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Pub sign for Lamb & Flag, OxfordLamb & Flag, Oxford, OxfordshireAppears closed
Pub sign for Ravensbourne Arms, LewishamRavensbourne Arms, Lewisham, Greater LondonNo longer a pub
This pub does not have a pub sign pictureThe Crescent, Salford, Greater ManchesterAppears closed
This pub does not have a pub sign pictureRailway Tavern, Staplehurst, KentNo longer a pub
Pub sign for A Y's Man, SheernessA Y's Man, Sheerness, KentNo longer a pub


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About PubsandBeer

This site is dedicated to that unique combination of a pint of Real Ale in a pub. We travel the country looking for pubs that serve different Real Ales and we write what we find.

Real ale can vary in quality from pub to pub but it also varies over time. It's quite common for 2 pints from the same barrel to taste considerably different if poured a few days apart.

This is because Real Ale is alive and constantly developing in the barrel. Therefore we will rate the same beer over and over again to get a representative score.

We don't rate pubs directly but we will usually comment about what we thought of them in the text of our visits.

Please have a look around and if you like what you see join us by clicking on the 'Sign-Up!' link on the Site Menu.

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