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The Freed Man (Free House)

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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Breakwater - Dover's Pale Ale (DPA)Excellent1
Old Dairy - Blue TopExcellent1
BritHop (cuckoo or contract brewed at Franklins) - Sandstorm Golden AleExcellent1
Wantsum - DynamoExcellent1
Hop Fuzz - Bullion BombExcellent1
Pig & Porter - SkylarkingExcellent1
Four Candles - American Pale AleExcellent1
Westerham - Summer PerleExcellent1
Brentwood - Shrimpers Gravesend Pale AleExcellent1
Whitstable - Winkle PickerExcellent1
Pig & Porter - Forever LostGood1
Exeter - Darkness The Prince of AlesGood1
Pig & Porter - All These VibesGood1
Goody Ales - Bleangate Brewery - Good HealthGood1
Hop Fuzz - EnglishGood1
Four Candles - Fuggles Bitter Good1
Laine - Brighton (North Laine) - Bestest BitterGood1
3 Piers - Old Station PorterGood1
Skinner's - PorthlevenNot Tried0
Westerham - Family StoutNot Tried0
Pig & Porter - Dance FirstNot Tried0
Three Castles - SaxonNot Tried0
Old Pie Factory - American PieNot Tried0
Wantsum - Montgomery (was SS Richard Montgomery)Not Tried0
McCanns (see also Angels and Demons) - Janet Street Green Hop PorterNot Tried0
Manning Brewers (Born of Man) - 12th ManNot Tried0
Wild Beer Co. - MMXXNot Tried0
Three Castles - Shadow KnightNot Tried0
Shivering Sands - Ribersborg StoutNot Tried0
Old Dairy - Breakfast StoutNot Tried0
Ripple Steam - Original Best BitterNot Tried0
Holler (formerly Holler Boys) - Cheat ModeNot Tried0
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - Little CrackerNot Tried0
Picture 1. The Freed Man, Walmer, Kent
Picture 2. The Freed Man, Walmer, Kent
Picture 3. The Freed Man, Walmer, Kent
Chris Excell

Visits Details

12 May 2022 (Jack William)
Second Thursday bus-pass group here for our monthly get together. 8 of us - excellent session, we outnumbered the locals for a couple of hours. A lovely looking Porter from Four Candles also on, Pecan Porter at 4.3%
Pig & Porter - Skylarking4.00ExcellentVery popular with most of the group.
Laine - Brighton (North Laine) - Bestest Bitter4.30Good
Pig & Porter - Forever Lost5.30GoodGreat body with a full flavour. New barrel on and could have done with a little bit more settling time.
02 Feb 2022 (Magnus Greel)
Met a couple of friends in here for a relaxed and enjoyable lunchtime session. On the ball barmaid needed no encouragement to refill our empty glasses.
Old Dairy - Blue Top4.80Excellent
Pig & Porter - All These Vibes5.30GoodFull on tropical fruity broth
Four Candles - Fuggles Bitter 4.50GoodRefreshingly not over bitter. As usual for the 4C's brews the ABV varies, this was marked up as 4.3
Shivering Sands - Ribersborg Stout4.70Not Tried
Old Dairy - Breakfast Stout6.00Not Tried
23 Jan 2020 (Jack William)
Stop 3 - another warm welcome with a small but varied selection of ales.
3 Piers - Old Station Porter4.70Good
Wild Beer Co. - MMXX4.10Not Tried
Three Castles - Shadow Knight3.80Not Tried
07 Dec 2019 (Archie14)
Wow! What a wonderful little pub this is, very much my favourite kind of drinking establishment, friendly staff, vast amounts of breweriana and personal collections of bric o brac which gives the drinker much to look at and I love that....
Four Candles - American Pale Ale4.00ExcellentStunning pint, delicate floral and well balanced hop.
McCanns (see also Angels and Demons) - Janet Street Green Hop Porter4.50Not Tried
Manning Brewers (Born of Man) - 12th Man4.00Not Tried
05 Dec 2019 (Jack William)
Well, one door shuts (The Lantern) and another opens. Lunchtime, just a couple of other drinkers in - a pleasant welcome. I love the decor in this pub - could spend hours checking it out.
Wantsum - Dynamo4.30ExcellentToo good to try any of the others.
Wantsum - Montgomery (was SS Richard Montgomery)4.00Not Tried
McCanns (see also Angels and Demons) - Janet Street Green Hop Porter4.50Not Tried
Manning Brewers (Born of Man) - 12th Man4.00Not Tried
24 Aug 2019 (Andrew)
I've never been here before so wanted to try it out. There was an informative and friendly lady behind the bar and the interior of the pub was full of interesting things to look at. Great pub.
Goody Ales - Bleangate Brewery - Good Health3.60GoodNice first pint of the day.
Three Castles - Saxon4.00Not Tried
3 Piers - Old Station Porter4.70Not Tried
Old Pie Factory - American Pie5.50Not Tried
22 Aug 2018 (Magnus Greel)
My first visit and I took an instant liking to the place with many historical war and seafaring artifacts on display made for a micro museum atmosphere. One other group on a lunchtime session who left shortly after hence we had the place to ourselves. I took advantage of the chippy 2 doors up and put my order in just before its 2pm closing time. I found the Mon-Thurs 9ish/10ish vague closing times rather amusing no doubt to the chagrin of Mr.Pirrip
Westerham - Summer Perle3.80ExcellentHas the earthy Westerham 'twang' to it for another delicious fruity summer beer.
Whitstable - Winkle Picker4.50ExcellentSubtly sweet and zesty yet light and hoppy belies its strength.
BritHop (cuckoo or contract brewed at Franklins) - Sandstorm Golden Ale3.80ExcellentSpot on condition for this rich and flavoursome darker side of pale beer.
Pig & Porter - Dance First4.20Not Tried
10 May 2018 (Jack William)
Lunchtime visit with my bus-pass cronies. Very pleasant staff and locals. We were allowed to bring some lunch in from the local sandwich shop.
Hop Fuzz - Bullion Bomb5.00ExcellentVery nice, light coloured, well hopped ale. Marked up just as “Bullion” (5% Hop Fuzz).
Exeter - Darkness The Prince of Ales5.10GoodWell balanced dark ale.
Hop Fuzz - English4.00GoodNice trad bitter.
10 Jan 2018 (ChrisE)
Afternoon visit and just a few in. We had a good chat with the landlord.
Breakwater - Dover's Pale Ale (DPA)3.80Excellent
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - Little Cracker5.00Not Tried
Skinner's - Porthleven4.80Not Tried
Westerham - Family Stout4.50Not Tried
19 Sep 2017 (ChrisE)
Afternoon visit and quite busy. We had a good chat with the landlord.
Brentwood - Shrimpers Gravesend Pale Ale4.00Excellent
Ripple Steam - Original Best Bitter4.10Not Tried
Holler (formerly Holler Boys) - Cheat Mode3.80Not Tried

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About The Freed Man

The pub sign. The Freed Man, Walmer, Kent

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The pub is found in Walmer, Kent, CT14 7NX.

End of terrace (once the Walmer Sub Post Office and latterly a former Solar Energy Equipment) shop conversion in Dover Road. A Micropub, which first opened to the general public on Saturday 23rd January 2016, with perhaps a fuller range of alcoholic products than the usual Micropub. Cask ales are served through an ancient refurbished 4-way cash-register style handpump beer engine. Has free Wifi and often plays recorded music.

We have visited this pub 19 times, seen 60 different beers and tried 30 of them.

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Postcode: CT14 7NX