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This Ancient Boro' (Freehouse)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Wantsum - 1000th BrewExcellent1
Manning Brewers (Born of Man) - Woah ManExcellent1
Tonbridge - Velvet RavenExcellent1
Hopdaemon - Green DaemonExcellent1
Wensleydale - Coverdale GamekeeperExcellent1
White Rose (Sheffield) - Original BlondeExcellent1
Tonbridge - CountrymanExcellent1
Whitstable - Native BitterExcellent1
Blue Anchor - Spingo MiddleGood2
Rother Valley - Janus PaleGood1
Cross Bay - Hope & GloryGood1
Summerskills - Devon FrostGood1
Rother Valley - Ruby WheatGood1
Adnams - Ghost ShipGood1
Summerskills - StoutAcceptable1
Pennine Brewing (Bedale) - Real BlondeNot Tried0
Keppels - Home to RoostNot Tried0
Goacher's - 1066 Old AleNot Tried0
Canterbury Ales (sometimes badged as Canterbrew) - The Reeve's AleNot Tried0
Musket - Flintlock Best BitterNot Tried0
Rother Valley - NIPA (Northiam Imperial Pale Ale)Not Tried0
Range Ales - Golden ShotNot Tried0
Milestone - Eagle APANot Tried0
Iron Pier - Comet & Target Joined at the HopNot Tried0
Canterbury Ales (sometimes badged as Canterbrew) - Kentish BestNot Tried0
Hunter's - Devon DreamerNot Tried0
Wantsum - HengistNot Tried0
Goacher's - Fine Light AleNot Tried0
Tonbridge - Old ChestnutNot Tried0
Nethergate (was Nethergate Growler for a while then name reverted) - Umbel MagnaNot Tried0
Blue Anchor - Spingo MiddleNot Tried0
Canterbury Ales (sometimes badged as Canterbrew) - Merchants AleNot Tried0
Nethergate (was Nethergate Growler for a while then name reverted) - Umbel Ale (aka Special Coriander Ale)Not Tried0
Whitstable - Safe Anchorage MildNot Tried0
Vale of Glamorgan (VOG) - Paradigm ShiftNot Tried0
Hopdaemon - IncubusNot Tried0
Nethergate (was Nethergate Growler for a while then name reverted) - VentureNot Tried0
Old Dairy - Copper TopNot Tried0
Milestone - Cromwell Best BitterNot Tried0
Musket - Powder BurnNot Tried0
Milestone - CrusaderNot Tried0
Goacher's - Real Mild AleNot Tried0
Bays - Devon DumplingNot Tried0
Wantsum - Black PrinceNot Tried0
Wantsum - Turbulent PriestNot Tried0
Cross Bay - ZenithNot Tried0
Navigation - Swallow DiveNot Tried0
Island Brewery - Vectis VenomNot Tried0

Visits Details

02 May 2021 (Magnus Greel)
Early afternoon fairly busy however we took advantage of the one free table available. Great service and friendly banter with the licencees.
White Rose (Sheffield) - Original Blonde4.00ExcellentIn superb condition but not to my taste due to the intense honey flavour
Tonbridge - Countryman4.00Excellent
Wantsum - 1000th Brew10.00ExcellentNot too sickly sweet and syrupy as expected therefore dangerously drinkable.
Wantsum - Hengist5.00Not Tried
Tonbridge - Old Chestnut4.40Not Tried
Canterbury Ales (sometimes badged as Canterbrew) - Merchants Ale4.00Not Tried
22 Apr 2021 (ChrisE)
We did not think this pub would be open today but we passed it on the bus and to our delight it was definitely open so we alighted at the next stop and came here. We had a good chat with Ray and another friend of ours who just happened to arrive soon after us.
Tonbridge - Velvet Raven5.20Excellent
Canterbury Ales (sometimes badged as Canterbrew) - The Reeve's Ale4.10Not Tried
Rother Valley - NIPA (Northiam Imperial Pale Ale)5.00Not Tried
Milestone - Eagle APA4.00Not Tried
Canterbury Ales (sometimes badged as Canterbrew) - Kentish Best3.70Not Tried
24 Aug 2020 (Magnus Greel)
Friendly and welcoming and fairly busy with both drinkers and diners, we sat at the window seat by the bar and enjoyed some good banter with the guv while enjoying our beers.
Manning Brewers (Born of Man) - Woah Man3.80ExcellentVery pale dry hopped floral refreshing ale.
Cross Bay - Hope & Glory4.00GoodSmooth, refreshing pale ale with a caramel hint and a hoppy finish.
Wantsum - Black Prince3.90Not Tried
Cross Bay - Zenith5.00Not Tried
Island Brewery - Vectis Venom4.80Not Tried
Keppels - Home to Roost4.20Not Tried
06 Aug 2020 (ChrisE)
Afternoon visit and a good chat with Ray who is very pleased with the way that the Eat Out to Help Out scheme is bringing in customers on Mondays to Wednesdays. The pub is open and doing food on Mondays during August to take advantage of this scheme. I did not make a note of all the beers on offer.
Whitstable - Native Bitter3.70Excellent
17 Mar 2020 (Jack William)
Early doors on my way back from Eastbourne. The landlord was bemoaning the hit on trade this week due to the coronavirus - although a number of stalwart oldies trickled in while I was there. The Leap Day outing was mentioned affectionately. One more off my wish list - a very good pub.
Hopdaemon - Green Daemon5.00ExcellentFull bodied, could have had a small session on this.
Adnams - Ghost Ship4.50Good
Hopdaemon - Incubus4.00Not Tried
Old Dairy - Copper Top4.10Not Tried
Musket - Powder Burn5.00Not Tried
Goacher's - Real Mild Ale3.40Not Tried
29 Feb 2020 (ChrisE)
Our group filled this place, tables had been reserved for us and a splendid buffet luncheon was provided. A most enjoyable visit.
Blue Anchor - Spingo Middle5.00Good
29 Feb 2020 (Magnus Greel)
Lunchtime and busy, we had tables reserved here for a tapas lunch which was very good indeed.
Rother Valley - Janus Pale4.20GoodGrainy malty yet slightly acetic
Summerskills - Devon Frost4.50GoodHoppy almost Winter Lightning without the ABV kick
Goacher's - Fine Light Ale3.70Not Tried
Goacher's - 1066 Old Ale6.70Not Tried
Blue Anchor - Spingo Middle5.10Not Tried
Whitstable - Safe Anchorage Mild3.80Not Tried
Hunter's - Devon Dreamer4.10Not Tried
29 Feb 2020 (Philip Pirrip)
Early afternoon group visit with one of the best mainly hot buffets I have ever experienced. Surprisingly large range of ales all on gravity dispense with cooled jackets.
Blue Anchor - Spingo Middle5.00AcceptableChosen for our party by our leapling host. Alas I found it poured flat with little condition so a chore to drink
Goacher's - 1066 Old Ale6.70Not TriedPity not enough time to sample this
Adnams - Ghost Ship4.50Not TriedCame on towards end of stay
Musket - Flintlock Best Bitter4.20Not TriedRan out
Range Ales - Golden Shot3.70Not TriedRan out
Rother Valley - Janus Pale4.20Not Tried
Iron Pier - Comet & Target Joined at the Hop3.80Not TriedCame on during our stay
Hunter's - Devon Dreamer4.10Not Tried
Summerskills - Devon Frost4.50Not Tried
05 Feb 2020 (ChrisE)
Afternoon visit, I had a good chat with Ray about the plans to try and reopen the Swan at Wittersham. Ray also mentioned that he had recently managed to stock some Blue Anchor Spingo ales, unfortunately I was too late.
Wensleydale - Coverdale Gamekeeper4.30Excellent
Summerskills - Stout4.40AcceptableEnd of cask.
Milestone - Crusader4.40Not Tried
Bays - Devon Dumpling5.10Not Tried
Wantsum - Turbulent Priest4.40Not Tried
Navigation - Swallow Dive4.20Not Tried
Pennine Brewing (Bedale) - Real Blonde4.00Not Tried
09 Nov 2019 (Wittenden)
I only seem to come to this pub when I'm buying paint, as I am today.Noon on a gloomy Saturday,several in.
Rother Valley - Ruby Wheat4.60GoodListed as 4.4%abv today.Dark and grainy.No cloves , as I'd half expected,but background fruit.
Nethergate (was Nethergate Growler for a while then name reverted) - Umbel Magna5.00Not Tried
Nethergate (was Nethergate Growler for a while then name reverted) - Umbel Ale (aka Special Coriander Ale)3.80Not Tried
Vale of Glamorgan (VOG) - Paradigm Shift4.20Not Tried
Nethergate (was Nethergate Growler for a while then name reverted) - Venture3.70Not Tried
Milestone - Cromwell Best Bitter4.40Not Tried

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About the This Ancient Boro'

The pub sign. This Ancient Boro', Tenterden, Kent

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The pub is found in Tenterden, Kent, TN30 6AD.

Small pub situated in East Cross, Tenterden. In the 19th century it was known as the New Inn but later changed its name to This Ancient Boro', it was sold by Whitbread Fremlins in the late 1960s or early 1970s and became the Honeymoon Chinese Restaurant and traded as such for around 50 years. It reopened as a pub on 13 July 2018 and has a large selection of cask ales on gravity dispense from behind the bar using cooling jackets. A tapas menu was added later in summer 2018. Local CAMRA branch Pub of the Year 2020.

We have visited this pub 21 times, seen 103 different beers and tried 32 of them.

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Postcode: TN30 6AD