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Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') DogBolter Dark Porter

PubAddressLast Visit Seen
Mind the GapBroadstairs, Kent17 Feb 2022
Yard of AleSt Peter's, Kent03 Feb 2022
Artillery ArmsRamsgate, Kent01 Feb 2022
The Hovelling Boat InnRamsgate, Kent31 Jan 2022
The Red LionRamsgate, Kent13 Jan 2022
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2020Dover, Kent07 Feb 2020
The Conqueror AlehouseRamsgate, Kent29 Jan 2020
Montefiore ArmsRamsgate, Kent26 Jan 2020
Gadds' Beer Shop & TaproomBroadstairs, Kent04 Jan 2020
The Ale HouseChelmsford, Essex02 Jan 2020
The Black DogWhitstable, Kent21 Dec 2019
This Ancient Boro'Tenterden, Kent02 Mar 2019
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2019Dover, Kent01 Feb 2019
The Mash TunDover, Kent12 Jan 2019
Larkins' AlehouseCranbrook, Kent01 Dec 2018
Leyton Orient Supporters ClubLeyton, Greater London27 Oct 2018
The Thirty-Nine Steps Brewhouse (formerly The Thirty-Nine Steps Alehouse)Broadstairs, Kent02 May 2018
The Compass AlehouseGravesend, Kent05 Apr 2018
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2018Dover, Kent02 Feb 2018
Bowl InnCharing, Kent04 Dec 2017
The Three PillarsGravesend, Kent24 Nov 2017
Craft Beer Co.Clerkenwell, Central London06 Nov 2017
Craft Beer Co.Limehouse, Greater London14 May 2017
The Broken DrumBlackfen, Greater London13 Apr 2017
The Evening StarBrighton, East Sussex09 Apr 2017
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2017Dover, Kent03 Feb 2017
The HarpCharing Cross, Central London28 Jan 2017
The BedfordTunbridge Wells, Kent31 Oct 2016
The Mechanical ElephantMargate, Kent07 Feb 2016
The Watch HouseLewisham, Greater London12 Jan 2016
The HaywainBramling, Kent23 May 2015
The ChapelBroadstairs, Kent22 May 2015
The ChambersFolkestone, Kent21 Mar 2015
Ravensgate ArmsRamsgate, Kent21 Mar 2015
The LanesDover, Kent07 Jan 2015
The Man of Kent Ale HouseRochester, Kent16 Nov 2014
The Goose (formerly The Sovereign)Ramsgate, Kent04 Sep 2014
Catford Constitutional ClubCatford, Greater London08 Jun 2014
One Inn The WoodPetts Wood, Greater London05 Jun 2014
The Firkin AlehouseFolkestone, Kent26 Feb 2014
The Rose of EnglandRamsgate, Kent22 Jan 2014
The HopeCarshalton, Greater London14 Dec 2013
The PhoenixCanterbury, Kent29 Nov 2013
Harbour ArmsMargate, Kent29 Oct 2013
The Padwell ArmsSeal, Kent18 Oct 2013
Claret & Ale (formerly Claret Free House)Addiscombe, Greater London05 Feb 2013
The Alehouse (formerly Hobgoblin)Reading, Berkshire05 Nov 2012
Halfway HouseBrenchley, Kent27 Aug 2012
The Four Candles AlehouseSt Peter's, Kent24 Aug 2012
Euston TapEuston, Central London20 May 2012
The Just ReproachDeal, Kent16 Mar 2012
The Lifeboat Ale & Cider HouseMargate, Kent15 Feb 2012
The ElephantFaversham, Kent04 Sep 2011
Broadstairs Beer Festival 2011Broadstairs, Kent25 Mar 2011
The Flower PotMaidstone, Kent28 Nov 2010
Louis ArmstrongDover, Kent11 Sep 2010
The Butchers ArmsHerne, Kent18 Aug 2010
The BullHorton Kirby, Kent31 Jul 2010
The Churchill TavernRamsgate, Kent31 Oct 2009
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2009Dover, Kent07 Feb 2009
Ramsgate Summer Festival 2008Ramsgate, Kent05 Jul 2008
San Clu HotelRamsgate, Kent13 Feb 2008
The Foy BoatRamsgate, Kent15 Feb 2007
Jackdaw InnDenton, Kent13 Feb 2007
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2007Dover, Kent02 Feb 2007
The Yew Tree InnBarfrestone, Kent14 Dec 2005
CoastguardSt Margaret's at Cliffe, Kent01 Jan 2005

Tasting Summary

These comments are the opinion of the individual reviewer and represent what they thought of the beer on a particular day in a particular pub. If a review is less favourable, it may be because the beer suffered somewhere in the supply chain between them and the brewery.

Mind the Gap, Broadstairs, Kent

DosserGood17 Feb 2022
DosserExcellent03 Feb 2022 Lovely stuff
DosserExcellent10 Apr 2019 Great nick and temperature
DosserGood29 Jan 2019 Not on top form
DosserExcellent23 Jan 2019 Good quality and temperature.
Philip PirripExcellent17 May 2018
DosserGood08 May 2018 A good pint to quench my thirst in the heat
DosserExcellent02 May 2018 Superb quality
DosserExcellent10 Apr 2018 Fine pint. Good temperature.
DosserExcellent07 Mar 2018 Fine beer and temperature. No dogs today. Very unusual.Spotted this beer was on on their facebook page.
DosserExcellent23 Feb 2018 Excellent condition and temperature
DosserExcellent23 Oct 2017 Good temperature but cost up by 20% to £3.50 for 4.9% plus
DosserGood29 Jan 2017 Nice but too cold for my liking.

Yard of Ale, St Peter's, Kent

DosserExcellent03 Feb 2022 This seems to be everywhere at the moment and this was a fine pint.
AndrewNot Tried09 Feb 2019
AndrewNot Tried29 Dec 2018
DosserGood23 Oct 2017
DosserExceptional07 Jan 2016 Had a 4 pint take away of this. £10, great value.
Philip PirripNot Tried21 Oct 2015
DosserExceptional27 May 2015 Superb
DosserExceptional25 May 2015 Superb and great value at £3.

Artillery Arms, Ramsgate, Kent

DosserExcellent01 Feb 2022 Great pint
DosserGood25 Feb 2020 Nice pint
DosserExcellent23 Feb 2020 Better temperature than the Lion today.
DosserExcellent14 Jan 2020 Just what I needed
DosserExcellent02 Jan 2020 Nice
DosserExcellent24 Nov 2019 A quality pint
DosserExcellent23 Nov 2019 Lovely
DosserExcellent18 Nov 2019 Superb
AndrewNot Tried09 Feb 2019
DosserExcellent01 Jan 2019 Quality. Fresh on.
Philip PirripGood29 Dec 2018 Not as fresh and clean tasting as it can be
DosserExcellent26 Dec 2018
DosserExcellent23 Nov 2018
DosserExcellent21 Nov 2018 Best pint ive had here in ages. Good value at £3.40.
DosserAcceptable08 Apr 2017 Near the bottom of the cask
DosserExcellent06 Apr 2017 Excellent pint though Tracy did say there wasn't much left after curry night. £3.40 A pint is good value.
DosserExcellent05 Mar 2017 Needed a top up but great condition.
DosserExcellent03 Mar 2017 Lovely
DosserGood21 Feb 2017 Had it in the conk, but not as good but still a good ale.
BlairExcellent20 Apr 2011 Top notch.
BlairExcellent24 Oct 2009 My first pint of dog in motnhs, it's been far too long. Lovely rich porter, lots of roasted malt and dark fruit with a lovely tartness.
BlairNot Tried01 Apr 2009
BlairExcellent03 Feb 2009 Very nearly 5 stars for this one. Rich, dark and chocolatey. Silky smooth with a nice underlying coffee/smoke taste to it. This is getting better and better, much like all of Eddie's beers.
AndrewGood08 Feb 2007 I had this for the first time really 5 days ago at the Dover Beer Festival and this just goes to show you can't define a pint of real ale by trying it once. This was a totally different pint. Imagine drinking alcoholic raisens with the sugar taken out, combined with burnt parsnip and with a rich dark dry sherry bitter finish. It was nothing like the Dover beer. I must have more before I make my mind up about it.

The Hovelling Boat Inn, Ramsgate, Kent

DosserExcellent31 Jan 2022 Fine pint and at £4.
DosserExcellent13 Jan 2022 This has just gone on. Superb drop. £4 here.
DosserExcellent23 Dec 2021 Quality ale
DosserGood10 Jan 2020 20p a pint more than the conk and didnt taste as sweet.
DosserGood25 Jan 2019 Last couple of pints in cask. Price up to £3.70.
Philip PirripNot Tried29 Dec 2018 The beer, I suspect, I should have plumped for
DosserExcellent23 Nov 2018 Yummy
DosserExcellent13 Jul 2018 Fine pint for my first one after my holiday. AOT now out and about after my deliveries.
DosserExcellent26 Apr 2018 A fine pint
Philip PirripExcellent31 Mar 2018 Best beer of the evening, a superb Gadds' concoction
AndrewNot Tried10 Feb 2018
DosserGood21 Nov 2017 Nice pint.
DosserGood02 Aug 2017 Nice pint
Philip PirripExcellent01 Apr 2017 Second superb Gadd's of the day
DosserGood17 Oct 2015
DosserExceptional27 Jun 2015 Lovely pint

The Red Lion, Ramsgate, Kent

DosserExcellent13 Jan 2022 This had just gone on. Excellent and £3.60
DosserGood23 Feb 2020 In good nick but a tad too cold today.
DosserExcellent24 Nov 2019 Superb
DosserExcellent14 Apr 2019 Quality beer
DosserExcellent17 Feb 2019 Top ale
DosserExceptional25 Jan 2019 £3.55 for a superb pint.
beery steveExcellent17 Dec 2018
DosserExcellent23 Nov 2018 This beer seems to be everywhere. Another quality pint.
DosserExceptional21 Nov 2018 Top beer
DosserExcellent14 Apr 2018 Great pint
DosserExcellent25 Feb 2018 Quality pint
DosserExceptional24 Nov 2017 Superb
DosserExcellent19 Oct 2017 Fine pint but not sure why the beer is served in a cold glass. Not necessary.

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2020, Dover, Kent

Philip PirripNot Tried07 Feb 2020

The Conqueror Alehouse, Ramsgate, Kent

DosserExcellent29 Jan 2020 Lovely pint
DosserGood10 Jan 2020 A good pint
DosserGood24 Mar 2019
Philip PirripAcceptable11 Apr 2018
DosserExcellent02 Aug 2017 Superb
DosserExceptional26 Apr 2017 Outstanding
DosserExcellent08 Apr 2017 Fine pint
DosserExceptional21 Feb 2017 Doesnt get any better.
Philip PirripNot Tried01 Aug 2014

Montefiore Arms, Ramsgate, Kent

DosserGood26 Jan 2020 A nice pint
DosserExceptional06 Nov 2015 Wow. Only been on one hour and 25 pints gone already.
DosserExceptional31 Oct 2015 Best beer of the day!
DosserExcellent11 Oct 2015 Superb
BlairNot Tried03 Mar 2012
BlairExcellent13 Feb 2011 Rich, smooth and delicious.
BlairExcellent24 Feb 2008 Outstanding porter, rich and dark with a smooth velvety texture. Delicious as always.

Gadds' Beer Shop & Taproom, Broadstairs, Kent

DosserGood04 Jan 2020 £3.16 a pint with the 10% camra discount.

The Ale House, Chelmsford, Essex

Magnus GreelNot Tried02 Jan 2020

The Black Dog, Whitstable, Kent

WittendenNot Tried21 Dec 2019
WittendenNot Tried22 Apr 2017 Resisted temptation.
HSBNot Tried08 Oct 2013

This Ancient Boro', Tenterden, Kent

WittendenNot Tried02 Mar 2019 Tempted,selling well.

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2019, Dover, Kent

Philip PirripExcellent01 Feb 2019

The Mash Tun, Dover, Kent

Philip PirripExcellent12 Jan 2019 Perfect temperature and easy smooth drinking
ChrisENot Tried22 Jan 2016

Larkins' Alehouse, Cranbrook, Kent

WittendenNot Tried01 Dec 2018

Leyton Orient Supporters Club, Leyton, Greater London

Stephen HarrisNot Tried27 Oct 2018

The Thirty-Nine Steps Brewhouse (formerly The Thirty-Nine Steps Alehouse), Broadstairs, Kent

DosserGood02 May 2018 Only 2 beers on...4 others had run out that evening
DosserGood18 Jul 2017 Enjoyed it. Not many in today.

The Compass Alehouse, Gravesend, Kent

Philip PirripExcellent05 Apr 2018
Philip PirripExcellent07 Dec 2017
Philip PirripExcellent08 Apr 2017 Superb

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2018, Dover, Kent

Jack WilliamGood02 Feb 2018
Philip PirripNot Tried02 Feb 2018

Bowl Inn, Charing, Kent

Jack WilliamExcellent04 Dec 2017 Smooth and tasty, perfect for December.
Jack WilliamGood13 Aug 2017 A rich, smooth porter.
AlenomoreNot Tried18 Jul 2010

The Three Pillars, Gravesend, Kent

Philip PirripGood24 Nov 2017

Craft Beer Co., Clerkenwell, Central London

Stephen HarrisNot Tried06 Nov 2017

Craft Beer Co., Limehouse, Greater London

Stephen HarrisNot Tried14 May 2017

The Broken Drum, Blackfen, Greater London

Philip PirripGood13 Apr 2017 Still good yet nearly last out of cask

The Evening Star, Brighton, East Sussex

ChrisENot Tried09 Apr 2017

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2017, Dover, Kent

Philip PirripNot Tried03 Feb 2017

The Harp, Charing Cross, Central London

Philip PirripExcellent28 Jan 2017 Good one to finish the evening on

The Bedford, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Philip PirripGood31 Oct 2016
AlenomoreExceptional22 Oct 2011 Good to see this and served in top condition here.

The Mechanical Elephant, Margate, Kent

DosserExceptional07 Feb 2016 As good as you will find in the monty
BlairExcellent19 Jun 2009 In great condition. Rich and chocolatey with lots of fruit. One of the better porters.

The Watch House, Lewisham, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried12 Jan 2016 Very tempting but I had pre-decided to have Thistly Cross whisky cask cider

The Haywain, Bramling, Kent

BrianNot Tried23 May 2015
AndrewNot Tried27 Sep 2008
BrianNot Tried30 Sep 2006 Listed as Gadd's faithful dogbolter, but I assumed that it was the same as the winter porter.

The Chapel, Broadstairs, Kent

DosserGood22 May 2015 Little warm

The Chambers, Folkestone, Kent

Philip PirripNot Tried21 Mar 2015
ChrisENot Tried06 Sep 2011
IanExceptional08 Jul 2010 New brew kit but still a stunning beer. The fruit flavours and malts are outstanding
IanNot Tried17 Jun 2010 If I'd had another 10 mins I would have had a pint of this.
AlenomoreExceptional03 Apr 2010 In top conditon. A proper ale, a truly unmolested classic.
IanExcellent01 Apr 2010 No, other word for it, excellent.
IanExcellent24 Sep 2009 Great that you can guarantee that Dogbolter is always on at a pub. Malty, bit more fruity, with good sour cherry and dark plum
IanNot Tried18 Sep 2009
IanExcellent23 Jun 2009 Great condition, great malts, great fruit, great beer full stop
IanExcellent16 Jun 2009 I haven't had this in a bit, but this was as good as ever. Lovely mix of malts and then this great soft dark fruit flavour leading to a dryish malt finish. Excellent
IanExcellent24 Feb 2009 Again in perfect nick, great dark malts, lovely rich dark fruits, slipped down nicely.
IanExcellent22 Jan 2009 Rounded dark fruits, bitter, sweet, malty, hoppy, Eddie's best beer. I mean it's just damn good. Drinkable, yet 5.6%. Not many pubs run with two 5% plus beers, but this one does.
IanNot Tried09 Jan 2009
IanNot Tried29 Dec 2008
IanAcceptable14 Oct 2008 Just a little flat in condition, but still extremely tasty. Good dark fruit
IanExcellent20 Sep 2008 One of the best beers brewed in the county.
IanGood05 Jun 2008 Lots of flavour, good fruit, bit of sourness, but just lacked a bit of condition. The lines were cleaned soon after I had my pint.
IanExcellent15 Aug 2007 This was chocolatey and stunning.
IanExcellent13 Jun 2007 I'm guessing this was a barrel from the winter that has been left to mature. Smooth. Good roasted grains with a hint of dark fruits and a finish that grows and grows. Hop and blackberry. Gorgeous. Choc, black cherry aroma is great. Full in mouth.
IanExcellent17 Nov 2006 Brown/ruby colour with lasting beige head. Smelt and tasted fresh. Dark fruits, dark plums, sweet damsons and then choc, milk choc, slight powder that then slides into the dryness of the hop finish. Great balanced porter. Juice and liquorice are just right, the rich fruit is just right and the dryness. Great English porter. Really tasty and full of flavour.
AndrewNot Tried04 Feb 2006
IanGood12 Jan 2006 Dark brown with disappearing beige head. Not as fruity as last Friday. More bitter choc/coffee and bit thinner in body. Still a nice porter though
IanExcellent06 Jan 2006 Ok so I had 10 minutes before my train so I could only have a very fast half, but this was good. Deep ruby colour with thin beige head. Really pretty fruity with some coffee and bit of choc. Hoppy drying finish. Exceptional dark fruit nose. Vinous in mouth with good warming alcohol. My friend Martin went back the following day and confirmed that it was indeed a cracking porter.

Ravensgate Arms, Ramsgate, Kent

ChrisENot Tried21 Mar 2015

The Lanes, Dover, Kent

Jack WilliamGood07 Jan 2015 Wonderful rich flavour - head disappeared a little quickly, but very nice.

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester, Kent

DosserExcellent16 Nov 2014
Stephen HarrisNot Tried15 Nov 2014
Philip PirripExcellent03 Sep 2014
BlairExcellent05 Dec 2009 Rich and fruity with a nice hit of chocolate.
BlairExceptional12 Nov 2009 Only had time for a half unfortunately. This was stunning though, so rich and fruity it's impossibly to put it down.
BlairExcellent11 Dec 2008 Very rich with lots of fruit and chocolate and a nice tartness. Great beer.

The Goose (formerly The Sovereign), Ramsgate, Kent

DosserExcellent04 Sep 2014 Superb

Catford Constitutional Club, Catford, Greater London

Philip PirripExcellent08 Jun 2014

One Inn The Wood, Petts Wood, Greater London

oz11Not Tried05 Jun 2014
oz11Not Tried03 Jun 2014

The Firkin Alehouse, Folkestone, Kent

BrianNot Tried26 Feb 2014
IanExcellent22 Feb 2014 Dark fruits plums damson but juicy some chocolate. Just awesome

The Rose of England, Ramsgate, Kent

ChrisEGood22 Jan 2014
AndrewNot Tried28 Dec 2012
IanExceptional28 Dec 2012 Deep flawless malts excellent condition bite of blackcurrant on the finish. Best beer all night by far
BlairNot Tried28 Nov 2012
ChrisEExcellent13 Oct 2012 In superb condition.
BlairExcellent13 Oct 2012 Lovely pint but did have to sink it a bit quick.
ChrisENot Tried23 Aug 2012
BlairExcellent18 Apr 2012 Excellent as ever, so good it seemed rude not to have another.
BlairExcellent10 Mar 2012 Yup, top dog.
BlairExcellent16 Feb 2012 Once again a perfect pint of dogbolter.
BlairExcellent10 Feb 2012 Top notch.
BlairExcellent20 Jan 2012 Didn't seem as thick and black as usual but it still tasted fantastic.
BlairExcellent06 Jan 2012 Perfect pint of dogbolter.
ChrisENot Tried12 Oct 2011
ChrisEExcellent30 Sep 2011

The Hope, Carshalton, Greater London

thebrewingmanNot Tried14 Dec 2013

The Phoenix, Canterbury, Kent

AndrewNot Tried29 Nov 2013
AndrewNot Tried28 Nov 2013

Harbour Arms, Margate, Kent

IanNot Tried29 Oct 2013 Wished I had chosen this

The Padwell Arms, Seal, Kent

TobesNot Tried18 Oct 2013

Claret & Ale (formerly Claret Free House), Addiscombe, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried05 Feb 2013

The Alehouse (formerly Hobgoblin), Reading, Berkshire

Stephen HarrisNot Tried05 Nov 2012

Halfway House, Brenchley, Kent

oz11Not Tried27 Aug 2012

The Four Candles Alehouse, St Peter's, Kent

BlairExcellent24 Aug 2012 Yup, tip top.

Euston Tap, Euston, Central London

DosserExceptional20 May 2012

The Just Reproach, Deal, Kent

MickExcellent16 Mar 2012 Nice porter, chocolate, toast and malt, good hops, perhaps it needs a touch more body?

The Lifeboat Ale & Cider House, Margate, Kent

thebrewingmanNot Tried15 Feb 2012

The Elephant, Faversham, Kent

PedroNot Tried04 Sep 2011
AngieExceptional05 Jul 2010 Cold, but on a hot day welcome. Great taste but a little strong for this lady

Broadstairs Beer Festival 2011, Broadstairs, Kent

BlairExcellent25 Mar 2011 Ever reliable strong porter. Rich and satisfying with lots of roasted malt, chocolate and a great mouthfeel.

The Flower Pot, Maidstone, Kent

PedroNot Tried28 Nov 2010
PedroNot Tried25 Nov 2010

Louis Armstrong, Dover, Kent

PedroNot Tried11 Sep 2010 Also remaing from festival

The Butchers Arms, Herne, Kent

ChrisEExcellent18 Aug 2010
IanNot Tried17 Aug 2010

The Bull, Horton Kirby, Kent

PedroNot Tried31 Jul 2010

The Churchill Tavern, Ramsgate, Kent

BlairExceptional31 Oct 2009 This was on absolute top form today. Incredibly rich and moreish, chocolate and dates dominate with a lovely tartness. When at it's best I think this beer is nigh unbeatable.
BlairNot Tried11 Mar 2009
BlairExcellent08 Mar 2009 I had the first pint out of the barrel. It was gorgeous, thick and rich. Like christmas cake in a glass.
BlairNot Tried21 May 2008

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2009, Dover, Kent

IanExcellent07 Feb 2009 Excellent really, after a couple of poor beers, this was great. I bought it and drank it walking down the hall to the glass return desk. Great dark fruit. Damson, dark plum. Good condition. Lovely.

Ramsgate Summer Festival 2008, Ramsgate, Kent

BlairExcellent05 Jul 2008 Absolutely lovely pint. Thick and creamy with a lovely chocolate and roasted malt flavour.

San Clu Hotel, Ramsgate, Kent

BlairExcellent13 Feb 2008 I wasn't expecting a pint this good in a hotel. Smooth, velvety with chocolate and liquorice. Branded glass as well...

The Foy Boat, Ramsgate, Kent

AndrewGood15 Feb 2007 A good pint of Dogbolter. Dark with hints of plum skin.

Jackdaw Inn, Denton, Kent

AndrewExcellent13 Feb 2007 What an excellent pint this was - so good I stuck with it all night. It had a good wood-resin and black malt taste with hints of dark fruit. There was a milky undertone that carried the black malt really well. However, the £3.20 a pint price tag was a bit steep

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2007, Dover, Kent

AndrewGood02 Feb 2007 Sour with a good alcohol richness. The water tastes soft and fen-like.

The Yew Tree Inn, Barfrestone, Kent

BrianAcceptable14 Dec 2005 I'm really not a Gadds fan. Astringent with only slight hop flavour.
AndrewAcceptable28 Nov 2004 All I could really taste was the alcohol. No real body.

Coastguard, St Margaret's at Cliffe, Kent

AndrewGood01 Jan 2005 Strong tasting dark porter but I only had a sip so it's hard to give a fair rating

Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') DogBolter Dark Porter

5.60% ABV.

We have tried this beer 153 times.

We have given this beer an average score of Good to Excellent.

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