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Musket Fife & Drum Golden Ale

PubAddressLast Visit Seen
The ArmouryLinton, Kent03 May 2024
The Just ReproachDeal, Kent08 Feb 2024
The ElephantFaversham, Kent19 Dec 2023
The New InnCanterbury, Kent29 Oct 2023
This Ancient Boro'Tenterden, Kent18 Oct 2023
Red LionBadlesmere, Kent30 May 2023
The Door HingeWelling, Greater London09 May 2023
The Long PondEltham, Greater London01 Apr 2023
The HaywainBramling, Kent19 Feb 2023
The Real Ale WayHayes (SE London), Greater London11 Feb 2023
The Broken DrumBlackfen, Greater London07 Feb 2023
The Rum PuncheonGravesend, Kent21 Apr 2022
The Yellow StocksSittingbourne, Kent12 Aug 2021
Bell & CrownCanterbury, Kent14 Jul 2021
The Handsome SamWhitstable, Kent29 May 2021
The Style & WinchMaidstone, Kent06 May 2021
The LanesDover, Kent07 Dec 2019
The Lady LuckCanterbury, Kent15 Dec 2018
Halfway HouseChallock, Kent21 Oct 2018
Donna's Ale HouseSittingbourne, Kent14 Jun 2018
The Thomas Tallis AlehouseCanterbury, Kent13 Mar 2018
The Command HouseChatham, Kent21 Nov 2017
The Walnut TreeMaidstone, Kent07 Feb 2017
The Honest MillerBrook, Kent22 Feb 2016
The PloughLangley, Kent13 Jun 2015
The Crafty AlehouseMaidstone, Kent09 May 2015
Kent Beer Festival 2014Canterbury, Kent19 Jul 2014
The Flower PotMaidstone, Kent21 Jun 2014
The Hare at Blean (formerly Blean Tavern; Hare & Hounds)Blean, Kent15 Jun 2014
The Firkin AlehouseFolkestone, Kent06 Jun 2014
Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2014Margate, Kent18 Apr 2014
Hair of the DogMinster (Thanet), Kent19 Dec 2013

Tasting Summary

These comments are the opinion of the individual reviewer and represent what they thought of the beer on a particular day in a particular pub. If a review is less favourable, it may be because the beer suffered somewhere in the supply chain between them and the brewery.

The Armoury, Linton, Kent

Jack WilliamGood03 May 2024

The Just Reproach, Deal, Kent

Jack WilliamGood08 Feb 2024 Smooth with a hint of honey.

The Elephant, Faversham, Kent

AndrewNot Tried19 Dec 2023
Philip PirripNot Tried01 Feb 2018

The New Inn, Canterbury, Kent

Jack WilliamNot Tried29 Oct 2023
Jack WilliamNot Tried21 Mar 2023
Jack WilliamNot Tried29 Dec 2022
Jack WilliamNot Tried31 Mar 2022
MitchExceptional05 Mar 2022
Jack WilliamNot Tried04 Feb 2022
Archie14Not Tried30 Sep 2021
Jack WilliamNot Tried18 Oct 2019
Jack WilliamNot Tried28 Mar 2019
AndrewNot Tried29 Jan 2019
AndrewNot Tried10 Mar 2018
AndrewGood18 Feb 2017

This Ancient Boro', Tenterden, Kent

Magnus GreelAcceptable18 Oct 2023 Sadly the sour hints increased the more was drank..

Red Lion, Badlesmere, Kent

Magnus GreelExcellent30 May 2023 Light creamy refreshing with an earthy bitter finish. Delicious..

The Door Hinge, Welling, Greater London

Philip PirripAcceptable09 May 2023 Quite quaffable
Philip PirripExceptional09 Oct 2020 Another 5 star - the third in two visits here. Who must be doing something right?

The Long Pond, Eltham, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried01 Apr 2023
Philip PirripNot Tried30 Aug 2022
Philip PirripNot Tried29 Nov 2021
Magnus GreelExcellent28 Jun 2021 Refreshing hints of citrus made for a perfect summer session ale
Philip PirripExcellent26 Jun 2021
Philip PirripNot Tried22 Nov 2019
Philip PirripNot Tried16 Aug 2019
Philip PirripNot Tried12 Jul 2019
Philip PirripNot Tried23 Mar 2019
Philip PirripNot Tried21 Dec 2018
Philip PirripNot Tried16 Nov 2018
Philip PirripAcceptable20 Sep 2018 Did not excite this time round
Philip PirripExcellent01 Sep 2018 Glorious condition with a very hop floral nose and taste
Philip PirripNot Tried02 Jun 2018
Philip PirripNot Tried26 Jan 2018 Exactly what a Fife is no one was quite sure
Philip PirripAcceptable23 Dec 2014 Broken yeasty head. Bit sour

The Haywain, Bramling, Kent

Jack WilliamExcellent19 Feb 2023
BrianNot Tried23 May 2015

The Real Ale Way, Hayes (SE London), Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried11 Feb 2023

The Broken Drum, Blackfen, Greater London

Magnus GreelAcceptable07 Feb 2023 Near the end of the barrel and soon taken off
Philip PirripExcellent06 Sep 2022 Peak condition
Philip PirripNot Tried21 Oct 2019
Philip PirripExcellent03 Apr 2018 Best Musket I've had, fresh perhaps but clean tasting

The Rum Puncheon, Gravesend, Kent

Magnus GreelExcellent21 Apr 2022 Not over chilled for this refreshing dry toasty peppery nectar.
ChrisENot Tried28 Sep 2014

The Yellow Stocks, Sittingbourne, Kent

ChrisENot Tried12 Aug 2021

Bell & Crown, Canterbury, Kent

Magnus GreelGood14 Jul 2021 Peppery with hints of honey and marmalade.
AndrewNot Tried03 Sep 2019
AndrewGood18 Feb 2019 Zingy
AndrewGood07 Sep 2018
AndrewNot Tried14 Jul 2018
Jack WilliamNot Tried29 Apr 2018
AndrewNot Tried03 Nov 2017
AndrewNot Tried14 Sep 2017
AndrewNot Tried21 Jul 2017
AndrewNot Tried05 May 2017
AndrewNot Tried28 Apr 2017
AndrewNot Tried12 Apr 2017
Jack WilliamNot Tried19 Feb 2017
AndrewNot Tried18 Feb 2017
AndrewNot Tried08 Feb 2017
AndrewNot Tried21 Dec 2016
Jack WilliamGood13 Aug 2016 Well balance golden ale in good condition.

The Handsome Sam, Whitstable, Kent

ChrisENot Tried29 May 2021

The Style & Winch, Maidstone, Kent

ChrisEGood06 May 2021
ChrisEGood13 Apr 2021 I'm not a great fan of golden ales but this made a pleasant change from the National brands that I have found in other pubs this week.
ChrisEExcellent30 Apr 2018 Not my favourite beer but this was in tip top condition.
ChrisEGood31 Oct 2017
ChrisEGood28 Apr 2017

The Lanes, Dover, Kent

Archie14Not Tried07 Dec 2019
Philip PirripNot Tried30 Nov 2019
Jack WilliamNot Tried18 Dec 2018
ChrisENot Tried03 Nov 2016

The Lady Luck, Canterbury, Kent

AndrewGood15 Dec 2018

Halfway House, Challock, Kent

AndrewExcellent21 Oct 2018 Cracking pint. Simple flavours done well.
AndrewGood28 Apr 2018

Donna's Ale House, Sittingbourne, Kent

Archie14Not Tried14 Jun 2018

The Thomas Tallis Alehouse, Canterbury, Kent

Jack WilliamExcellent13 Mar 2018 Tip top.

The Command House, Chatham, Kent

ChrisEGood21 Nov 2017

The Walnut Tree, Maidstone, Kent

Magnus GreelGood07 Feb 2017 Dry light hoppy with a hint of marmalade

The Honest Miller, Brook, Kent

TrevorGood22 Feb 2016 A refreshing ale

The Plough, Langley, Kent

TobesNot Tried13 Jun 2015
TobesNot Tried13 Jun 2015

The Crafty Alehouse, Maidstone, Kent

TobesGood09 May 2015

Kent Beer Festival 2014, Canterbury, Kent

oz11Good19 Jul 2014

The Flower Pot, Maidstone, Kent

TobesNot Tried21 Jun 2014
DosserNot Tried19 Jun 2014
DosserNot Tried01 Feb 2014
TobesExcellent01 Feb 2014
DosserNot Tried30 Dec 2013
DosserNot Tried23 Nov 2013

The Hare at Blean (formerly Blean Tavern; Hare & Hounds), Blean, Kent

AndrewExcellent15 Jun 2014 Pale straw colour. Hint of nut and pepper. Astringent. Really grew on me

The Firkin Alehouse, Folkestone, Kent

IanNot Tried06 Jun 2014
ChrisENot Tried05 Jun 2014
HSBAcceptable05 Jun 2014 No condition, flat.
Philip PirripAcceptable05 Jun 2014 Flat, no condition, chore to drink
IanNot Tried25 Mar 2014
IanNot Tried06 Dec 2013

Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2014, Margate, Kent

AndrewGood18 Apr 2014 Mustard and pepper flavours. Quite sharp on the finish. Light gold colour.

Hair of the Dog, Minster (Thanet), Kent

ChrisEGood19 Dec 2013 A taste of honey in this beer, not really to my liking but a well kept pint.

Musket Fife & Drum Golden Ale

3.80% ABV.

We have tried this beer 42 times.

We have given this beer an average score of Good to Excellent.

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