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Wantsum 1381

PubAddressLast Visit Seen
Hair of the DogMinster (Thanet), Kent31 May 2024
Claret & Ale (formerly Claret Free House)Addiscombe, Greater London08 Apr 2024
This Ancient Boro'Tenterden, Kent06 Jan 2024
Blakes of DoverDover, Kent15 Dec 2023
The Plume of FeathersGreenwich, Greater London10 Dec 2023
Wantsum Brewery (and Brewery Tap)St Nicholas-at-Wade, Kent24 Sep 2023
The CapitolForest Hill, Greater London03 Apr 2023
ParkervilleHerne Bay, Kent14 Jan 2023
The Tiger InnStowting, Kent21 Dec 2022
Petham PintPetham, Kent10 Nov 2022
The County MembersLympne, Kent22 May 2022
The County HotelAshford, Kent16 Sep 2020
The Hovelling Boat InnRamsgate, Kent17 Aug 2020
Bake & AlehouseWestgate-on-Sea, Kent12 Mar 2020
The Shepherd & CrookBurmarsh, Kent29 Feb 2020
Docker Bar (formerly Inn Doors)Sandgate, Kent29 Feb 2020
The Eight BellsDover, Kent21 Feb 2020
The Long PondEltham, Greater London01 Feb 2020
The River Ale HouseEast Greenwich, Greater London16 Oct 2019
The Ale BarNew Cross, Greater London13 Mar 2019
Royal Victoria PavilionRamsgate, Kent28 Jul 2018
The Leading LightFaversham, Kent18 Jul 2018
The HangarSidcup, Greater London18 Jun 2018
The Wrong TurnBarfrestone, Kent08 Mar 2018
The Broken DrumBlackfen, Greater London08 Aug 2017
The Gatekeeper (formerly The New Inn)Etchinghill, Kent11 Jan 2017
FezMargate, Kent24 Sep 2016
The Anchor InnWingham, Kent27 Feb 2016
The Tickled TroutWye, Kent24 Feb 2016
King's HeadCanterbury, Kent24 Jan 2016
The Goose (formerly The Sovereign)Ramsgate, Kent31 Oct 2015
The George & DragonFordwich, Kent05 Sep 2015
Rack of AleDover, Kent21 Aug 2015
Rising SunBeltinge, Kent02 Aug 2015
The John Wallis (formerly Man of Kent)Ashford, Kent25 Jun 2015
The Door HingeWelling, Greater London15 May 2015
The Black RobinKingston, Kent21 Feb 2015
The Compass AlehouseGravesend, Kent05 Nov 2014
The PhoenixCanterbury, Kent17 Oct 2014
The Conqueror AlehouseRamsgate, Kent31 Jan 2014
The ChambersFolkestone, Kent27 Nov 2013
The Society RoomsMaidstone, Kent15 Sep 2013
The Lifeboat Ale & Cider HouseMargate, Kent03 Aug 2013
The Sir Norman WisdomDeal, Kent01 Aug 2013
The Man of Kent Ale HouseRochester, Kent04 Jul 2013
Crabble Corn Mill Beer Festival 2013Dover, Kent24 May 2013
The Firkin AlehouseFolkestone, Kent30 Nov 2012
The ChapelBroadstairs, Kent04 Sep 2012
Halfway HouseBrenchley, Kent27 Aug 2012
Kent County Cricket Canterbury - CAMRA Beer TentCanterbury, Kent10 Aug 2012
The Peter CushingWhitstable, Kent21 Jul 2012
Six BellsWoodchurch, Kent18 Feb 2012
The Flower PotMaidstone, Kent06 Sep 2011
Kent Beer Festival 2011Canterbury, Kent21 Jul 2011
Black GriffinCanterbury, Kent23 Nov 2010
City ArmsCanterbury, Kent08 Oct 2010
East Malling Beer & Cider Festival 2010East Malling, Kent04 Sep 2010
The Lobster PotWest Malling, Kent28 Aug 2010
The Parrot (Young's)Canterbury, Kent10 Jul 2010
Lenham Working Mens ClubLenham, Kent22 May 2010
Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2010Margate, Kent02 Apr 2010

Tasting Summary

These comments are the opinion of the individual reviewer and represent what they thought of the beer on a particular day in a particular pub. If a review is less favourable, it may be because the beer suffered somewhere in the supply chain between them and the brewery.

Hair of the Dog, Minster (Thanet), Kent

DosserAcceptable31 May 2024 Quite ordinary with no distinct flavours.
Jack WilliamNot Tried07 Feb 2024

Claret & Ale (formerly Claret Free House), Addiscombe, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried08 Apr 2024
Philip PirripNot Tried05 Apr 2024
Philip PirripNot Tried15 Sep 2023

This Ancient Boro', Tenterden, Kent

AndrewNot Tried06 Jan 2024

Blakes of Dover, Dover, Kent

Jack WilliamGood15 Dec 2023 Badged as Blakes Bitter. Good session ale.

The Plume of Feathers, Greenwich, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried10 Dec 2023
Philip PirripNot Tried07 May 2023
Philip PirripNot Tried31 Jan 2023
Philip PirripNot Tried08 Oct 2021

Wantsum Brewery (and Brewery Tap), St Nicholas-at-Wade, Kent

Jack WilliamExcellent24 Sep 2023 Peasants’ Revolt? Not if they were drinking this. Superb.
Jack WilliamNot Tried30 Apr 2023

The Capitol, Forest Hill, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried03 Apr 2023

Parkerville, Herne Bay, Kent

GarethGood14 Jan 2023 A hoppy citrus session IPA
AndrewNot Tried23 Sep 2020

The Tiger Inn, Stowting, Kent

Jack WilliamExcellent21 Dec 2022

Petham Pint, Petham, Kent

Jack WilliamNot Tried10 Nov 2022
Jack WilliamNot Tried30 Apr 2022
Jack WilliamGood21 Dec 2021
Jack WilliamNot Tried09 Jul 2021
Jack WilliamGood14 May 2021 Date of the Peasants Revolt. Nice pint.
Jack WilliamExcellent07 May 2021 Fresh and tasty, sparklingly clear.

The County Members, Lympne, Kent

Magnus GreelExcellent22 May 2022 Just chilled enough for this tropical fruity fare with a spicy dry bitter kick
Jack WilliamGood11 May 2022

The County Hotel, Ashford, Kent

ChrisENot Tried16 Sep 2020

The Hovelling Boat Inn, Ramsgate, Kent

Magnus GreelNot Tried17 Aug 2020
Philip PirripExcellent28 Jun 2017 Fruity and hoppy as the tin might say, in fact tongue raspingly bitter

Bake & Alehouse, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent

Jack WilliamNot Tried12 Mar 2020
IanPoor31 May 2014 Earthy golden ale.
HSBExcellent26 Mar 2013
Philip PirripNot Tried12 Apr 2012

The Shepherd & Crook, Burmarsh, Kent

Philip PirripNot Tried29 Feb 2020
Magnus GreelGood29 Feb 2020 Delicate citrus notes with a herby aroma for this IPA style ale

Docker Bar (formerly Inn Doors), Sandgate, Kent

Philip PirripNot Tried29 Feb 2020

The Eight Bells, Dover, Kent

Jack WilliamGood21 Feb 2020
AndrewNot Tried04 Feb 2011
IanNot Tried27 Jan 2011

The Long Pond, Eltham, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried01 Feb 2020
Philip PirripNot Tried15 Nov 2019
Philip PirripNot Tried18 May 2019
Philip PirripNot Tried23 Feb 2019
Philip PirripNot Tried28 Sep 2018 New cask on then taken off as not right
Philip PirripNot Tried30 Jul 2018
Philip PirripNot Tried17 Apr 2018
Philip PirripNot Tried30 Jan 2018 New cask on during session
Philip PirripNot Tried12 Jan 2018 Ran out
Philip PirripNot Tried02 Mar 2016

The River Ale House, East Greenwich, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried16 Oct 2019
Philip PirripNot Tried08 Aug 2019
Philip PirripNot Tried10 Dec 2017

The Ale Bar, New Cross, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried13 Mar 2019
Philip PirripNot Tried21 Feb 2019

Royal Victoria Pavilion, Ramsgate, Kent

DosserGood28 Jul 2018 Nice and hoppy.

The Leading Light, Faversham, Kent

Philip PirripAcceptable18 Jul 2018 An odd floral or perfumed smell and taste. Added lemonade to knock it down with
ChrisEPoor13 Sep 2014 I did not finish this pint.
Stephen HarrisGood22 Apr 2012 Golden-coloured beer with a citrus and bitter hop character.

The Hangar, Sidcup, Greater London

Philip PirripAcceptable18 Jun 2018

The Wrong Turn, Barfrestone, Kent

Jack WilliamNot Tried08 Mar 2018
Jack WilliamNot Tried15 Feb 2018

The Broken Drum, Blackfen, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried08 Aug 2017

The Gatekeeper (formerly The New Inn), Etchinghill, Kent

Magnus GreelExcellent11 Jan 2017 Fruity golden ale with a hoppy and honey hit.

Fez, Margate, Kent

Philip PirripNot Tried24 Sep 2016

The Anchor Inn, Wingham, Kent

AndrewExcellent27 Feb 2016 Good condition. Light golden bitter. Reedy with rose notes. Nice. This nearly as good as Canterbury Ales Wife of Bath. Nearly :-)

The Tickled Trout, Wye, Kent

TrevorNot Tried24 Feb 2016
TrevorGood14 Dec 2015 Some citrus hints.
TrevorExcellent08 Sep 2015 Good condition with hints of citrus. A pleasant drink.

King's Head, Canterbury, Kent

Jack WilliamGood24 Jan 2016 A lovely, fresh citrus ale with a nice bite - made me long for Spring.

The Goose (formerly The Sovereign), Ramsgate, Kent

DosserNot Tried31 Oct 2015

The George & Dragon, Fordwich, Kent

Jack WilliamNot Tried05 Sep 2015

Rack of Ale, Dover, Kent

Jack WilliamGood21 Aug 2015

Rising Sun, Beltinge, Kent

DosserNot Tried02 Aug 2015 3 weak uns on

The John Wallis (formerly Man of Kent), Ashford, Kent

ChrisEAcceptable25 Jun 2015

The Door Hinge, Welling, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried15 May 2015
Philip PirripExcellent10 Jan 2015

The Black Robin, Kingston, Kent

MickNot Tried21 Feb 2015
MickGood13 Feb 2015 Excellent condition but not much taste
MickGood29 Jan 2015 Nice pale session bitter.
MickNot Tried18 Jan 2015
Jack WilliamExcellent16 Jan 2015 Lots of life, fresh and hoppy.

The Compass Alehouse, Gravesend, Kent

Philip PirripAcceptable05 Nov 2014 Rather metallic - seemed too fresh

The Phoenix, Canterbury, Kent

AndrewExcellent17 Oct 2014 Slightly fruity. Hint of perspex. Light body. Slightly tart. Very drinkable.
AlenomoreNot Tried15 Sep 2013
AndrewNot Tried07 Dec 2012
AndrewNot Tried06 Jan 2011
AndrewNot Tried29 Oct 2010
AndrewExcellent09 Sep 2010 Great condition. Bitter coffee, toasted peanuts, great stuff.
AndrewNot Tried02 Aug 2010
AndrewExcellent09 Jul 2010 Really very drinkable brown bitter.
AndrewNot Tried29 Jun 2010
AndrewGood09 Apr 2010 Not in fantastic condition but quite acceptable. Pale golden-brown colour with earthy citrus notes.
AndrewGood30 Oct 2009 Brown beer with earthy hop bite - quite pronounced bite on the finish

The Conqueror Alehouse, Ramsgate, Kent

Philip PirripGood31 Jan 2014

The Chambers, Folkestone, Kent

ChrisENot Tried27 Nov 2013
Philip PirripAcceptable08 Apr 2013
IanGood23 Oct 2012 Hoppy aroma good condition orange and tangerine fruit on the finish. Very pleasant.
Philip PirripExcellent04 Sep 2012 Grew on me as the pint emptied
AlenomoreNot Tried25 Aug 2012
ChrisEGood26 Jul 2012

The Society Rooms, Maidstone, Kent

AlenomoreNot Tried15 Sep 2013

The Lifeboat Ale & Cider House, Margate, Kent

John BNot Tried03 Aug 2013

The Sir Norman Wisdom, Deal, Kent

Philip PirripNot Tried01 Aug 2013

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester, Kent

Philip PirripNot Tried04 Jul 2013
ChrisEExcellent22 Mar 2012
PedroExcellent01 May 2010
AndrewNot Tried23 Jan 2010
BlairGood05 Dec 2009 Earthy, grassy flavour to this one. I liked it, pretty impressive from such a new brewer.

Crabble Corn Mill Beer Festival 2013, Dover, Kent

MickGood24 May 2013 Nice IPA, but lacking a good finish.

The Firkin Alehouse, Folkestone, Kent

IanAcceptable30 Nov 2012 Now I've had this beer when it's been excellent and had it when it's not been so good which has got nothing to do with whichever pub is serving it, it's to do with how it's been brewed. Sherberty perfumey hoppy beer. Bit too perfumed for me
Philip PirripAcceptable30 Nov 2012 Seemed tired

The Chapel, Broadstairs, Kent

IanNot Tried04 Sep 2012

Halfway House, Brenchley, Kent

oz11Not Tried27 Aug 2012

Kent County Cricket Canterbury - CAMRA Beer Tent, Canterbury, Kent

oz11Not Tried10 Aug 2012

The Peter Cushing, Whitstable, Kent

AlenomoreExcellent21 Jul 2012 Our chauffeur thought her sample was excellant.

Six Bells, Woodchurch, Kent

PedroExcellent18 Feb 2012 Really impressed
PedroNot Tried17 Feb 2012

The Flower Pot, Maidstone, Kent

DosserExcellent06 Sep 2011
PedroExcellent01 Sep 2011
DosserNot Tried31 Aug 2011
PedroNot Tried13 Feb 2011
AngieExceptional12 Feb 2011
PedroExcellent10 Feb 2011
AngieExceptional10 Jan 2011
PedroExcellent15 Dec 2010
PedroNot Tried14 Dec 2010
PedroExcellent12 Dec 2010
DosserExcellent02 Dec 2010
PedroExcellent06 May 2010

Kent Beer Festival 2011, Canterbury, Kent

MickGood21 Jul 2011 nice aroma, some citrus and good hop balance.

Black Griffin, Canterbury, Kent

AndrewExcellent23 Nov 2010 Initially I thought they'd put the wrong barrel on and this was actually Golden Braid. However, there was a toasted peanut bite on the finish that gave it away that this was indeed a Wantsum beer.

City Arms, Canterbury, Kent

AndrewExcellent08 Oct 2010 Brilliant. Light, lemony with a hint of toasty-roastiness.
pavorossiExcellent01 Oct 2010

East Malling Beer & Cider Festival 2010, East Malling, Kent

AlenomoreNot Tried04 Sep 2010

The Lobster Pot, West Malling, Kent

PedroExcellent28 Aug 2010
PedroNot Tried27 Aug 2010

The Parrot (Young's), Canterbury, Kent

AndrewGood10 Jul 2010 Rustic, cloudy, unsophisticated. Smells of medows, it of lemon grass, bit of nettles, touch of tarmac. A sorbet beer.
BrianNot Tried08 Jan 2010
BrianGood30 Oct 2009 Really good this. A bit hazy, mid brown with foamy lasting head. Nice earthy hop and a little floral citrus. Excellent session beer.

Lenham Working Mens Club, Lenham, Kent

AlenomoreExcellent22 May 2010
PedroExcellent21 May 2010

Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2010, Margate, Kent

AlenomoreExcellent02 Apr 2010 Another good offering from Kents other newish micro.

Wantsum 1381

3.80% ABV.

We have tried this beer 69 times.

We have given this beer an average score of Good to Excellent.

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