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Craft Beer Co. (Craft Beer Company)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Oakham - AttilaExceptional1
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Late StarExceptional1
Siren Craft - Sound WaveExceptional1
Kent - ZingiberExcellent1
Kent - The New BlackExcellent1
Kent - KGBExcellent1
Hop Studio - XSExcellent1
Dark Star - Espresso StoutExcellent1
Fyne - Atlantic BlvdGood1
Marble - PintGood1
Kent - Craft Pale Good1
Kent - CobnutAcceptable1
Dark Star - Hophead GalaxyNot Tried0
Leeds - Leeds BestNot Tried0
Salopian - Mixed MetaphorNot Tried0
Dark Star - Dark Star The OriginalNot Tried0
Anarchy - Citra StarNot Tried0
Fat Cat - Stout CatNot Tried0
Anarchy - Sublime ChaosNot Tried0
Oakham - TranquilityNot Tried0
RedWillow - PeerlessNot Tried0
Marble - Chocolate MarbleNot Tried0
Revolutions - Atomic BlondeNot Tried0
Triple fff - MoondanceNot Tried0
Ilkley - BlackNot Tried0
Revolutions - E.P.Not Tried0
Dark Star - Six HopNot Tried0
Dark Star - Partridge Best BitterNot Tried0
Hop Studio - Pale (formerly XP)Not Tried0
Magic Rock - RaptureNot Tried0
Magic Rock - CuriousNot Tried0
Revolutions - Sid 'n' Nancy IPANot Tried0
Kent - Clerkenwell PaleNot Tried0
Magic Rock - High Wire NZNot Tried0
Hawkshead - Brodie's PrimeNot Tried0
Magic Rock - RingmasterNot Tried0
Marble - Reddish AleNot Tried0
Oakham - Scarlet MacawNot Tried0
Oakham - Bishops FarewellNot Tried0
Ilkley - Joshua JaneNot Tried0
Magic Rock - High WireNot Tried0
Oakham - Hawse BucklerNot Tried0
Marble - Ginger MarbleNot Tried0
Weird Beard - Black Perle (superseded by 3.8% version)Not Tried0
Kent - Black GoldNot Tried0
Crouch Vale - Anchor Street PorterNot Tried0
Fyne - FyneBankNot Tried0
Ilkley - Fireside PorterNot Tried0
Dark Star - Imperial StoutNot Tried0
Dark Star - Red ShiftNot Tried0
Kent - Brewers ReserveNot Tried0
Dark Star - PorterNot Tried0
Fyne - Bell Rock & HopNot Tried0
Ilkley - Crossroads West Coast IPANot Tried0
Tyne Bank - Southern StarNot Tried0
Oakham - JHBNot Tried0
360° - BestNot Tried0
Picture 1. Craft Beer Co., Brighton, East Sussex

Visits Details

28 Oct 2017 (Brian)
Down in Brighton for The Horrors gig, Got in here about 3ish. Quite quiet to begin with but started to fill up as time wore on.
Kent - The New Black4.80ExcellentSuperb, black APA. Went down very easily.
Fyne - Atlantic Blvd5.60GoodDeep golden colour, strange fruity smell. Nice long bitterness.
Kent - Clerkenwell Pale3.80Not Tried
360° - Best4.20Not Tried
Salopian - Mixed Metaphor4.50Not Tried
25 Oct 2016 (Brian)
Mid afternoon and a handful of people in. There were 6 hand pumps on in total, I didn't note them all. Nice pub, one to visit again when down this way.
Siren Craft - Sound Wave5.60ExceptionalMe and daughter both agreed it was exceptional. Hoppy madness.
Dark Star - Espresso Stout4.20ExcellentBordering on the exceptional too. Lots of coffee of course, but easy drinking.
14 Nov 2015 (Andrew)
Sat upstairs and Ian and Martin ate burgers.
Kent - Cobnut4.10Acceptable
Kent - Black Gold4.00Not Tried
Kent - Clerkenwell Pale3.80Not Tried
Ilkley - Fireside Porter4.20Not Tried
Kent - Brewers Reserve5.00Not Tried
Ilkley - Crossroads West Coast IPA5.40Not Tried
20 May 2015 (Philip Pirrip)
Kent - KGB4.10Excellent
Oakham - Bishops Farewell4.60Not Tried
Dark Star - Six Hop6.50Not TriedPushing out at £5.15 pp - wow
Oakham - Hawse Buckler5.60Not Tried
Kent - Cobnut4.10Not Tried
Kent - Craft Pale 3.80Not Tried
19 May 2014 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening. Brief visit.
Kent - Zingiber4.10ExcellentNicely refreshing
Triple fff - Moondance4.20Not Tried
Dark Star - Six Hop6.50Not Tried
Magic Rock - Rapture4.60Not Tried
Kent - Clerkenwell Pale3.80Not Tried
Magic Rock - Ringmaster3.90Not Tried
09 Oct 2013 (Judy G Garland)
Afternoon Session
Oakham - Attila7.50Exceptional
Oakham - JHB3.80Not Tried
Leeds - Leeds Best4.30Not Tried
Kent - Cobnut4.10Not Tried
Kent - Craft Pale 3.80Not Tried
Anarchy - Citra Star4.10Not Tried
Anarchy - Sublime Chaos7.00Not Tried
RedWillow - Peerless5.20Not Tried
23 Jul 2013 (HSB)
13:45 Six others in.
Kent - Craft Pale 3.80Good
Hawkshead - Brodie's Prime4.90Not Tried
Oakham - Scarlet Macaw4.40Not Tried
Magic Rock - Curious3.90Not Tried
Magic Rock - High Wire5.50Not Tried
Weird Beard - Black Perle (superseded by 3.8% version)4.50Not Tried
Fyne - FyneBank4.60Not Tried
Dark Star - Red Shift5.50Not Tried
Fyne - Bell Rock & Hop6.50Not Tried
22 May 2013 (Philip Pirrip)
Hop Studio - XS5.50ExcellentRather malty
Dark Star - Dark Star The Original5.00Not Tried
Fat Cat - Stout Cat4.60Not Tried
Oakham - Tranquility6.50Not Tried
Revolutions - Atomic Blonde4.50Not Tried
Kent - Craft Pale 3.80Not Tried
Revolutions - E.P.3.90Not Tried
Hop Studio - Pale (formerly XP)4.00Not Tried
Revolutions - Sid 'n' Nancy IPA6.90Not Tried
26 Jan 2013 (Andrew)
Third pub with Ian and Martin. Managed to get a table at the back on the raised area. Lots of pine. Ian started trying all kinds of beers from a menu. Martin soon followed suit
Marble - Pint3.90GoodSoft mouth feel. Strong grapefruit hop helped hugely by the soft mouth feel.
Marble - Ginger Marble4.50Not Tried
Crouch Vale - Anchor Street Porter4.90Not Tried
Dark Star - Imperial Stout10.50Not Tried
Dark Star - Porter5.50Not Tried
Kent - Cobnut4.10Not Tried
Tyne Bank - Southern Star5.00Not Tried
Kent - Craft Pale 3.80Not Tried
Dark Star - Hophead Galaxy3.80Not Tried
19 Nov 2012 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening visit - my first here. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Lined Craft Beer Co. branded glasses in use.
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Late Star5.00ExceptionalExcellent mid brown bitter brewed and sold to celebrate 125 years of Sheffield's The Star newspaper. One of the best Thornbridge beers I have tasted for a long time.
Marble - Chocolate Marble5.50Not Tried
Ilkley - Black3.70Not Tried
Dark Star - Partridge Best Bitter4.00Not Tried
Magic Rock - Curious3.90Not Tried
Magic Rock - High Wire NZ5.50Not Tried
Kent - Craft Pale 3.80Not TriedHouse beer for this house
Marble - Reddish Ale4.80Not Tried
Ilkley - Joshua Jane3.70Not Tried

About the Craft Beer Co.

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The pub is found in Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 3FG.

Located in Upper North Street on the corner of Regent Hill. 9 handpumps sported in this quite small intimate one bar house. It has a raised area in one corner and this now leads to an upstairs lounge which was added in 2014. Opened in summer 2012 as the first out of London Craft Beer Company house. Major refurbishment in 2018 added multiple sports TV screens.

We have visited this pub 10 times, seen 57 different beers and tried 12 of them.

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Postcode: BN1 3FG