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Rat Race Ale House (Freehouse)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - MartiusExceptional1
Full Mash - WarlordExcellent1
Rooster's - Huntsman AleExcellent1
Bespoke - Saved by the BellExcellent1
Tempest - CitraExcellent1
Hawkshead - NZPAExcellent1
Stringers - Victoria IPAGood1
Tryst - Carronade IPAGood1
Salamander - AxolotlGood1
Muirhouse - Stumbling AboutGood1
Mauldons - Mole TrapAcceptable1
Hop Studio - Pale (formerly XP)Acceptable1
BrewDog - 5AM SaintAcceptable1
Brampton - Best BitterAcceptable1
Backyard - GoldAcceptable1
Northern Monk - Northern Star Mocha PorterNot Tried0
Abbeydale - AbsolutionNot Tried0
Exit 33 (formerly The Brew Company then Sky's Edge) - St Petrus StoutNot Tried0
Angus Ales - Driver DarkNot Tried0
Naylor's - Black & TanNot Tried0
Caledonian - Double DarkNot Tried0
Medieval - Courtly LoveNot Tried0
Medieval - Knight HoodNot Tried0
Altarnum (formerly Penpont) - Cornish GoldNot Tried0
Welbeck Abbey - Portland BlackNot Tried0
Old School (OSB) - HeadmasterNot Tried0
Twisted Oak - WatkinsNot Tried0
Picture 1. Rat Race Ale House, Hartlepool, Durham
Picture 2. Rat Race Ale House, Hartlepool, Durham

Visits Details

20 Feb 2015 (HSB)
13:00 My first visit here. I liked it a lot, just what a micro-pub should be. The Guvnor was very friendly and obviously knowledgeable about beer. Initially just the four of us, but most seats were occupied when the bar closed at 14:15. The walls and ceiling are now covered in pump-clips.
Hawkshead - NZPA6.00ExcellentFull of floral hops
Muirhouse - Stumbling About5.20Good
Hop Studio - Pale (formerly XP)4.00AcceptableTasty but cloudy.
Northern Monk - Northern Star Mocha Porter5.90Not Tried
27 Jul 2013 (ChrisE)
The slightly delayed 12:15 arrival from Sunderland pulled in to the platform, and suddenly an empty pub became full. We were delighted to find that this pub now remains open throughout Saturday afternoons so we stayed very much later than planned.
Full Mash - Warlord4.40ExcellentAnother superb pint.
Bespoke - Saved by the Bell3.80ExcellentA new cask on and in top form.
Welbeck Abbey - Portland Black4.50Not Tried
Old School (OSB) - Headmaster4.50Not Tried
Twisted Oak - Watkins7.40Not Tried
01 Mar 2013 (McGargle)
Great pub but beware the idiosyncratic hours. It closes at 2015!!
Stringers - Victoria IPA5.50GoodBritish style 'traditional' IPA. Solid body, rich mouthfeel and a hoppy bitter drive.
Medieval - Courtly Love4.70Not Tried
Medieval - Knight Hood4.20Not Tried
Altarnum (formerly Penpont) - Cornish Gold3.70Not Tried
31 Dec 2011 (McGargle)
Packed but you can always find a seat. Peter and wife were busy but quiet.
Brampton - Best Bitter4.20AcceptableMid-brown in colour and taste. Some biscuit mostly cardboard. Any other day 2*.
Backyard - Gold4.00AcceptableGolden ale that could have been brewed with Holdens yeast. Sweet toffee malt with some light hopping leading to a sweetish, cloying finish. Again almost 2*.
Caledonian - Double Dark4.60Not Tried
30 Oct 2010 (McGargle)
Surprisingly quiet mid-evening. Discovered too late I could have brought some food in. Guess I'd have had to share it though!
Tempest - Citra5.90ExcellentNew world style IPA with fruit salad flavours. Carefully balanced malt gives some body and a satisfying finish.
Mauldons - Mole Trap3.80Not Tried
Tryst - Carronade IPA4.20Not Tried
Naylor's - Black & Tan4.40Not Tried
29 Oct 2010 (McGargle)
First visit and I was impressed by what a genuinely friendly place this is.
Tryst - Carronade IPA4.20GoodLight golden ale with a thin white head. Initial citrus hoppiness from Washington hops leads to a dry finish. Although it feels more than its abv the malts selected add little to flavour and leave the beer a little unbalanced.
Mauldons - Mole Trap3.80AcceptableDominated by a smokey/peaty flavour this wasn't to my taste. Others really enjoyed it though.
BrewDog - 5AM Saint5.00AcceptableThis was clearly tired with only hints of resinous hops and lacking condition in the mouth.
Angus Ales - Driver Dark4.40Not Tried
26 Mar 2010 (ChrisE)
The pub advertises that it opens at 12:02, and it did just that, as the 12:02 to Newcastle was arriving in the platform to disgorge thirsty customers. I was the first one in, and the pub soon became comfortably busy.
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Martius5.20ExceptionalCopper coloured rich tasty pint.
Rooster's - Huntsman Ale3.70ExcellentThis was the penultimate pint in the cask, and it was very good. A copper coloured session beer.
Salamander - Axolotl3.90GoodLight in colour, slightly hazy, and strong citrus flavour. A good beer, but not really to my taste.
Abbeydale - Absolution5.30Not Tried
Exit 33 (formerly The Brew Company then Sky's Edge) - St Petrus Stout5.00Not Tried

About the Rat Race Ale House

The pub sign. Rat Race Ale House, Hartlepool, Durham

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The pub is found in Hartlepool, Durham, TS24 7ED.

A Micropub situated in the former newsagent's shop at Hartlepool railway station. This pub was opened in November 2009 after the owner heard Martyn Hillier of The Butchers Arms speak about Micropubs at the 2009 CAMRA AGM. There is no lager, television or music. The opening hours oddly reflect the precise, by the minute, time of some train arrivals.

We have visited this pub 7 times, seen 27 different beers and tried 15 of them.

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Postcode: TS24 7ED