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Maidstone's Original Beer & Hop Festival 2010 (CAMRA Beer Festival)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Shepherd Neame - Cobtree Old AleExceptional2
Silver Brewhouse (formerly Raw) - Grey Ghost IPAExceptional1
Moonshine (see also Cambridge Moonshine) - Budding MoonExceptional1
Moonshine (see also Cambridge Moonshine) - Black Hole StoutExceptional1
Derventio - CleopatraExceptional1
Spire - Brittainia Cream AleExceptional1
Barlow - Carnival AleExcellent1
Townes - Speedwell BitterExcellent1
Tollgate - Mellow YellowExcellent1
Springhead - Robin HoodExcellent1
Moonshine (see also Cambridge Moonshine) - CB1 Best BitterExcellent2
Brampton - Impy DarkExcellent2
Amber Ales - Samuel SlaterExcellent2
Cambridge Moonshine (see also Moonshine) - Red WatchExcellent1
Buntingford - TwitchellExcellent1
Moonshine (see also Cambridge Moonshine) - Nightwatch PorterExcellent2
Black Sheep - Golden SheepExcellent1
Barlow - Heath RobinsonExcellent1
Ashover - HydroExcellent1
Ashover - Poets' TippleExcellent1
Silver Brewhouse (formerly Raw) - Dark Peak StoutExcellent2
Wychwood - BountifulGood1
Nutbrook - Banter BitterGood1
Tollgate - Red Star IPANot Tried0
Peak Ales - Swift NickNot Tried0
Peak Ales - Bakewell Best BitterNot Tried0
Wirksworth - First BrewNot Tried0
Theakston - LightfootNot Tried0
Coach House - Cheshire GoldNot Tried0
Wirksworth - SnowfieldNot Tried0
Howard Town - Wren's NestNot Tried0
Meantime - London Pale AleNot Tried0
Nutbrook - BitlykeNot Tried0
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - JaipurNot Tried0
Spire - Dark Side of the MoonNot Tried0
Brampton - Golden BudNot Tried0
Milton - Minotaur MildNot Tried0
Everards (see entries against Joule's & Robinsons from now on) - Golden ZestNot Tried0
Blue Monkey - B G SipsNot Tried0
Ashover - Butts Pale AleNot Tried0
Milton - PegasusNot Tried0
Derventio - Emperor's WhimNot Tried0
Ashover - Rainbows EndNot Tried0
Titanic - Rule BritanniaNot Tried0
Davenport's - HeatwaveNot Tried0
Batemans - Thirsty WorkNot Tried0
Howard Town - Dinting ArchesNot Tried0
Rooster's - Good CheerNot Tried0
Townes - IPANot Tried0
Mauldons - Thomas' TippleNot Tried0
Eagle (formerly Wells & Young's, formerly Charles Wells, formerly Wells) - Wells Eagle IPANot Tried0
Blue Monkey - OriginalNot Tried0
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Wild SwanNot Tried0
Hydes - Loose CannonNot Tried0
Milton - SpartaNot Tried0
Wyre Piddle - Summer SplashNot Tried0
Milton - NeroNot Tried0
Brains - Steaming WagonNot Tried0
Milton - DionysusNot Tried0
Buntingford - Highwayman IPANot Tried0
Wychwood - WychcraftNot Tried0
Amber Ales - Original StoutNot Tried0
Hydes - SummertimeNot Tried0

Visits Details

12 Sep 2010 (Alenomore)
Another visit to "clean up" on some ales missed from the day before, alas, all those I needed had sold out? Ended up re-sampling most of the ales that I had on the Saturday. Must admit, condition wise on most ales I had today was ok, but, some did not taste the same as on Saturday's visit? Balmy sunny weather today though, and a good steady crowd enjoyed the accoustic musicians in the background. Second visit and, again, recommended.
Shepherd Neame - Cobtree Old Ale4.00ExceptionalAgain, and surprisingly, it really was, that good! Had two samples today.
Moonshine (see also Cambridge Moonshine) - CB1 Best Bitter4.20Excellent
Springhead - Robin Hood4.00ExcellentA new ale.
Brampton - Impy Dark4.30GoodStill in good nick.
Wychwood - Bountiful4.00Good
Silver Brewhouse (formerly Raw) - Dark Peak Stout4.50GoodOK, but past it's best.
Amber Ales - Samuel Slater4.20GoodThis was A1 on Saturday, but nothing to taste today.
Nutbrook - Banter Bitter4.50GoodOK, but nothing special.
Moonshine (see also Cambridge Moonshine) - Nightwatch Porter4.50GoodOk today, but not as good as yesterday?
11 Sep 2010 (Alenomore)
As an annual visitor since 2000 (the year I started drinking real ale!) this wonderful beer festival has not changed much. £8.00 entrance fee, less £1.00 for Camra Members plus a free pint worth £2.80 = £4.20 admission? Today, the mixed crowd was as big as ever, the main beer tent layout was much bigger and better, staffing problems were not an issue and the service was very good. All beers sampled (£2.80 p/pint) by my little crowd and myself were all in top condition. The weather could have been kinder (it didn't tip down until we left at 6) but hey, this is Blighty? And well done to the beer orderer, this year's festival had a quality beer list with several new breweries found and I also need over 25 new ales here. Will return on Sunday to clean up! Recommended.
Brampton - Impy Dark4.30ExceptionalAn excellant Mild, incredible amount of roasted malt flavours abound.
Derventio - Cleopatra5.00Exceptional
Silver Brewhouse (formerly Raw) - Dark Peak Stout4.50ExceptionalAnother superbly dark roasted ale.
Shepherd Neame - Cobtree Old Ale4.00ExceptionalFirst of the day, specially brewed for Cobtree, and this was actually a spot on ale. "A taste of bygone ages brewed from four types of malt and from a blend of Fuggles and Goldings Hops, freshly picked on the day from the museum, to give it it's unique aroma and dark brown colour."
Amber Ales - Samuel Slater4.20ExceptionalThis was excellant. A "quadruple hopped American style amber ale" , no wonder it tasted so good!
Moonshine (see also Cambridge Moonshine) - Black Hole Stout5.00ExceptionalThe new name for Cambridge Moonshine Brewery. Again, superbly dark and roasted malt taste.
Silver Brewhouse (formerly Raw) - Grey Ghost IPA5.90ExceptionalExcellant.
Spire - Brittainia Cream Ale6.40ExceptionalExcellant.
Moonshine (see also Cambridge Moonshine) - Budding Moon4.50ExceptionalVery gluggable!
Moonshine (see also Cambridge Moonshine) - Nightwatch Porter4.50ExceptionalBig and Dark.
Townes - Speedwell Bitter3.90Excellent
Cambridge Moonshine (see also Moonshine) - Red Watch4.50Excellent
Black Sheep - Golden Sheep3.90Excellent
Ashover - Hydro4.30Excellent
Ashover - Poets' Tipple4.00Excellent
Tollgate - Mellow Yellow4.00Excellent
Buntingford - Twitchell3.80Excellent
Barlow - Heath Robinson3.80Excellent
Barlow - Carnival Ale4.00Excellent
Moonshine (see also Cambridge Moonshine) - CB1 Best Bitter4.20Excellent
Peak Ales - Swift Nick3.80Not Tried
Theakston - Lightfoot4.10Not Tried
Howard Town - Wren's Nest4.20Not Tried
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Jaipur5.90Not Tried
Milton - Minotaur Mild3.30Not Tried
Milton - Pegasus4.10Not Tried
Titanic - Rule Britannia4.20Not Tried
Howard Town - Dinting Arches4.50Not Tried
Townes - IPA4.50Not Tried
Eagle (formerly Wells & Young's, formerly Charles Wells, formerly Wells) - Wells Eagle IPA3.60Not Tried
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Wild Swan3.50Not Tried
Milton - Sparta4.30Not Tried
Milton - Nero5.00Not Tried
Milton - Dionysus3.60Not Tried
Wychwood - Wychcraft4.20Not Tried
Hydes - Summertime4.10Not Tried
Peak Ales - Bakewell Best Bitter4.20Not Tried
Coach House - Cheshire Gold3.90Not Tried
Meantime - London Pale Ale4.30Not Tried
Spire - Dark Side of the Moon4.30Not Tried
Everards (see entries against Joule's & Robinsons from now on) - Golden Zest4.00Not Tried
Blue Monkey - B G Sips4.00Not Tried
Derventio - Emperor's Whim4.20Not Tried
Davenport's - Heatwave4.10Not Tried
Rooster's - Good Cheer3.70Not Tried
Mauldons - Thomas' Tipple4.50Not Tried
Blue Monkey - Original3.60Not Tried
Hydes - Loose Cannon4.00Not Tried
Wyre Piddle - Summer Splash4.20Not Tried
Brains - Steaming Wagon4.00Not Tried
Buntingford - Highwayman IPA3.60Not Tried
Amber Ales - Original Stout4.00Not Tried
Tollgate - Red Star IPA4.50Not Tried
Wirksworth - First Brew4.20Not Tried
Wirksworth - Snowfield5.00Not TriedA new brewery for me, but sadly, not available.
Nutbrook - Banter Bitter4.50Not Tried
Nutbrook - Bitlyke4.40Not Tried
Brampton - Golden Bud3.80Not Tried
Ashover - Butts Pale Ale5.50Not Tried
Ashover - Rainbows End4.50Not Tried
Batemans - Thirsty Work4.00Not Tried

About the Maidstone's Original Beer & Hop Festival 2010

Summary of Beer Scores


The pub is found in Maidstone, Kent, ME14 3AU.

Annual beer festival held at the Museum of Kent Life just off junction 6 of the M20. Museum itself is excellent to wonder around and the entrance to the museum is included in the beer festival fee. Festival itself is held in a large marquee with seating outside and a large grass area holds most of the visitors. For 2010 around 60 beers plus ciders and perry plus live music all day on two separate stages. Attracts a large proportion of families due to the museum connection. Recommended.

We have visited this pub twice, seen 63 different beers and tried 23 of them.

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Postcode: ME14 3AU