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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Five Points - Best Fuggles HopsExceptional1
Siren Craft - Yu LuExcellent1
Acorn - Old Moor PorterExcellent1
Moor - StoutExcellent1
Five Points - PaleExcellent1
Pressure Drop - Street PorterExcellent1
Fuller's (part of Asahi Europe) - Steam Effort (Fuller's & Friends collaboration with Redemption)Excellent1
Redemption - Pale AleExcellent1
Five Points - Railway PorterExcellent1
Holler (formerly Holler Boys) - Bro-PeepExcellent1
Siren Craft - Broken Dream Breakfast StoutExcellent1
Harvey's - Lewes Castle Brown AleExcellent1
Kernel (The Kernel) - Pale Ale - Green BulletExcellent1
Cellar Head - Summer Pale AleGood1
Adnams - Mosaic Pale AleGood1
Moor - PMA (Pale Modern Ale)Good1
Ilkley - Joshua JaneNot Tried0
Pig & Porter - Slave to the MoneyNot Tried0
Holler (formerly Holler Boys) - Um-BunkoNot Tried0
Twickenham (also uses sub-brand Old Hands) - Summer SunNot Tried0
Acorn - Barnsley GoldNot Tried0
Adnams - So Many Different WorldsNot Tried0
Adnams - Southwold BitterNot Tried0
Pig & Porter - Soul LimboNot Tried0
Five Points - Brick Field BrownNot Tried0
Redemption - TrinityNot Tried0
Five Points - Hook Island RedNot Tried0
Five Points - Citrus PaleNot Tried0
Hobsons - Champion MildNot Tried0
Big Smoke - Cosmic DawnNot Tried0
Harvey's - Old Ale (or Sussex XXXX Old Ale)Not Tried0
Redemption - Rock the KazbekNot Tried0
Redemption - Red IPANot Tried0
Moor - Nor'HopNot Tried0
Moor - RawNot Tried0
Bristol Beer Factory - NovaNot Tried0
Gorgeous - GlowflyNot Tried0
Gorgeous - GunpowderNot Tried0
Five Points - XPANot Tried0
Five Points - Five Points PaleNot Tried0
Holler (formerly Holler Boys) - Cheat ModeNot Tried0
Picture 1. Waterloo Tap, Waterloo, Central London
Stephen Harris

Visits Details

05 Oct 2019 (Philip Pirrip)
Late evening visit.
Five Points - Best Fuggles Hops4.10ExceptionalStraight up faultless, perfect. I can not justify other than a 5 star marking
Redemption - Trinity3.00Not Tried
Five Points - Citrus Pale4.20Not Tried
Big Smoke - Cosmic Dawn4.10Not Tried
29 Aug 2019 (Philip Pirrip)
Late evening visit. Crowded, presumably partly from those leaving the South Bank performances.
Redemption - Pale Ale3.80ExcellentVery palatable
Ilkley - Joshua Jane3.70Not Tried
Twickenham (also uses sub-brand Old Hands) - Summer Sun4.40Not Tried
Adnams - So Many Different Worlds3.70Not Tried
Pig & Porter - Soul Limbo5.00Not Tried
30 May 2019 (Stephen Harris)
Late afternoon but just ahead of the rush.
Cellar Head - Summer Pale Ale3.70GoodA slightly hazy Golden Ale. Firm and crisp.
Five Points - Five Points Pale4.40Not Tried
Moor - Stout5.00Not Tried
Gorgeous - Gunpowder4.80Not Tried
25 May 2019 (Philip Pirrip)
Late evening visit with crowds flocking away from the South Bank.
Moor - Stout5.00Excellent
Five Points - XPA4.00Not Tried
Gorgeous - Glowfly4.00Not Tried
Gorgeous - Gunpowder4.80Not Tried
Cellar Head - Summer Pale Ale3.70Not Tried
02 Mar 2019 (Stephen Harris)
Mid-evening on a Saturday and the pub is busy with tourists rather than the commuter crowds I am used to here.
Holler (formerly Holler Boys) - Bro-Peep4.20ExcellentA tasty rye beer.
Kernel (The Kernel) - Pale Ale - Green Bullet5.20ExcellentFrom keg dispense. Another superb single-hopper from the Kernel.
Moor - Nor'Hop4.10Not Tried
Moor - Raw4.30Not Tried
Bristol Beer Factory - Nova3.80Not Tried
Moor - Stout5.00Not Tried
02 Feb 2019 (Magnus Greel)
Mid evening not as busy as our last visit pre Christmas, we shared a table at the rear of the pub with a chap watching the rugby on his phone.
Adnams - Mosaic Pale Ale4.10GoodLacking its usual punchiness
Moor - PMA (Pale Modern Ale)5.30GoodTropical fruits with a resinous yeasty aftertaste
Harvey's - Old Ale (or Sussex XXXX Old Ale)4.30Not Tried
Redemption - Rock the Kazbek4.00Not Tried
Redemption - Red IPA5.00Not TriedA collaboration brew with the Queen's Head - alas I failed in my P&B duties to investigate the provenance of the latter..
08 Dec 2018 (Magnus Greel)
Late afternoon to mid evening very busy with many folk coming and going, we waitied patiently supping at the bar until a table became available. Once seated we stayed far longer than planned chatting to fellow beer enthusiasts this place attracts.
Siren Craft - Broken Dream Breakfast Stout6.50ExcellentI fancied a pint of tarmac after all that tropical citrus so teased by a taster I had a pint 'for the road'. Bitter coffee, toasted grains and brown sugar with a creamy smooth texture - nice!
Siren Craft - Yu Lu3.60ExcellentAnother light refreshing zesty beer ticked all my boxes thus alternated between the two
Five Points - Pale4.40ExcellentCitrus malty and grainy with a dry bitter finish
Five Points - Hook Island Red6.00Not Tried
Hobsons - Champion Mild3.20Not Tried
15 Oct 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Late evening visit.
Five Points - Railway Porter4.80ExcellentGood in every way
Five Points - Brick Field Brown5.40Not Tried
Five Points - XPA4.00Not Tried
Siren Craft - Yu Lu3.60Not Tried
Holler (formerly Holler Boys) - Cheat Mode3.80Not Tried
17 Sep 2018 (Stephen Harris)
During the early evening rush.
Acorn - Old Moor Porter4.40ExcellentA proper, black Porter. Really good chocolate, fruit and hop flavours.
Pressure Drop - Street Porter4.50ExcellentFrom key-keg and nowadays brewed to 6.5%. Pretty fine.
Fuller's (part of Asahi Europe) - Steam Effort (Fuller's & Friends collaboration with Redemption)4.50ExcellentSeemingly now brewed at Fullers rather than at Redemption. Clear gold in colour. This has a full, almost creamy mouthfeel coupled with bitter hop flavours. Very nice.
Acorn - Barnsley Gold4.30Not Tried
Adnams - Southwold Bitter3.70Not Tried
Siren Craft - Yu Lu3.60Not Tried
28 Aug 2018 (Stephen Harris)
A busy and noisy early evening session in here.
Harvey's - Lewes Castle Brown Ale4.80ExcellentA proper Brown Ale.
Five Points - XPA4.00Not Tried
Holler (formerly Holler Boys) - Cheat Mode3.80Not Tried
Pig & Porter - Slave to the Money4.10Not Tried
Holler (formerly Holler Boys) - Um-Bunko4.20Not Tried

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About the Waterloo Tap

The pub sign. Waterloo Tap, Waterloo, Central London

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The pub is found in Waterloo, Central London, SE1 7ES.

A quite small modern bar in Sutton Walk in railway arch 147 on the line to Charing Cross, near Waterloo railway station, which opened on 18th March 2016. There is an extensive selection of 6 cask and 20 keg beers (although there are 22 keg taps) all dispensed from taps mounted on the copper bar back. All cask and keg beers are listed with name, abv and price on a blackboard above the bar back. The cellar and storage is in a structure in an adjoining arch. Handy for BFI IMAX and the Royal Festival Hall.

We have visited this pub 40 times, seen 135 different beers and tried 70 of them.

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Postcode: SE1 7ES