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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Cottage - Jack and the DragonExceptional1
Tring - Phantom MonkExceptional2
Dark Star - Imperial StoutExceptional1
Westerham - 1965 Special Bitter AleExcellent1
Tonbridge - Golden BraunExcellent2
Cottage - Golden ArrowExcellent1
Tonbridge - RusticExcellent2
Dark Star - Hophead (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)Excellent1
Hunter's - Full BoreExcellent1
Cheddar - Totty Pot Excellent2
North Yorkshire - Fools GoldExcellent1
Prospect - Nutty SlackExcellent1
Westerham - Grasshopper Kentish BitterExcellent1
Allendale - WagtailExcellent1
Hogs Back - England's GloryExcellent1
Blindmans - IcarusExcellent1
Westerham - 500th Brew IPAExcellent1
Black Dog - Whitby Abbey AleExcellent1
Oldershaw - Old BoyExcellent1
RCH - East St Cream (was East Street Cream)Excellent2
Westerham - JubilationExcellent1
Tonbridge - Three in a BedExcellent2
Cottage - Mallard IPAExcellent2
Stonehenge - Great BustardExcellent1
RCH - PitchforkExcellent2
Whitstable - East India Pale Ale (or EIPA)Excellent2
Crouch Vale - SantiamExcellent1
Hogs Back - A over TExcellent1
Crouch Vale - Yakima GoldExcellent1
Cheddar - Gorge Best BitterExcellent1
Crouch Vale - Essex Boys BitterExcellent1
Franklins - BitterExcellent2
Church End - Vicar's RuinExcellent1
Westerham - MatrimonialeExcellent1
Abbey Ales - BellringerGood1
Cottage - Windsor CastleGood1
Westerham - Alt EgoGood1
St. George's - Dragons BloodGood1
Potton - The Village BikeGood1
Idle - SodGood2
Edge - Brighton RocksGood1
Whitstable - Oyster StoutGood1
Skinner's - Ginger TosserGood1
Dark Star - American Pale Ale (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)Not Tried0
Westerham - Finchcocks OriginalNot Tried0
Woodforde's - WherryNot Tried0
Sharp's - Doom BarNot Tried0
Westerham - Otford Crown Ale (house beer)Not Tried0
Northumberland - Bucking FastardNot Tried0
Westerham - Audit AleNot Tried0
Tonbridge - Auburn MythNot Tried0
Tring - Death or GloryNot Tried0
Caledonian - Deuchars IPANot Tried0
Idle - BodgerNot Tried0
Picture 1. The Crown, Otford, Kent
Picture 2. The Crown, Otford, Kent

Visits Details

22 Apr 2012 (Pedro)
RCH - East St Cream (was East Street Cream)5.00Excellent
RCH - Pitchfork4.30Excellent
Franklins - Bitter3.90Excellent
Blindmans - Icarus4.50Excellent
Cottage - Mallard IPA4.10Excellent
Westerham - Jubilation4.00Excellent
Tonbridge - Golden Braun3.20Excellent
Cheddar - Totty Pot 4.50Excellent
North Yorkshire - Fools Gold4.60Not Tried
Black Dog - Whitby Abbey Ale4.00Not Tried
Idle - Bodger4.00Not TriedTried and still horrible!
20 Apr 2012 (Pedro)
Evening out back for beer festival
RCH - East St Cream (was East Street Cream)5.00Excellent
Franklins - Bitter3.90Excellent
Cottage - Golden Arrow4.50Excellent
North Yorkshire - Fools Gold4.60Excellent
Black Dog - Whitby Abbey Ale4.00Excellent
Cottage - Mallard IPA4.10Excellent
Cheddar - Gorge Best Bitter4.00Excellent
Tonbridge - Golden Braun3.20Excellent
Cheddar - Totty Pot 4.50Excellent
RCH - Pitchfork4.30Good
Idle - Bodger4.00Not TriedTasted and didn't seem ready
Westerham - Jubilation4.00Not Tried
19 Apr 2012 (Pedro)
Afternoon - beer list for weekend festival includes beers fromwesterham, whitstable, tonbridge, cottage, cheddar, RCH, bath, blindmans and Northumberland, jarrow, marston moor, borth yorkshire, black dog and allendale
Whitstable - East India Pale Ale (or EIPA)4.10Excellent
Dark Star - Hophead (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)3.80Excellent
Allendale - Wagtail3.80Excellent
Tonbridge - Three in a Bed3.60Not Tried
27 Jan 2012 (Pedro)
Tonbridge - Three in a Bed3.60Excellent
Caledonian - Deuchars IPA3.80Not Tried
Westerham - Otford Crown Ale (house beer)4.00Not Tried
08 Oct 2011 (oz11)
Evening visit for beer festival. First time I have been here and very good I thought. Enjoyable hog roast served. Was unhappy to have to leave for the last train home. Other beers had been available earlier.
Tring - Phantom Monk4.00ExceptionalOctober's seasonal from Tring was yet another golden ale...but it had enough about it to be pick of the day.
Westerham - Grasshopper Kentish Bitter3.80Excellent
Oldershaw - Old Boy4.80Excellent
Tonbridge - Rustic4.00ExcellentNice to have my favourite beer from my local brewery in good nick!
Westerham - 1965 Special Bitter Ale4.80ExcellentAdded new entry to reflect the ABV of 4.8%. Came on towards the end of the evening.
Hogs Back - England's Glory4.60ExcellentThis version was 4.6% hence the new entry, and was a lot more pleasant then the England rugby match I had watched in the morning.
Edge - Brighton Rocks4.00Good
Idle - Sod4.20AcceptableThe only beer that I didn't get on with, and wouldn't have had a second one.
Hogs Back - A over T9.00Not Tried
Northumberland - Bucking Fastard4.00Not TriedMy drinking buddy had a go at this, but I could not bring myself to order it.
Westerham - Audit Ale6.20Not Tried
Tonbridge - Auburn Myth3.80Not Tried
07 Oct 2011 (Pedro)
Hogs Back - A over T9.00Excellent
Tring - Phantom Monk4.00Excellent
Potton - The Village Bike4.30Good
Idle - Sod4.20Good
Skinner's - Ginger Tosser3.80Good
Westerham - Grasshopper Kentish Bitter3.80Not Tried
Tring - Death or Glory7.20Not TriedNot ready
Oldershaw - Old Boy4.80Not Tried
Northumberland - Bucking Fastard4.00Not Tried
Westerham - Audit Ale6.20Not Tried
Tonbridge - Auburn Myth3.80Not Tried
Edge - Brighton Rocks4.00Not Tried
29 Jul 2011 (Pedro)
Tonbridge - Rustic4.00Excellent
Woodforde's - Wherry3.80Not Tried
Sharp's - Doom Bar4.00Not Tried
Westerham - Otford Crown Ale (house beer)4.00Not Tried
26 Apr 2011 (Pedro)
Crouch Vale - Santiam4.30ExcellentCrackin'
Church End - Vicar's Ruin4.40Excellent
St. George's - Dragons Blood4.80Good
Westerham - Finchcocks Original3.50Not Tried
23 Apr 2011 (Pedro)
Cottage - Jack and the Dragon4.80Exceptional
Dark Star - Imperial Stout10.50Exceptionalso good I finished trip off with another pint
Stonehenge - Great Bustard4.80Excellent
Crouch Vale - Essex Boys Bitter3.50Excellent
Westerham - 500th Brew IPA4.80Excellent
Tonbridge - Three in a Bed3.60Excellent
Crouch Vale - Yakima Gold4.20Excellent
Westerham - Matrimoniale4.00Excellent
Hunter's - Full Bore8.00ExcellentBut didn't really like it, seemed very heavy !
Cottage - Windsor Castle4.80Good
Whitstable - Oyster Stout4.50Not Tried
Prospect - Nutty Slack3.90Not Tried
21 Apr 2011 (Pedro)
Evening for start of beer festival weekend. 12 beers on tonight, more to follow over weekend. All at £1-50/half or buy 5 halves for £7
Prospect - Nutty Slack3.90Excellent
Whitstable - East India Pale Ale (or EIPA)4.10Good
Whitstable - Oyster Stout4.50Good
Abbey Ales - Bellringer4.20Good
Westerham - Alt Ego4.00Good
Stonehenge - Great Bustard4.80Not Tried
Dark Star - American Pale Ale (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)4.70Not Tried
Dark Star - Hophead (some has also been brewed by Fuller's)3.80Not Tried
Crouch Vale - Essex Boys Bitter3.50Not Tried
Dark Star - Imperial Stout10.50Not Tried
Westerham - Matrimoniale4.00Not Tried
Hunter's - Full Bore8.00Not Tried

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About The Crown

The pub sign. The Crown, Otford, Kent

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The pub is found in Otford, Kent, TN14 5PQ.

A very attractive pub opposite the duck pond in this idyllic village, the area on the left of the pub serves as a public bar area, with the lounge area on the right as you enter the pub. Bar counter in the lounge has 5 handpumps, 1 of which regularly carries a draught cider.

We have visited this pub 25 times, seen 94 different beers and tried 77 of them.

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Postcode: TN14 5PQ