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Wantsum Black Pig

PubAddressLast Visit Seen
Royal Victoria PavilionRamsgate, Kent17 Jul 2022
The Real Ale WayWest Wickham, Greater London16 Jul 2022
The Long PondEltham, Greater London11 Jul 2022
Bricklayers ArmsBeckenham, Greater London30 Apr 2022
The Catherine WheelNewbury, Berkshire08 Apr 2022
The Peter CushingWhitstable, Kent17 Feb 2022
The MonumentCanterbury, Kent10 Dec 2021
Petham PintPetham, Kent09 Jul 2021
ParkervilleHerne Bay, Kent10 Jun 2021
Artillery ArmsRamsgate, Kent07 May 2021
The Door HingeWelling, Greater London07 Oct 2020
The Mechanical ElephantMargate, Kent06 Jul 2020
The County HotelAshford, Kent11 Mar 2020
The River Ale HouseEast Greenwich, Greater London26 Feb 2020
The Black DogWhitstable, Kent06 Feb 2020
The Hovelling Boat InnRamsgate, Kent13 Sep 2019
The Three PillarsGravesend, Kent07 Sep 2019
Bake & AlehouseWestgate-on-Sea, Kent30 Jul 2019
The Real Ale WayHayes (SE London), Greater London13 Jul 2019
Old Bay AlehouseMinnis Bay, Kent14 Jun 2019
This Ancient Boro'Tenterden, Kent26 May 2019
12 Degrees (a.k.a. RAMS Micropub 12 Degrees)Rochester, Kent26 Oct 2018
Yard of AleSt Peter's, Kent22 Jul 2018
Larkins' AlehouseCranbrook, Kent20 May 2018
The Golden Lion HotelRochester, Kent14 May 2018
Hair of the DogMinster (Thanet), Kent10 Mar 2018
The Jolly FishermanHastings, East Sussex26 Nov 2017
The DolphinHastings, East Sussex18 Nov 2017
Ye Olde Thirsty PigMaidstone, Kent14 Jun 2016
The Conqueror AlehouseRamsgate, Kent30 Jan 2016
The John Wallis (formerly Man of Kent)Ashford, Kent02 Dec 2015
Hill Tap Top (formerly The Portrait)Sidcup, Greater London30 Oct 2015
Ales of the UnexpectedWestbrook, Kent11 Jun 2015
The George & DragonFordwich, Kent06 Jun 2015
Montefiore ArmsRamsgate, Kent24 Mar 2014
The Firkin AlehouseFolkestone, Kent24 Jan 2014
Astor Community TheatreDeal, Kent17 Aug 2013
The Society RoomsMaidstone, Kent17 Aug 2013
The Leading LightFaversham, Kent25 Jun 2013
The Old Brewery TavernCanterbury, Kent27 Apr 2013
The Flying BoatDartford, Kent14 Jan 2013
The Flower PotMaidstone, Kent21 Nov 2012
Robin HoodBlue Bell Hill, Kent24 Jun 2012
The West Gate InnCanterbury, Kent09 Apr 2012
Bull InnWest Malling, Kent17 Dec 2011
Six BellsWoodchurch, Kent18 Feb 2011
The PhoenixCanterbury, Kent17 Dec 2010
The Thomas IngoldsbyCanterbury, Kent11 Dec 2010
The Parrot (Young's)Canterbury, Kent20 Mar 2010

Tasting Summary

These comments are the opinion of the individual reviewer and represent what they thought of the beer on a particular day in a particular pub. If a review is less favourable, it may be because the beer suffered somewhere in the supply chain between them and the brewery.

Royal Victoria Pavilion, Ramsgate, Kent

DosserGood17 Jul 2022 Nice
DosserGood04 Jun 2022 Nice but ive had better
DosserAcceptable20 May 2021 Lacking condition. Have they tweaked this? Similar elsewhere.
DosserGood14 May 2021 Great pint with a massive head.2.49 a pint.
DosserGood22 Sep 2019
DosserExcellent05 Aug 2018 Top pint
DosserExcellent01 Mar 2018 Very good condition

The Real Ale Way, West Wickham, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried16 Jul 2022

The Long Pond, Eltham, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried11 Jul 2022
Philip PirripNot Tried04 Jul 2022
Philip PirripNot Tried27 Sep 2019
Philip PirripGood24 May 2019 New cask on today, seemed rather fresh as the good head upon delivery soon dissipated
Philip PirripNot Tried07 Dec 2018
Philip PirripNot Tried23 Jun 2018
Philip PirripNot Tried07 Sep 2017
Philip PirripNot Tried05 Aug 2017
Philip PirripNot Tried01 Aug 2017

Bricklayers Arms, Beckenham, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried30 Apr 2022

The Catherine Wheel, Newbury, Berkshire

Magnus GreelExcellent08 Apr 2022 A rich nutty complex porter with hints of coffee and chocolate.

The Peter Cushing, Whitstable, Kent

DosserExcellent17 Feb 2022 A superb pint of pig.
AndrewNot Tried28 Nov 2013
AndrewNot Tried06 May 2013

The Monument, Canterbury, Kent

ChrisEExcellent10 Dec 2021

Petham Pint, Petham, Kent

Jack WilliamExcellent09 Jul 2021 Top condition- very drinkable.
Jack WilliamGood14 May 2021 Easy supping - not quite as much body as I expected.

Parkerville, Herne Bay, Kent

ChrisEGood10 Jun 2021
AndrewGood17 Sep 2020 Porter-like, or maybe dark-mild.

Artillery Arms, Ramsgate, Kent

DosserGood07 May 2021 Pin on to try this one out

The Door Hinge, Welling, Greater London

Philip PirripExcellent07 Oct 2020 Large taster measure and this was in lovely form with complex tastes

The Mechanical Elephant, Margate, Kent

DosserExcellent06 Jul 2020 Lovely. How long till the PC police want a name change? lol
beery steveExcellent09 Jan 2019
DosserGood31 Jan 2016 Not in the same class as the Conqueror the other night.

The County Hotel, Ashford, Kent

ChrisEExcellent11 Mar 2020 A delicious dark beer.

The River Ale House, East Greenwich, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried26 Feb 2020
Philip PirripNot Tried24 Feb 2020
Philip PirripNot Tried23 Feb 2020

The Black Dog, Whitstable, Kent

DosserGood06 Feb 2020 £4 a pint and good.
WittendenNot Tried14 Sep 2019
Archie14Not Tried02 Sep 2018
WittendenNot Tried11 Aug 2018
WittendenNot Tried26 Nov 2016
TobesNot Tried07 Mar 2015
DosserExcellent08 Jun 2014
Archie14Not Tried08 Mar 2014
AndrewGood08 Mar 2014 Nice raisen flavour with hint of liquorish.
Philip PirripExcellent02 Oct 2013

The Hovelling Boat Inn, Ramsgate, Kent

DosserExcellent13 Sep 2019
DosserGood10 May 2018
DosserExcellent18 Jul 2017 Smooth and the right temperature

The Three Pillars, Gravesend, Kent

Philip PirripNot Tried07 Sep 2019

Bake & Alehouse, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent

DosserExcellent30 Jul 2019 Superb pint and temperature
Magnus GreelNot Tried14 Jun 2019
DosserExcellent07 Jan 2018 Top beer
John BNot Tried06 Jul 2013
Philip PirripNot Tried17 Jan 2013

The Real Ale Way, Hayes (SE London), Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried13 Jul 2019

Old Bay Alehouse, Minnis Bay, Kent

Magnus GreelNot Tried14 Jun 2019

This Ancient Boro', Tenterden, Kent

ChrisEExcellent26 May 2019

12 Degrees (a.k.a. RAMS Micropub 12 Degrees), Rochester, Kent

Philip PirripNot Tried26 Oct 2018

Yard of Ale, St Peter's, Kent

DosserExcellent22 Jul 2018 Fine pint

Larkins' Alehouse, Cranbrook, Kent

WittendenNot Tried20 May 2018
WittendenExcellent02 Dec 2017 Bible black 'Imperial Russian Porter'.Dry, dried fruit.Hadn't been greatly impressed by Wantsum Beers hithertofor:this is good stuff.

The Golden Lion Hotel, Rochester, Kent

Philip PirripNot Tried14 May 2018

Hair of the Dog, Minster (Thanet), Kent

DosserExcellent10 Mar 2018 Quality. £3.

The Jolly Fisherman, Hastings, East Sussex

Stephen HarrisExcellent26 Nov 2017

The Dolphin, Hastings, East Sussex

AndrewNot Tried18 Nov 2017

Ye Olde Thirsty Pig, Maidstone, Kent

ChrisENot Tried14 Jun 2016

The Conqueror Alehouse, Ramsgate, Kent

DosserExceptional30 Jan 2016 Doesnt get better than this..
ChrisENot Tried05 Oct 2011
BlairExcellent08 Feb 2011 This beer has improved steadily since I first tried it and thought it was pretty mediocre, now it's a lovely beer. Roasted malt, a little fruit in there and a bit of smoke, great body to boot.

The John Wallis (formerly Man of Kent), Ashford, Kent

ChrisEExcellent02 Dec 2015
ChrisEGood10 Jul 2015 One of my favourite Wantsum beers.

Hill Tap Top (formerly The Portrait), Sidcup, Greater London

Stephen HarrisGood30 Oct 2015 Decent, fruity Porter with a little bit of roasted malt character.

Ales of the Unexpected, Westbrook, Kent

DosserExceptional11 Jun 2015 Superb

The George & Dragon, Fordwich, Kent

Jack WilliamNot Tried06 Jun 2015

Montefiore Arms, Ramsgate, Kent

ChrisENot Tried24 Mar 2014
BlairAcceptable03 Feb 2010 Roasted malt and maybe a hint of chocolate. The flavours are good but I thought it was a little bit watery and not quite full-flavoured enough.

The Firkin Alehouse, Folkestone, Kent

BrianNot Tried24 Jan 2014
IanNot Tried22 Jan 2014

Astor Community Theatre, Deal, Kent

AlenomoreNot Tried17 Aug 2013

The Society Rooms, Maidstone, Kent

AlenomoreNot Tried17 Aug 2013

The Leading Light, Faversham, Kent

Philip PirripNot Tried25 Jun 2013

The Old Brewery Tavern, Canterbury, Kent

AndrewGood27 Apr 2013 Good beer. Bit cold though.

The Flying Boat, Dartford, Kent

ChrisENot Tried14 Jan 2013

The Flower Pot, Maidstone, Kent

PedroNot Tried21 Nov 2012
PedroNot Tried18 Nov 2012
DosserExceptional29 Jan 2012
PedroNot Tried27 Jan 2012
PedroNot Tried25 Jan 2012
PedroNot Tried18 Apr 2011
IanExcellent13 Nov 2010 Still one of the best Wantsum beers. Some roast but quite juicy. A stout a porter a dark ale? I have no idea.
AngieExceptional13 Nov 2010 superb beer
PedroExcellent12 Nov 2010 super black beer !

Robin Hood, Blue Bell Hill, Kent

AlenomoreExcellent24 Jun 2012 A decent dark un'.

The West Gate Inn, Canterbury, Kent

BlairExcellent09 Apr 2012 Really rich and full-bodied. Cracking beer and possibly beer of the day for me.
AlenomoreNot Tried27 Dec 2011
Martin the MildmanExcellent24 Dec 2011 Sweetish and quite fruity dark brown porter with a devloping roast malt and bitter hop finish. My score 16/20.
BlairGood22 Oct 2010 Tastes better than when I first had it but still a tad watery. Has all the qualities you want in a porter just needs to amp it up a bit.

Bull Inn, West Malling, Kent

PedroNot Tried17 Dec 2011
PedroExcellent28 Oct 2011

Six Bells, Woodchurch, Kent

PedroNot Tried18 Feb 2011

The Phoenix, Canterbury, Kent

BrianGood17 Dec 2010 Nice black smokey beer. Probably my favourite from this brewer.

The Thomas Ingoldsby, Canterbury, Kent

IanNot Tried11 Dec 2010

The Parrot (Young's), Canterbury, Kent

IanGood20 Mar 2010 Best Wantsum beer I have had. Good choc and coffee flavours. Lovely porter style beer. Good flavour, excellent finish.
BrianExcellent08 Jan 2010 Said excellent may just have been good, but it was the first pint for a week. Had a couple. It's black, roasty malt with bitter finish. A bit thin perhaps, no real punch, but had 2 without noticing. Good stuff really.

Wantsum Black Pig

4.80% ABV.

We have tried this beer 55 times.

We have given this beer an average score of Good to Excellent.

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