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Bowl Inn (Freehouse)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Angels & Demons (also uses McCanns branding) - Bombay SocialExcellent1
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - DogBolter Dark PorterExcellent2
Mad Cat - Special Relationship Anglo-American Pale AleExcellent1
Tonbridge - American PaleGood1
Hopdaemon - Skrimshander IPAGood1
Kent - CobnutGood1
Whitstable - East India Pale Ale (or EIPA)Good1
Wantsum - Red RaddleGood1
Old Dairy - Cattle Shed Cream AleGood1
McCanns (see also Angels and Demons) - Harry HopAcceptable2
Hop Fuzz - Yellow ZingerAcceptable1
Whitstable - Cockle WarmerAcceptable1
Bexley - Golden AcrePoor1
Sharp's - Doom BarNot Tried0
Old Dairy - Blue TopNot Tried0
Wantsum - DynamoNot Tried0
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - No. 7Not Tried0
Wantsum - GolgothaNot Tried0
Wadworth - 6XNot Tried0
Whitstable - Kent Coast Hoppy Pale AleNot Tried0
Hopdaemon - IncubusNot Tried0
Musket - Flintlock Best BitterNot Tried0
Tonbridge - Golden RuleNot Tried0
Northdown - Papworth Victory Best BitterNot Tried0
Hopdaemon - RedNot Tried0
Tonbridge - Blonde AmbitionNot Tried0
Picture 1. Bowl Inn, Charing, Kent
Picture 2. Bowl Inn, Charing, Kent

Visits Details

11 Feb 2020 (Jack William)
Good selection of ales on, quiet in the bar but a cozy log fire on a bright-but-cold day.
Old Dairy - Cattle Shed Cream Ale4.00GoodYes - it was creamy.
Hopdaemon - Incubus4.00Not Tried
Tonbridge - Blonde Ambition4.20Not Tried
Musket - Flintlock Best Bitter4.20Not Tried
26 Aug 2019 (Jack William)
Late afternoon- bank holiday Monday. The extension is open - it has about doubled the size of the pub and there is also a significant patio area with seating, large umbrellas and patio heaters. Additional letting rooms above the extension with verandas with countryside views. The main body of the pub is mainly unaltered and retains its charm. Good refurb. Unfortunately the two beers tried were not in good nick - possibly due to the very warm weather. Shame a bit of refurb money wasn’t spent on a chill room. Big pubs could learn a thing from micros.
Bexley - Golden Acre4.00PoorOnly a taster but it was warm and flat.
McCanns (see also Angels and Demons) - Harry Hop3.70PoorTasted ok to start with but seemed to deteriorate in the glass - no life and a slight twang. I moved onto a half of Camden Pale on keg to take the the taste away.
Musket - Flintlock Best Bitter4.20Not Tried
Hopdaemon - Red4.20Not Tried
11 Feb 2019 (Jack William)
Late lunchtime - a handful of eaters and drinkers in. The pub is being extended and one wall was plasterboard - that and some unusually loud and inappropriate lunchtime music made the experience rather disappointing- as did the ale. Hopefully just a on-off.
Whitstable - Cockle Warmer4.70AcceptableRather thin and lacking in flavour for a 4.7 ABV.
Musket - Flintlock Best Bitter4.20Not Tried
Tonbridge - Golden Rule3.50Not Tried
Northdown - Papworth Victory Best Bitter4.20Not Tried
05 Jun 2018 (Jack William)
Late lunchtime - bliss. After 2 pub stops without a drink and over 60 miles cycled to get here I was rewarded by a proper pub with more drinkers than eaters, friendly staff and a good selection of ales. I was worried when this pub changed hands a few years ago but the new(ish) owners have maintained the character and ambience. Beer and music festival the first weekend of July.
Tonbridge - American Pale5.00Good Very nice if a little sweeet for an APA - getting a hint of honey.
McCanns (see also Angels and Demons) - Harry Hop3.70Good
Hopdaemon - Incubus4.00Not Tried
Kent - Cobnut4.10Not Tried
05 Apr 2018 (Jack William)
Lunchtime, fairly quiet - I had cycled 15 miles, much of it muddy off-road along the Pilgrims Way. Beer was always going to taste good after that.
Angels & Demons (also uses McCanns branding) - Bombay Social3.80ExcellentBeautiful.
Wantsum - Red Raddle5.00GoodA fine ruby ale - but “five hopped” flavour not really prominent. Was served rather cold.
Hopdaemon - Incubus4.00Not Tried
Kent - Cobnut4.10Not Tried
04 Dec 2017 (Jack William)
Late lunchtime - half a dozen eaters and a few drinkers at the bar. Big log fire as usual.
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - DogBolter Dark Porter5.60ExcellentSmooth and tasty, perfect for December.
Kent - Cobnut4.10Good
Wadworth - 6X4.10Not Tried
Whitstable - Kent Coast Hoppy Pale Ale3.90Not Tried
28 Oct 2017 (Jack William)
Mid-evening. Busy with eaters and some drinkers but not crowded. Log fire on the go in the bar area. We sat by the other inglenook fireplace that used to house a round pool table.
Hop Fuzz - Yellow Zinger3.70AcceptableOK - but a rather weak flavour.
Sharp's - Doom Bar4.00Not Tried
Kent - Cobnut4.10Not Tried
Wantsum - Golgotha5.50Not Tried
13 Aug 2017 (Jack William)
Late Sunday afternoon. Many drinkers outside in the s on the substantial benches. We sat inside and watched a procession of customers being served through the window. A few late Sunday lunches being consumed inside. Nice, busy feel to the pub. Beer festival here bank holiday weekend.
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - DogBolter Dark Porter5.60GoodA rich, smooth porter.
Hopdaemon - Skrimshander IPA4.50GoodOne of the best pints of this I've had, very good condition.
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - No. 73.80Not Tried
Sharp's - Doom Bar4.00Not Tried
08 May 2016 (Jack William)
Evening just as the sun was dipping - new vey solid tables outside with a good few merry soles enjoying the warm evening.
Mad Cat - Special Relationship Anglo-American Pale Ale4.80ExcellentTop rate condition and a full, hoppy body typical of a very good APA.
Sharp's - Doom Bar4.00Not Tried
Wantsum - Dynamo4.30Not Tried
06 Sep 2015 (Jack William)
Sunday evening - a good few in. The "cash only" signs have disappeared - hopefully a good sign. Was a fourth beer on but didn't note it.
Whitstable - East India Pale Ale (or EIPA)4.10Good
Sharp's - Doom Bar4.00Not Tried
Old Dairy - Blue Top4.80Not Tried

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About the Bowl Inn

The pub sign. Bowl Inn, Charing, Kent

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The pub is found in Charing, Kent, TN27 0HG.

This pub is off the main road at the top of Charing Hill. Probably a good idea to use the OS grid reference to find it, if you haven't been before. Friendly, busy pub on the junction of several country lanes. Always popular. Holds a regular summer beer festival that has around 30 beers.

We have visited this pub 27 times, seen 122 different beers and tried 55 of them.

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Postcode: TN27 0HG