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Fly in the Loaf (Okells (part of Heron & Brearley))

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Matthew's - Bob WallExceptional1
Fuller's (part of Asahi Europe) - Vintage AleExceptional1
Gale's - Prize Old AleExceptional1
Oakham - JHBExcellent2
Liverpool Organic - Best BitterExcellent1
Acorn - White OakExcellent1
Grafton - Lasam BooExcellent1
Fuller's (part of Asahi Europe) - Black Cab StoutExcellent1
Liefmans - FrambozenbierExcellent1
Kelham Island - Brooklyn Smoked PorterExcellent1
Beartown (latterly part of Manning Brewers) - Black BearExcellent1
BrewDog - Trashy BlondeExcellent1
Loddon - Ferryman's GoldExcellent1
Liverpool Organic - 24 CaratExcellent1
Enville - PorterExcellent1
Blackwater (sub brand of Salopian) - Hip HopGood1
Wapping - ZebuGood1
Okell's - BitterGood1
Millstone - A Miller's AleGood1
Wooden Hand - Smuggler's GoldGood1
Lancaster - BlackGood1
Windsor Castle (see also Sadler's entry) - Sadlers Babylonian AleGood1
Barum - Firing SquadGood1
Salopian - Hop TwisterGood1
Salopian - ThunderboltGood1
Enville - WhiteAcceptable1
Salopian - Blackwater BuccaneerAcceptable1
Maisel - Weisse OriginalAcceptable1
Wapping - KGBAcceptable1
Bells - Nun on a MissionAcceptable1
Downton - Marynka MagicAcceptable1
Budvar - DunkelAcceptable1
Tring - Jenny's YarnAcceptable1
Wentworth - Spring ThymePoor1
Everards (see entries against Joule's & Robinsons from now on) - Old OriginalNot Tried0
Okell's - IPA (or Dr Okell's IPA)Not Tried0
Wadworth - 6XNot Tried0
Fuller's (part of Asahi Europe) - Discovery BlondNot Tried0
Fuller's (part of Asahi Europe) - London PorterNot Tried0
Fuller's (part of Asahi Europe) - IPANot Tried0
Holden's - Golden GlowNot Tried0
Smiles - Cloud 9Not Tried0
Sarah Hughes - Dark RubyNot Tried0
Salopian - Shropshire GoldNot Tried0
Wentworth - WPANot Tried0
Brains - SANot Tried0
Rooster's - YankeeNot Tried0
Picture 1. Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool, Merseyside

Visits Details

13 Nov 2012 (Alenomore)
14:30 visit. Another cracking interior. Main pub description says it all. Spot on. Very quiet but some decent new ales kept us occupied. A current 2013 gbg entry and 7 times previous in 2006-12.
Liverpool Organic - 24 Carat4.10ExcellentAnother new ale. Spot on.
Liverpool Organic - Best Bitter4.20ExcellentA1.
Grafton - Lasam Boo4.00ExcellentNice one. Third new ale in here today.
Brains - SA4.20Not Tried
Okell's - Bitter3.70Not Tried
Rooster's - Yankee4.30Not Tried
01 Oct 2012 (Mick)
Only about 3 others in, very quiet.
Salopian - Hop Twister4.50GoodCreamy, good mouthfeel average pint.
Okell's - Bitter3.70Not Tried
Wentworth - WPA4.00Not Tried
04 Jan 2012 (Mick)
First time in here, good selection and efficient bar staff who encourage you to sit at the tables. Interior a bit spartan.
Fuller's (part of Asahi Europe) - Black Cab Stout4.20ExcellentBurnt caramel and coffee, nice
Lancaster - Black4.50GoodNice black stout coffee and roast.
Sarah Hughes - Dark Ruby6.00Not Tried
Salopian - Shropshire Gold3.80Not Tried
Okell's - Bitter3.70Not Tried
25 Feb 2010 (Ian)
My favourite pub in Liverpool, still genuinely excited by what I might find here. And I wasn't disappointed. Liverpool were playing on the TVs so busy about 18.00, but service here is awesome, with a beer delivered to me and even though hectic cos of the footie, the bar staff were always looking for the next order. Also had one explain to me the taste of a pilsner from Bamberg which I tried later.
Gale's - Prize Old Ale9.00ExceptionalTo find this on cask??? Raisins, plums, damsons. Awesome malts. No sourness yet, but some sting and hint of sour on finish. Utterly awesome. Best beer I've had in some time. No hint of alcohol, the plum fruit is stunning.
BrewDog - Trashy Blonde4.10ExcellentShows how to do this style well, plenty of hop and utterly drinkable in mouth. Stinging lasting rasping hop on finish.
Millstone - A Miller's Ale3.80GoodThoroughly pleasant bitter with some yeast character, some biscuit malt, some decent hop. Very drinkable session bitter done well.
Blackwater (sub brand of Salopian) - Hip Hop3.90GoodGold, lasting off white head. Some grapefruity US hop in here. Verges on the sweaty but reigns it back. Love the grapefruit on the finish.
Downton - Marynka Magic4.10AcceptableGold, thick lasting head. Decent golden ale, some citrus hop, bit of lemon/tangerine. Smooth in mouth. I mean sparklers what can you do? Bit of yeast on aroma, good in mouth, good finish. Better than average, but still very samey to beers in this style.
Okell's - Bitter3.70Not Tried
Smiles - Cloud 94.10Not Tried
25 Apr 2008 (Ian)
One of the few pubs that I approach with genuine excitement and a tingle up my spine as you walk towards it from coming out of Ye Cracke. The Ulster guys were in, I introduced a Scottish guy to Oakham JHB and the barman rememebered me from last summer. All in all an excellent pub.
Oakham - JHB3.80GoodVery drinkable and just what you would expect, light, citrusy and appealing.
Wapping - Zebu4.00Good Pale gold, lasting ivory head. Nice bitter, the fruits are unusual, bit of kiwi maybe. Really tasty. That’s pretty good. The guys from Ulster next to me liked it as well. Nice slightly citrusy beer with a touch of marzipan.
Tring - Jenny's Yarn4.20AcceptableCopper with thin beige head. Decent bitter. Bloody/iron aftertaste (thanks to the Scottish person at the bar next to me for pointing that one out). Not a typical citrusy Tring beer, but nevertheless quite interesting. Decent fruit and hop on finish.
Fuller's (part of Asahi Europe) - Discovery Blond3.90Not Tried
Okell's - Bitter3.70Not Tried
Fuller's (part of Asahi Europe) - IPA4.80Not Tried
Holden's - Golden Glow4.40Not Tried
02 Jan 2008 (Ian)
So quiet, it's amazing. Still one of my favourites. Just about my favourite pub in Liverpool for its beer range. Good range of world bottles, so I had a Boon Geuze 2002-2003, a Flensburger lager from Germany on tap and a bottle of Sierra Nevada Celebration 2007.
Wapping - KGB4.20AcceptableHazy pale gold, thick cream head. Extremely inoffensive Wapping beer, Yes it’s hoppy and citrusy as you would expect with lemon/grapefruit, but not as much as most. Still lovely and hits the lemon curd spot.
Bells - Nun on a Mission4.40AcceptablePale chestnut colour with thick beige head. Blackcurranty, reminds me of blackcurrant Lockets. Lots of Willamette hops? Certainly a blackcurrant finish/menthol. Spanking condition. Really unusual. I mean it’s got a bit of an odd aroma, but the blackcurrant is amazing.
Fuller's (part of Asahi Europe) - Discovery Blond3.90Not Tried
Okell's - Bitter3.70Not Tried
Fuller's (part of Asahi Europe) - London Porter5.40Not TriedI was going to have this, but I had drunk to much of it pre-Xmas, I couldn't face it.
23 Mar 2007 (Ian)
I came in to see if there were any new guest beers on since Wednesday and 5 had turned over. I sat watching the India vs Sri Lanka World Cup cricket match on the TV and talking to Dominic the manager. Great afternoon session. Great friendly manager. I hadn't noticed the wooden pulpit in one corner and the light fittings are amazing. The Friday lunchtime crowd morphed seamlessly into the mid afternoon crowd. All guest beers are the same price, no matter the strength.
Matthew's - Bob Wall4.20ExceptionalAmber colour with lasting beige head. Superb bitter, ticks all the boxes and then some. Had the Matthews 40 Yard at Dover BF and was amazed by it. US style hops on aroma. Decent malts in mouth, quite soft, so drinkable. Some malt roundness. Hop on end is distinctive and works well again, some US sherberty grapefruity hop.
Loddon - Ferryman's Gold4.40ExcellentGold colour with slight haze and lasting off white head. Aroma a bit like a biere de garde blonde. Bit of peach/apricot. Rather good if I’m being honest. Full in mouth, good pale malts and then rich citrus twang on end. Bit of strawberry maybe. Very good golden rich beer.
Kelham Island - Brooklyn Smoked Porter6.50ExcellentBlack colour with very dark brown edges. Smokey charcoal and intense roasted malts. Has some old ale style sourness to it. Bit of tar. Finish has very dark bitter choc. In fact unbelievably bitter. Smokey, bitter, really quite harsh. Asked to take the sparkler off before pouring. Very popular beer in the pub, but for me, just a tad too intense and dark and bitter. Really quite aggressive. Real good sipper though. Took 40 mins to drink a half pint.
Barum - Firing Squad5.30GoodAmber colour with slight haze and thin beige head. Pale ESB style beer. Some yeast on aroma. Good rounded slightly sweet fruit. Like a sweet nectarine, followed by balancing tingly hop. Bit of alcohol sweetness with a touch of burn. Slightly sticky sweet palate. Nice enough.
Wentworth - Spring Thyme4.30PoorGold colour with thick off white head. Possible diacetyl on this, either that or really buttery. Rest is a soft citrus bitter/gold beer with some tangy zingy hop on finish. Otherwise the butterness spoils it.
Wadworth - 6X4.10Not Tried
Okell's - IPA (or Dr Okell's IPA)4.50Not Tried
21 Mar 2007 (Ian)
Beautiful sunny day on Merseyside and my current favourite pub in the city. Wood and tiled art deco interior is awesome. Sprinking of customers. Bottled beer selection is excellent with Boon Gueuze, Sierra Nevada Stout, Anchor Porter, Schneider Aventinus and Abbaye Des Rocs Blanche des Honnelles amongst others. 8 UK handpulls too with a couple from Okells and the rest as changing guests.
Beartown (latterly part of Manning Brewers) - Black Bear5.00ExcellentVery deep brown colour with lasting beige head. Quite a liquoricy beer. Really well kept. Full, rounded in mouth with toasty, roasty almost burnt malt. Some coffee. Interesting liquorice/coffee aroma. Great mouthfell. Slightly grainy on finish, bit of roasted dryness. Excellent porter style beer.
Enville - Porter4.50ExcellentOK, that's a black beer. Lasting tan head. Very choccy porter. Bit of sourness, some damsony fruit and bitter black choc. Got the elements, just lacks a bit of punch. Some tar.
Acorn - White Oak4.80ExcellentGreat brewery Acorn, so I was excited to see this on. Hazy gold, thick beige head. Is this a wheat beer I see before me? According to the Acorn website, no. Lemon citrus aroma, large in mouth, plenty of depth and wide mouthfeel, possibly from the addition of some other cereal. Then great hoppy lemon/grapefruit finish. Really lovely, slightly creamy due to the use of a sparkler on the dispense
Enville - White4.20AcceptablePale gold with thick off white head. Wheat in this I think (and there is). Creamy cereal and citrus aroma. Fairly standard English wheat citrus bitter. Some farty yeast. Cereal gives it body.
Salopian - Blackwater Buccaneer4.30AcceptableGold colour with slight haze, lasting beige head. Interesting cherry fruit flavour, dies a bit to leave an earthy juicy bitter with some interesting cherry flavoured hop. Weird, but absolutely fine.
Everards (see entries against Joule's & Robinsons from now on) - Old Original5.20Not Tried
Okell's - Bitter3.70Not Tried
Okell's - IPA (or Dr Okell's IPA)4.50Not Tried
18 Jan 2006 (Ian)
If I thought that the Cracke was good, then this was magnificent. Wonderful interior and a large range of beers that I wanted. Arrived around mid afternoon and stayed until the after work crowd started coming in. I also had the best pint of JHB that I've had in a long time here too.
Oakham - JHB3.80ExceptionalI asked the barman to take off the sparkler before he poured it. He said that it didn't sound an odd request, just Southern. Glad I asked him to do it anyway for this is a glorious beer. Pale gold, thin white head. The fruit! I mean the fruit! The grapefruit/lemon curd is wonderful. I have fallen in love with this all over again. Hop aroma is just the right side of astringent. Fruit is there, but balancing. In the mouth its full and juicy with more grapefruit and lemon. Finish has more of the same. Nectar, drink of the Gods, superlatives fail me. The alcohol doesn't come into it. I will drink this until a herd of cows come down Hardman Street. Won't be long then, just need to wait until Friday night!
Fuller's (part of Asahi Europe) - Vintage Ale8.50ExceptionalCouldn’t believe it when I found this on draught here. I got the last half out of the barrel which had been on for 2 weeks according to the bar staff. So I wasn’t expecting too much. Chestnut with thick cream head. Even still the biscuity raisin strong alcohol burn comes through. Tastes of sherry. Just slightly tired maybe, but this is a hell of a beer. If this is 8.5% then I’m a Dutchman. Must have matured and got stronger in the barrel. Amontillado sherry toffee flavour. Massive beer, big, brutal and warming with some choc malt. Some honey. I feel like I could be here all night and not list all of the flavours. Ginger, biscuit on the aroma. And then a Leonard Cohen cover came on the stereo....
Liefmans - Frambozenbier4.50ExcellentVery dark reddish brown, pinkish beige head. Like the cherry version, this is a well made beer. Fruit integrates perfectly with the malt. Refreshing raspberry ripple ice cream aroma. Fruit never becomes syrupy or over powering. Dry sour finish with lingering fruit. I love these beers
Okell's - Bitter3.70Good Copper colour with creamy head. Seem to use a tight sprinkler. Yeasty session bitter with goodish hop finish. Bit metallic. Even still tasty session beer. Bit thin around the edges but core yeast/caramel/hop falvours hold together well. A bitter that is bitter
Wooden Hand - Smuggler's Gold3.60GoodCopper, pale, slightly hazy with creamy head. A tad tinny and thin, but marmaladey orange fruit is present with some hop and caramel on the aroma too. Light but pleasant and frefreshing. Enough orangey fruit and tingly hop
Windsor Castle (see also Sadler's entry) - Sadlers Babylonian Ale4.00GoodDeep gold with thickish beige head. Wish they wouldn’t use such a tight sparkler. Orange fruit some citrus hop, fine, drinkable.
Salopian - Thunderbolt4.20GoodPale copper, with creamy head. More caramel on this and bitter finish. Hops are a bit earthy. Fruit is ok if understated. Easy drinking bitter
Budvar - Dunkel4.70AcceptableDark brown, disappearing beige head. Slightly sour, burnt malt aroma, charcoaly. Bit too much carbonation. Some liquorice. I expect more flavour. Sour lemon finish, more burnt toasted malt. Some toffee, touch of damson fruit. Bit too tart and overall needs more warmth
Maisel - Weisse Original5.40AcceptableDirty cloudy orange gold colour. More cloves than some weiss with a touch of banana and bubblegum. Even a touch of smoke. Otherwise a tad watery and a tad lifeless and thin

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The pub is found in Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 9AS.

Formally Kirkland's on Hardman Street, Okells (from the Isle of Man) has created an excellent pub here. The interior is very impressive with a mosaic tile and wood flooring, high ceilings and dark brown wood bar with attractive wood panelling behind where bottled beers are displayed. There are several split level rooms served by the long bar that has 6 handpumps serving Okells beers and UK micros. Good range of continental beers on tap and a pretty extensive world beer bottle range. Blackboard next to bar shows the guest beers on. Nice Art Deco touches on the interior too. Refurbished in spring 2014.

We have visited this pub 9 times, seen 47 different beers and tried 34 of them.

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Postcode: L1 9AS