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Ripple Steam Original Best Bitter

PubAddressLast Visit Seen
White Cliffs HotelSt Margaret's at Cliffe, Kent05 Jan 2019
The Broken DrumBlackfen, Greater London03 Sep 2018
The Freed ManWalmer, Kent19 Sep 2017
The Scottish StoresPentonville, Central London31 Aug 2017
The Tyler's KilnTyler Hill, Kent27 Jun 2017
The George & DragonFordwich, Kent10 May 2017
The BohemianDeal, Kent26 Nov 2016
The UnicornCanterbury, Kent21 Oct 2016
The Dog InnWingham, Kent27 Feb 2016
The Bowl InnHastingleigh, Kent14 Feb 2016
Bell & CrownCanterbury, Kent05 Dec 2015
The New InnCanterbury, Kent04 Dec 2015
Tan Bueno (formerly The Hop and Huffkin)Sandwich, Kent11 Sep 2015
The Red CowSandwich, Kent11 Sep 2015
The Plough InnRipple, Kent14 Aug 2015
Five BellsRingwould, Kent14 Aug 2015
The Long PondEltham, Greater London11 Aug 2015
The ArlingtonDover, Kent05 Jun 2015
The Dog House Pub (formerly The Dog House & Vinyl Micropub)Smeeth, Kent13 May 2015
Hercules PillarsCovent Garden, Central London10 Apr 2015
King Ethelbert InnReculver, Kent14 Mar 2015
Royal Cinque Ports Yacht ClubDover, Kent07 Mar 2015
Rack of AleDover, Kent06 Feb 2015
The Just ReproachDeal, Kent10 Jan 2015
The Firkin FrogHerne Bay, Kent23 Oct 2014
Hotel De VilleRamsgate, Kent09 Oct 2014
The Black RobinKingston, Kent30 Sep 2014
Pharos Beer Festival 2014Dover, Kent05 Sep 2014
One Inn The WoodPetts Wood, Greater London30 Aug 2014
Elephant & Hind (formerly The Burger Bros Bar & Grill as well as The Port of Call)Dover, Kent16 Jul 2014
Sawyers (formerly Barbers Arms)Wye, Kent05 Jun 2014
Two SawyersCanterbury, Kent31 May 2014
The Black DogWhitstable, Kent08 Mar 2014
Pier ThreeDover, Kent22 Nov 2013
The Flower PotMaidstone, Kent21 Nov 2013
Ye Olde Thirsty PigMaidstone, Kent15 Nov 2013
The Lifeboat Ale & Cider HouseMargate, Kent29 Oct 2013
The Crown InnFinglesham, Kent06 Oct 2013
The Bouncing BarrelHerne Bay, Kent08 Aug 2013
Five Bells InnBrabourne, Kent25 Jun 2013
5th K&ES Railway Beer Festival 2013Tenterden, Kent15 Jun 2013
Crabble Corn Mill Beer Festival 2013Dover, Kent24 May 2013
Catford Bridge TavernCatford, Greater London16 May 2013
The Wheel AlehouseBirchington-on-Sea, Kent03 Apr 2013
East Cliff TavernFolkestone, Kent24 Dec 2012
Leas Lift Beer FestivalFolkestone, Kent29 Jul 2012
London TavernAttleborough, Norfolk13 Jul 2012
The HaywainBramling, Kent02 Jun 2012
Two SawyersWoolage Green, Kent25 May 2012
The Conqueror AlehouseRamsgate, Kent29 Apr 2012
Ripple Steam BreweryRipple, Kent28 Apr 2012
The Butchers ArmsHerne, Kent27 Mar 2012
Leyton Orient Supporters ClubLeyton, Greater London01 Mar 2012

Tasting Summary

These comments are the opinion of the individual reviewer and represent what they thought of the beer on a particular day in a particular pub. If a review is less favourable, it may be because the beer suffered somewhere in the supply chain between them and the brewery.

White Cliffs Hotel, St Margaret's at Cliffe, Kent

ChrisENot Tried05 Jan 2019

The Broken Drum, Blackfen, Greater London

Philip PirripAcceptable03 Sep 2018 Nearing wend of cask, flat
Philip PirripExcellent27 Aug 2018
Philip PirripAcceptable25 Oct 2017 OK no more
Philip PirripNot Tried03 May 2017
Philip PirripNot Tried30 Jun 2016

The Freed Man, Walmer, Kent

ChrisENot Tried19 Sep 2017
ChrisENot Tried28 Jan 2016

The Scottish Stores, Pentonville, Central London

ChrisEExcellent31 Aug 2017
Jack WilliamNot Tried25 Apr 2017
ChrisENot Tried11 Jun 2016
Stephen HarrisNot Tried23 Mar 2016
ChrisENot Tried14 Mar 2016
Philip PirripNot Tried09 Mar 2016
HSBNot Tried29 Feb 2016
Jack WilliamNot Tried29 Feb 2016
HSBNot Tried25 Feb 2016
Stephen HarrisNot Tried29 Dec 2015

The Tyler's Kiln, Tyler Hill, Kent

Jack WilliamGood27 Jun 2017

The George & Dragon, Fordwich, Kent

Jack WilliamAcceptable10 May 2017 So called "happy hour" with 50p off a pint. Just the £3.50 then. Clear with a good head but tasted past its best.
Jack WilliamNot Tried10 Feb 2017

The Bohemian, Deal, Kent

AndrewNot Tried26 Nov 2016
Vacuous Not Tried29 Nov 2014
Stephen HarrisGood14 Sep 2014 A good Best Bitter. Brown, with solid malt and nice, peppery, English hop tastes coming through. In great condition.

The Unicorn, Canterbury, Kent

Magnus GreelNot Tried21 Oct 2016
Magnus GreelExcellent21 Oct 2016 Full bodied bitter hit.

The Dog Inn, Wingham, Kent

AndrewNot Tried27 Feb 2016

The Bowl Inn, Hastingleigh, Kent

MickNot Tried14 Feb 2016

Bell & Crown, Canterbury, Kent

Jack WilliamNot Tried05 Dec 2015

The New Inn, Canterbury, Kent

AndrewNot Tried04 Dec 2015

Tan Bueno (formerly The Hop and Huffkin), Sandwich, Kent

MickGood11 Sep 2015 Nice copper traditional bitter.

The Red Cow, Sandwich, Kent

MickNot Tried11 Sep 2015

The Plough Inn, Ripple, Kent

Jack WilliamGood14 Aug 2015 Travels well - about 900 metres from the brewery I believe.
Vacuous Not Tried14 Feb 2015
Vacuous Not Tried27 Nov 2014

Five Bells, Ringwould, Kent

Jack WilliamUndrinkable14 Aug 2015 One pint cloudy - the second was worse.

The Long Pond, Eltham, Greater London

Philip PirripGood11 Aug 2015

The Arlington, Dover, Kent

Jack WilliamNot Tried05 Jun 2015
Jack WilliamNot Tried19 Feb 2015
ChrisEAcceptable19 Dec 2014 Taken off sale.
Jack WilliamNot Tried19 Dec 2014
Jack WilliamGood12 Dec 2014 Fine - but tasted rather thin after the other 2 ales on offer.
ChrisEGood17 Sep 2014
Philip PirripGood06 Sep 2014

The Dog House Pub (formerly The Dog House & Vinyl Micropub), Smeeth, Kent

ChrisEGood13 May 2015
ChrisEGood22 Sep 2014 The very last two pints in the cask, very acceptable ale but unfortunately no more for at least a couple of days.

Hercules Pillars, Covent Garden, Central London

Stephen HarrisNot Tried10 Apr 2015

King Ethelbert Inn, Reculver, Kent

AndrewExcellent14 Mar 2015 Excellent condition. Nutty brown bitter

Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club, Dover, Kent

ChrisENot Tried07 Mar 2015
Jack WilliamNot Tried06 Mar 2015

Rack of Ale, Dover, Kent

Philip PirripNot Tried06 Feb 2015
Philip PirripNot Tried17 Dec 2014
Philip PirripGood09 Dec 2014 Quite a sharp bitterness
BrianNot Tried22 Oct 2014
ChrisENot Tried21 Oct 2014
Philip PirripNot Tried06 Sep 2014
Philip PirripGood27 Aug 2014
Philip PirripGood03 Jun 2014
AndrewGood07 Feb 2014 Excelleny condition. Brown malty bitter.
IanNot Tried31 Oct 2013
Jack WilliamExcellent18 Oct 2013 Full of effervescent flavour - award winner and I'm not surprised.
Philip PirripNot Tried17 Oct 2013

The Just Reproach, Deal, Kent

Jack WilliamNot Tried10 Jan 2015
Philip PirripGood05 Aug 2014
Philip PirripNot Tried01 Aug 2013
Philip PirripGood11 Dec 2012 A tad flat and apple tasting towards bottom of glass
MickGood05 Sep 2012 Nice pint of this amber bitter, as before I still get a celery taste, weird.

The Firkin Frog, Herne Bay, Kent

Philip PirripNot Tried23 Oct 2014

Hotel De Ville, Ramsgate, Kent

Philip PirripPoor09 Oct 2014 Flat. Drank up quickly and went

The Black Robin, Kingston, Kent

MickExcellent30 Sep 2014 Dark session bitter, strong malt with background hops
MickNot Tried24 Sep 2014
MickExcellent21 Sep 2014 Good malt. Full bodied and well balanced hops.
MickExcellent28 Jul 2012 I like this beer, a distinctive taste, full bodied and well balanced

Pharos Beer Festival 2014, Dover, Kent

BrianNot Tried05 Sep 2014

One Inn The Wood, Petts Wood, Greater London

oz11Excellent30 Aug 2014
oz11Good17 Jun 2014

Elephant & Hind (formerly The Burger Bros Bar & Grill as well as The Port of Call), Dover, Kent

ChrisENot Tried16 Jul 2014

Sawyers (formerly Barbers Arms), Wye, Kent

Philip PirripAcceptable05 Jun 2014 Flat, no condition, chore to drink
HSBNot Tried05 Jun 2014
ChrisENot Tried05 Jun 2014

Two Sawyers, Canterbury, Kent

Jack WilliamNot Tried31 May 2014

The Black Dog, Whitstable, Kent

Archie14Excellent08 Mar 2014 Good honest best bitter
AndrewNot Tried08 Mar 2014

Pier Three, Dover, Kent

Philip PirripPoor22 Nov 2013 Towards end of cask which was on the counter top on gravity dispense

The Flower Pot, Maidstone, Kent

DosserNot Tried21 Nov 2013

Ye Olde Thirsty Pig, Maidstone, Kent

TobesNot Tried15 Nov 2013

The Lifeboat Ale & Cider House, Margate, Kent

IanNot Tried29 Oct 2013

The Crown Inn, Finglesham, Kent

AndrewAcceptable06 Oct 2013 Touch flat. Reedy malt with a hint of leafy bitterness

The Bouncing Barrel, Herne Bay, Kent

HSBNot Tried08 Aug 2013

Five Bells Inn, Brabourne, Kent

WittendenGood25 Jun 2013 Well balanced saloon bar stalwart. A new brewery for me.

5th K&ES Railway Beer Festival 2013, Tenterden, Kent

oz11Good15 Jun 2013

Crabble Corn Mill Beer Festival 2013, Dover, Kent

MickNot Tried24 May 2013

Catford Bridge Tavern, Catford, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried16 May 2013

The Wheel Alehouse, Birchington-on-Sea, Kent

Philip PirripNot Tried03 Apr 2013

East Cliff Tavern, Folkestone, Kent

ChrisEGood24 Dec 2012

Leas Lift Beer Festival, Folkestone, Kent

AlenomoreExcellent29 Jul 2012 Good condition.

London Tavern, Attleborough, Norfolk

HSBExcellent13 Jul 2012

The Haywain, Bramling, Kent

AndrewNot Tried02 Jun 2012

Two Sawyers, Woolage Green, Kent

MickNot Tried25 May 2012

The Conqueror Alehouse, Ramsgate, Kent

PedroNot Tried29 Apr 2012 is this the Steam best? £2-60/pint

Ripple Steam Brewery, Ripple, Kent

MickExceptional28 Apr 2012 Very nice, although I believe the ABV was 4.1%. Perfect balance of hop and malt with a super finish.

The Butchers Arms, Herne, Kent

MickNot Tried27 Mar 2012
MickGood28 Jan 2012 A new brewery, Ripple near Dover. A nice pint, not outstanding but a good session bitter, perhaps it needs a bit more body but has a good hop malt balance.

Leyton Orient Supporters Club, Leyton, Greater London

Stephen HarrisGood01 Mar 2012 Decent, malty, best bitter.

Ripple Steam Original Best Bitter

4.10% ABV.

We have tried this beer 45 times.

We have given this beer an average score of Good to Excellent.

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