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Duke of Wellington (Frontier Pubs (Stonegate))

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Dark Star - The Art of DarknessExcellent1
East London (ELB) - Cascade PaleExcellent1
Bristol Beer Factory - Milk StoutExcellent1
Steel City (cuckoo at Toolmakers) - Dark FuneralExcellent1
East London (ELB) - Quadrant Oatmeal StoutExcellent1
Hardknott - Code BlackExcellent1
Devilfish - That Gold DevilGood1
Ascot - Hobb's SprogGood1
Devilfish - StingrayGood1
Daleside - Summer BlondeGood1
Five Points - First Brew: Pale Ale Good1
Clouded Minds - Vanilla StoutGood1
Milestone - Uncle Sam's Triple HopGood1
Ascot - AardvarkGood1
Kelham Island - Wish You Were HereGood1
RCH - PG SteamAcceptable1
Ascot - Single Hop 'Dr Rudi'Acceptable1
Otley - O3 BossAcceptable1
Abbeydale - Beer Works Dr Morton's Truth SerumAcceptable1
Ascot - Big AlligatorNot Tried0
Timothy Taylor - LandlordNot Tried0
By The Horns - Diamond GeezerNot Tried0
Redemption - Big ChiefNot Tried0
Hammerton - N7Not Tried0
Truman's - ZephyrNot Tried0
Redemption - Trinity (Blueberry)Not Tried0
Crouch Vale - AmarilloNot Tried0
Sambrook's - WandleNot Tried0
Ilkley - Lotus IPA (was 5.6%)Not Tried0
Dark Star - Smoked PorterNot Tried0
Magic Rock - Dark ArtsNot Tried0
Brodie's (latterly contract brewed by Rhymney) - American BrownNot Tried0
Sambrook's - Powerhouse PorterNot Tried0
Dark Star - American Pale Ale (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)Not Tried0
Ascot - Anastasia's Imperial StoutNot Tried0
Picture 1. Duke of Wellington, Dalston, Greater London
Stephen Harris

Visits Details

10 Jun 2016 (Stephen Harris)
Attempting this update from my mobile 'phone whilst actually in the pub. Apologies if I balls it up. Pub busy with football on TV.
Clouded Minds - Vanilla Stout5.40Good
Redemption - Big Chief5.50Not Tried
Hammerton - N75.20Not Tried
Truman's - Zephyr4.40Not Tried
Redemption - Trinity (Blueberry)3.00Not Tried
22 Mar 2013 (Stephen Harris)
A quick early evening visit before the crowds build up, specifically to try the new Five Points beer which is launched today.
Five Points - First Brew: Pale Ale 4.40GoodA cloudy (not sure if it is supposed to be cloudy) gold colour, malty and yeasty and hoppy all at one. Full-bodied and with a bitter finish.
Timothy Taylor - Landlord4.30Not Tried
Sambrook's - Wandle3.80Not Tried
By The Horns - Diamond Geezer4.90Not Tried
East London (ELB) - Quadrant Oatmeal Stout5.80Not Tried
25 Jan 2013 (Stephen Harris)
Beer festival in full flow, and predictably busy. Some nice, German bar snacks. I list the beers available on handpump, 6 or 7 more were available from a stillage in the back room.
Dark Star - The Art of Darkness3.50ExcellentBlack, low strength, hoppy and chocolaty beer. Spicy hop flavours.
East London (ELB) - Cascade Pale4.00ExcellentA version of the usual Pale, additionally hopped with Cascade – heavily additionally hopped.
Ascot - Single Hop 'Dr Rudi'4.60AcceptableAnother in the long line of single-hopped beers from Ascot. I didn’t really care for this one, a little medicinal.
Dark Star - American Pale Ale (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)4.70Not Tried
Ascot - Anastasia's Imperial Stout8.00Not Tried
Ascot - Big Alligator6.00Not Tried
02 Oct 2012 (Stephen Harris)
Here for the official launch of a new East London Brewery beer. The pub is very busy, although I think most of the crowd is coincidental to the beer launch.
East London (ELB) - Quadrant Oatmeal Stout5.80ExcellentVery dark, smooth and creamy and oaty. Everything you would expect from a good Oatmeal Stout.
Milestone - Uncle Sam's Triple Hop5.50GoodGolden-coloured beer with US hop character. A bit sweeter than I really like in a hoppy beer.
Otley - O3 Boss4.40AcceptableRed/brown in colour. A bit thin and a bit sweet.
Sambrook's - Wandle3.80Not Tried
Sambrook's - Powerhouse Porter4.90Not Tried
18 Apr 2012 (Stephen Harris)
I thought this might be the ideal place to watch the Chelsea v Barca game. But with London having lost its analogue TV signal yesterday, it seemed that half of north London had the same idea. The pub was rammed and I could not get near the TV. Good beer selection though.
Ascot - Aardvark5.00GoodGolden and US hoppy. Bittersweet finish.
Devilfish - That Gold Devil4.20GoodGolden ale with a strong citrus-hop character that builds up over the pint, backed by smooth malt.
Devilfish - Stingray5.50GoodDark brown, fruity and malty with some warming alcohol.
Sambrook's - Wandle3.80Not Tried
29 Jan 2012 (Stephen Harris)
Last session of a four day festival of ‘New Wave Ales’. I’m pleased to see a reasonable number are still available. Fairly busy too.
Bristol Beer Factory - Milk Stout4.50ExcellentBlack, rich and lactose sweet, with a decent hit of Challenger hops in the finish.
Steel City (cuckoo at Toolmakers) - Dark Funeral5.30ExcellentSlightly lower abv than some ‘Black IPAs’, but as black as your hat and offensively hoppy.
Hardknott - Code Black5.60ExcellentA ‘Black IPA’. Very black, quite smooth and liquorishy. With lots of Amarillo (or similar) hops piled on top.
Crouch Vale - Amarillo5.00Not Tried
Sambrook's - Wandle3.80Not Tried
Ilkley - Lotus IPA (was 5.6%)5.50Not Tried
Dark Star - Smoked Porter5.40Not Tried
Magic Rock - Dark Arts6.00Not Tried
Brodie's (latterly contract brewed by Rhymney) - American Brown4.80Not Tried
23 Jul 2011 (Martin the Mildman)
Quite busy for Saturday brunch.
Ascot - Hobb's Sprog4.80GoodSpecial brew for the pub's beer festival. A pale beer with good citrus hop character and some maltiness leading to a rather short, dry finish. My score 15/20.
31 Jul 2010 (Martin the Mildman)
Very quiet early doors on a Saturday morning. Started to pick up after midday.
Daleside - Summer Blonde4.70GoodInteresting pale gold beer with a grainy malt character and some hoppiness in the finish. My score 15/20.
Kelham Island - Wish You Were Here4.80GoodWell balanced strong golden ale. My score 15/20.
RCH - PG Steam3.90AcceptableFairly bitter amber beer with a hoppy and dry finish. My score 14/20.
Abbeydale - Beer Works Dr Morton's Truth Serum3.80AcceptablePale, hoppy and dry bitter. My score 14/20.

About the Duke of Wellington

The pub sign. Duke of Wellington, Dalston, Greater London

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The pub is found in Dalston, Greater London, N1 4BL.

Revitalised street corner local in Balls Pond Road, with 8 handpumps and occasional beer festivals. Transferred to the Frontier Pubs partnership in October 2018.

We have visited this pub 8 times, seen 35 different beers and tried 19 of them.

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Postcode: N1 4BL