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Kings Stores (Metropolitan Pub Co. (Greene King))

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Hackney - Kapow!Excellent1
Bedlam - Phoenix Pale AleExcellent1
Sambrook's - Battersea RyeExcellent1
Bedlam - BenchmarkExcellent1
London Fields - Hackney HopsterGood1
Redemption - TrinityGood1
Bedlam - PorterGood1
Sambrook's - SessionNot Tried0
Southwark - Full SailNot Tried0
Sambrook's - WandleNot Tried0
Aylesbury (ABC) - SupernovaNot Tried0
Truman's - SwiftNot Tried0
Southwark - LPA London Pale Ale Not Tried0
Wadworth - 6XNot Tried0
Wadworth - Malt and HopsNot Tried0
Truman's - RunnerNot Tried0
Truman's - Bold as BrassNot Tried0
Hackney - American Pale AleNot Tried0
Ha'Penny - London ParticularNot Tried0
Greene King - IPANot Tried0
Windsor & Eton - Zinzan's DropNot Tried0
Jo C's - Knot Just Another IPANot Tried0
Picture 1. Kings Stores, Spitalfields, Central London
Stephen Harris

Visits Details

29 Sep 2017 (ChrisE)
Second pub of the day, and probably my first visit here, I liked it.
Bedlam - Benchmark4.00Excellent
Greene King - IPA3.60Not Tried
Truman's - Swift3.90Not Tried
Southwark - LPA London Pale Ale 4.00Not Tried
03 Jun 2017 (Wittenden)
Just before noon on a muggy Saturday.A few in
Bedlam - Phoenix Pale Ale3.90ExcellentPale,assertive sappy hops.
Greene King - IPA3.60Not Tried
Sambrook's - Wandle3.80Not Tried
Bedlam - Benchmark4.00Not Tried
Aylesbury (ABC) - Supernova4.80Not Tried
23 May 2017 (Stephen Harris)
Just a hint of City excess in here this evening, although I was able to keep well out of harm’s way.
Hackney - Kapow!4.50ExcellentPale gold. A first class example of the pale and hoppy category.
Greene King - IPA3.60Not Tried
Sambrook's - Session3.40Not Tried
Southwark - Full Sail4.50Not Tried
30 Sep 2015 (Stephen Harris)
Still very busy after 9pm. Lots of people are watching televised football. Some, oddly, are urging a Manchester-based club to win. Every one of us had to ask for a top-up on our pints here.
Bedlam - Porter5.00GoodThe original Bedlam Asylum stood just yards from this pub – but that might be coincidence. Very much at the dry and roasty, rather than chocolaty or fruity, end of the Porter taste spectrum.
Greene King - IPA3.60Not Tried
Jo C's - Knot Just Another IPA5.00Not Tried
09 Feb 2015 (Stephen Harris)
Monday evening and it is standing room only.
Redemption - Trinity3.00GoodI know this to be a great beer, but serving it too warm, as this pint was, reduces it to merely ‘good’.
Greene King - IPA3.60Not Tried
Hackney - American Pale Ale4.50Not Tried
Windsor & Eton - Zinzan's Drop4.00Not Tried
06 May 2014 (Stephen Harris)
Quite busy and noisy in the early evening. Remarkable similarities here to the Williams around the corner – the two pubs must be in the same chain. A house beer was also available.
London Fields - Hackney Hopster4.20GoodServed a bit green and rather raw. Packs a big punch.
Hackney - American Pale Ale4.50Not Tried
Ha'Penny - London Particular4.00Not Tried
21 Oct 2013 (Stephen Harris)
Pleasingly busy on a Monday evening. This pub appears to be no longer operated by Greene King.
Sambrook's - Battersea Rye4.50ExcellentTasty, spicy, dark, rye beer.
Wadworth - 6X4.10Not Tried
Wadworth - Malt and Hops4.40Not Tried
Truman's - Runner4.00Not Tried
Truman's - Bold as Brass4.20Not Tried

About the Kings Stores

The pub sign. Kings Stores, Spitalfields, Central London

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The pub is found in Spitalfields, Central London, E1 7HP.

This pub was established before 1818 (possibly long before) as the Hoop & Grapes and, like many pubs in the area, has its Jack the Ripper stories. It was rebuilt in its present form in 1902 and at that time the name was changed to King’s Stores, a reference to the bonded warehouses that used to feature prominently in the area. It was a Whitbread’s house, and it was extended into the adjoining billiards hall premises in 1929. The pub was acquired by Greene King in 2005. It is split into two sections, with a drinkers’ bar at the front and a dining room occupying the former extension to the side.

We have visited this pub 7 times, seen 22 different beers and tried 7 of them.

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Postcode: E1 7HP