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Five Bells Inn (Freehouse)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Goacher's - Best Dark Ale (aka Original)Exceptional2
Tonbridge - CoppernobExcellent1
Dark Star - Hophead (some, if not most, also brewed by Fuller's)Excellent1
Goacher's - Silver StarExcellent1
Goody Ales - Bleangate Brewery - GenesisExcellent1
Goacher's - Crown Imperial StoutExcellent6
Hopdaemon - Golden BraidExcellent1
Goacher's - Gold StarExcellent1
Tonbridge - RusticExcellent1
Kent - CobnutExcellent1
Kent - KGBGood2
Kent - Session PaleGood1
Harvey's - Sussex Best BitterGood1
Springhead - The Bees Knees (superseded by 3.9% version)Good1
Ripple Steam - Original Best BitterGood1
Kent - Spring WheatGood1
Greene King - IPANot Tried0
Fuller's - London PrideNot Tried0
Loddon - Gravesend Shrimpers BitterNot Tried0
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - Rye Pale AleNot Tried0
First In Last Out (FILO) - Crofters Best BitterNot Tried0
First In Last Out (FILO) - Old Town TomNot Tried0
Tonbridge - Hookers Hooch (house beer)Not Tried0
Picture 1. Five Bells Inn, Brabourne, Kent
Picture 2. Five Bells Inn, Brabourne, Kent
Picture 3. Five Bells Inn, Brabourne, Kent

Visits Details

01 Jan 2017 (Wittenden)
Busy on a murky New Years Day afternoon.We came for lunch, and I enjoyed the revitalising effect of Goacher's Crown Imperial Stout.
Goacher's - Crown Imperial Stout4.50ExceptionalPretty well perfect.Gentle roast chocolate.Bible black.
First In Last Out (FILO) - Crofters Best Bitter3.80Not Tried
First In Last Out (FILO) - Old Town Tom4.50Not Tried
Tonbridge - Hookers Hooch (house beer)4.00Not Tried
20 May 2014 (Wittenden)
Music night: a warm evening, we sat by the embers of the open fire,enjoying some proper food and debated the attractions of Canada.
Kent - Cobnut4.10ExcellentDark and dry.Autumnal.More approachable than other Kent Brewery beers that I've tried.
Tonbridge - Coppernob3.80ExcellentOld school:the sort of beer I wish I'd grown up with.
Goacher's - Crown Imperial Stout4.50Not Tried
Loddon - Gravesend Shrimpers Bitter4.10Not Tried
12 Apr 2014 (Andrew)
We came for lunch. Well, I came for the beer. This is a local produce pub and that covered the beers too. The pub got busy quickly. Friendly place with good beer.
Hopdaemon - Golden Braid3.70ExcellentExcellent condition. Drying. Astringent. Tangy. Lemon & lime bite.
Goacher's - Crown Imperial Stout4.50ExcellentAh Goachers. Oily. Roasted with hints of milk chocolate
Tonbridge - Rustic4.00ExcellentGood condition. Grapefruit with red fruit flavours. Brown.
Loddon - Gravesend Shrimpers Bitter4.10Not Tried
Kent - Cobnut4.10Not Tried
12 Oct 2013 (Dosser)
Expensive pub packed with diners enjoying their posh nosh and not noticing the high prices
Goacher's - Crown Imperial Stout4.50Excellent£3.80 or £3.90 a pint if you got a different person to serve you.The beer was given a different name to confuse but it was definetly Goachers.
12 Oct 2013 (ChrisE)
The lack of public transport means that I rarely get the chance to visit this pub. It is very much food orientated, and the food looked good, as were the beers that I tried.
Goacher's - Best Dark Ale (aka Original)4.10Excellent
Goacher's - Crown Imperial Stout4.50ExcellentBadged as a house beer.
Loddon - Gravesend Shrimpers Bitter4.10Not Tried
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - Rye Pale Ale4.00Not Tried
10 Sep 2013 (Wittenden)
A pre-return to uni family meal. We sat behind the glowing fire on a busy September evening , reminiscing about chinchillas, amongst other topics, entertained by a good singer.
Goacher's - Best Dark Ale (aka Original)4.10ExceptionalLuscious and chocolately:this beer hasn't altered since the 80s, when I enjoyed it at the Smarden Bell. Prime.
Dark Star - Hophead (some, if not most, also brewed by Fuller's)3.80ExcellentPretty much the ideal pale 'n' hoppy. Lot of flavour from comparatively modest ABV.
Goacher's - Silver Star4.20ExcellentStone fruit, long hop finish. Slightly sweet after the Dark.
Goacher's - Crown Imperial Stout4.50Not Tried
Loddon - Gravesend Shrimpers Bitter4.10Not TriedHad a taste of our son's. Looked and tasted dark brown.
25 Jun 2013 (Wittenden)
Busy on a sunny June evening. A couple of good musicians, good beer and food. If this isn't my favouritest pub in all the world it's a damn close thing.
Goacher's - Gold Star5.10ExcellentPale, hoppy in an English, amiable manner: I like it.
Ripple Steam - Original Best Bitter4.10GoodWell balanced saloon bar stalwart. A new brewery for me.
Kent - KGB4.10AcceptableTowards the end of the barrel. More malty than hoppy tonight. I try to love this brewery, but perhaps it's not for me!
Goacher's - Crown Imperial Stout4.50Not TriedWent off as I ordered it.
Loddon - Gravesend Shrimpers Bitter4.10Not Tried
17 Feb 2013 (Wittenden)
Sunday afternoon on a bright February day.The pub was busy with diners: a few walkers and drinkers came in with their dogs as the session progressed. Grand pub.
Goacher's - Crown Imperial Stout4.50ExcellentA classic black dry toasty roasty stout. The ladies enjoyed their lattes, I reveled in this.
Kent - KGB4.10ExcellentPlenty of hops, but more balanced.Touch of farmyard. Perhaps the first beer from this brewery that I've really enjoyed.
Goody Ales - Bleangate Brewery - Genesis3.50ExcellentDeep ruby, plenty of hops and flavour for the ABV. Less sweet than the other beers I've tried from the Blean. Down to earth.Grand.
Kent - Session Pale3.70GoodPale 'n' hoppy, fruity,fairly aggressively citric.
19 May 2012 (Wittenden)
Good buzz of activity on a warm May Saturday lunchtime. Groups of diners enjoying life.Captain Cook and Anchor Butter cropped up in conversation. Excellent pub.
Goacher's - Crown Imperial Stout4.50ExceptionalA pub that has a stout as its House Beer! Understand that the Brabourne Velvet Stout is Goacher's Crown Imperial.Anyway, this is fine:dark, bitter chocolate and a deep earthiness. Pretty near ideal.
Springhead - The Bees Knees (superseded by 3.9% version)4.20GoodHad a taste of my son's pint. A honey beer:in good condition , but not really to either of our tastes.
Kent - Spring Wheat4.80GoodSeemed to lack the cloves that I associate with wheat beer. I still have not found a beer from Kent Brewery that I really enthuse over. I'll carry on looking, though!
Hopdaemon - Golden Braid3.70Not TriedComing next.Frustrating, as I love this beer.
Loddon - Gravesend Shrimpers Bitter4.10Not Tried
12 Dec 2007 (Trevor)
Went for a Christmas lunch special so the place was busy.
Harvey's - Sussex Best Bitter4.00GoodClear slightly sharp but pleasant
Greene King - IPA3.60Not Tried
Fuller's - London Pride4.10Not Tried

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