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Rochford Beer & Cider Festival 2017 (CAMRA Beer Festival)

Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Keppels - Christmas CrowExcellent1
Mighty Oak - Pickled WalnutExcellent1
Leigh on Sea - SS9Good1
Church End - Goats MilkGood1
Hop Monster (Georges) - Banshee PorterGood1
Bragdy Twt Lol - Horny Goat AleAcceptable1
Oakham - JHBNot Tried0
Triple fff - Pressed Rat & WarthogNot Tried0
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - JaipurNot Tried0
Winter's - MildNot Tried0
Winter's - RevengeNot Tried0
Humpty Dumpty - Lemon & GingerNot Tried0
Batemans - Salem PorterNot Tried0
Crouch Vale - Anchor Street PorterNot Tried0
Mersea Island - Yo Boy BitterNot Tried0
Nethergate (was Nethergate Growler for a while then name reverted) - Old GrowlerNot Tried0
Nethergate (was Nethergate Growler for a while then name reverted) - Priory MildNot Tried0
Teignworthy - BeachcomberNot Tried0
Teignworthy - Xmas CrackerNot Tried0
Church End - Grave Digger's AleNot Tried0
Mighty Oak - Bingle JellsNot Tried0
Felinfoel - Double DragonNot Tried0
Grainstore - Rutland BeastNot Tried0
Pitfield's - Red AleNot Tried0
Exeter - Avocet AleNot Tried0
Brentwood - Chockwork OrangeNot Tried0
Green Jack - Baltic TraderNot Tried0
Oakham - CitraNot Tried0
Shalford - 1319 MildNot Tried0
Flowerpots - BitterNot Tried0
Farmer's Ales (Maldon Brewing) - Puck's FollyNot Tried0
Tintagel - Cornwall's PrideNot Tried0
Crouch Vale - Yakima GoldNot Tried0
Blue Monkey - 99 Red BaboonsNot Tried0
Blue Monkey - Infinity IPA (was Infinity)Not Tried0
Brentwood - BestNot Tried0
Great Heck - DAVENot Tried0
Milestone - Olde English AleNot Tried0
Red Fox - Black Fox PorterNot Tried0
Georges - Wakering GoldNot Tried0
Tiny Rebel - CwtchNot Tried0
Colchester - No. 1Not Tried0
Georges - Wallasea WenchNot Tried0
Bishop Nick - Ridley's RiteNot Tried0
Mersea Island - OysterNot Tried0
Red Fox - Hunter's GoldNot Tried0
Shalford - Levelly GoldNot Tried0
Barlow - AnastasiaNot Tried0
Red Fox - Arctic FoxNot Tried0
Rebel - Eighty ShillingNot Tried0
Shalford - Levelly BlackNot Tried0
Derventio - GoldNot Tried0
Driftwood Spars - Blackheads MildNot Tried0
Georges - Cockleboats Best BitterNot Tried0
Billericay - Mayflower GoldNot Tried0
Colchester - Brazilian Coffee & Vanilla PorterNot Tried0
Colchester - Jack Spitty's Smuggler's AleNot Tried0
Exeter - Darkness The Prince of AlesNot Tried0
S&P - Barrack Street BitterNot Tried0
Derventio - Mrs ClausNot Tried0
Marlpool - Blind Boris MildNot Tried0
Triple fff - Alton's PrideNot Tried0
Green Jack - Flower PowerNot Tried0
Billericay - Billericay BlondeNot Tried0
Caveman (latterly a cuckoo at Leatherbritches) - CavedwellerNot Tried0
Tombstone - ArizonaNot Tried0
Hope - SX GoldNot Tried0
Billericay - Chapel Street PorterNot Tried0
Tombstone - StagecoachNot Tried0
Norfolk Brewhouse - Moon Gazer Gold IPANot Tried0
Batemans - Colonel's WhiskersNot Tried0
S&P - Norfolk Green HopNot Tried0
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Made NorthNot Tried0
Shiny - AffinityNot Tried0
Leighton Buzzard - Restoration AleNot Tried0
Leighton Buzzard - Narrow GaugeNot Tried0
Grain - Winter AshNot Tried0
Billericay - Rhythm StickNot Tried0
Yeovil - Yeo Ho Ho!Not Tried0
Downlands (previously South Downs) - BramberNot Tried0
Flowerpots - Autumn BlazeNot Tried0
Tintagel - Poldark AleNot Tried0
Leighton Buzzard - Black BuzzardNot Tried0
Gun - Scaramanga Extra Pale AleNot Tried0
Gun - Project Babylon Pale AleNot Tried0
Gun - Zamzama IPANot Tried0
Caveman (latterly a cuckoo at Leatherbritches) - NeanderthalNot Tried0
Downlands (previously South Downs) - BestNot Tried0
Boudicca - Spiral StoutNot Tried0
Billericay - NFL Ale (Festival Special)Not Tried0
Deeply Vale - Citra StormNot Tried0
Deeply Vale - Deeply RedNot Tried0
Boudicca - Golden TorcNot Tried0
Tiny Rebel - Compton Cricket ClubNot Tried0
Tenby - Barefoot BlondeNot Tried0
Billericay - Woody's WagNot Tried0
PumpHouse - Toppesfield TapNot Tried0
PumpHouse - GoldNot Tried0
Mad Cat - Red AleNot Tried0
Mad Cat - Educated GuessNot Tried0
Shiny - PailNot Tried0
Milestone - AzaccaNot Tried0
Hadham - 18ct GoldNot Tried0
Thames Side - Egyptian Goose India Pale AleNot Tried0
Thames Side - White Swan Pale AleNot Tried0
Thames Side - Black Swan PorterNot Tried0
Billericay - Autumn RyeNot Tried0
Great Heck - Snazzy BeerNot Tried0
Little Critters - Sleepy BadgerNot Tried0
Billericay - DickieNot Tried0
Billericay - ZeppelinNot Tried0
Grey Trees - Digger's GoldNot Tried0
Bragdy Twt Lol - Glo in the DarkNot Tried0
Hope - SX PaleNot Tried0
Mr Majolica's - BuccaneerNot Tried0
Tiny Rebel - JuicyNot Tried0
Langwith - Lord HumungousNot Tried0
Leighton Buzzard - CuckooNot Tried0
Hattie Brown's - Crow BlackNot Tried0
Hattie Brown's - Mustang SallyNot Tried0
Tenby - West Coast RocksNot Tried0
Felinfoel - Dragon's HeartNot Tried0
Wild Craft - Wild WeatherNot Tried0
Leigh on Sea - CrowstoneNot Tried0
Leigh on Sea - Cockle Row SpitNot Tried0
Leigh on Sea - Six Little ShipsNot Tried0
Fable - Genesis Pale AleNot Tried0
Bishop Nick - Holy KnightNot Tried0
Dominion - BitterNot Tried0
Dominion - 1850 PorterNot Tried0
Hadham - First Brewed AleNot Tried0
Maldon - Christmas StoutNot Tried0
Norfolk Brewhouse - XmasNot Tried0
Round Tower - White & OrangeNot Tried0
Round Tower - Dash Dot Dash Dot (- . - . )Not Tried0
Saffron - Turpin's TemptationNot Tried0
Saffron - Agnes WaterhouseNot Tried0
Saffron - Saffron PorterNot Tried0
Tombstone - Six ShooterNot Tried0
Tombstone - Six Shooter 6 months reserveNot Tried0
Watsons - Black Otter StoutNot Tried0
Wild Craft - Wild RideNot Tried0
Barlow - Beyond the PaleNot Tried0
Crankshaft - PropshaftNot Tried0
Crankshaft - DryveshaftNot Tried0
Driftwood Spars - Red River RyeNot Tried0
Greg's - Dambuster AleNot Tried0
Greg's - MaysonNot Tried0
Grey Trees - Afghan Pale AleNot Tried0
Langwith - Jeanie's MildNot Tried0
Little Critters - White WolfNot Tried0
Teignworthy - Santa's TaleNot Tried0
Thames Side - Wryneck RyeNot Tried0
Yeovil - Yolo #12Not Tried0
Billericay - Dave the MalletNot Tried0
Billericay - Coffee PorterNot Tried0
Billericay - Sex & Drugs & Rock & RollNot Tried0
Billericay - Mayflower Gold 2017 VintageNot Tried0
Billericay - Christmas BlondeNot Tried0
Georges - Winters GoldNot Tried0
Georges - India Papa AlphaNot Tried0
Georges - EmpireNot Tried0
Hop Monster (Georges) - OpalNot Tried0
Georges - Gaspar's StarNot Tried0
Georges - Black FrostNot Tried0

Visits Details

22 Nov 2017 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening until 10.45pm close. Time to catch up with ex work colleagues. Seemed the lightest Wednesday attendance I could remember and a reduced beer range.
Mighty Oak - Pickled Walnut5.00Excellent
Keppels - Christmas Crow6.00Excellent
Church End - Goats Milk3.80GoodLast dribbles out of the cask
Hop Monster (Georges) - Banshee Porter4.40Good
Leigh on Sea - SS99.00GoodA gluey delicious brew. Named not just after the brewery's postcode but the 9% nightcap hit. Wisely sold in thirds and halves only
Bragdy Twt Lol - Horny Goat Ale4.20AcceptablePretty tasteless to be honest
Oakham - JHB3.80Not Tried
Triple fff - Pressed Rat & Warthog3.80Not Tried
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Jaipur5.90Not Tried
Winter's - Mild3.60Not Tried
Winter's - Revenge4.70Not Tried
Humpty Dumpty - Lemon & Ginger4.00Not Tried
Batemans - Salem Porter4.70Not Tried
Crouch Vale - Anchor Street Porter4.90Not Tried
Mersea Island - Yo Boy Bitter3.80Not Tried
Nethergate (was Nethergate Growler for a while then name reverted) - Old Growler5.00Not Tried
Nethergate (was Nethergate Growler for a while then name reverted) - Priory Mild3.50Not Tried
Teignworthy - Beachcomber4.50Not Tried
Teignworthy - Xmas Cracker6.00Not Tried
Church End - Grave Digger's Ale3.80Not Tried
Mighty Oak - Bingle Jells5.20Not Tried
Felinfoel - Double Dragon4.20Not Tried
Grainstore - Rutland Beast5.30Not Tried
Pitfield's - Red Ale4.80Not Tried
Exeter - Avocet Ale3.90Not Tried
Brentwood - Chockwork Orange6.50Not Tried
Green Jack - Baltic Trader10.50Not Tried
Oakham - Citra4.20Not Tried
Shalford - 1319 Mild3.70Not Tried
Flowerpots - Bitter3.80Not Tried
Farmer's Ales (Maldon Brewing) - Puck's Folly4.20Not Tried
Tintagel - Cornwall's Pride4.00Not Tried
Crouch Vale - Yakima Gold4.20Not Tried
Blue Monkey - 99 Red Baboons4.20Not Tried
Blue Monkey - Infinity IPA (was Infinity)4.60Not Tried
Brentwood - Best4.20Not Tried
Great Heck - DAVE3.80Not Tried
Milestone - Olde English Ale4.90Not Tried
Red Fox - Black Fox Porter4.80Not Tried
Georges - Wakering Gold3.80Not Tried
Tiny Rebel - Cwtch4.60Not Tried
Colchester - No. 14.10Not Tried
Georges - Wallasea Wench3.60Not Tried
Bishop Nick - Ridley's Rite3.60Not Tried
Mersea Island - Oyster5.00Not Tried
Red Fox - Hunter's Gold3.90Not Tried
Shalford - Levelly Gold4.00Not Tried
Barlow - Anastasia7.50Not Tried
Red Fox - Arctic Fox4.50Not Tried
Rebel - Eighty Shilling5.00Not Tried
Shalford - Levelly Black4.80Not Tried
Derventio - Gold4.20Not Tried
Driftwood Spars - Blackheads Mild3.80Not Tried
Georges - Cockleboats Best Bitter4.00Not Tried
Billericay - Mayflower Gold6.50Not Tried
Colchester - Brazilian Coffee & Vanilla Porter4.60Not Tried
Colchester - Jack Spitty's Smuggler's Ale4.00Not Tried
Exeter - Darkness The Prince of Ales5.10Not Tried
S&P - Barrack Street Bitter4.00Not Tried
Derventio - Mrs Claus4.00Not Tried
Marlpool - Blind Boris Mild3.50Not Tried
Triple fff - Alton's Pride3.80Not Tried
Green Jack - Flower Power6.00Not Tried
Billericay - Billericay Blonde4.00Not Tried
Caveman (latterly a cuckoo at Leatherbritches) - Cavedweller5.80Not Tried
Tombstone - Arizona3.90Not Tried
Hope - SX Gold4.00Not Tried
Billericay - Chapel Street Porter5.90Not Tried
Tombstone - Stagecoach4.40Not Tried
Norfolk Brewhouse - Moon Gazer Gold IPA5.00Not Tried
Batemans - Colonel's Whiskers4.30Not Tried
S&P - Norfolk Green Hop3.90Not Tried
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Made North3.80Not Tried
Shiny - Affinity4.60Not Tried
Leighton Buzzard - Restoration Ale4.60Not Tried
Leighton Buzzard - Narrow Gauge3.90Not Tried
Grain - Winter Ash5.00Not Tried
Billericay - Rhythm Stick4.80Not Tried
Yeovil - Yeo Ho Ho!4.50Not Tried
Downlands (previously South Downs) - Bramber4.50Not Tried
Flowerpots - Autumn Blaze5.20Not Tried
Tintagel - Poldark Ale4.50Not Tried
Leighton Buzzard - Black Buzzard5.80Not Tried
Gun - Scaramanga Extra Pale Ale3.90Not Tried
Gun - Project Babylon Pale Ale4.60Not Tried
Gun - Zamzama IPA6.50Not Tried
Caveman (latterly a cuckoo at Leatherbritches) - Neanderthal4.40Not Tried
Downlands (previously South Downs) - Best4.10Not Tried
Boudicca - Spiral Stout4.60Not Tried
Billericay - NFL Ale (Festival Special)5.00Not Tried
Deeply Vale - Citra Storm4.00Not Tried
Deeply Vale - Deeply Red4.20Not Tried
Boudicca - Golden Torc4.30Not Tried
Tiny Rebel - Compton Cricket Club4.50Not Tried
Tenby - Barefoot Blonde4.60Not Tried
Billericay - Woody's Wag4.20Not Tried
PumpHouse - Toppesfield Tap3.60Not Tried
PumpHouse - Gold4.20Not Tried
Mad Cat - Red Ale3.90Not Tried
Mad Cat - Educated Guess4.70Not Tried
Shiny - Pail4.00Not Tried
Milestone - Azacca4.20Not Tried
Hadham - 18ct Gold3.70Not Tried
Thames Side - Egyptian Goose India Pale Ale4.80Not Tried
Thames Side - White Swan Pale Ale4.20Not Tried
Thames Side - Black Swan Porter4.60Not Tried
Billericay - Autumn Rye4.70Not Tried
Great Heck - Snazzy Beer4.50Not Tried
Little Critters - Sleepy Badger4.50Not Tried
Billericay - Dickie4.20Not Tried
Billericay - Zeppelin3.80Not Tried
Grey Trees - Digger's Gold4.00Not Tried
Bragdy Twt Lol - Glo in the Dark4.50Not Tried
Hope - SX Pale3.90Not Tried
Mr Majolica's - Buccaneer3.80Not Tried
Tiny Rebel - Juicy4.80Not Tried
Langwith - Lord Humungous4.80Not Tried
Leighton Buzzard - Cuckoo3.80Not Tried
Hattie Brown's - Crow Black5.10Not Tried
Hattie Brown's - Mustang Sally4.30Not Tried
Tenby - West Coast Rocks3.80Not Tried
Felinfoel - Dragon's Heart4.50Not Tried
Wild Craft - Wild Weather4.50Not Tried
Leigh on Sea - Crowstone5.50Not Tried
Leigh on Sea - Cockle Row Spit5.60Not Tried
Leigh on Sea - Six Little Ships4.20Not Tried
Fable - Genesis Pale Ale3.80Not Tried
Bishop Nick - Holy Knight4.50Not Tried
Dominion - Bitter3.70Not Tried
Dominion - 1850 Porter5.00Not Tried
Hadham - First Brewed Ale4.00Not Tried
Maldon - Christmas Stout4.80Not Tried
Norfolk Brewhouse - Xmas3.90Not Tried
Round Tower - White & Orange3.50Not Tried
Round Tower - Dash Dot Dash Dot (- . - . )3.90Not Tried
Saffron - Turpin's Temptation4.80Not Tried
Saffron - Agnes Waterhouse5.20Not Tried
Saffron - Saffron Porter5.20Not Tried
Tombstone - Six Shooter6.60Not Tried
Tombstone - Six Shooter 6 months reserve6.60Not Tried
Watsons - Black Otter Stout5.00Not Tried
Wild Craft - Wild Ride5.00Not Tried
Barlow - Beyond the Pale4.00Not Tried
Crankshaft - Propshaft3.80Not Tried
Crankshaft - Dryveshaft5.20Not Tried
Driftwood Spars - Red River Rye4.80Not Tried
Greg's - Dambuster Ale3.80Not Tried
Greg's - Mayson4.20Not Tried
Grey Trees - Afghan Pale Ale5.40Not Tried
Langwith - Jeanie's Mild3.50Not Tried
Little Critters - White Wolf5.00Not Tried
Teignworthy - Santa's Tale4.10Not Tried
Thames Side - Wryneck Rye5.60Not Tried
Yeovil - Yolo #124.20Not Tried
Billericay - Dave the Mallet4.60Not Tried
Billericay - Coffee Porter5.90Not Tried
Billericay - Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll5.00Not Tried
Billericay - Mayflower Gold 2017 Vintage7.50Not Tried
Billericay - Christmas Blonde4.00Not Tried
Georges - Winters Gold4.00Not Tried
Georges - India Papa Alpha4.00Not Tried
Georges - Empire4.00Not Tried
Hop Monster (Georges) - Opal4.50Not Tried
Georges - Gaspar's Star8.60Not Tried
Georges - Black Frost4.20Not Tried

About the Rochford Beer & Cider Festival 2017

Summary of Beer Scores



The pub is found in Rochford, Essex, SS4 1BU.

The 38th CAMRA South East Essex Beer & Cider Festival. Located in an excellent roomy building a minute or two from the railway station. Held 21 to 25 November 2017. This year the ale bars were designated as East Anglian, National and LocAle. This year's logo carried images of Dave Walsh a many times Beer Festival Manager who passed away during last year's festival plus Barry Chandler and Denis Kirby, festival stalwarts also recently passed away.

We have visited this pub once, seen 161 different beers and tried 6 of them.

Map location

Postcode: SS4 1BU