried
21 Mar 2007 (Ian)
Very relaxed little city centre pub. Chalkboard shows guests on plus what's coming on which at that time were Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild, Timothy Taylors Best Bitter and Harviestoun Belgian White.
Cains - Finest Bitter4.00ExcellentFruitier and maltier than usual. Beautiful bitterness on finish. What a bitter.
Ossett - Silver Fox4.10GoodPale gold, with thick white head. Hoppy aroma. Citrus lemon/grapefruit throughout. Some yeast on aroma. Fine pale malts in mouth before balanced pink grapefruit kicks in. Very drinkable citrus blonde beer.
Cains - Dark Mild3.20Not Tried
Shepherd Neame - Early Bird4.30Not Tried
Cains - IPA3.50Not Tried
18 Jan 2006 (Ian)
One of my favourite proper pubs in Liverpool. Proper pub, proper people, no show in the centre of the city
Cains - Dark Mild3.20GoodThe mild was somewhat fruitier than normal, dark plums. Quite light in mouth and extremely drinkable.
Cains - Finest Bitter4.00Not Tried
Cains - FA5.00Not Tried
Cains - IPA3.50Not Tried
Rooster's - YPA (Yorkshire Pale Ale)4.10Not Tried
Phoenix - Arizona4.10Not Tried
02 Mar 2005 (Ian)
Won awards for its renovation, this is a very good locals pub in the middle of Liverpool. Beers are kept extremely well, with Cain's range and often 2 guests. Prices are slightly lower than at its sister pub Doctor Duncans
Cains - Dark Mild3.20ExcellentBlack mild. Burst of bitter burnt malt on mouth ending in dry bitter finish
Cains - Finest Bitter4.00GoodYeasty nose, dark brown colour, lots of malt with a not too aggressive hop finish
Cains - Victorian Beer6.00GoodMid brown, slightly citrusy with fruity malt and tight bitter finish. Good strong bitter
Cains - FA5.00Not Tried
Cains - IPA3.50Not Tried
Stonehenge - Great Bustard4.80Not Tried
Black Sheep - Best Bitter3.80Not Tried

About The Dispensary

The pub sign. The Dispensary, Liverpool, Merseyside

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The pub is found in Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 2SP.

In Renshaw Street, bar area with Victorian features, and a raised wood panelled area to the rear.

We have visited this pub 10 times, seen 37 different beers and tried 13 of them.

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Postcode: L1 2SP