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Black Griffin (Ei Group (formerly Enterprise Inns))

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Wadworth - Dirty RuckerGood1
Wychwood - HobgoblinGood1
Eagle (was Wells & Young's, was Charles Wells, was Wells) - Wells Golden CauldronGood1
Timothy Taylor - LandlordGood1
Black Sheep - Best BitterGood2
Exmoor - WildcatGood1
Harvey's - Sussex Best BitterGood1
Otter - AmberGood1
Exmoor - AleGood1
Brains - Café PhoenixAcceptable1
Whitstable - Native BitterAcceptable1
Black Sheep - Baa BaaUndrinkable1
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - No. 5Not Tried0
Hook Norton - Old HookyNot Tried0
Eagle (was Wells & Young's, was Charles Wells, was Wells) - Wells Bombardier Glorious EnglishNot Tried0
Hopdaemon - IncubusNot Tried0
Eagle (was Wells & Young's, was Charles Wells, was Wells) - Courage Best BitterNot Tried0
Canterbury Brewers - Foundry Man's GoldNot Tried0
Thwaites - Yule Love It!Not Tried0
Goddards - ScrumdiggityNot Tried0
Tonbridge - CoppernobNot Tried0
Caledonian - Autumn RedNot Tried0
Moorhouse's - Blond WitchNot Tried0
Salopian - Shropshire GoldNot Tried0
Picture 1. Black Griffin, Canterbury, Kent
Picture 2. Black Griffin, Canterbury, Kent
Picture 3. Black Griffin, Canterbury, Kent

Visits Details

15 Apr 2017 (Jack William)
Saturday afternoon, not crowded, sat outside watching the world go by.
Black Sheep - Best Bitter3.80GoodA very pleasant pint in good condition.
Brains - Café Phoenix4.40AcceptableJust a taster - this had powerful chocolatey flavour - not to my taste.
Black Sheep - Baa Baa4.00UndrinkableTwo sips and handed it back flat with a hint of vinegar - to be fair it was replaced rapidly.
18 Feb 2017 (Andrew)
Busy but we squeezed into a table by the door.
Wadworth - Dirty Rucker3.90Good
Moorhouse's - Blond Witch4.50Not Tried
Salopian - Shropshire Gold3.80Not Tried
04 Nov 2016 (Brian)
Mid afternoon, loud jukebox playing some good tunes. Sat in the back room with a couple of others. There was a Wickwar beer on as well but I didn't catch the name.
Exmoor - Wildcat4.40GoodNice pint, specific heathery taste.
Otter - Amber4.00GoodBit cold to start and only average on the condition, but nice bitter taste.
Caledonian - Autumn Red4.40Not Tried
26 Mar 2016 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening. DJ was playing but distorting bass through his speakers as if it was going out of fashion. Other beers details lost in this server's website crash.
Whitstable - Native Bitter3.70Acceptable
26 Oct 2014 (Jack William)
Early Sunday lunchtime - a few in, bit of cleaning still going on unfortunately. I'm glad that the name has reverted to Black Griffin - a strong real pub name and relevant being on the corner of Black Griffin Lane . I lived in the Lane 35 years ago and once received a letter addressed to 71 Slack Puffin Lane. Still delivered OK.
Wychwood - Hobgoblin4.50GoodWith that distinctive Wychwood maltiness.
Eagle (was Wells & Young's, was Charles Wells, was Wells) - Wells Golden Cauldron4.10GoodLooks as though Halloween themed beers are apon us - clear and crisp but not much of a bite.
Goddards - Scrumdiggity4.00Not Tried
Tonbridge - Coppernob3.80Not Tried
31 Dec 2013 (Andrew)
Having been chatting to Ian about the 15 sure-bets in Canterbury we'd ummed and ahhed as to whether the Griffin should be in the list... So I felt a visit was in order. Friendly for sure but I'm still umming.
Exmoor - Ale3.80GoodA bit tart a bit yeasty but quite drinkable.
Wychwood - Hobgoblin4.50Not Tried
Thwaites - Yule Love It!4.00Not Tried
23 Sep 2013 (Alenomore)
16:30 visit, our last today, as I arranged to meet two other pals from Maidstone for the ride home, and very nearly empty here. My two other, Northern pals, were quite happy with there three day "jolly" and went away for a rest at the hotel, before tackling the Phoenix, for their last taste of Canterbury...
Hopdaemon - Incubus4.00Not Tried
Eagle (was Wells & Young's, was Charles Wells, was Wells) - Courage Best Bitter4.00Not Tried
Hook Norton - Old Hooky4.60Not Tried
Canterbury Brewers - Foundry Man's Gold4.00Not Tried
03 Sep 2013 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening. Short stop on way from bus station to railway station.
Harvey's - Sussex Best Bitter4.00Good
Timothy Taylor - Landlord4.30Not Tried
Hook Norton - Old Hooky4.60Not Tried
Eagle (was Wells & Young's, was Charles Wells, was Wells) - Wells Bombardier Glorious English4.10Not Tried
06 Oct 2012 (Eddie)
13:30 visit. first time in here since back to being the Black Griffin, was one of my usual haunts when in Canterbury when called the Hobgoblin then it was mainly for the atmosphere and the great juke box than the beer, I can remember many a night with mates shoving £s in the juke drinking JD & coke whilst listening to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Cradle Of Filth and Pantera. Now back to today:)
Black Sheep - Best Bitter3.80Good
22 Sep 2012 (Mick)
Plenty of people sitting outside, nearly empty inside.
Timothy Taylor - Landlord4.30GoodNice pint of this hoppy crisp bitter.
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - No. 54.40Not Tried
Whitstable - Native Bitter3.70Not Tried

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About the Black Griffin

The pub sign. Black Griffin, Canterbury, Kent

Summary of Beer Scores


The pub is found in Canterbury, Kent, CT1 2BG.

Street corner building situated on the main street through Canterbury next to Black Griffin Lane. Spent a while re-named as Hobgoblin but thankfully reverted to its original name. Long narrow pub with the bar counter at the front and a rear room with large tables and, at the very rear, a walled courtyard outside area. 5 handpumps.

We have visited this pub 18 times, seen 31 different beers and tried 17 of them.

Map location

Postcode: CT1 2BG

This pub was formally know as the Hobgoblin.