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The Chapel (Freehouse)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Tonbridge - CountrymanExceptional1
Signature Brew - Extra Pale Ale (E.P.)Excellent1
Boutilliers - Ruby Anniversary PorterExcellent1
Kent - Brewers ReserveGood1
Tonbridge - RusticGood1
360° - APAGood1
Pennine Brewing (Bedale) - Hair of the DogGood1
Boutilliers - Christmas PorterGood1
Range Ales - Black OpsGood1
Vale of Glamorgan (VOG) - Dark MatterAcceptable1
Titanic - Plum PorterAcceptable1
Tonbridge - Union PaleNot Tried0
Vale of Glamorgan (VOG) - Copper BitterNot Tried0
Yeovil - RubyNot Tried0
Canopy - Full Moon PorterNot Tried0
East London (ELB) - Foundation BitterNot Tried0
Hammerton - N7Not Tried0
Range Ales - Golden ShotNot Tried0
Gorgeous - GlowflyNot Tried0
Picture 1. The Chapel, Broadstairs, Kent
Picture 2. The Chapel, Broadstairs, Kent

Visits Details

17 Jul 2019 (Dosser)
3 beers on and lots of key kegs
Kent - Brewers Reserve5.00GoodVery nice pint
28 Oct 2018 (Dosser)
Lots of craft ales available
Range Ales - Black Ops4.80GoodHuge head on this beer
03 Oct 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Mid evening's last port of call. A very good mix of customer types here, perhaps with a number of foreign students.
Titanic - Plum Porter4.90AcceptableHeavily plummy
Hammerton - N75.20Not Tried
Range Ales - Golden Shot3.70Not Tried
Gorgeous - Glowfly4.00Not Tried
11 Apr 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening visit, my first since the more permanent bar counter and handpumps were introduced with an array of keg taps.
Pennine Brewing (Bedale) - Hair of the Dog3.90GoodAmber coloured traditional bitter
East London (ELB) - Foundation Bitter4.20Not Tried
360° - APA5.00Not Tried
10 Apr 2018 (Dosser)
Got pricey in here.
360° - APA5.00GoodNot bad. 3.80 made it pricey though.
10 Feb 2018 (Andrew)
A few in. Dark outside. I like this pub but it's a bit odd.
Signature Brew - Extra Pale Ale (E.P.)3.50Excellent
Yeovil - Ruby4.50Not Tried
Canopy - Full Moon Porter4.80Not Tried
28 Apr 2017 (Magnus Greel)
Mid evening seemed fairly quiet a couple of others at the bar however this pub has many other rooms hidden away, plus the acoustics of being surrounded by a plethora of books will soak up any hubbub of conversation.
Tonbridge - Countryman4.00ExceptionalThis was the only cask ale on offer in sea of Brew Dog keg offerings and it was in faultless condition. Spicy aroma with a roast malts throat hit. Another pump had a Boutilliers clip turned around but I did not note which brew.
08 Jan 2017 (Dosser)
The pub crawl continues. First visit since they went to brew dog beers as well as a new dispense system. The beer has improved but they now have some ridiculous prices.
Boutilliers - Christmas Porter4.80GoodVery nice porter. I had to ask for a top up which was still short.
Vale of Glamorgan (VOG) - Dark Matter4.40AcceptableDidnt taste quite right for a rasberry porter.
17 Dec 2016 (Andrew)
Woah what's happening to this place. It has a solid bar snd a huge row of hand pumps and keg taps (mainly brewdog). All the books are still around the wall though. Not very busy.
Boutilliers - Ruby Anniversary Porter5.70ExcellentThis is really good. Well crafted chocolate porter with enogh body to support the ABV without letting it take over.
Tonbridge - Union Pale4.70Not Tried
Vale of Glamorgan (VOG) - Copper Bitter3.90Not Tried
19 Jul 2016 (ChrisE)
Afternoon visit with just one other customer when we arrived. This place has changed a lot since my last visit with an array of tall Brew Dog fonts on the bar at one end and a few handpumps at the other.
Tonbridge - Rustic4.00Good

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About The Chapel

The pub sign. The Chapel, Broadstairs, Kent

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The pub is found in Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 1LX.

Formerly the Albion bookshop this is now converted to a pub. From the same stable as The Lifeboat in Margate. Real ales from handpump. When first opened this was served from gravity behind a trestle table bar by the stepped entrance but this was subsequently converted to an L-shaped rough plywood bar counter. In 2016 cask ale dispense was converted to handpumps. At the time of opening the venue remained a bookshop too with all books marked for sale. Drinking on several levels including a staircase up to the balcony. Now has 8 handpumps and large array of keg taps on a more formal fixed bar counter.

We have visited this pub 30 times, seen 51 different beers and tried 31 of them.

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Postcode: CT10 1LX