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Goacher's Crown Imperial Stout

PubAddressLast Visit Seen
The Pub Herne BayHerne Bay, Kent26 Mar 2024
Rifle VolunteersMaidstone, Kent29 Feb 2024
The Hoptimist Taproom & BarDover, Kent21 Feb 2024
Larkins' AlehouseCranbrook, Kent17 Feb 2024
The River Ale HouseEast Greenwich, Greater London26 Nov 2023
Red LionSnargate, Kent01 Dec 2022
ParkervilleHerne Bay, Kent26 Oct 2022
The Little GemAylesford, Kent03 Jan 2022
Furlongs Ale HouseFaversham, Kent02 Feb 2020
The Man of Kent Ale HouseRochester, Kent27 May 2019
The LanesDover, Kent11 May 2019
The Long PondEltham, Greater London12 Apr 2019
The Compass AlehouseGravesend, Kent30 Sep 2017
Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2017Margate, Kent14 Apr 2017
The Firkin FrogHerne Bay, Kent27 Jan 2017
Five Bells InnBrabourne, Kent01 Jan 2017
The White SwanCharlton, Greater London26 Dec 2016
Leyton Orient Supporters ClubLeyton, Greater London13 Feb 2016
London TavernMargate, Kent07 Feb 2016
The Three MarinersHythe, Kent20 Nov 2014
The Black LionLynsted, Kent11 Nov 2014
The Paper MillSittingbourne, Kent25 Jan 2014
Crabble Corn Mill Beer Festival 2013Dover, Kent24 May 2013
The Lifeboat Ale & Cider HouseMargate, Kent29 Mar 2013
The Royal Paper MillMaidstone, Kent02 Feb 2013
The WindmillSevenoaks Weald, Kent13 Jan 2013
The Firkin AlehouseFolkestone, Kent24 Dec 2012
Louis ArmstrongDover, Kent15 Nov 2012
Halfway HouseBrenchley, Kent27 Aug 2012
Crabble Corn Mill Beer Festival 2012Dover, Kent01 Jun 2012
Six BellsWoodchurch, Kent18 Feb 2011
Crabble Corn Mill Beer Festival 2009Dover, Kent22 May 2009
Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2009Margate, Kent10 Apr 2009
Shipwrights ArmsFaversham, Kent15 Feb 2009
Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2008Margate, Kent21 Mar 2008
Crabble Corn Mill Beer Festival 2007Dover, Kent26 May 2007
The Woolpack InnWarehorne, Kent23 Dec 2006
Blakes of DoverDover, Kent27 Oct 2006
The Lobster PotWest Malling, Kent27 Aug 2005

Tasting Summary

These comments are the opinion of the individual reviewer and represent what they thought of the beer on a particular day in a particular pub. If a review is less favourable, it may be because the beer suffered somewhere in the supply chain between them and the brewery.

The Pub Herne Bay, Herne Bay, Kent

AndrewExceptional26 Mar 2024 Been on for three days. Really really good. Roasted, creamy, smooth, well balanced.
AndrewExcellent09 Mar 2024 Very nice.

Rifle Volunteers, Maidstone, Kent

Magnus GreelExcellent29 Feb 2024
Magnus GreelExceptional01 Mar 2023 Ditto my Fine Light entry..
AndrewExceptional02 Dec 2022 In cracking form.
Magnus GreelExcellent24 Nov 2022 A feast of a liquidised Sunday roast beef dinner.
ChrisENot Tried01 Apr 2022
ChrisEExcellent11 Feb 2022
ChrisEExcellent28 Dec 2021
ChrisEExcellent23 Dec 2021
ChrisEExcellent25 Nov 2021
ChrisENot Tried13 Apr 2021
ChrisEGood17 Feb 2020
ChrisEExcellent01 Feb 2020 In fantastic condition.
ChrisENot Tried03 Jan 2020
ChrisEExcellent31 Dec 2019
ChrisENot Tried19 Dec 2019
ChrisEExcellent17 Nov 2019
ChrisEExcellent10 May 2019
ChrisEExcellent04 Jan 2019
ChrisEExcellent31 Dec 2018
ChrisEExcellent05 Dec 2018
ChrisENot Tried07 May 2018
ChrisENot Tried30 Apr 2018
ChrisENot Tried20 Apr 2018
ChrisEExcellent24 Mar 2018
ChrisENot Tried22 Mar 2018
ChrisEExcellent03 Mar 2018
Magnus GreelNot Tried12 Jan 2018
ChrisENot Tried01 Nov 2017
ChrisEExcellent31 Oct 2017
ChrisEExceptional14 Jul 2017
Philip PirripGood17 Jun 2017
ChrisENot Tried03 Jun 2017
Joe GargeryExceptional06 May 2017 Best stout I have ever tasted - stunning
ChrisENot Tried28 Apr 2017
ChrisEExcellent12 Mar 2017
Magnus GreelExcellent07 Feb 2017
ChrisEExcellent31 Dec 2016
Magnus GreelExcellent31 Dec 2016
ChrisEExceptional18 Dec 2016 Absolutely top notch.
ChrisEExcellent14 Dec 2016
Magnus GreelExcellent25 Nov 2016 A swift half before departure, roasted coffee and Fuggles hops prevalent.
ChrisEExcellent09 Nov 2016 A good way to finish a day out, an excellent stout.
ChrisENot Tried10 Feb 2016
ChrisEGood17 Dec 2015
ChrisEExcellent09 Dec 2015 Brought up in a jug from the cellar tonight as only four handpumps in the pub.
ChrisENot Tried17 Nov 2015
TobesNot Tried16 May 2015
DosserExceptional04 May 2015 Superb as always
DosserExceptional12 Apr 2015 First class as always
ChrisEExcellent06 Apr 2015
DosserExceptional03 Apr 2015 Top quality
TobesGood07 Mar 2015
DosserExceptional07 Mar 2015
DosserGood27 Feb 2015 Ran out
DosserExceptional22 Feb 2015 Wonderful
ChrisENot Tried09 Feb 2015
ChrisENot Tried09 Feb 2015
ChrisENot Tried22 Jan 2015
DosserExcellent21 Jan 2015
ChrisENot Tried12 Jan 2015
ChrisENot Tried17 Nov 2014
ChrisENot Tried25 Oct 2014
ChrisENot Tried20 Sep 2014
ChrisENot Tried06 Sep 2014
ChrisENot Tried02 Aug 2014
ChrisENot Tried24 Jul 2014
Philip PirripNot Tried06 Jun 2014
ChrisEGood06 Jun 2014
DosserExceptional23 May 2014 Superb
DosserExcellent24 Mar 2014 In great nick. Alan not feeling himself.
ChrisENot Tried15 Jan 2014
ChrisENot Tried03 Jan 2014
ChrisENot Tried21 Dec 2013
DosserExceptional20 Dec 2013 Still a quality beer
Archie14Excellent16 Dec 2013 Fresh on
ChrisENot Tried14 Dec 2013
DosserExceptional13 Dec 2013 Unbelievably good. As good as if Alan poured it. First out of the cask. Well done Archie 14.
ChrisEExceptional11 Dec 2013 Superb
DosserExceptional01 Dec 2013 Best stout ive had for ages. Superb.
DosserExcellent25 Oct 2013
AlenomoreNot Tried29 Jun 2013
DosserGood22 Jun 2013 Last of the stout before it runs out for the summer. Will Alan have a replacement? Doubt it!
AlenomoreNot Tried15 Jun 2013
AlenomoreNot Tried08 Jun 2013
ChrisENot Tried05 Jun 2013
ChrisEGood23 May 2013
Philip PirripGood21 May 2013
DosserExcellent19 May 2013 In superb nick
Toby Not Tried03 May 2013
ChrisEExcellent30 Mar 2013
Stephen HarrisNot Tried23 Mar 2013
DosserExceptional17 Mar 2013 Superb
DosserExceptional03 Mar 2013 Top form tonight
PedroNot Tried26 Feb 2013
ChrisENot Tried16 Feb 2013
PedroNot Tried12 Feb 2013
PedroNot Tried05 Feb 2013
PedroExceptional22 Jan 2013
DosserGood20 Jan 2013 Very cold
PedroNot Tried10 Jan 2013
PedroExcellent04 Jan 2013
ChrisEExcellent31 Dec 2012 Superb, almost worth five stars.
AlenomoreExcellent31 Dec 2012 Fresh on with that oh-so-fresh maltiness.
PedroExceptional31 Dec 2012
AlenomoreExcellent29 Dec 2012 Top dog.
PedroExcellent25 Dec 2012
PedroNot Tried22 Dec 2012
DosserExceptional21 Dec 2012 Fresh on
PedroExceptional18 Dec 2012
PedroNot Tried16 Dec 2012
ChrisEGood16 Dec 2012
PedroNot Tried11 Dec 2012
AlenomoreNot Tried09 Dec 2012
PedroNot Tried08 Dec 2012
PedroNot Tried07 Dec 2012
PedroExceptional27 Nov 2012
PedroExcellent21 Nov 2012
PedroExcellent20 Nov 2012
PedroNot Tried13 Nov 2012
DosserExceptional11 Nov 2012 Fresh on
AlenomoreExcellent03 Nov 2012 Top form tonite.
PedroNot Tried24 Oct 2012
AlenomoreNot Tried21 Oct 2012
PedroNot Tried21 Oct 2012
AlenomoreExcellent19 Oct 2012 Again, spot on. And a Barley Wine to finish here at 23:00 in what was now an empty room.
AlenomoreNot Tried17 Oct 2012
PedroNot Tried16 Oct 2012 Ran out of time to try it
AlenomoreNot Tried14 Oct 2012
AlenomoreNot Tried14 Oct 2012
PedroNot Tried14 Oct 2012
AlenomoreNot Tried13 Oct 2012
Philip PirripExcellent12 Oct 2012
PedroNot Tried08 Oct 2012
PedroNot Tried07 Oct 2012
AlenomoreExcellent19 Sep 2012 On top form.
ChrisENot Tried15 Sep 2012
PedroNot Tried14 Sep 2012
PedroExcellent06 Sep 2012
ChrisENot Tried31 Aug 2012
AngieExcellent31 Aug 2012
PedroNot Tried27 Aug 2012
PedroNot Tried15 Aug 2012
AlenomoreExcellent13 Aug 2012 Went down well.
PedroExcellent01 Aug 2012
AlenomoreExcellent20 Jul 2012 A top ale.
AlenomoreNot Tried14 Jul 2012 We moved on, so no chance to sample tonite.
PedroNot Tried14 Jul 2012
PedroNot Tried05 Jul 2012
DosserGood29 Jun 2012 Little warm but good condition.
PedroNot Tried26 Jun 2012
AngieExcellent15 Jun 2012 Fresh on after Alan anounced that the previous cask was almost empty.
Philip PirripExcellent15 Jun 2012 Good one to end the evening on
PedroExceptional11 Jun 2012
PedroNot Tried08 Jun 2012
AngieExcellent01 Jun 2012
PedroNot Tried30 May 2012
PedroExcellent24 May 2012
PedroExcellent15 May 2012
AngieExcellent09 May 2012
PedroNot Tried07 May 2012
Philip PirripNot Tried27 Apr 2012
PedroExcellent17 Apr 2012
PedroNot Tried25 Mar 2012
PedroExceptional20 Mar 2012 Fresh one on and wow!
PedroExcellent18 Mar 2012
ChrisENot Tried13 Mar 2012
PedroNot Tried13 Mar 2012
Magnus GreelNot Tried13 Mar 2012
AndrewPoor10 Mar 2012 Hint of vinegar unfortunately.
PedroExceptional28 Feb 2012
PedroExcellent25 Feb 2012
PedroNot Tried21 Feb 2012
PedroNot Tried14 Feb 2012
PedroNot Tried07 Feb 2012
PedroExceptional31 Jan 2012
PedroNot Tried22 Jan 2012
MattY1Not Tried18 Jan 2012
PedroExceptional17 Jan 2012
PedroNot Tried07 Jan 2012
PedroNot Tried06 Jan 2012
AlenomoreExceptional31 Dec 2011
PedroNot Tried30 Dec 2011
AlenomoreExcellent28 Dec 2011 Spot on.
PedroNot Tried27 Dec 2011
PedroNot Tried25 Dec 2011
PedroExcellent20 Dec 2011
MattY1Not Tried18 Dec 2011
PedroNot Tried18 Dec 2011
MattY1Not Tried15 Dec 2011
ChrisENot Tried15 Dec 2011
MattY1Excellent14 Dec 2011
PedroExcellent13 Dec 2011
PedroNot Tried11 Dec 2011
AlenomoreExceptional10 Dec 2011 A swift pint and spot on as usual.
PedroNot Tried09 Dec 2011
MattY1Not Tried08 Dec 2011
PedroNot Tried07 Dec 2011
MattY1Not Tried04 Dec 2011
PedroNot Tried03 Dec 2011
MattY1Excellent02 Dec 2011
PedroNot Tried30 Nov 2011
MattY1Exceptional30 Nov 2011 This was in excellent condition tonight full of flavour with deep intense chocolate/coffee notes and dry hoppy finish with the most wonderful thick yellow head, fantastic :)
PedroExceptional29 Nov 2011
MattY1Not Tried23 Nov 2011
MattY1Not Tried22 Nov 2011
PedroExceptional22 Nov 2011
MattY1Not Tried21 Nov 2011
MattY1Not Tried20 Nov 2011
PedroNot Tried20 Nov 2011
MattY1Not Tried19 Nov 2011
AlenomoreExcellent19 Nov 2011 On tip top form as usual.
MattY1Not Tried18 Nov 2011
MattY1Not Tried16 Nov 2011
MattY1Not Tried15 Nov 2011
PedroExcellent15 Nov 2011
MattY1Not Tried14 Nov 2011
PedroNot Tried13 Nov 2011
MattY1Excellent13 Nov 2011
AlenomoreExceptional13 Nov 2011 On top form and a new cask was put on after this one too.
MattY1Not Tried11 Nov 2011
DosserExcellent11 Nov 2011
MattY1Not Tried10 Nov 2011
MattY1Not Tried09 Nov 2011
PedroExceptional08 Nov 2011
MattY1Not Tried07 Nov 2011
PedroNot Tried06 Nov 2011
DosserExceptional06 Nov 2011 Superb
PedroExcellent05 Nov 2011
AlenomoreExceptional05 Nov 2011 Another excellent dark un'.
PedroNot Tried04 Nov 2011
PedroExceptional01 Nov 2011
MattY1Not Tried30 Oct 2011
AlenomoreExcellent30 Oct 2011 In good nick as usual.
MattY1Not Tried28 Oct 2011
PedroNot Tried28 Oct 2011
MattY1Not Tried27 Oct 2011
PedroNot Tried27 Oct 2011
MattY1Not Tried26 Oct 2011
PedroNot Tried26 Oct 2011
PedroNot Tried23 Oct 2011
PedroNot Tried22 Oct 2011
AlenomoreExceptional22 Oct 2011 My favourite Goachers ale.
PedroNot Tried21 Oct 2011
PedroExcellent18 Oct 2011
ChrisENot Tried15 Oct 2011
AlenomoreExceptional10 Oct 2011 A cracking ale.
PedroExcellent09 Oct 2011
PedroExcellent01 Oct 2011
PedroNot Tried24 Sep 2011
PedroExcellent19 Sep 2011
PedroNot Tried16 Sep 2011
PedroAcceptable01 Sep 2011
PedroNot Tried31 Aug 2011
PedroNot Tried27 Aug 2011
PedroExceptional30 Jul 2011
ChrisENot Tried19 Jul 2011
PedroExcellent14 Jul 2011
PedroNot Tried05 Jul 2011
ChrisENot Tried28 Jun 2011
PedroNot Tried02 Jun 2011
PedroExcellent30 May 2011
PedroExcellent26 May 2011
PedroExcellent23 May 2011
IanNot Tried19 May 2011
PedroNot Tried02 May 2011
PedroNot Tried30 Apr 2011
PedroNot Tried14 Apr 2011
AngieExcellent08 Apr 2011 Went down well
PedroNot Tried01 Apr 2011
PedroNot Tried31 Mar 2011
PedroExceptional18 Mar 2011 superb!
PedroNot Tried08 Mar 2011
DosserExcellent05 Mar 2011
PedroNot Tried04 Mar 2011
PedroExceptional22 Feb 2011
PedroNot Tried15 Feb 2011
PedroNot Tried11 Feb 2011
PedroNot Tried08 Feb 2011
PedroNot Tried01 Feb 2011
PedroExcellent31 Jan 2011
PedroNot Tried25 Jan 2011
PedroNot Tried23 Jan 2011
PedroExceptional18 Jan 2011
PedroExceptional16 Jan 2011
PedroNot Tried11 Jan 2011
PedroExceptional09 Jan 2011
PedroExceptional07 Jan 2011
PedroExceptional04 Jan 2011
MattY1Not Tried01 Jan 2011
DosserExceptional01 Jan 2011 Superb
PedroExcellent25 Dec 2010
PedroNot Tried19 Dec 2010
ChrisENot Tried19 Dec 2010
PedroExceptional18 Dec 2010
PedroExcellent14 Dec 2010
PedroExceptional12 Dec 2010 super !
ChrisEExcellent11 Dec 2010
PedroExceptional11 Dec 2010
PedroExceptional10 Dec 2010 Superb!
PedroNot Tried07 Dec 2010
PedroExcellent02 Dec 2010
PedroNot Tried26 Nov 2010
PedroNot Tried24 Nov 2010
PedroNot Tried19 Nov 2010
PedroNot Tried14 Nov 2010
PedroNot Tried07 Nov 2010
PedroExcellent29 Oct 2010
PedroNot Tried22 Oct 2010
PedroExceptional14 Oct 2010
ChrisEExcellent11 Oct 2010
PedroExcellent11 Oct 2010
PedroNot Tried07 Oct 2010
PedroExceptional02 Oct 2010
PedroExceptional30 Sep 2010
ChrisENot Tried28 Sep 2010
PedroExceptional25 Sep 2010
ChrisENot Tried24 Sep 2010
MattNot Tried21 Sep 2010
MattNot Tried19 Sep 2010
ChrisENot Tried18 Sep 2010
PedroExceptional18 Sep 2010 WOW ! Finished with this and so much flavour - alas I'd run out of cash so couldn't try more !
PedroNot Tried17 Sep 2010
MattNot Tried13 Sep 2010
MattNot Tried11 Sep 2010
MattExcellent10 Sep 2010
MattNot Tried07 Sep 2010
MattNot Tried05 Sep 2010
PedroExceptional26 Aug 2010
PedroExcellent21 Aug 2010
PedroNot Tried13 Aug 2010
PedroNot Tried04 Aug 2010
ChrisEExcellent30 Jul 2010
PedroNot Tried28 Jul 2010
ChrisEExcellent20 Jul 2010
DosserExcellent19 Jul 2010 A little too warm
PedroNot Tried16 Jul 2010
PedroNot Tried04 Jul 2010
PedroNot Tried28 Jun 2010
ChrisENot Tried26 Jun 2010
PedroExceptional21 Jun 2010 In really good nick !
PedroNot Tried04 Jun 2010
Magnus GreelNot Tried28 May 2010
PedroExcellent27 May 2010
PedroExcellent18 May 2010 Even though it was the last of the cask !
PedroExceptional25 Apr 2010
ChrisENot Tried24 Apr 2010
IanNot Tried11 Apr 2010
PedroExceptional09 Apr 2010
PedroNot Tried07 Apr 2010
PedroNot Tried30 Mar 2010
PedroExcellent21 Mar 2010
PedroNot Tried20 Mar 2010
ChrisENot Tried13 Mar 2010
PedroExceptional05 Mar 2010
PedroExceptional26 Feb 2010 Crackin'
PedroNot Tried23 Feb 2010
PedroExceptional17 Feb 2010
PedroNot Tried16 Feb 2010
PedroNot Tried13 Feb 2010
IanExcellent13 Feb 2010 The malt mix on this is almost perfect.
PedroNot Tried09 Feb 2010
AngieGood07 Feb 2010
ChrisEExcellent06 Feb 2010
PedroExcellent05 Feb 2010
PedroNot Tried03 Feb 2010
PedroExceptional02 Feb 2010
DosserExceptional31 Jan 2010 New cask was out of this world. Smokin.
PedroExceptional30 Jan 2010 Possibly the best I've ever had ! Dosser thought so too !
PedroExceptional26 Jan 2010
PedroNot Tried22 Jan 2010
PedroExcellent19 Jan 2010
PedroExcellent12 Jan 2010
PedroNot Tried09 Jan 2010
PedroNot Tried08 Jan 2010
PedroNot Tried05 Jan 2010
PedroExceptional02 Jan 2010
PedroNot Tried31 Dec 2009
PedroExcellent29 Dec 2009
PedroNot Tried25 Dec 2009
PedroExceptional22 Dec 2009 crackin'
ChrisEExcellent19 Dec 2009 Just as it should be.
PedroNot Tried17 Dec 2009
PedroExcellent15 Dec 2009
PedroNot Tried13 Dec 2009
PedroNot Tried11 Dec 2009
PedroNot Tried08 Dec 2009
PedroNot Tried06 Dec 2009
PedroNot Tried04 Dec 2009
PedroExcellent01 Dec 2009
PedroNot Tried28 Nov 2009
MattExcellent28 Nov 2009 Firts time sample of the new brew and as expected its excellent...
PedroGood24 Nov 2009 A bit flat but pretty good none the less
MattNot Tried23 Nov 2009
MattNot Tried22 Nov 2009
MattNot Tried21 Nov 2009
PedroNot Tried10 Nov 2009
MattNot Tried08 Nov 2009
PedroNot Tried07 Nov 2009
PedroNot Tried28 Oct 2009
DosserExcellent07 Jun 2009 Last pin of the season. Wont be brewed again till September!!
PedroNot Tried31 May 2009
DosserExceptional14 May 2009 Superb choclate flavours in top condition
PedroNot Tried11 May 2009
PedroNot Tried07 May 2009
PedroNot Tried04 May 2009
PedroExcellent27 Apr 2009
AndrewNot Tried17 Apr 2009
IanPoor17 Apr 2009 Not sure what this was, fizzy and dark brown is about all I remember.
DosserExceptional28 Mar 2009 Beautiful full bodied stout.
IanNot Tried01 Sep 2007
AndrewExcellent01 Sep 2007 Lovely rich burnt malt flavours with that telltale Goacher's hop and malt body. Umm Goacher's...
Magnus GreelNot Tried30 Jun 2007
IanNot Tried28 Jun 2007
IanGood19 May 2007 More liquorice and molasses than of late. I prefer it when it is more smokey bacon.
AndrewExcellent19 May 2007 Rich dark burnt malt with astringent hop on the finish
IanNot Tried09 Dec 2006
AndrewExceptional08 Apr 2006 Rich and harsh in its burnt coffee bitterness. Think Goacher's Mild with more body and bite. What a pint!
IanExceptional08 Apr 2006 Again, the end of one barrel and the start of the next. Just a huge array of smokey and roasted malt flavours. Superb stout with excellent aroma, body, flavour and finish. Hugely satisfying.
IanExcellent02 Nov 2005 The daddy. Burnt roasted malts, chocolate, coffee, some smokiness, some bacon. Rich in mouth and then long finish with some tar and liquorice along with the previous flavours.
IanNot Tried12 Aug 2005
AndrewExceptional12 Aug 2005 Wow. I loved the burnt malt/tar flavours in this stout. Usually this is a very good plain stout but it had obviously developed a bit and had tar though out
IanExcellent19 Mar 2005 Black in colour. Good burnt malt. Full in mouth with lasting dry malty finish

The Hoptimist Taproom & Bar, Dover, Kent

Jack WilliamNot Tried21 Feb 2024 Going well.

Larkins' Alehouse, Cranbrook, Kent

WittendenNot Tried17 Feb 2024
WittendenNot Tried10 Feb 2024
WittendenNot Tried01 Apr 2023
WittendenExcellent04 Jan 2020 First beer of the New Year:roast,luscious.
WittendenExcellent24 Nov 2018 Delicious roasty,chocolatey ,earthy Tovil goodness.

The River Ale House, East Greenwich, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried26 Nov 2023
Philip PirripNot Tried23 Nov 2023 Came on at very last knockings after the 1066 ran out
Philip PirripNot Tried21 May 2023 Ran out
Philip PirripNot Tried18 May 2023
Philip PirripGood14 May 2023 In fine form holding good head and lacing
Philip PirripAcceptable11 Nov 2022 Has lost most of its condition
Philip PirripGood09 Nov 2022 Always consistent
Philip PirripAcceptable17 Dec 2021 Rather tired after a few days on
Philip PirripNot Tried14 Dec 2021
Philip PirripExcellent13 Dec 2021 2nd out of a new cask. A fine follow on from the 1066 I had just had elsewhere tonight
Philip PirripAcceptable01 Dec 2019 Poured flat, needed more condition
Philip PirripExcellent09 Dec 2018 Great head and condition, a pleasure to imbibe

Red Lion, Snargate, Kent

Magnus GreelNot Tried01 Dec 2022
ChrisEExcellent12 Jan 2022
ChrisEExcellent16 Feb 2020
Philip PirripExcellent19 Dec 2019 Best beer here tonight that I tried
ChrisENot Tried04 Jun 2019
IanNot Tried29 Feb 2016
Philip PirripAcceptable29 Feb 2016
HSBAcceptable29 Feb 2016 Nearly at the end, not a lot of condition but tasty.
ChrisEAcceptable01 Jun 2014 A little bit yeasty.
IanExcellent11 Jan 2014
ChrisENot Tried11 Jan 2014
ChrisEGood28 Dec 2013
AlenomoreNot Tried23 Jun 2013
Philip PirripNot Tried11 Jun 2013
ChrisENot Tried11 Jun 2013
AlenomoreNot Tried26 May 2013
AlenomoreNot Tried12 May 2013
WittendenExcellent09 Feb 2013 Dark, roast,liquorice. Fine.
ChrisEExcellent27 Dec 2012
Magnus GreelNot Tried06 Jul 2012
Philip PirripNot Tried06 Jul 2012
ChrisENot Tried06 Jul 2012
ChrisENot Tried14 Mar 2012
ChrisENot Tried27 Dec 2011
ChrisENot Tried14 Dec 2011 Others in our group tried this, and said it was good.
PedroNot Tried24 Sep 2011
thebrewingmanExcellent02 Sep 2011 Superb.
PedroNot Tried25 Apr 2011
ChrisENot Tried09 Mar 2011
IanExcellent30 Jan 2010 Best pint I had all day. Brilliant and in perfect condition. Great malts, choc, touch of liquorice, good roasty burntness.
ChrisEExcellent28 Dec 2009 This beer replaced the Fine Light which ran out. First beers from a new pin.
PedroExcellent31 Oct 2009
AndrewGood23 Jun 2007 Smelt of black molases. Tasted of blackcurrent and acrid burnt smoaked tar.
IanNot Tried14 Jan 2007
IanExcellent23 Dec 2006 Very similar to the pint at The Woolpack that I had earlier in the day. Very roasty/toasty dry stout. Distinctive Goacher's flavour. Nicely full and with a dry stout finish.
IanExcellent16 Sep 2006 Sour stout aroma. Oily. Drying in mouth on the end. Thick oily, charcoal flavour. Toasty, smooth, full, sour and satisfying. Really rather good.
IanGood11 Jul 2006 Smokey bacon and charcoal aroma. Needs to make more of its presence in the mouth. More smoke on end and quite harsh malt. Only 3.5/5 as it is just a bit thin. If you are going to do smokey malt, then give it some body.
IanNot Tried24 Jun 2006
IanExcellent16 Jun 2006 Liquorice/bleached aroma. Some choc. Then in mouth, velvety and then the finish is world class. It makes you go weak at the knees. Choc/coffee and a little dryish powder. Simply wonderful. Choc with dryness, full, velvety, superb.
IanExceptional28 May 2006 Smokey bacon and burnt malt aroma. Dark choc and espresso coffee. Bacon carries on in mouth, with lasting finish of choc/coffee/charcoal and slight sour liquorice. Beautifully balanced.
IanExcellent22 Feb 2006 Really charcoaly with liquorice on the aroma. Oily and thick in mouth with chewy malts. Tobacco and tar in there too. Dry hoppy, oily finish. My boss thought it tasted of yesterday's wash suds, but hey what does she know?
AndrewAcceptable23 Dec 2005 Slightly vinegary on the nose but tasted okay. This was the end of the barrel.
IanAcceptable23 Dec 2005 End of the barrel. Went off after we had the last 2 pints. This explains the quality of this beer which wasn't at its best
IanNot Tried25 Jun 2005
MartinExceptional18 Jun 2005 It's all still here too - bitter dry finshes and dark molasses. And bacon. What an aftertaste too.
MartinExceptional17 Jun 2005 Creamy smokey bacon and velvet texture. I've had this many times before but it was stunning today.
AndrewExceptional17 Jun 2005 Tasted like smokey bacon crisps. What a stout this is.
IanExcellent17 Jun 2005 Burnt malty nose, slightly alcoholic, good beer, good blance. Slight creaminess with a very dry aftertaste. Being really picky, it could do with a bit more fruit
AndrewExceptional07 May 2005 This is the best pint of this wonderful stout I've had ever. It was full of body with a burnt edge. I wouldn't be surprised if it could stand up without the aid of the glass.
IanExceptional07 May 2005 Balck in colour. Chocolate malt nose. Smokey, charcoal. Full in mouth, some acids with bitter burnt amlt on finish.
IanNot Tried20 Nov 2004

Parkerville, Herne Bay, Kent

AndrewExceptional26 Oct 2022 Lovely. Lots of coffee.
AndrewExcellent17 May 2019 Goachers smoothness.

The Little Gem, Aylesford, Kent

Magnus GreelExcellent03 Jan 2022
ChrisEExcellent03 Jan 2022
ChrisEExcellent04 Nov 2021

Furlongs Ale House, Faversham, Kent

Archie14Excellent02 Feb 2020 Truly a wonderful beer and for me the best cask stout there is.

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester, Kent

Philip PirripNot Tried27 May 2019
BlairExceptional05 Dec 2008 Stunning beer, one of the best stouts I've tasted. Quite dry with a little coffee and maybe a little smoky.

The Lanes, Dover, Kent

ChrisEExcellent11 May 2019
ChrisEExcellent18 Dec 2015
BrianExcellent16 Dec 2015 Top condition. Superb brew.

The Long Pond, Eltham, Greater London

Philip PirripExcellent12 Apr 2019 Smooth and a delight to drink

The Compass Alehouse, Gravesend, Kent

Philip PirripExcellent30 Sep 2017
ChrisENot Tried22 Nov 2014 A new cask put on shortly before we moved on to the next pub.
Magnus GreelNot Tried22 Nov 2014

Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2017, Margate, Kent

AndrewExcellent14 Apr 2017 Smokey

The Firkin Frog, Herne Bay, Kent

AndrewExcellent27 Jan 2017 We got the last 2 pints. Lovely stuff, as Alan Partridge would have said if he were here.
AndrewGood08 Jun 2013
ChrisENot Tried01 May 2013
Philip PirripGood23 Apr 2013 Being sold from a metal pin, all others appropriately in firkins

Five Bells Inn, Brabourne, Kent

WittendenExceptional01 Jan 2017 Pretty well perfect.Gentle roast chocolate.Bible black.
WittendenNot Tried20 May 2014
AndrewExcellent12 Apr 2014 Ah Goachers. Oily. Roasted with hints of milk chocolate
DosserExcellent12 Oct 2013 £3.80 or £3.90 a pint if you got a different person to serve you.The beer was given a different name to confuse but it was definetly Goachers.
ChrisEExcellent12 Oct 2013 Badged as a house beer.
WittendenNot Tried10 Sep 2013
WittendenNot Tried25 Jun 2013 Went off as I ordered it.
WittendenExcellent17 Feb 2013 A classic black dry toasty roasty stout. The ladies enjoyed their lattes, I reveled in this.
WittendenExceptional19 May 2012 A pub that has a stout as its House Beer! Understand that the Brabourne Velvet Stout is Goacher's Crown Imperial.Anyway, this is fine:dark, bitter chocolate and a deep earthiness. Pretty near ideal.

The White Swan, Charlton, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried26 Dec 2016 Ran out as the person in front of me ordered

Leyton Orient Supporters Club, Leyton, Greater London

Stephen HarrisNot Tried13 Feb 2016
Stephen HarrisNot Tried28 Jan 2012

London Tavern, Margate, Kent

DosserExceptional07 Feb 2016
DosserExcellent31 Jan 2016 In fine form

The Three Mariners, Hythe, Kent

ChrisENot Tried20 Nov 2014
ChrisEGood05 Jan 2013
IanNot Tried30 May 2011
IanExcellent28 May 2011 So drinkable
IanExcellent27 May 2010 Don't know what they have done to the malts, but the last few times I've had this, it has been remarkable. Only beer I had twice.

The Black Lion, Lynsted, Kent

thebrewingmanExcellent11 Nov 2014 Nectar.
WittendenNot Tried18 May 2013
AndrewNot Tried03 Mar 2012
AndrewExcellent17 Aug 2010 Great beer with rich, well balanced, slightly acrid malt. Black and milky great. I love Goachers.
AndrewNot Tried08 Jun 2009
IanAcceptable12 Jan 2008 Too much liquorice and molasses for me, I liked it when it was all smokey bacon.
AndrewGood12 Jan 2008 The Smoaky Bacon crisps flavour of this from last year seems to have gone. This was sour beer tasting of rich tar and oystery oilyness. Perfectly good but more like Goacher's Old than Stout.
AndrewNot Tried29 Dec 2007
AndrewNot Tried31 Dec 2006
AndrewExceptional01 Aug 2006 ...and again, wonderfull. Lots of burnt tar and wood smoke makes this a taste sensation.
IanNot Tried29 Aug 2005
AndrewNot Tried16 May 2005
AndrewExcellent14 May 2005 Very hoppy with that underlying Goacher's taste.

The Paper Mill, Sittingbourne, Kent

Archie14Not Tried25 Jan 2014
Archie14Not Tried24 Jan 2014
ChrisEExceptional18 Nov 2013
Archie14Exceptional16 Nov 2013 Fresh on and totally delicious! Strong dark chocolate notes with a delicious thick dark yellow head :)
Archie14Not Tried02 Nov 2013

Crabble Corn Mill Beer Festival 2013, Dover, Kent

MickNot Tried24 May 2013

The Lifeboat Ale & Cider House, Margate, Kent

AndrewNot Tried29 Mar 2013
BlairExcellent03 May 2012 Gorgeous heavily roasted stout.
BlairExcellent08 Nov 2010 Loads of roasted malt and coffee in this one. Got to be one of the better stouts available.

The Royal Paper Mill, Maidstone, Kent

PedroNot Tried02 Feb 2013
PedroExcellent10 Jan 2013
PedroNot Tried14 Jul 2011
PedroNot Tried26 Aug 2010

The Windmill, Sevenoaks Weald, Kent

thebrewingmanExcellent13 Jan 2013 In tip top condition.

The Firkin Alehouse, Folkestone, Kent

ChrisEExcellent24 Dec 2012

Louis Armstrong, Dover, Kent

Philip PirripExcellent15 Nov 2012 First rate beer to end the evening on

Halfway House, Brenchley, Kent

oz11Excellent27 Aug 2012
AndrewExcellent10 Feb 2007 Full bodied with hints of smoak and lots of acrid burntness.

Crabble Corn Mill Beer Festival 2012, Dover, Kent

MickExceptional01 Jun 2012 Beautiful Imperial Stout, worked my way through the lighter beers to finish on this and not disappointed. Superb depth of flavour and body, coffee , chocolate, nuts and more, super.

Six Bells, Woodchurch, Kent

PedroNot Tried18 Feb 2011

Crabble Corn Mill Beer Festival 2009, Dover, Kent

MickExcellent22 May 2009 Very nice. Chocolate and subtle burnt malt with rich but mellow hops. Super.

Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2009, Margate, Kent

AndrewAcceptable10 Apr 2009 Not a shadow of the Smoky Bacon Crisp version of a few years back.

Shipwrights Arms, Faversham, Kent

AndrewNot Tried15 Feb 2009

Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2008, Margate, Kent

BlairAcceptable21 Mar 2008 Once again the cool temperature made this one suffer. The flavours were not pronounced enough, still a nice roasted chocolate flavour.

Crabble Corn Mill Beer Festival 2007, Dover, Kent

IanExcellent26 May 2007 Really charcoal smoky and burnt roasted malt. Very good indeed.

The Woolpack Inn, Warehorne, Kent

IanExcellent23 Dec 2006 The first half a pint didn't touch the sides. Very slightly sour, but with more emphasis on roasted malts with charcoal and touch of liquorice than this time last year, when the beer was more smokey and with bacon notes. This was more roasted and toasted malt.

Blakes of Dover, Dover, Kent

BrianNot Tried27 Oct 2006
BrianNot Tried14 Jul 2006
BrianNot Tried06 Jul 2006
AndrewExceptional27 May 2006 Well balanced creamy burnt-coal bitterness. Fanastic
IanExcellent27 May 2006 I had 2 pints of this. The first was slightly warmer and wonderful, full of charcoaly roast malt. The second was slightly colder and the flavours were less pronounced
BrianNot Tried22 May 2006 As this is now a real ale only establishment, this has replaced the Guinness.
BrianExcellent24 Feb 2006 Smelt like a freshly opened jar of instant coffee. Superb taste of chocolate malts, but also a bitterness in the aftertaste.

The Lobster Pot, West Malling, Kent

IanNot Tried27 Aug 2005

Goacher's Crown Imperial Stout

4.50% ABV.

A real difference from the run of the mill fake Irish stouts. This has depth and richness as well as the usual Goachers maltiness..

We have tried this beer 295 times.

We have given this beer an average score of Excellent to Exceptional.

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