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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - Dark ConspiracyExceptional1
Hogs Back - OTT Old Tongham TastyExcellent1
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - No. 3Excellent1
Dark Star - American Pale Ale (some, if not all, also brewed by Fuller's)Excellent1
Eagle (was Wells & Young's, was Charles Wells, was Wells) - Young's Winter WarmerGood1
Inveralmond - Ossian's AleGood1
Loddon - Summer SnowflakeGood1
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - No. 5Good1
Acorn - EldoradoGood1
Derventio - Winter SolsticeGood1
Rudgate - SpecialAcceptable1
Inveralmond - Duncan's IPAAcceptable1
Oakleaf (now see Fallen Acorn entries) - BitterAcceptable1
Mauldons - Mid-Autumn GoldAcceptable1
Inveralmond - Santa's SwallieAcceptable1
Springhead - SweetlipsAcceptable1
Country Life - Golden PigAcceptable1
Rudgate - Marston Moor Brewers DroopAcceptable1
Adnams - Southwold BitterNot Tried0
Sharp's - Doom BarNot Tried0
Timothy Taylor - LandlordNot Tried0
Springhead - LibertyNot Tried0
Wadworth - Henry's Original IPANot Tried0
Marston's - BassNot Tried0
Crouch Vale - AmarilloNot Tried0
Elland - Beyond the PaleNot Tried0
Mauldons - Black AdderNot Tried0
Adnams - YuletideNot Tried0
Adnams - BroadsideNot Tried0
Itchen Valley - Hampshire TigersNot Tried0
Picture 1. The White Swan, Reading Street, Kent
Picture 2. The White Swan, Reading Street, Kent
Picture 3. The White Swan, Reading Street, Kent

Visits Details

30 May 2015 (Dosser)
Excellent find. 6 real ales at £3.20 in one bar and £3.16 in the other. Excellent value food. Decor like a 70s throwback.
Acorn - Eldorado5.00Good£3 a pint or £2.96 on Wednesdays.
24 Jun 2012 (Blair)
Pub was full of locals in to watch the England game. Good banter flying around as well as a lot of free food! Great atmosphere and a good selection of beer available.
Dark Star - American Pale Ale (some, if not all, also brewed by Fuller's)4.70ExcellentFantastic beer in great condition.
Loddon - Summer Snowflake4.10GoodGood beer. Light in colour with a bit of hop and sweet malt.
Rudgate - Special4.00AcceptableBland, a little malt and fruit but certainly nothing special about this one.
Inveralmond - Duncan's IPA4.40AcceptableNot what I'd call an IPA. Little fruity with a bit of malt but not any hops. Meh.
Adnams - Broadside4.70Not Tried
Itchen Valley - Hampshire Tigers4.60Not Tried
14 Dec 2009 (Blair)
I just can't seem to find a pint of stout or porter anywhere in Thanet at the moment! This is still a nice, friendly local, the sort of pub that really needs to be protected.
Derventio - Winter Solstice5.00GoodSpicy, grassy beer. Almost a little like a wheat beer. Lots of cinnamon, nutmeg and coriander. Unusual.
Inveralmond - Santa's Swallie4.30AcceptableTasted a lot like London Pride, only with a hint of cloves. Alrightish.
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - No. 54.40Not Tried
Adnams - Southwold Bitter3.70Not Tried
Adnams - Yuletide4.50Not Tried
09 May 2009 (Blair)
It was a friends birthday so a large group of us trundled up here already a little tipsy from the homebrew I'd made for the occasion. In hindsight it wasn't a great idea to bring a group of 8 drunk young men to a pub like this. Left after one pint, headed over to Ramsgate to a more suitable venue.
Inveralmond - Ossian's Ale4.10GoodFruity with a light hoppiness. Very drinkable golden ale.
Mauldons - Black Adder5.30Not Tried
Adnams - Southwold Bitter3.70Not Tried
25 Feb 2009 (Blair)
Needed a pint so came here hoping the beer lineup was an improvement on last week. It was a slight improvement but still disappointing so we left after one and headed to Ramsgate.
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - No. 35.00ExcellentThis is one of my favourite of the Gadds' range. Smooth and very refreshing with a fruity pineapple flavour to it.
Marston's - Bass4.40Not Tried
Elland - Beyond the Pale4.20Not Tried
17 Feb 2009 (Blair)
I was looking forward to this as I haven't been here for a couple of months. Extremely quiet even for a tuesday evening. The beer lineup was less than exciting as well. All in all a bit od a disappointment.
Springhead - Sweetlips4.60AcceptableNot as good as I remember. Maybe served a little too warm. A little cloying and left me very thirsty. A little bit of fruit and malt. Nice enough but not what I remembered.
Rudgate - Marston Moor Brewers Droop5.00AcceptableButtery and malty with a little fruit. Alcohol not hidden too well. Very flat and lifeless. I wouldn't have this again.
Wadworth - Henry's Original IPA3.60Not Tried
Marston's - Bass4.40Not Tried
Crouch Vale - Amarillo5.00Not Tried
Adnams - Southwold Bitter3.70Not Tried
09 Dec 2008 (Blair)
It's been quite a while since I was last here, so made extra effort. It was really quiet, at one point us being the only people in. But then it was a tuesday night.
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - Dark Conspiracy4.90ExceptionalThe best this beer has tasted! Rich, thick and exceptionally smooth. I had 3 and each one tasted better than the one before.
Oakleaf (now see Fallen Acorn entries) - Bitter3.80AcceptableGood initially with nice malt and caramel flavour, but then a harsh soapy aftertaste ruined it a little. Maybe it was just because the Dark Conspiracy was so good it made everything else taste mediocre.
Timothy Taylor - Landlord4.30Not Tried
Adnams - Southwold Bitter3.70Not Tried
Springhead - Liberty3.80Not Tried
18 Nov 2008 (Blair)
Fairly busy in tonight, good friendly banter from the locals.
Hogs Back - OTT Old Tongham Tasty6.00ExcellentIn a more generous mood I'd give this 5, it was fantastic. Rich and chocolatey with that lovely tartness. A great beer.
Eagle (was Wells & Young's, was Charles Wells, was Wells) - Young's Winter Warmer5.00GoodDark and fruity winter ale. Pretty good actually.
Sharp's - Doom Bar4.00Not Tried
Adnams - Southwold Bitter3.70Not Tried
08 Nov 2008 (Blair)
I got caught in a downpour on the way here and was soaked through. Luckily it was warm inside so all the more reason to stay for a few.
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') - No. 54.40GoodYup, this beer is good. Malty best bitter.
Country Life - Golden Pig4.70AcceptableOne of my friends liked this, but I wasn't overly impressed. Quite fruity but just not that interesting.
Mauldons - Mid-Autumn Gold4.20Not Tried
Adnams - Southwold Bitter3.70Not Tried
06 Nov 2008 (Blair)
Arrived just before last orders, they seemed to be having some kind of function going on. Just had a quick half then carried on my walk round broadstairs.
Mauldons - Mid-Autumn Gold4.20AcceptableAlright, overly sweet in a synthetic kind've way. Maybe this is what diacetyl is, I'm not sure. It wasn't great though.
Adnams - Southwold Bitter3.70Not Tried

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About The White Swan

The pub sign. The White Swan, Reading Street, Kent

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The pub is found in Reading Street, Kent, CT10 3AZ.

A street fronting pub, opposite the church, in an attractive village setting in the Reading Street district of Broadstairs. Still carries external signage from its Tomson & Wotton days. Still retains separate pricing for public and saloon bars. Very good value home cooked meals served primarily in the saloon bar. 2 handpumps in the public bar and 4 in the saloon.

We have visited this pub 38 times, seen 95 different beers and tried 60 of them.

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Postcode: CT10 3AZ