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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Dark Star - RevelationExceptional1
Tiny Rebel - FluxExceptional1
Kent - ProhibitionExcellent1
Tempest - Christmas is CancelledExcellent1
Dark Star - 80 ShillingExcellent1
Revolutions - The Queen is not DeadExcellent1
Redemption - Red CraftExcellent1
Marble - PrimusExcellent1
Siren Craft - Big Inflatable Cowboy HatExcellent1
Ale Mania - IPAExcellent1
Dark Star - Hylder BlondeExcellent1
Three Blind Mice - Absolute YumExcellent1
Tiny Rebel - Assault TrifleExcellent1
Birbant - Russian Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged) RumExcellent1
Siren Craft - Dinner For SixExcellent1
Blue Monkey - Blubarb & CustardExcellent1
Blackjack - The PokiesExcellent1
Tiny Rebel - FUBARExcellent1
Vento Forte - LonerExcellent1
Rooster's - The AccompliceExcellent1
Fyne - The MothershipGood1
Croft - Black BookGood1
Great Heck - FIVEGood1
Blackjack - Euchre PaleGood1
Fyne - Holly DazeGood1
Swannay (formerly Highland) - Sneaky Wee Orkney StoutGood1
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - SlezakAcceptable1
Oakham - AsylumAcceptable1
Oakham - CitraAcceptable1
Kent - PaleNot Tried0
Kent - Brewers ReserveNot Tried0
Summer Wine (SWB) - Zenith Pale AleNot Tried0
Siren Craft - Sound WaveNot Tried0
RedWillow - EndlessNot Tried0
Siren Craft - Half Mast QIPANot Tried0
Tyne Bank - Pacifica PaleNot Tried0
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - DogBolter Dark PorterNot Tried0
Otley - O3 BossNot Tried0
Dark Star - SunburstNot Tried0
Rooster's - Londinium (Taylors of Harrogate Traditional Coffee Porter)Not Tried0
Kent - Clerkenwell PaleNot Tried0
Dark Star - Summer MeltdownNot Tried0
Kent - Altered StatesNot Tried0
Dark Star - BockNot Tried0
Buxton - Buxton SpaNot Tried0
Tiny Rebel - Beat BoxNot Tried0
Harbour - Cornish BitterNot Tried0
Saltaire - Cascadian BlackNot Tried0
Burning Sky - Devil's Rest IPANot Tried0
Blue Monkey - B G SipsNot Tried0
Kent - Craft PaleNot Tried0
Blue Monkey - Three Wise MonkeysNot Tried0
Blue Monkey - Infinity IPA (was Infinity)Not Tried0
Saltaire - New World RedNot Tried0
Oakham - Scarlet MacawNot Tried0
Blue Monkey - MildNot Tried0
Dark Star - Red ShiftNot Tried0
Parkway (formerly Glastonbury Ales) - FestivealeNot Tried0
Croft - Dusk till DawnNot Tried0
Blackjack - Gold Coast PaleNot Tried0
Kent - Elderflower SaisonNot Tried0
McColl's - Session SorachiNot Tried0
Marble - DobberNot Tried0
Dark Star - Crème BrûléeNot Tried0
RedWillow - HeadlessNot Tried0
Beavertown - Bob BarleyNot Tried0
RedWillow - WrecklessNot Tried0
Dark Star - Six HopNot Tried0
Picture 1. Craft Beer Co., Clerkenwell, Central London
Picture 2. Craft Beer Co., Clerkenwell, Central London
Picture 3. Craft Beer Co., Clerkenwell, Central London
Stephen Harris

Visits Details

18 Jun 2019 (Stephen Harris)
Still selling an exceptional beer range across all formats. Nice to get here whilst it's still fairly quiet.
Tiny Rebel - Assault Trifle4.80ExcellentVery sweet and fruity. Pushing boundaries.
Blue Monkey - Blubarb & Custard4.80ExcellentFruity (particularly blueberry) Wheat Beer with creamy texture.
Croft - Black Book5.20GoodA dry Stout (dry after the preceding fruit beers anyway).
Blue Monkey - B G Sips4.00Not Tried
Blue Monkey - Infinity IPA (was Infinity)4.60Not Tried
Kent - Craft Pale3.80Not Tried
Blue Monkey - Mild5.00Not Tried
Croft - Dusk till Dawn7.00Not Tried
McColl's - Session Sorachi4.60Not Tried
28 Dec 2017 (Stephen Harris)
Relatively quiet in here and the presence of just two cask beers on the bar reflects the low expectations in central London at this time of year. My friend Blondie is leaning on the bar though and we have time for a chin-wag.
Tempest - Christmas is Cancelled4.50ExcellentA golden-coloured APA. Not a bit of Christmas about it – neither a whiff of cloves nor a hint of cinnamon.
Fyne - Holly Daze5.00GoodAmber/brown in colour. Quite a dry Bitter with a bit of a hop presence.
06 Nov 2017 (Stephen Harris)
I find it hard to believe that I have not been in here for two years – I guess that I just now find other pubs in the Craft chain more convenient to visit.
Blackjack - Euchre Pale3.90GoodQuite full-bodied for its strength.
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - DogBolter Dark Porter5.60Not Tried
Dark Star - Sunburst4.80Not Tried
Kent - Clerkenwell Pale3.80Not Tried
Dark Star - Revelation5.70Not Tried
Dark Star - Bock5.40Not Tried
Harbour - Cornish Bitter4.00Not Tried
01 Oct 2015 (Stephen Harris)
Very crowded here, although after a while we find space by a window. It turns out they have some special beers from brewers in Poland and Germany, and after a while I realise there are at least five people present who were at the Borefts Bier Festival in Holland over the past weekend. Many more beers were available.
Revolutions - The Queen is not Dead7.40ExcellentA serious Stout.
Ale Mania - IPA5.80ExcellentA very good, US-style IPA. Not many German brewers doing this kind of thing yet.
Birbant - Russian Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged) Rum10.50ExcellentA very serious Stout. Very heavy duty, obviously barrel-aged beer.
Swannay (formerly Highland) - Sneaky Wee Orkney Stout4.20GoodA less-serious Stout.
03 Jul 2015 (Stephen Harris)
Mid-evening on a Friday and it is of course quite crowded in here. Not as busy as the off-licence two doors away though, which is the Friday night drinking venue for London’s cycle couriers. We stood at the bar. I did not note the full beer range.
Three Blind Mice - Absolute Yum4.40ExcellentVery pale gold, with extreme hop flavours. Definitely yummy.
Siren Craft - Dinner For Six4.10ExcellentDescribed as a 'Vienna Pale'.
Vento Forte - Loner5.20ExcellentLush Italian Porter on keg dispense. Very fine.
20 Apr 2015 (Stephen Harris)
More relaxed in here tonight than this pub becomes later in the week. Very pleasant.
Kent - Prohibition4.80ExcellentA pale gold APA.
Redemption - Red Craft3.80ExcellentNot a Red Ale. In fact it is a very full-flavoured, hopfest of a Pale Ale. Pushing five stars.
Dark Star - Six Hop6.50Not Tried
Dark Star - Revelation5.70Not Tried
Kent - Brewers Reserve5.00Not Tried
Kent - Altered States4.70Not Tried
Siren Craft - Sound Wave5.60Not Tried
Siren Craft - Half Mast QIPA2.80Not Tried
20 Dec 2014 (Andrew)
Heaving but Ian bumped into 2 friends so we sat with them and talked about Belgium funk flavours in beer.
Oakham - Asylum4.50AcceptablePappy
Oakham - Citra4.20AcceptableDyacetyl
Oakham - Scarlet Macaw4.40Not Tried
Parkway (formerly Glastonbury Ales) - Festiveale4.60Not Tried
Kent - Elderflower Saison4.50Not Tried
Dark Star - Crème Brûlée5.90Not Tried
Beavertown - Bob Barley10.50Not Tried
15 Jul 2014 (Stephen Harris)
I’m not sure why I have not been coming here much lately – fear of over-crowding I think. Busy but comfortable tonight.
Rooster's - The Accomplice5.70ExcellentAn amber-coloured, strong, IPA.
Marble - Primus5.90ExcellentA well-hopped Porter, with roasted barley tastes and distinct blackcurrant flavours.
Fyne - The Mothership4.20GoodBrown-coloured. Well-hopped and with a long, bitter aftertaste.
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Slezak4.00AcceptableVery pale gold in colour. Soft, flat, strong apricot flavour. A brave beer, which did not really work for me.
Otley - O3 Boss4.40Not Tried
Tiny Rebel - FUBAR4.40Not Tried
Rooster's - Londinium (Taylors of Harrogate Traditional Coffee Porter)5.50Not Tried
Kent - Craft Pale3.80Not Tried
Kent - Altered States4.70Not Tried
Tiny Rebel - Beat Box4.50Not Tried
Burning Sky - Devil's Rest IPA7.00Not Tried
Blue Monkey - Three Wise Monkeys4.90Not Tried
11 Sep 2013 (Stephen Harris)
A spot of drizzle made standing outside unattractive. With everyone crammed inside it was not conducive to note-taking, so I failed to record 3 or 4 of the available beers.
Blackjack - The Pokies3.60ExcellentSession strength golden beer with lots of fruity New Zealand hops.
Great Heck - FIVE5.00GoodA strong, hoppy beer with a ‘tropical fruit’ taste.
Marble - Dobber5.90Not Tried
RedWillow - Headless3.90Not Tried
RedWillow - Wreckless4.80Not Tried
Kent - Pale4.00Not Tried
Summer Wine (SWB) - Zenith Pale Ale4.00Not Tried
RedWillow - Endless3.80Not Tried
Tyne Bank - Pacifica Pale4.00Not Tried
21 Aug 2013 (Judy G Garland)
Late afternoon Session
Dark Star - Revelation5.70ExceptionalFirst class as usual
Tiny Rebel - Flux4.00ExceptionalThe perfect pint for me, perfection!
Dark Star - Hylder Blonde4.20ExcellentLook forward to this one every year superb as usual
Tiny Rebel - FUBAR4.40ExcellentGreat Pale Ale, one of the best I've had sessssion ale!!
Dark Star - 80 Shilling4.80ExcellentDark, moorish and really nice
Siren Craft - Big Inflatable Cowboy Hat10.50ExcellentBrewed exclusively for the Craft Beer Co, strong strong & strong but easily drinkable depending on circumstances!
Dark Star - Summer Meltdown4.80Not Tried
Buxton - Buxton Spa4.10Not Tried
Saltaire - Cascadian Black4.80Not Tried
Kent - Craft Pale3.80Not Tried
Saltaire - New World Red5.20Not Tried
Dark Star - Red Shift5.50Not Tried
Blackjack - Gold Coast Pale4.60Not Tried

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About the Craft Beer Co.

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The pub is found in Clerkenwell, Central London, EC1N 7TR.

Formerly the Clock House in Leather Lane, now reopened under the same stewardship as the Cask Pub & Kitchen, Pimlico with a beer policy to match. There is a rare glass ceiling to admire and an upstairs seating area. Sixteen handpumps dispense a house beer, a cider and a selection from selected micro breweries of the UK. Craft keg beers from UK and the rest of the world also have several taps on the bar. Huge worldwide bottled beer range.

We have visited this pub 46 times, seen 202 different beers and tried 101 of them.

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Postcode: EC1N 7TR