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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Kelburn - Cart BlancheExceptional2
Tonbridge - Alsace GoldExcellent1
Dark Star - American Pale Ale (some, if not all, also brewed by Fuller's)Excellent1
Cottage - Clifton AleExcellent2
Westerham - Otford Crown Ale (house beer)Excellent2
Dark Star - Hophead (some, if not all, also brewed by Fuller's)Excellent1
RCH - East St Cream (was East Street Cream)Excellent1
Tonbridge - Capel Pale AleExcellent3
Fuzzy Duck - Tangerine DuckExcellent1
Tonbridge - CoppernobExcellent1
Tonbridge - Three in a BedExcellent1
Whitstable - Pearl of KentExcellent1
Cottage - Mallard IPAExcellent1
Isfield - Toad in the AleExcellent1
Westerham - Audit AleExcellent2
Grafters - Wobble GobExcellent1
Cheddar - Totty Pot Excellent1
Woodforde's - Ketts RebellionExcellent1
Adnams - GunhillExcellent2
Whitstable - Single Hop ChinookExcellent1
Frome (formerly Milk Street) - MermaidGood1
Franklins - Grumpy GuvnorGood1
Angus Ales - Birdie 3Good1
Buffy's - Mucky DuckGood1
Franklins - 1066Good1
Woodforde's - Kett's RebellionGood1
Weltons - Old CockyGood1
Eagle (was Wells & Young's, was Charles Wells, was Wells) - Young's SpecialGood1
Caythorpe - One SwallowGood1
Stonehenge - Great BustardGood1
Cotleigh - Barn Owl BitterGood1
Goacher's - Real Mild AleGood3
Potton - Penny BitterAcceptable1
Ringwood - BoondoggleAcceptable1
Westerham - William Wilberforce Freedom AleNot Tried0
Harvey's - Sussex Best BitterNot Tried0
Eagle (was Wells & Young's, was Charles Wells, was Wells) - Courage DirectorsNot Tried0
Weltons - Pride & JoyNot Tried0
Picture 1. The Crown, Otford, Kent
Picture 2. The Crown, Otford, Kent

Visits Details

11 Oct 2013 (oz11)
A wet and windy afternoon for a "fowl" themed beer festival. Quiet early, picked up later. Other beers coming on when ready.
Fuzzy Duck - Tangerine Duck4.40ExcellentMy pick of the day.
Tonbridge - Capel Pale Ale4.50ExcellentSold here as "Green Tit".
Stonehenge - Great Bustard4.80Good
Cotleigh - Barn Owl Bitter4.50Good
Buffy's - Mucky Duck4.50Good
Weltons - Old Cocky4.30Good
Caythorpe - One Swallow3.60Good
Weltons - Pride & Joy2.80Not Tried
07 Sep 2013 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening. Friendly service and chatty customers. Enjoyed my stop here.
Tonbridge - Coppernob3.80ExcellentLast one out of the cask but landlady did agree I could have it as it cleared OK. It was indeed the best beer of my Otford tour
Westerham - Otford Crown Ale (house beer)4.00GoodDistinctive tasting house ale. Always inquisitive to know what Westerham beer it really is or whether really a once off brew
Eagle (was Wells & Young's, was Charles Wells, was Wells) - Courage Directors4.80Not Tried
26 Jul 2013 (Pedro)
Evening for small beer festival
Dark Star - American Pale Ale (some, if not all, also brewed by Fuller's)4.70Excellent
Dark Star - Hophead (some, if not all, also brewed by Fuller's)3.80Excellent
Whitstable - Pearl of Kent4.50Excellent
Grafters - Wobble Gob4.90Excellent
Whitstable - Single Hop Chinook4.40Excellent
Tonbridge - Alsace Gold4.00Excellent
Potton - Penny Bitter4.00Acceptable
14 Oct 2012 (Pedro)
Afternoon in the garden sunshine
Woodforde's - Ketts Rebellion3.60Excellent
Westerham - Audit Ale6.20Excellent
Adnams - Gunhill4.00Excellent
Goacher's - Real Mild Ale3.40Good
Franklins - Grumpy Guvnor4.50Good
Cottage - Clifton Ale4.40Not Tried
Eagle (was Wells & Young's, was Charles Wells, was Wells) - Young's Special4.50Not Tried
Angus Ales - Birdie 34.10Not Tried
Isfield - Toad in the Ale4.80Not Tried
13 Oct 2012 (oz11)
Here for the beer festival on a very chilly evening. More beers had been available.
Kelburn - Cart Blanche5.00ExceptionalMy pick of the day. Unfortunately ran out soon after I found it.
Westerham - Audit Ale6.20Excellent
Tonbridge - Capel Pale Ale4.50Excellent
Goacher's - Real Mild Ale3.40Good
Cottage - Clifton Ale4.40GoodListed as 4.4%.
Eagle (was Wells & Young's, was Charles Wells, was Wells) - Young's Special4.50Good
Adnams - Gunhill4.00Good
Angus Ales - Birdie 34.10Good
Woodforde's - Kett's Rebellion4.30Good
Franklins - Grumpy Guvnor4.50Not Tried
Isfield - Toad in the Ale4.80Not Tried
12 Oct 2012 (Pedro)
Afternoon for beer festival
Goacher's - Real Mild Ale3.40Excellent
Kelburn - Cart Blanche5.00Excellent
Cottage - Clifton Ale4.40Excellent
Tonbridge - Capel Pale Ale4.50ExcellentGreen hopped
Isfield - Toad in the Ale4.80Excellent
Eagle (was Wells & Young's, was Charles Wells, was Wells) - Young's Special4.50Not Tried
Westerham - Audit Ale6.20Not Tried
Adnams - Gunhill4.00Not Tried
Angus Ales - Birdie 34.10Not Tried
Woodforde's - Kett's Rebellion4.30Not Tried
Franklins - Grumpy Guvnor4.50Not Tried
15 Sep 2012 (ChrisE)
Saturday afternoon, we had a good chat with the landlord about breweries and pubs.
Westerham - Otford Crown Ale (house beer)4.00ExcellentMost enjoyable. This beer is a blended at the brewery, (the landlord did tell me which ales, but I can't remember), and sold in four pubs as badged house beers.
Tonbridge - Three in a Bed3.60ExcellentA good session beer with plenty of flavour.
Ringwood - Boondoggle4.20Acceptable
27 Jul 2012 (Pedro)
Franklins - 10663.90Good
Harvey's - Sussex Best Bitter4.00Not Tried
Westerham - Otford Crown Ale (house beer)4.00Not Tried
30 Apr 2012 (Pedro)
Frome (formerly Milk Street) - Mermaid3.80Good
Westerham - William Wilberforce Freedom Ale4.00Not Tried
23 Apr 2012 (Pedro)
Afternoon remaining beers at £2/pint
RCH - East St Cream (was East Street Cream)5.00Excellent
Cottage - Mallard IPA4.10Excellent
Cheddar - Totty Pot 4.50Excellent

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About The Crown

The pub sign. The Crown, Otford, Kent

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The pub is found in Otford, Kent, TN14 5PQ.

A very attractive pub opposite the duck pond in this idyllic village, the area on the left of the pub serves as a public bar area, with the lounge area on the right as you enter the pub. Bar counter in the lounge has 5 handpumps, 1 of which regularly carries a draught cider.

We have visited this pub 25 times, seen 94 different beers and tried 77 of them.

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Postcode: TN14 5PQ