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Crabble Corn Mill Beer Festival 2013 (Beer Festival)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Larkins - TraditionalExceptional1
Kent - MauriExceptional1
Nelson - Admiral IPAExcellent1
Hopdaemon - Green DaemonExcellent1
Old Dairy - Red TopGood1
Wantsum - Black PrinceGood1
Dartford Wobbler (re-named from Millis) - Kentish GoldGood1
Goacher's - Gold StarGood1
Old Dairy - Soft TopGood1
Whitstable - Oyster StoutGood1
Whitstable - Galaxy HopGood1
Wantsum - 1381Good1
Goacher's - Real Mild AleNot Tried0
Goacher's - Fine Light AleNot Tried0
Shepherd Neame - Master Brew BitterNot Tried0
Goacher's - Crown Imperial StoutNot Tried0
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - No. 7Not Tried0
Shepherd Neame - Spitfire (or Spitfire Amber Ale)Not Tried0
Shepherd Neame - Bishops FingerNot Tried0
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - No. 3Not Tried0
Whitstable - East India Pale Ale (or EIPA)Not Tried0
Larkins - Best BitterNot Tried0
Westerham - Summer PerleNot Tried0
Nelson - Friggin in the RigginNot Tried0
Dartford Wobbler (re-named from Millis) - Dartford WobblerNot Tried0
Dartford Wobbler (re-named from Millis) - Gravesend GuzzlerNot Tried0
Whitstable - Native BitterNot Tried0
Westerham - Finchcocks OriginalNot Tried0
Whitstable - Pearl of KentNot Tried0
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - She Sells Sea ShellsNot Tried0
Westerham - British Bulldog GoldNot Tried0
Westerham - Single Hop ChallengerNot Tried0
Nelson - Mutineer's RevengeNot Tried0
Old Dairy - Gold TopNot Tried0
Farriers Arms - 1606Not Tried0
Nelson - HelmsmanNot Tried0
Kent - KGBNot Tried0
Old Dairy - Spring TopNot Tried0
Kent - PaleNot Tried0
Kent - ZingiberNot Tried0
Ripple Steam - Original Best BitterNot Tried0
Wantsum - Yellow TailNot Tried0
Ripple Steam - Classic IPANot Tried0
Tír Dhá Ghlas - Jimmy's RiddleNot Tried0
Hopdaemon - Skrimshander IPANot Tried0
Wantsum - Red RaddleNot Tried0
Tír Dhá Ghlas - Pigs Ear (a.k.a. Pigs Ear Summer Ale)Not Tried0
Kent - Brewers ReserveNot Tried0
Ripple Steam - Black IPANot Tried0
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - Old School MildNot Tried0

Visits Details

24 May 2013 (Mick)
Another well run festival at this picturesque site. All the beers from Kent brewers. Why go any where else?
Larkins - Traditional3.40ExceptionalLovely full bodied bitter, tastes more than a 3.4. Bob still making super beers.
Kent - Mauri4.50ExceptionalStunning, beer of the festival for me. Crisp and clean with outstanding NZ hops.
Hopdaemon - Green Daemon5.00ExcellentNice, fruity with a clean finish.
Nelson - Admiral IPA4.00ExcellentNice, good citrus flavours and a good finish.
Goacher's - Gold Star5.10GoodVery nice pale ale, doesn't drink like a 5.1%.
Whitstable - Oyster Stout4.50GoodNice< good roast and coffee.
Wantsum - 13813.80GoodNice IPA, but lacking a good finish.
Old Dairy - Red Top3.80Goodrich malt and biscuit with a good hop balance.
Wantsum - Black Prince3.90GoodNice mild, very smooth.
Dartford Wobbler (re-named from Millis) - Kentish Gold4.60GoodFull malt with a good hop balance.
Old Dairy - Soft Top3.50GoodNice average mild.
Whitstable - Galaxy Hop4.40GoodNice pale bitter with good citrus notes.
Goacher's - Real Mild Ale3.40Not Tried
Goacher's - Fine Light Ale3.70Not Tried
Shepherd Neame - Master Brew Bitter3.70Not Tried
Goacher's - Crown Imperial Stout4.50Not Tried
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - No. 73.80Not Tried
Shepherd Neame - Spitfire (or Spitfire Amber Ale)4.20Not Tried
Shepherd Neame - Bishops Finger5.00Not Tried
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - No. 35.00Not Tried
Whitstable - East India Pale Ale (or EIPA)4.10Not Tried
Larkins - Best Bitter4.40Not Tried
Westerham - Summer Perle3.80Not Tried
Nelson - Friggin in the Riggin4.70Not Tried
Dartford Wobbler (re-named from Millis) - Dartford Wobbler4.30Not Tried
Dartford Wobbler (re-named from Millis) - Gravesend Guzzler3.70Not Tried
Whitstable - Native Bitter3.70Not Tried
Westerham - Finchcocks Original3.50Not Tried
Whitstable - Pearl of Kent4.50Not Tried
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - She Sells Sea Shells4.70Not Tried
Westerham - British Bulldog Gold4.30Not Tried
Westerham - Single Hop Challenger4.00Not Tried
Nelson - Mutineer's Revenge5.00Not Tried
Old Dairy - Gold Top4.30Not Tried
Farriers Arms - 16063.70Not Tried
Nelson - Helmsman3.50Not Tried
Kent - KGB4.10Not Tried
Old Dairy - Spring Top4.00Not Tried
Kent - Pale4.00Not Tried
Kent - Zingiber4.10Not Tried
Ripple Steam - Original Best Bitter4.10Not Tried
Wantsum - Yellow Tail4.50Not Tried
Ripple Steam - Classic IPA4.50Not Tried
Tír Dhá Ghlas - Jimmy's Riddle4.00Not Tried
Hopdaemon - Skrimshander IPA4.50Not Tried
Wantsum - Red Raddle5.00Not Tried
Tír Dhá Ghlas - Pigs Ear (a.k.a. Pigs Ear Summer Ale)3.70Not Tried
Kent - Brewers Reserve5.00Not Tried
Ripple Steam - Black IPA5.80Not Tried
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - Old School Mild4.00Not Tried

About the Crabble Corn Mill Beer Festival 2013

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The Beer Festival is found in Dover, Kent, CT17 0UY.

Another Beer Festival held in this historic mill. Over 50 beers from Kent breweries.

We have visited this Beer Festival once, seen 50 different beers and tried 12 of them.

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Postcode: CT17 0UY