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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Breakwater - Tropical ThunderExcellent2
Breakwater - Castle on the HillExcellent1
Breakwater - Handpicked GreenExcellent1
Breakwater - KodiakExcellent1
Breakwater - Docker's Oatmeal PorterExcellent1
Breakwater - Dover PAExcellent1
Breakwater - AAAExcellent2
Breakwater - East Kent GoldExcellent1
Breakwater - Dover's Pale Ale (DPA)Excellent4
Breakwater - Spring TideExcellent1
Breakwater - Paper Aeroplane FightExcellent1
Breakwater - Can’t You Hear The ThunderExcellent1
Breakwater - BestExcellent1
Breakwater - Cow Juice Milk StoutExcellent1
Breakwater - Hellfire CornerGood1
Breakwater - Cow JuiceGood1
Breakwater - The MogulGood1
Breakwater - American Pale AleGood1
Breakwater - Test Pale #1Good1
Breakwater - Hoppy Christmas Good1
Breakwater - New World Good1
Breakwater - Zombie Maker Chocolate IPAGood2
Breakwater - Calico JackAcceptable1
Breakwater - HMS MinnowPoor1
Breakwater - Raspberry BlondeNot Tried0
Breakwater - Black EnsignNot Tried0
Breakwater - Must be Krampus Not Tried0
Breakwater - KicksNot Tried0
Breakwater - Blue EnsignNot Tried0
Breakwater - Red EnsignNot Tried0

Visits Details

03 Jun 2021 (Jack William)
A very good session for the bus-pass group. We sat outside on the artificial grass under the timber framed slats and had excellent service for a couple of hours.
Breakwater - Dover's Pale Ale (DPA)3.80ExcellentFresh, clear and lively. Excellent session ale.
Breakwater - Kodiak6.00ExcellentDry, dark, tasty.
Breakwater - East Kent Gold4.20ExcellentGoldings, golden ale. Silky smooth and full bodied.
Breakwater - Cow Juice4.20GoodVery sweet
Breakwater - American Pale Ale5.00GoodGood body, a little hazy.
Breakwater - Red Ensign4.00Not Tried
08 Oct 2020 (Jack William)
Lunchtime opening especially for our group - we spread out nicely and had a good session with pizzas and a few samples of the keg craft ales as a bonus. The bar rules were clearly displayed: DRINK BEER STAY SEATED EAT PIZZA STAY SAFE
Breakwater - Handpicked Green4.00Excellent4.2 version - lovely body.
Breakwater - Dover PA3.50ExcellentPerfect start - low strength, top condition and flavour.
Breakwater - Can’t You Hear The Thunder8.50ExcellentHad a sample - just had to have a half to finish the session - slow, sipping ale, deceptively drinkable.
Breakwater - The Mogul5.60GoodOn keg - had to have a half of this as a tribute to one of Kent’s finest pubs, still missed after all these years.
Breakwater - Tropical Thunder6.30GoodJust a taster - getting pineapple notes?
Breakwater - New World 5.00GoodSlightly hazy American IPA
Breakwater - Blue Ensign4.00Not Tried
01 Mar 2019 (ChrisE)
Early evening at around 6pm and already very busy. Pizzas seem very popular in here. I have only listed the cask beers that were on offer.
Breakwater - Spring Tide5.00Excellent
Breakwater - Best4.00Excellent
Breakwater - Kicks3.70Not Tried
29 Dec 2018 (Stephen Harris)
Almost everyone in here at lunchtime appears to be on their way to watch football at the Crabble.
Breakwater - Hoppy Christmas 4.00GoodPale Ale with rather raw hop flavours.
Breakwater - Zombie Maker Chocolate IPA6.00AcceptableI found this a bit odd. Chocolate and almonds.
Breakwater - Calico Jack6.20AcceptableFrom keg. Fizzy rum and vanilla Stout.
Breakwater - Dover's Pale Ale (DPA)3.80Not Tried
Breakwater - Best4.00Not Tried
Breakwater - Must be Krampus 4.50Not Tried
03 Feb 2018 (Stephen Harris)
A convenient break half way up from the town centre to the Crabble. Every town should have an excellent brewery outlet like this.
Breakwater - Cow Juice Milk Stout5.00ExcellentBadged as 4.2%. Fresh from the udder. A sweet, chocolatey Milk Stout. Superb I thought – very close to five stars.
Breakwater - Tropical Thunder6.30ExcellentFrom key-keg. A full-blown US IPA. Slight murk. Masses of tropical fruit.
Breakwater - AAA5.00GoodAAA = American Amber Ale. Reddish/amber in colour with a good hop character.
Breakwater - Dover's Pale Ale (DPA)3.80Not Tried
Breakwater - Docker's Oatmeal Porter4.10Not Tried
Breakwater - Castle on the Hill4.40Not Tried
Breakwater - Black Ensign3.20Not Tried
03 Dec 2017 (ChrisE)
Early evening on a Sunday evening, my plans for a tour of Dover were thwarted by discovering that the Rack of Ale closed yesterday, I had been told that The Lanes is not currently open on Sundays and I was consequently too early for the Louis Armstrong so my tour started and finished here. I am pleased to say that this place appeared to be thriving and was certainly busy and welcoming this evening with plenty of free nibbles on the bar. I had a good chat with one of the regulars about preserved East Kent buses.
Breakwater - Dover's Pale Ale (DPA)3.80Excellent
Breakwater - AAA5.00Excellent
Breakwater - Zombie Maker Chocolate IPA6.00Excellent
Breakwater - Cow Juice Milk Stout5.00Not TriedI think this was advertised as 4.2%
Breakwater - Raspberry Blonde5.00Not Tried
11 May 2017 (Jack William)
I have been invited into a new "club" of oldies who make micropub visits! Retirement just keeps getting better. First stop is the Breakwater who have opened especially for the eight of us at noon. We were treated to a tour round the new and expanding facilities.
Breakwater - Castle on the Hill4.40ExcellentA very dark "amber" beer with superb depth.
Breakwater - Dover's Pale Ale (DPA)3.80GoodLight citrusy beer.
Breakwater - Hellfire Corner3.90GoodWith a bit more bite than the Dover Pale
Breakwater - HMS Minnow2.80PoorOnly a taster of this - but general view was that it was odd - a thin mild with an unusual amount of fizz.
Breakwater - Cow Juice Milk Stout5.00Not TriedWas very popular with the others.
07 Apr 2017 (Jack William)
My first visit - arrived just after opening time at 6 - a few others in. I was impressesd by the space - very well done and bigger than I had imagined. Knowledgeable and helpful barman. 3 other new own brews on but didn't note the ABV so can't add: HMS Minnow, Castle on the Hill and Hellfire Corner.
Breakwater - Paper Aeroplane Fight6.10ExcellentA wonderful brew.
Breakwater - Dover's Pale Ale (DPA)3.80Good
Breakwater - Cow Juice Milk Stout5.00Not Tried
22 Dec 2016 (Philip Pirrip)
Early evening. I arrived at the very end of a brewery tour for local CAMRA members. A free bar for all tonight as the licence to sell doesn't start until tomorrow following a licensing cock up. Very enthusiastic brewer and Guv was constantly soliciting feedback. I took just one chance to sample one of the many fizz beers, a Ramsgate (Gadds') / Breakwater collaboration "Endeavor" at 4.5% but my belch glands were quickly activated.
Breakwater - Docker's Oatmeal Porter4.10ExcellentNowt but a good nourishing brew
Breakwater - Test Pale #13.50GoodDelicious for its low abv, total clarity
17 Dec 2016 (Philip Pirrip)
Attempted evening visit. Had researched opening hours on Twitter before I left London at 6pm and they were 12-10 today. Arrived just before 9 to find place in darkness and less signs of life than on Mars. Subsequently found out had been closed all day - would an explanation and apology in the front door window have gone amiss? Told later in The Thirsty Scarecrow that there had been numerous groups who had "tried" the Breakwater all day and come back there disappointed.

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About the Breakwater Brewery Taproom

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The pub is found in Dover, Kent, CT16 2AA.

Taproom attached to the Breakwater Brewery in St Martin's Yard, Lorne Road which opened in December 2016. Serves cask ales and keg beers from its own brewery as well as from across the country, ciders too. Cask ales and real ciders are sold on gravity dispense from a temperature controlled cellar room. Comfortably furnished with chunky furniture and well lit. No food on offer but customers are welcome to bring their own food or take-away and plates and cutlery are then willingly supplied. There are 11 keg taps on the bar back. The upright of the bar counter resembles a stone breakwater, a nice touch. Has a policy of charging more than the pro-rata price for a half or two-thirds of a pint.

We have visited this pub 11 times, seen 30 different beers and tried 24 of them.

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Postcode: CT16 2AA