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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Dark Star - American Pale Ale (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)Exceptional1
Great Oakley - Delapre DarkExceptional1
DarkTribe - Honey MildExcellent1
Abbeydale - UnforgivenExcellent1
Lancaster - RedExcellent1
Dark Star - Sussex Extra StoutExcellent1
Hepworth - Iron HorseGood1
West Berkshire - Full CircleGood1
Great Corby (formerly Cumberland) - Corby AleGood1
Rother Valley - Northiam IPAGood1
White - Dark MildGood1
Lincolnshire Craft (formerly Tom Wood's) - Lincolnshire LongwoolGood1
Goffs - LauncelotGood1
Nottingham - BullionGood1
Wentworth - Short N StoutGood1
Ballards (now a sub brand of Greyhound) - Midhurst MildGood1
Weltons - Pride & JoyGood1
Cathedral - Eight BellsGood1
Fulstow (Fugelestou Ales) - Ox BloodGood1
Brentwood - Marvellous Maple MildGood1
Oldershaw - PearlAcceptable1
Potbelly - Wicksteed Heritage AleAcceptable1
Fox - Red KnockerAcceptable1
Summer Wine (SWB) - Holmfirth IPAAcceptable1
Bridestones - American Pale AleAcceptable1
1648 - Gold AngelAcceptable1
Isle of Purbeck - Studland Bay WreckedPoor1
Rugby - CementPoor1
Corvedale - St George's StoutPoor1
Oakham - JHBNot Tried0
Rugby - Union Premium AleNot Tried0
Rugby - Webb Ellis BitterNot Tried0
Springhead - Cromwell's HatNot Tried0
Springhead - Willy's Wheatbeer (superseded by 5% version)Not Tried0
Rugby - Egg ChaserNot Tried0
Rugby - Sinner-manNot Tried0
Rother Valley - Level BestNot Tried0
Dark Star - Hophead (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)Not Tried0
White - Chilly WillyNot Tried0
Hepworth - Sussex Pale AleNot Tried0
Dark Star - Best BitterNot Tried0
1648 - 3 ThreadsNot Tried0
White - White GoldNot Tried0
Ballards (now a sub brand of Greyhound) - Best BitterNot Tried0
Ballards (now a sub brand of Greyhound) - Golden BineNot Tried0
Ballards (now a sub brand of Greyhound) - Nyewood GoldNot Tried0
Ballards (now a sub brand of Greyhound) - WassailNot Tried0
Ballards (now a sub brand of Greyhound) - WildNot Tried0
Dark Star - Old Ale (aka Old Chestnut)Not Tried0
Weltons - Finest HourNot Tried0
Dark Star - OriginalNot Tried0
Dark Star - Mild for MayNot Tried0
Weltons - BroadwoodNot Tried0
Weltons - Red Cross MildNot Tried0
White - Mother in laws TongueNot Tried0
White - Battle of HastingsNot Tried0
Oakham - White DwarfNot Tried0
Oakham - Khyber PassNot Tried0
Rugby - 1823 Dark MildNot Tried0
Fox - Heacham GoldNot Tried0
Rugby - Twicker's BitterNot Tried0
Corvedale - Molly MorganNot Tried0
Rugby - Grand SlamNot Tried0
Rugby - VictoriousNot Tried0
Great Oakley - Wot's OccuringNot Tried0
Lincolnshire Craft (formerly Tom Wood's) - Bomber CountyNot Tried0
Springhead - BitterNot Tried0
DarkTribe - Red DusterNot Tried0
Milestone - Black PearlNot Tried0
Springhead - Goodrich CastleNot Tried0
Springhead - The LevellerNot Tried0
Milestone - Will ScarletNot Tried0
Milestone - Raspberry Wheat BeerNot Tried0
Newby Wyke - Marie CelesteNot Tried0
Castle Rock - MeadowsweetNot Tried0
Cathedral - Golden ImpNot Tried0
Cathedral - FestivalNot Tried0
Fulstow (Fugelestou Ales) - Fleeting GlimpseNot Tried0
Fulstow (Fugelestou Ales) - Bow LocksNot Tried0
Oldershaw - Byard's LeapNot Tried0
Oldershaw - Golden SovereignNot Tried0
Nottingham - Broadway Reel AleNot Tried0
Picture 1. The Criterion, Leicester, Leicestershire
Picture 2. The Criterion, Leicester, Leicestershire

Visits Details

09 Sep 2010 (Martin the Mildman)
Fairly busy early Thursday evening with a Northern beer festival in progress.
Great Corby (formerly Cumberland) - Corby Ale3.80GoodQuite a sweet, amber brew with a good malt base and just a little hoppiness. Score 15/20.
13 Mar 2010 (Martin the Mildman)
Brentwood - Marvellous Maple Mild3.70GoodSweetish and fruity mild with some malt flavours. Dryish, malty finish. My score 15/20.
22 Nov 2009 (Martin the Mildman)
Tail end of War of the Roses beer fest with mainly Yorkshire beers left.
Abbeydale - Unforgiven4.80ExcellentPale strong bitter, a brewery mix of Absolution and Devotion, giving a very hoppy, citrussy beer with a clean bitter finish. My score 16/20.
Wentworth - Short N Stout4.50GoodGood roast malt flavour and some hoppiness but lacking in body somewhat. My score 15/20.
Bridestones - American Pale Ale5.00AcceptablePale gold strong bitter with a little malt but mainly bitter hop taste. My score 14/20.
18 Sep 2009 (Stu)
Quite early evening,during a Notts/Lincs beer festival.
DarkTribe - Honey Mild3.60ExcellentDark brown colour,Sweet with honey roasted malt, caramel and hints of coffee.
Nottingham - Bullion4.70GoodA golden ale,with sweet caramel,and light citrus taste.
Cathedral - Eight Bells4.80GoodGolden yellow in colour,lemon citrus taste with light sweet malts,short light bitter finish.
Fulstow (Fugelestou Ales) - Ox Blood4.10GoodDark ruby red colour,with a strong burnt coffee taste and a bitter finish.
Lincolnshire Craft (formerly Tom Wood's) - Lincolnshire Longwool4.40GoodAmber in colour,with citrus lemon,light floral taste and along bitter finish
Oldershaw - Pearl3.00AcceptableDeep golden,light dry flowery bitter taste.
Lincolnshire Craft (formerly Tom Wood's) - Bomber County4.80Not Tried
Springhead - Bitter4.00Not Tried
DarkTribe - Red Duster4.00Not Tried
Milestone - Black Pearl4.30Not Tried
Springhead - Goodrich Castle4.40Not Tried
Springhead - The Leveller4.80Not Tried
Milestone - Will Scarlet3.60Not Tried
Milestone - Raspberry Wheat Beer6.30Not Tried
Newby Wyke - Marie Celeste4.60Not Tried
Castle Rock - Meadowsweet4.40Not Tried
Cathedral - Golden Imp4.30Not Tried
Cathedral - Festival4.80Not Tried
Fulstow (Fugelestou Ales) - Fleeting Glimpse2.80Not Tried
Fulstow (Fugelestou Ales) - Bow Locks3.40Not Tried
Oldershaw - Byard's Leap4.30Not Tried
Oldershaw - Golden Sovereign4.40Not Tried
Nottingham - Broadway Reel Ale4.30Not Tried
08 Sep 2009 (Stu)
Great Oakley - Delapre Dark4.60ExceptionalDark ruby in colour,with a liquorice/dark fruit flavour,some chocolate malts.
Potbelly - Wicksteed Heritage Ale4.20AcceptableChestnut brown in colour,with a light malt biscuit taste,some citrus fruit and a dry malty finish.
Rugby - Union Premium Ale4.40Not Tried
Rugby - Webb Ellis Bitter3.80Not Tried
Great Oakley - Wot's Occuring3.90Not Tried
Rugby - Twicker's Bitter3.70Not Tried
Rugby - Victorious4.20Not Tried
04 Aug 2009 (Stu)
Corvedale - St George's Stout4.50PoorA dark ruby ale,served to warm,with a chocolate and burnt roast coffee taste.
Rugby - Webb Ellis Bitter3.80Not Tried
Rugby - Twicker's Bitter3.70Not Tried
Corvedale - Molly Morgan4.00Not Tried
Rugby - Grand Slam4.50Not Tried
Rugby - Victorious4.20Not Tried
25 Jul 2009 (Stu)
Fairly quiet despite live music in the front room.
Fox - Red Knocker4.20AcceptableDark brown with a red tinge,a forest fruit flavour and a light bitter finish.
Rugby - Cement6.80PoorDark brown in colour,some light dry coffee malt taste,not good.
Oakham - White Dwarf4.30Not Tried
Oakham - Khyber Pass5.50Not Tried
Rugby - 1823 Dark Mild3.50Not Tried
Rugby - Union Premium Ale4.40Not Tried
Fox - Heacham Gold3.90Not Tried
22 May 2009 (Stu)
Very busy with a East/West Sussex beer festival in full flow.
Dark Star - American Pale Ale (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)4.70ExceptionalAmber in colour,with a lemon citrus hoppiness in the taste with a good malty balance. Long dry/bitter finish.
Dark Star - Sussex Extra Stout4.50ExcellentBlack in colour, with a bitter chocolate and roasted malt flavour and a dry finish.
Hepworth - Iron Horse4.80GoodBrown amberin colour, Sweet toffee malts,with a dry bitter finish.
White - Dark Mild4.00GoodDark ruby brown in colour,thinish,with a light fruity and liquorice taste.
Ballards (now a sub brand of Greyhound) - Midhurst Mild3.40GoodBlack,with a chocolate/fruity sweetness and a light roast/caramel finish.
Weltons - Pride & Joy2.80GoodAmber in colour,with a hoppy,nutty, malty taste and a nice bitter finish. Surprisingly good for a 2.8%
Rother Valley - Northiam IPA5.00GoodAmberin colour,spicy citrus flavours and a bitter finish.
1648 - Gold Angel5.00AcceptableGolden amber ale with light citrus flavours and bitter finish.Average.
Rother Valley - Level Best4.00Not Tried
Dark Star - Hophead (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)3.80Not Tried
White - Chilly Willy5.10Not Tried
Hepworth - Sussex Pale Ale3.60Not Tried
Dark Star - Best Bitter4.00Not Tried
1648 - 3 Threads4.30Not Tried
White - White Gold4.90Not Tried
Ballards (now a sub brand of Greyhound) - Best Bitter4.10Not Tried
Ballards (now a sub brand of Greyhound) - Golden Bine4.20Not Tried
Ballards (now a sub brand of Greyhound) - Nyewood Gold5.00Not Tried
Ballards (now a sub brand of Greyhound) - Wassail6.00Not Tried
Ballards (now a sub brand of Greyhound) - Wild4.70Not Tried
Dark Star - Old Ale (aka Old Chestnut)4.00Not Tried
Weltons - Finest Hour4.50Not Tried
Dark Star - Original5.00Not Tried
Dark Star - Mild for May3.60Not Tried
Weltons - Broadwood4.00Not Tried
Weltons - Red Cross Mild5.10Not Tried
White - Mother in laws Tongue4.00Not Tried
White - Battle of Hastings4.50Not Tried
14 May 2009 (Stu)
Busy early evening.
West Berkshire - Full Circle4.50GoodA golden ale. Very fruity citrus sweet taste, a bit of vanilla/caramel and a dry bitter finish.
Goffs - Launcelot4.50GoodA golden ale,with a floral,caramel biscuit taste and slight bitter finish.
Summer Wine (SWB) - Holmfirth IPA4.20AcceptableGold coloured beer.With a very sharp bitter citrus taste.To bitter for my taste.
Isle of Purbeck - Studland Bay Wrecked4.50PoorMid brown in colour,slight sweet start followed by a short bitter finish.very little else.
Rugby - Union Premium Ale4.40Not Tried
Rugby - Webb Ellis Bitter3.80Not Tried
Rugby - Sinner-man4.70Not Tried
15 Apr 2009 (Stu)
A busy Wednesday evening just before the live band had started playing.
Lancaster - Red4.80ExcellentA ruby red beer,dry,with malty caramel sweetness and a good bitter finish.
Oakham - JHB3.80Not Tried
Rugby - Union Premium Ale4.40Not Tried
Rugby - Webb Ellis Bitter3.80Not Tried
Springhead - Cromwell's Hat6.00Not Tried
Springhead - Willy's Wheatbeer (superseded by 5% version)5.30Not Tried
Rugby - Egg Chaser4.80Not Tried

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About The Criterion

The pub sign. The Criterion, Leicester, Leicestershire

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The pub is found in Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 5JN.

70s style two roomed (each with its own bar counter) town centre pub, with small outside seating area. Very industrial looking brick (part tiled) frontage. Vast collection of pumpclips sorted into brewer's sets. 7 handpumps on each of the 2 bar counters. Specialises in a wide range of pizzas. Regular live music.

We have visited this pub 23 times, seen 177 different beers and tried 60 of them.

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Postcode: LE1 5JN