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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
BrewDog - Ace of EquinoxExcellent1
Northern Monk - Eternal Session IPAExcellent1
Örebro Brygghus - Black Oyster Stout.Excellent1
BrewDog - Jet Black HeartGood1
Northern Monk - Festive Star Spiced Mocha PorterGood1
BrewDog - Hop FictionGood1
Tiny Rebel - Didgeridank (Collab with Siren)Good1
BrewDog - Elvis JuiceGood1
Stone - GrainiacAcceptable1
BrewDog - Tokyo DeathAcceptable1
18th Street - Imperial BludAcceptable1
BrewDog - Paradox Uncle DukesAcceptable1
Stone - Arrogant Bastard (keg)Poor1
Stone - 24 CarrotPoor1

Visits Details

31 Jan 2019 (McGargle)
Late visit. Still busy. Can't buy a carry out. SNP Nanny State.
BrewDog - Tokyo Death15.00AcceptableNeeded more than alcohol.
13 Dec 2018 (McGargle)
Couldn't get a carry out as it was after 10pm. Vote SNP: Vote Nanny State.
Northern Monk - Festive Star Spiced Mocha Porter5.90GoodTasty and subtly spiced.
29 Nov 2018 (McGargle)
Pleasingly busy late evening. Informed and enthusiastic service.
Örebro Brygghus - Black Oyster Stout.5.30ExcellentStockholm brewery's colab with BrewDog. Huge dry stout with oyster and roast malt aroma. Mellow roast and light dried fruits with a dry finish. Excellent. Even better at £5 a pint.
01 Nov 2018 (McGargle)
Late night and busy.
BrewDog - Paradox Uncle Dukes13.20AcceptableDidn't get any whisky. Is this beer subtle or bland? Difficult to tell though I tend to bland.
08 Mar 2018 (McGargle)
Late evening and busy.
Tiny Rebel - Didgeridank (Collab with Siren)8.40GoodMurky as hell hop monster. Tastes like whatever was in the hop store was thrown in.
18th Street - Imperial Blud10.50AcceptableOverly complex. (Russian) Imperial Stout dominated by coffee with too rich mouthfeel. Not to my taste.
15 Mar 2017 (McGargle)
Quiet early on.
BrewDog - Hop Fiction5.20GoodTypical BrewDog Pale Ale, shortish measure,
17 Nov 2016 (McGargle)
Friendly buzz. Great service.
Northern Monk - Eternal Session IPA4.10ExcellentA more mellow take on a pale ale.
BrewDog - Ace of Equinox4.50ExcellentSingle hopped with Equinox. Dry fruity pale ale.
Stone - Arrogant Bastard (keg)7.20PoorThis was brewed and canned in Berlin. Not impressed. None of the body or depth of the San Diego original. Shame I bought two cans to take away. I'll more carefully check the provenance next time I try Stone beer.
09 Jun 2016 (McGargle)
Genial late night.
BrewDog - Elvis Juice6.50GoodInfused with tart grapefruit it's a refreshing beer with restrained hopping.
16 Mar 2016 (McGargle)
Busy and friendly
BrewDog - Jet Black Heart4.70GoodSeems very gas dependent. Tonight, slightly thin with limited mouthfeel.
Stone - Grainiac8.50AcceptableAnother slightly sweet and creamy offering. Shame that we don't see the old Stone favourites so often with all these new releases. (Keg)
03 Mar 2016 (McGargle)
Friendly, informed service.
Stone - 24 Carrot8.50PoorBadly misjudged and complicated. Overly sweet and creamy.

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About the BrewDog

The pub sign. BrewDog, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

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The pub is found in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB25 1EB.

BrewDog's first bar and well worth the wait. Tidy, minimalist decor. As you'd expect plenty of rough brick and unpainted steel. Limited food at the moment but 6 beers all on keg plus a range of import beers at champagne prices.

We have visited this pub 89 times, seen 126 different beers and tried 84 of them.

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Postcode: AB25 1EB