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Petham Pint (Free House)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Wantsum - Black PigExcellent2
Wantsum - JubileeGood1
Wantsum - 1381Good3
Wantsum - Yellow TailGood1
Wantsum - Montgomery (was SS Richard Montgomery)Acceptable1
Wantsum - Black PrinceAcceptable1
Wantsum - Five Gold GrainsNot Tried0
Wantsum - ImperiumNot Tried0
Wantsum - More’s HeadNot Tried0

Visits Details

30 Apr 2022 (Jack William)
Made it here just before 2 closing time. Empty - and then 3 more turned up. Louise, the landlady stoic as usual and happy to serve us all and chat. She said that the Chequers on Stone Street has reopened, and hat if it is successful she will be closing the Petham Pint in the Autumn. Apparently she only opened it because the village no longer had a pub. Shame - this is a gem. Had a new golden ale from Wantsum- Jubilee at 4.3%
Wantsum - Jubilee4.30Goodexcellent golden flavour and body - a little cloudy.
Wantsum - 13813.80Not Tried
Wantsum - Imperium4.00Not Tried
Wantsum - More’s Head3.70Not Tried
21 Dec 2021 (Jack William)
Here with my old mate Chippy John delivering his draft tax returns for consideration of the landlady - we had beer and complementary cheese so this was definitely a works meeting. Inside the converted stables - very comfortable with a large wood-burning stove on the go.
Wantsum - 13813.80Good
Wantsum - Black Prince3.90AcceptableNear the end of the cask - rather flat but drinkable.
Wantsum - Five Gold Grains5.00Not Tried
09 Jul 2021 (Jack William)
Nice evening for a cycle - landlady encouraged me to chat with a couple of other senior cyclists. We discussed pubs of the past - The Peacock in a Blean; The Church and State between Blean and Dunkirk; The Mounted Rifleman near Faversham; and the nearby Compasses when it was a freehouse run by “Essex John” before it became a Shep’s house and lost its vibe. Nice. There is now an inside area in a converted stables here. Beer still £3 a pint.
Wantsum - Black Pig4.80ExcellentTop condition- very drinkable.
Wantsum - Montgomery (was SS Richard Montgomery)4.00AcceptableRather tired, near the end of the barrel I assumed.
Wantsum - 13813.80Not Tried
14 May 2021 (Jack William)
Back for a second visit at 6 pm sharp - I cycled and thought of just having a glass of water but had 2 pints instead. Landlady Louise very welcoming, she has been in the house for 30 years and opened this because of the lack of local hostelries. Despite the cold weather a over a dozen customers in the garden by 6:30.
Wantsum - 13813.80GoodDate of the Peasants Revolt. Nice pint.
Wantsum - Black Pig4.80GoodEasy supping - not quite as much body as I expected.
07 May 2021 (Jack William)
Good news - a new micro in a village that has recently lost its last pub. Here for 6pm opening to meet old friends. We walked through the kitchen/tap room to sit in the sunny, enclosed garden. Within an hour about 15 customers and as it got chilly the fire pit was lit. Wantsum beers straight from the barrel plus a selection of 3 ciders. Beers at £3 a pint! Excellent.
Wantsum - 13813.80ExcellentFresh and tasty, sparklingly clear.
Wantsum - Yellow Tail4.50GoodZesty. A little hazy so not quite a 4 star.

About the Petham Pint

The pub sign. Petham Pint, Petham, Kent

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The pub is found in Petham, Kent, CT4 5RX.

In The Broadway, Petham as part of Stable Lodge. A new micropub for 2021, opened in May. In the back garden of a previous B&B. Garden area with seating for around 25-30 people. Enclosed on 3 sides, small marquee and a fire pit. Indoor area added in a converted stables once COVID rules permitted it. Current opening is 6-9 evenings plus 12-2 weekends.

We have visited this pub 5 times, seen 9 different beers and tried 6 of them.

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Postcode: CT4 5RX