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The Bartons Arms (Oaka Group)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Weird Beard - Decadence StoutExceptional1
Beavertown - Smog RocketExcellent1
Oakham - Bishops FarewellExcellent2
Shiny - TomahawkExcellent1
Oakham - Scarlet MacawExcellent1
Oakham - CitraExcellent4
Aston - MildExcellent1
Oakham - InfernoGood4
Oakham - TranquilityGood1
Oakham - JHBGood2
Oakham - The RacketeerGood1
Oakham - The Hare and the HedgehogGood1
Black Sheep - Golden SheepNot Tried0
Shiny - New World PaleNot Tried0
Hopcraft (experimental side of Pixie Spring) - A Good RogeringNot Tried0
Green Duck - Duck Dastardly Not Tried0
Oakham - New World OrderNot Tried0
Picture 1. The Bartons Arms, Aston, West Midlands
Picture 2. The Bartons Arms, Aston, West Midlands
Picture 3. The Bartons Arms, Aston, West Midlands

Visits Details

16 Jan 2017 (Andrew)
Lovely boozer lots of original panels and tiles and the like. Huge interior. Indeed, a gem. Quiet at the moment but I like that. I also like the music on the stereo that seems to be a covers-band of Barry Manillow.
Oakham - JHB3.80AcceptableGood condition but a bit pappy
Oakham - Inferno4.00AcceptableCondition is good but where is the inferno? Seems creamy with a hint of pepper.
Oakham - Bishops Farewell4.60Not Tried
Green Duck - Duck Dastardly 4.50Not Tried
Oakham - New World Order4.00Not Tried
17 Mar 2015 (Magnus Greel)
Lunchtime only a handful of customers in.
Oakham - The Racketeer5.00GoodSweet and cloying.
Oakham - JHB3.80Not Tried
Oakham - Inferno4.00Not Tried
Oakham - Citra4.20Not Tried
Shiny - New World Pale3.70Not Tried
Hopcraft (experimental side of Pixie Spring) - A Good Rogering5.80Not Tried
17 Mar 2015 (ChrisE)
A quiet lunchtime pint with Jason, beers as listed by him
Oakham - Inferno4.00ExcellentDelicious light beer.
20 Nov 2014 (Dosser)
Superb boozer. Showing my cousin Tim from New York around.
Weird Beard - Decadence Stout5.50Exceptional
02 May 2014 (Dosser)
Beer festival on and I'm spoilt for choice. Many beers brewed for the festival and I'm driving!!
Beavertown - Smog Rocket5.40ExcellentSuperb. Must come back without the consent A car
Shiny - Tomahawk6.00ExcellentBrown hoppy beer from Derby brew pub
02 May 2013 (Bear & Ragged Staff)
Busier than I have seen it in my previous visits.
Oakham - Citra4.20ExcellentThe best of the Oakham beers at the moment. Stunning condition, great flavours.
Oakham - Scarlet Macaw4.40ExcellentStraight out of the barrel, superb condition and presentation. Didn't get the tropical fruit that I have before, some pepper on the end.
Oakham - The Hare and the Hedgehog3.90GoodI really am struggling with Oakham at the moment. The beers are good but the majority seem to be so similar. Those that aren't, like Hawse Buckler, you never see. This was another Oakham ale!
23 Apr 2013 (Bear & Ragged Staff)
There are many things in life I do not understand. This is one of them.
Oakham - Citra4.20ExcellentBordering on exceptional, it may be typically Oakham but it is refined and cultured.
Oakham - Inferno4.00GoodAgain, superbly well presented and in great condition but another typically Oakham ale, just a bit more lemony.
Oakham - Tranquility6.50GoodExcellent condition and presentation but a variation on a theme. Just a stronger version of other Oakham beers.
27 Dec 2012 (Dosser)
Thursday lunchtime in this victorian classic pub. 4 oakhams beers availablke from 2.60 to 3 a pint.
Oakham - Bishops Farewell4.60ExcellentHit the spot.
25 Feb 2012 (Bear & Ragged Staff)
This visit has upset me and this probably isn't the forum for what follows. If this is preserving our heritage - then please let it die with dignity. This once thriving and noble pub has been adulterated and abused. Sorry.
Oakham - Bishops Farewell4.60GoodNot the usual reliable and consistent beer I have come to expect. This was jaded and dull - not on form.
Oakham - Inferno4.00GoodThe best of the Oakham ales in here tonight. Lighter, more lemony and slightly drier than the others on show.
Oakham - Citra4.20GoodNot the best pint of Citra I've had, this was a bit rough around the edges.
28 Jan 2011 (ChrisE)
I was at Bescot Stadium when some beer minded people asked me if I would like to share a cab to the Bartons Arms. I did not need persuading as I had not been here before, and I was most impressed. Marvelous decor and superb beer.
Oakham - Citra4.20ExceptionalI rareley give five stars, but this was exceptional.
Oakham - JHB3.80ExcellentSuperb.
Aston - Mild3.60ExcellentI think this may be the same brew as Aston Dark. It was a black, biscuity, delicious beer with hints of chocolate and coffee.
Oakham - Inferno4.00Not Tried
Black Sheep - Golden Sheep3.90Not Tried

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About The Bartons Arms

The pub sign. The Bartons Arms, Aston, West Midlands

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The pub is found in Aston, West Midlands, B6 4UP.

10 mins from Birmingham City centre on the 51 or 33 bus on the Aston High Street. Lovely Victorian flat iron shaped red brick building. Plenty of Victorian tiling, multiple rooms, Thai food and a central wooden bar with original snob screens. One of the 4 pubs owned by Oaka Group which is linked with Oakham Ales.

We have visited this pub 11 times, seen 17 different beers and tried 12 of them.

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Postcode: B6 4UP