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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Kernel - Export StoutExcellent1
Mallinsons - CitraExcellent1
Fyne - IPA Project Davaar Black Excellent1
Magic Rock - CuriousExcellent1
Arbor Ales - Slack Jawed YokelExcellent1
Five Towns - Peculiar BlueExcellent1
Arbor Ales - Mild WestExcellent1
Mallinsons - Stadium BitterExcellent1
Kernel - Kernel & Brew Wharf CollaborationExcellent1
RedWillow - SoullessExcellent1
RedWillow - HeadlessExcellent1
Arbor Ales - Breakfast StoutExcellent1
Mallinsons - Station Best BitterExcellent1
Kernel - Nelson Sauvin PaleExcellent1
Liverpool Organic - CascadeExcellent1
Fyne - Sublime StoutExcellent1
RedWillow - WrecklessExcellent1
Arbor Ales - Yakima ValleyExcellent1
Mallinsons - Hopped #14Excellent1
Kernel - Citra and Nelson SauvinExcellent1
Mallinsons - Nelson SauvinExcellent1
Fyne - IPA Project Davaar Blonde Excellent1
Mallinsons - Danger: Hops!Excellent1
Tiny Rebel - ChocoholicGood1
RedWillow - DirectionlessGood1
Arbor Ales - ArtisanGood1
Mallinsons - Brewers GoldGood1
Mighty Oak - Gopher GoldGood1
Fyne - EarraGood1
RedWillow - SleeplessGood1
Mighty Oak - Sand AdderGood1
Mallinsons - Kiwi ClassicGood1
Fyne - MaverickGood1
RedWillow - AgelessGood1
Arbor Ales - Double TroubleGood1
Mallinsons - B.G. ClusterAcceptable1
Saltaire - SummerAcceptable1
RedWillow - Remorseless Acceptable1
Tiny Rebel - FUBARAcceptable1
Magic Rock - High WireNot Tried0
Arbor Ales - Inferiority ComplexNot Tried0
Arbor Ales - BullionNot Tried0
Arbor Ales - NibiruNot Tried0
Arbor Ales - 500 Minute IPANot Tried0
Fyne - Vital SparkNot Tried0
Fyne - AvalancheNot Tried0
Fyne - Hurricane JackNot Tried0
Fyne - JarlNot Tried0
Fyne - Cobbler StoutNot Tried0
Mallinsons - Centennial (Now That's What I Call Hops #10)Not Tried0
Mallinsons - Chocolate StoutNot Tried0
Mallinsons - The Beach is Back!Not Tried0
RedWillow - FecklessNot Tried0
RedWillow - FathomlessNot Tried0
RedWillow - SmokelessNot Tried0
Picture 1. Cask Pub & Kitchen, Pimlico, Central London
Picture 2. Cask Pub & Kitchen, Pimlico, Central London
Picture 3. Cask Pub & Kitchen, Pimlico, Central London

Visits Details

04 Sep 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
Busy mid Tuesday evening with most tables taken.
Tiny Rebel - Chocoholic6.80GoodI was expecting more from this stout at that strength. Dry, powdery roast and chocolate malt flavours leading to a dry, roast finish. Lacking body for its strength. My score 15/20 (similar styles have got 17-18).
Mighty Oak - Gopher Gold4.10GoodGolden with good citrus hop character and good malt balance. My score 15/20.
Mighty Oak - Sand Adder5.00GoodVery pale strong bitter with a well balanced bitter hop flavour with some fruit in the finish. My score 15/20.
Tiny Rebel - FUBAR4.40AcceptableGolden with fairly bitter hop flavour and a dry, bitter finish. My score 14/20.
06 Aug 2012 (Stephen Harris)
It’s the first Monday of the month again, and this month’s Handpump Takeover and Meet the Brewer session is with Redwillow Brewery of Macclesfield. A good crowd in and, Praise the Lord, the TV is on so we can keep up to speed with developments in the Olympic Velodrome.
RedWillow - Headless3.90ExcellentPale in colour with a good orangey hop flavour on biscuit malt.
RedWillow - Wreckless4.80ExcellentPale ale with a heavy dose of Citra and Amarillo hops, making for a lovely crisp, fruity pint.
RedWillow - Soulless7.20ExcellentA big beast of a black IPA. Very hoppy, on a solid, rich malt base
RedWillow - Ageless7.20GoodPale, US fruity hop character. A bit sticky.
RedWillow - Directionless4.20GoodAmber-coloured, hoppy, session beer with Amarillo hop character balanced by good maltiness.
RedWillow - Sleepless5.40GoodUS-style, toffeeish, amber/brown ale. Very bitter, grainy malt and fruity hops. Tastes like there might be some rye in the mash.
RedWillow - Remorseless 7.80AcceptableRedwillow’s 200th brew. A very bitter, golden beer. Too harsh for me.
RedWillow - Feckless4.10Not Tried
RedWillow - Fathomless5.20Not Tried
RedWillow - Smokeless5.70Not Tried
02 Jul 2012 (Stephen Harris)
I’ve missed a couple of the monthly ‘Meet the Brewer’ sessions here, but am pleased to be here for this chance to meet the Mallinson’s ladies, whose beers are rarely seen in London. The turnout is down on usual as unfortunately the wrong date was printed in the London Drinker magazine. By the brewers’ own admission, pretty much everything is pale and hoppy.
Mallinsons - Nelson Sauvin3.80ExcellentSingle-hopped beer brewed with pale lager malt. Lip-smacking Nelson Sauvin tastes.
Mallinsons - Citra3.80ExcellentPerhaps a little one-dimensional – but when that dimension is a Citra dimension, that’s very fine with me. Grapefruity.
Mallinsons - Stadium Bitter3.80ExcellentVery pale; nice blend of Perle, Aurora and Amarillo.
Mallinsons - Station Best Bitter4.20ExcellentVery pale. Quite similar to the Stadium Bitter – a little stronger and with Cascade hops replacing Aurora as the aroma hop. Just as good.
Mallinsons - Hopped #143.80ExcellentAnother very pale beer. Nice blend of Perle, Cascade, Amarillo, Simcoe and Centennial, making for a very hoppy pint.
Mallinsons - Danger: Hops!5.00ExcellentEven though my hop addiction is quite advanced, apparently even I raised an eyebrow on the first taste of this one. Extreme hopping on a pale lager and wheat malt background.
Mallinsons - Brewers Gold3.70GoodA pale beer, reeking of Brewers Gold hops. Tasted a little harsh after some of the other hoppy beers.
Mallinsons - Centennial (Now That's What I Call Hops #10)3.90Not Tried
Mallinsons - Chocolate Stout4.00Not Tried
Mallinsons - The Beach is Back!5.00Not Tried
23 Jun 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
Busy on a mid Saturday afternoon.
Five Towns - Peculiar Blue6.00ExcellentFull flavoured with citrus hops and a good malt base. Pale in colour. My score 16/20.
14 Jun 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
Another Euro football free zone, with the pub full of diners and beer enthusiasts.
Mallinsons - B.G. Cluster4.40AcceptableVery pale and very bitter with two of my least favourite hops in here. Very dry, bitter finish. My score 14/20.
02 Apr 2012 (Stephen Harris)
Tonight at Cask sees what the Americans would call a ‘tap takeover’ by Fyne Ales of Scotland, with a Meet The Brewer session at 8pm. Interesting, good beer and a large crowd of devotees present.
Fyne - Sublime Stout6.80ExcellentHigh quality, dark stout with chocolatey and liquorice notes. High alcohol, some roastiness and a little hop character.
Fyne - IPA Project Davaar Blonde 5.50ExcellentPale gold and slightly hazy. A crisp, refreshing, US-style IPA with Cascade and Simcoe hop character on a solid malt base. Huge bitter aftertaste.
Fyne - IPA Project Davaar Black 5.50ExcellentThis is the same beer as the Davaar Blonde, but darkened to black by an injection of malt extract into the cask (the same trick that Redemption Brewery used to produce ‘Trinity Black’). It has the same hoppy character as the Blonde but is overall a more rounded and mellow beer. Perhaps a little too much malt extract used.
Fyne - Maverick4.20GoodA darkish, nicely-balanced beer with fruity malt and hops.
Fyne - Earra4.80GoodA golden bitter with a big grainy, malty mouthfeel.
Fyne - Vital Spark4.40Not Tried
Fyne - Avalanche4.50Not Tried
Fyne - Hurricane Jack4.40Not Tried
Fyne - Jarl3.80Not Tried
Fyne - Cobbler Stout4.20Not Tried
03 Mar 2012 (Martin the Mildman)
Quite busy late on a Saturday afternoon.
Liverpool Organic - Cascade3.80ExcellentPale bitter with a strong citrus hop flavour. Good malt balance too to give a full flavoured beer. My score 16/20.
Mallinsons - Kiwi Classic4.50GoodPale and hoppy with a tropical fruit flavour and a well rounded finish. My score 15/20.
06 Feb 2012 (Stephen Harris)
The latest in the popular “Meet the Brewer” series, tonight with Arbor Ales of Bristol. Suitably busy.
Arbor Ales - Mild West3.60ExcellentA black, roasted mild with some hop character.
Arbor Ales - Breakfast Stout7.40ExcellentA big, black, hugely-roasted stout with a long, burnt and slightly hoppy finish.
Arbor Ales - Yakima Valley7.00ExcellentPale gold, with a bit of a hop-haze. Very tastily hoppy. About as hoppy as a beer gets in fact.
Arbor Ales - Slack Jawed Yokel5.50ExcellentCopper-coloured with a big hop hit and a long, hoppy finish.
Arbor Ales - Double Trouble12.00GoodThis is a collaboration brew with Art Brew. A copper-coloured, very strong and mellow bitter.
Arbor Ales - Artisan4.80GoodCopper-coloured, hoppy and dry, with a good malty base.
Arbor Ales - Inferiority Complex3.40Not Tried
Arbor Ales - Bullion4.00Not Tried
Arbor Ales - Nibiru6.30Not Tried
Arbor Ales - 500 Minute IPA10.70Not Tried
01 Aug 2011 (thebrewingman)
A busy evening for a "meet the brewer" from the Kernel Brewery. Four Kernel beers on hand pump with another 10 or so on keg. I tried both and found the keg ones to be too cold from a flash cooler and a little gassy. I forgot the two other beers on hand pump.
Magic Rock - Curious3.90ExcellentCitrussy and refreshing.
Kernel - Kernel & Brew Wharf Collaboration4.50ExcellentGolden in colour, a combination of several hops, some of which I had never heard of.
Kernel - Nelson Sauvin Pale5.10ExcellentAnother golden beer with a citrussy flavour.
Kernel - Citra and Nelson Sauvin7.10ExcellentGolden and citrussy.
Kernel - Export Stout7.80ExcellentNot quite what it said on the tin for my palate. Roasted coffee flavours but I didn't find the hops coming through like I would expect in a stout. Not a bad beer though.
Magic Rock - High Wire5.50Not Tried
23 Jul 2011 (Martin the Mildman)
Saltaire - Summer4.20AcceptablePale and bitter beer, but not particularly hoppy. Dryish, butter finish. My score 14/20.

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The pub is found in Pimlico, Central London, SW1V 2EE.

Once called Pimlico Tram this corner pub in Charlwood Street, in the heart of Pimlico, is surrounded by white washed London town houses. Open plan interior with plenty of seating and wood. Long bar at the rear has 8 handpumps, 3 for Thornbridge beers and also Dark Star as regular beers along with German and Belgian beer taps. Board displays beers coming soon. Plenty of good quality German and Belgian bottled beers. Friendly helpful staff and beer for takeaway too. Free newspapers to read and Thornbridge and Dark Star branded glassware. Bought by the long term licensee from Greene King in early 2018.

We have visited this pub 39 times, seen 197 different beers and tried 126 of them.

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