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Tap East Tonic Ale

PubAddressLast Visit Seen
Tap EastStratford, Greater London10 Mar 2020
Catford Constitutional ClubCatford, Greater London15 Feb 2016
The White SwanCharlton, Greater London12 Jan 2016
The Parcel YardKing's Cross / St Pancras, Central London17 Aug 2014
SIBA South East Beer Festival 2014Tonbridge, Kent12 Jul 2014
Red LionLeytonstone, Greater London06 Sep 2013
The RakeSouthwark, Central London15 Jan 2013

Tasting Summary

These comments are the opinion of the individual reviewer and represent what they thought of the beer on a particular day in a particular pub. If a review is less favourable, it may be because the beer suffered somewhere in the supply chain between them and the brewery.

Tap East, Stratford, Greater London

Stephen HarrisNot Tried10 Mar 2020
Stephen HarrisNot Tried03 Mar 2020
Stephen HarrisNot Tried25 Feb 2020
Stephen HarrisNot Tried19 Feb 2020
Stephen HarrisNot Tried18 Feb 2020
Stephen HarrisNot Tried10 Feb 2020
Stephen HarrisNot Tried09 Feb 2020
Stephen HarrisNot Tried06 Feb 2020
Stephen HarrisNot Tried27 Jan 2020
Stephen HarrisNot Tried25 Oct 2019
Stephen HarrisNot Tried11 Oct 2019
Stephen HarrisNot Tried07 Oct 2019
Philip PirripNot Tried03 Oct 2019
Stephen HarrisNot Tried01 Oct 2019
Stephen HarrisNot Tried11 Jun 2019
Stephen HarrisNot Tried22 May 2019
Stephen HarrisNot Tried18 May 2019
Stephen HarrisNot Tried12 May 2019
Philip PirripNot Tried11 Apr 2019
Stephen HarrisNot Tried07 Apr 2019
Stephen HarrisNot Tried19 Mar 2019
ChrisENot Tried15 Mar 2019
Stephen HarrisNot Tried20 Feb 2019
Philip PirripNot Tried01 Feb 2019
Stephen HarrisNot Tried23 Jan 2019
Stephen HarrisNot Tried09 Jan 2019
Stephen HarrisNot Tried03 Jan 2019
Stephen HarrisNot Tried10 Nov 2018
Magnus GreelNot Tried22 Sep 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried20 Sep 2018
Philip PirripNot Tried18 Sep 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried17 Sep 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried28 Aug 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried23 Aug 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried09 Aug 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried05 Aug 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried16 Jul 2018
Philip PirripNot Tried15 Jun 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried10 Jun 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried02 Jun 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried20 May 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried14 May 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried07 May 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried30 Apr 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried25 Apr 2018
ChrisENot Tried13 Apr 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried22 Mar 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried15 Mar 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried12 Feb 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried07 Feb 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried31 Jan 2018
Stephen HarrisNot Tried08 Jan 2018
Stephen HarrisExcellent01 Jan 2018 I’m not sure what hops are going into this beer these days (it has a varying recipe), but whatever they are they are delicious.
Stephen HarrisNot Tried27 Dec 2017
Stephen HarrisExcellent23 Dec 2017 Enjoyable, light, hoppy pint.
Stephen HarrisNot Tried20 Dec 2017
Stephen HarrisNot Tried11 Dec 2017
Stephen HarrisNot Tried18 Sep 2017
Stephen HarrisNot Tried06 Sep 2017
Stephen HarrisExcellent30 Aug 2017 The HBC431-hopped version of this beer. Very fresh.
Stephen HarrisNot Tried20 Aug 2017
Jack WilliamNot Tried01 Aug 2017
Stephen HarrisNot Tried26 Jul 2017
ChrisENot Tried13 Jul 2017
Stephen HarrisGood11 Jul 2017 I usually love this beer, but today I found the hops (HBC 431 in the current version of this beer) just a little bit harsh.
ChrisENot Tried22 Jun 2017
Stephen HarrisNot Tried09 May 2017
Stephen HarrisNot Tried12 Apr 2017
Stephen HarrisExcellent03 Apr 2017 Very nice.
Stephen HarrisNot Tried31 Mar 2017
Stephen HarrisNot Tried15 Mar 2017
Stephen HarrisNot Tried21 Feb 2017
Philip PirripNot Tried19 Feb 2017
Philip PirripNot Tried03 Feb 2017
Stephen HarrisNot Tried24 Dec 2016
Stephen HarrisGood19 Dec 2016 An always reliable, low-strength, hoppy Pale Ale.
Stephen HarrisNot Tried03 Nov 2016
Stephen HarrisExcellent30 Oct 2016 Fresh and hoppy and juicy.
Stephen HarrisNot Tried19 Sep 2016
Stephen HarrisExcellent13 Sep 2016 A special cask of this always-great beer that has been dry-hopped with experimental hop variety #431. Especially good.
Stephen HarrisNot Tried09 Sep 2016
Philip PirripExcellent01 Sep 2016
Stephen HarrisGood30 Aug 2016 Very fresh and juicy.
Magnus GreelNot Tried23 Aug 2016
Stephen HarrisNot Tried15 Aug 2016
Stephen HarrisNot Tried15 Jul 2016
Stephen HarrisExcellent09 Jul 2016 Cloudy, golden and hoppy.
Stephen HarrisNot Tried09 Jun 2016
Stephen HarrisNot Tried29 May 2016
Stephen HarrisNot Tried25 May 2016
Stephen HarrisNot Tried21 May 2016
Stephen HarrisNot Tried02 May 2016
Stephen HarrisExcellent01 May 2016 Cloudy and golden and fruity and refreshing.
Philip PirripNot Tried09 Mar 2016
Stephen HarrisNot Tried08 Mar 2016
Stephen HarrisNot Tried18 Feb 2016
Stephen HarrisNot Tried15 Feb 2016
ChrisENot Tried30 Jan 2016
Stephen HarrisExcellent13 Jan 2016 A good refresher to start with.
Stephen HarrisNot Tried27 Dec 2015
Stephen HarrisNot Tried18 Dec 2015
Stephen HarrisExcellent14 Dec 2015 Lemony/citrus refresher.
Stephen HarrisNot Tried26 Nov 2015
Stephen HarrisNot Tried06 Nov 2015
Stephen HarrisGood29 Oct 2015 Apparently the hops used in this beer vary from time to time and today I found the hop flavours more vegetal and less citrus than I recall.
Stephen HarrisNot Tried22 Oct 2015
Stephen HarrisNot Tried24 Aug 2015
Philip PirripNot Tried21 Jul 2015
Stephen HarrisExcellent21 Jul 2015 Light, hop-filled and very tasty.
Stephen HarrisNot Tried11 Jul 2015
ChrisENot Tried08 Jun 2015
Stephen HarrisExcellent07 Jun 2015 Golden, low-strength, hop-filled.
Stephen HarrisNot Tried05 Jun 2015
Stephen HarrisExcellent17 May 2015 As lovely as ever.
Stephen HarrisNot Tried09 Apr 2015
Stephen HarrisNot Tried29 Mar 2015
Philip PirripExcellent28 Mar 2015 So much flavour in a 3%er
Jack WilliamNot Tried25 Mar 2015
Stephen HarrisExcellent16 Mar 2015 A delicious beer to start with, to sharpen my palate.
Stephen HarrisExcellent14 Mar 2015 Loveable beer.
Stephen HarrisNot Tried05 Feb 2015
Stephen HarrisNot Tried29 Jan 2015
Stephen HarrisNot Tried14 Jan 2015
Stephen HarrisGood11 Jan 2015 First time I have drunk this for a while, and today it seemed just a little harsh and un-balanced.
Philip PirripNot Tried18 Dec 2014
Stephen HarrisNot Tried25 Nov 2014
Philip PirripNot Tried20 Oct 2014
Philip PirripNot Tried17 Oct 2014
Stephen HarrisNot Tried03 Oct 2014
Philip PirripNot Tried01 Oct 2014
Stephen HarrisNot Tried01 Oct 2014
Jack WilliamExcellent27 Jul 2014 The hoppy bite and body of this beer belies it's low ABV - very quaffable.
Stephen HarrisExcellent29 Jun 2014 Extra excellent Galaxy version of this beer.
thebrewingmanExcellent24 Jun 2014 This one was of the Galaxy variety, nice and hoppy.
Stephen HarrisNot Tried11 Apr 2014
ChrisENot Tried12 Mar 2014
Stephen HarrisNot Tried21 Feb 2014
Philip PirripNot Tried18 Feb 2014
Stephen HarrisNot Tried15 Dec 2013
Stephen HarrisNot Tried24 Oct 2013
Stephen HarrisExcellent10 Oct 2013
Stephen HarrisNot Tried26 Sep 2013
Stephen HarrisNot Tried22 Sep 2013
Philip PirripNot Tried20 Sep 2013
Stephen HarrisNot Tried16 Sep 2013
ChrisENot Tried14 Sep 2013
Stephen HarrisNot Tried29 Aug 2013
ChrisENot Tried13 Aug 2013
Stephen HarrisNot Tried08 Aug 2013
Philip PirripNot Tried07 Aug 2013
Stephen HarrisExcellent25 Jul 2013 Low strength, high hop rate.
thebrewingmanExcellent17 Jun 2013
Stephen HarrisNot Tried15 Jun 2013
Philip PirripNot Tried11 Jun 2013
Philip PirripGood11 Jun 2013 Not so good a taste as on previous visit. Slight haze too
Philip PirripExcellent06 Jun 2013 First rate. Amazing flavours from a low gravity job
Stephen HarrisNot Tried24 May 2013
Stephen HarrisNot Tried26 Apr 2013
Stephen HarrisNot Tried12 Apr 2013
Stephen HarrisNot Tried06 Apr 2013
Stephen HarrisNot Tried01 Mar 2013
ChrisENot Tried15 Feb 2013
Stephen HarrisExcellent14 Feb 2013 My current favourite of the Tap East range.
Stephen HarrisExcellent12 Feb 2013 This beer has an almost luminescent golden colour. Lovely hop taste.
Stephen HarrisExcellent18 Jan 2013 Pale, fresh and hoppy.
Stephen HarrisExcellent11 Jan 2013 I do like this one.
Stephen HarrisExcellent31 Dec 2012 Very good and hoppy. Everything yesterday’s pint of Hophead was not.
ChrisENot Tried26 Dec 2012
Philip PirripNot Tried26 Dec 2012
Philip PirripNot Tried26 Dec 2012 A Russian lady tried this but her Lithuanian friend went for the 3 Shades without hesitation
Stephen HarrisNot Tried17 Dec 2012
Stephen HarrisExcellent12 Dec 2012 Full-flavoured (as in very hoppy), low strength beer – yellow/gold in colour. This cask dry-hopped with Citra, so quite sharp.

Catford Constitutional Club, Catford, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried15 Feb 2016
Philip PirripNot Tried18 Jan 2014

The White Swan, Charlton, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried12 Jan 2016
Philip PirripNot Tried09 Jan 2016

The Parcel Yard, King's Cross / St Pancras, Central London

Philip PirripNot Tried17 Aug 2014

SIBA South East Beer Festival 2014, Tonbridge, Kent

oz11Excellent12 Jul 2014

Red Lion, Leytonstone, Greater London

Stephen HarrisNot Tried06 Sep 2013

The Rake, Southwark, Central London

Martin the MildmanGood15 Jan 2013 Very pale light ale with a good fruity hop character and a fruity but bitter finish. My score 15/20.

Tap East Tonic Ale

3.00% ABV.

We have tried this beer 38 times.

We have given this beer an average score of Good to Excellent.

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