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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Harvey's - Armada AleExcellent1
Hop Back - Entire StoutExcellent1
Moorhouse's - Pendle Witches BrewGood1
Thwaites - Lancaster Bomber (please now use the Banks's entry)Good1
Arundel - Winston Church AleGood1
B&T (Banks & Taylor's) - Dragon SlayerGood1
Adnams - BroadsideGood2
B&T (Banks & Taylor's) - Black Dragon MildGood2
St. George's - ShakesbeerGood1
Mighty Oak - English OakGood1
Mallard - Duck n DiveGood1
York (now brewed at Black Sheep) - Centurion's Ghost AleGood1
Wadworth - St. George & the DragonGood1
Mauldons - George's BestGood1
Woodforde's - Nelson's RevengeGood1
Harvey's - Sussex Best BitterGood1
Arundel - Hairy MaryGood1
Wye Valley - St George's BitterGood1
Woodforde's - WherryAcceptable1
Hampshire - T'Ale of the DragonAcceptable1
Brakspear (at Marston's Wychwood) - Hooray Henley (superseded by 4% version)Acceptable1
Hogs Back - T.E.A.Acceptable1
Harviestoun - Bitter & TwistedAcceptable1
Skinner's - KeeloverAcceptable1
Coach House - HeritageAcceptable1
Hanlons (formerly O'Hanlon's) - FireflyAcceptable1
Wadworth - SummersaultAcceptable1
Hadrian and Border - FlotsamAcceptable1
JW Lees (see also Lees) - Dragon's FireAcceptable1
Felinfoel - Double DragonAcceptable1
Coach House - St George's AleAcceptable1
St. George's - Maiden's SaviourAcceptable1
Oakham - JHBAcceptable1
Coach House - Farrier's Best BitterAcceptable1
Shepherd Neame - Master Brew BitterAcceptable1
Jarrow - Rivet CatcherAcceptable1
St. George's - England's FinestAcceptable1
Arundel - St GeorgesAcceptable1
Hook Norton - HaymakerAcceptable1
Titanic - Port & StarboardAcceptable1
Highgate - Fox's NobPoor1
Titanic - English GloryPoor1
White Star - Dark DestroyerPoor1
Coach House - Gunpowder Strong MildPoor1
Kelham Island - Pale RiderPoor1
Greene King - Morland Old Speckled HenNot Tried0
Fuller's (part of Asahi Europe) - London PrideNot Tried0
Brakspear (at Marston's Wychwood) - BitterNot Tried0
Eagle (formerly Wells & Young's, formerly Charles Wells, formerly Wells) - Wells Bombardier (now superseded by 4.1% version)Not Tried0
Westerham - British Bulldog "BB" (was 4.3%)Not Tried0
Gale's - Trafalgar AleNot Tried0
Everards (see entries against Joule's & Robinsons from now on) - Beacon Hill (was Beacon)Not Tried0
Hook Norton - 303AD (aka Generation)Not Tried0
Picture 1. The George, Bethersden, Kent
Picture 2. The George, Bethersden, Kent

Visits Details

20 Apr 2007 (Ian)
Their 4th St George's Day festival. I hadn't been on the first day before and the beers were very fresh and all in excellent condition. It was a lovely spring evening with the marquee in the garden containing the stillage and beer plus some seating and the area for the band.
B&T (Banks & Taylor's) - Dragon Slayer4.50GoodI thought this used to be stronger than 4.5%. On its day one of my favourite golden beers. This was a little muted and hazy, but still with decent hop kick. Drinkable.
B&T (Banks & Taylor's) - Black Dragon Mild4.30GoodRuby with disappearing beige head. Not so much a mild, more a dark best bitter. Bit more roasted malt, touch of charcoal and decent hop finish. Very nice mild although it isn't a mild.
St. George's - Shakesbeer4.30GoodSherberty hop aroma, standard bitter in mouth, some spice/herb/sherbert hop on end. Fresh tasting and I rather liked it.
Wadworth - St. George & the Dragon4.50GoodAmber with lasting beige creamy head. Herby earthy hop, slighty yeasty. Hey, it's an English bitter. Some good hedgerow fruit. I would miss this type of beer though if I couldn't have it again.
Adnams - Broadside4.70AcceptableVery yeasty fruity version. Fruits are christmas cakey, but lifted by the yeastiness. But still the malty fruit comes through. Just lacks something.
Coach House - St George's Ale4.90AcceptableStraw coloured with bubbly white head. Slightly sweet golden ale. Bit sickly. Hop is citrusy and pleasing, but the pale malts are a bit sickly. I mean it's fine and in decent condition. Sub Hop Back Summer Lightning.
Arundel - St Georges4.60AcceptableI mean I don't have anything against English bitters and this is a not bad version, some decent malt fruit, but seriously, give it a bit more character fellas.
21 Oct 2006 (Ian)
I've been to the St George's Day and Summer beer festivals here and enjoyed them both, so I decided to come out here for their Trafalgar Day beer festival. The 400 bus conveniently goes from Ashford town centre and drops off right outside this pretty pub in the very attractive village of Bethersden. After a brief stroll around the churchyard, I settled myself into the saloon bar as the weather looked a bit grim and the beers were out in a marquee in the garden. 14 beers on offer from Waverley TBS. Music, Morris men and a BBQ were also on offer across the weekend. The marquee had hay bales to sit on and this created a very nice atmosphere. A group of cyclists from West Kent arrived to have lunch too. A good festival at a pub that does something a bit different.
Harvey's - Armada Ale4.50ExcellentOne of my favourite Harvey's beers. I love the mix of Harvey's yeast with the marmalade fruit and dry hop finish. Excellent.
Adnams - Broadside4.70GoodBit yeastier than I remember. Good fruity malt in mouth still. Hoppy finish. Not as full or with such dominant flavours as I remember.
Woodforde's - Nelson's Revenge4.50GoodClear copper colour, thin off white head. Yeast and herby hop aroma. Lovely hop actually. Moderate malt juicyness in mouth. Earthy hop finish. Nice mix of yeasty aroma, malt fruit in mouth and hop dryness on end. Good bitter.
Moorhouse's - Pendle Witches Brew5.10GoodCopper colour with lasting off white head. Attractive malt/hop balanced aroma. Full in mouth, juicy, moderate malty fruit. Balanced drying hop finish. Excellent premium bitter. Very drinakble.
York (now brewed at Black Sheep) - Centurion's Ghost Ale5.40GoodDeep dark brown/ruby with tan head. Dark malt aroma, choc, but also hop too. Nicely full in mouth. Nicely roasted malt. Doesn't drink it's strength. Good dark strong beer.
Coach House - Farrier's Best Bitter3.90AcceptableOrange/copper colour with no head. Some bitterness, bit watery, some dry hop on finish. Fine, if not exciting
Skinner's - Keelover4.20AcceptableClear copper colour, thin off white head. Flowery earthy hop aroma. Bit of fruit. Fine in mouth. Bit of muddy dryness on end. OK bitter, with nice subtle aroma.
Hadrian and Border - Flotsam4.00AcceptableI believe that this is my first beer from this brewery. Pale copper with beige head. Bit rubbery on aroma, bit of smoke. Earthy bitter. Fine. OK, slightly citrusy. Hop finish is quite nice.
Titanic - Port & Starboard4.20AcceptableHazy gold, lasting bubbly white head. Decent hop aroma, but then just a bit muddied, maybe not quite ready yet. Quite rich in mouth, like a lot of Titanic beers, but a bit of green apple too. Decent hop finish. Will be very drinkable in a day or two.
Coach House - Gunpowder Strong Mild3.80PoorBit of diacetyl spoils what is a good mild. Butter/caramel over a bitter burnt malt.
Westerham - British Bulldog "BB" (was 4.3%)4.10Not Tried
Gale's - Trafalgar Ale4.20Not Tried
Everards (see entries against Joule's & Robinsons from now on) - Beacon Hill (was Beacon)3.80Not Tried
Hook Norton - 303AD (aka Generation)4.00Not Tried
29 Jul 2006 (Ian)
It was their 3rd Annual Summer Beer Festival that included nearly 30 beers on a gravity stillage in a marquee in the garden and live music every day. Cracking site for a BF. Beautiful village pub opposite cottages and the church with the number 400 bus conveniently dropping you outside the pub. The marquee was on one side as you entered the garden with a BBQ and seating on either side of an open area with a stage for the music at the end. Lovely summer's day as I sat at a table in the shade trying as many different beers as I could. The heat may have affected some of the delicate aromas/flavours on some of the lighter beers. The next festival is for Trafalgar Day in October and I will certainly be here for that.
Hop Back - Entire Stout4.50ExcellentDeep ruby/black beer with thin beige head. Attractive aroma of smokey chocolate and roasted malts. Smooth in mouth with creamy choc finish. Bit of dryness. Stunning stout. Even some sourness too.
Mallard - Duck n Dive3.70GoodGold coloured beer with disappearing white head. Slightly hay/hop on aroma. Bit of lemon/lime citrus. Nice enough in mouth, astringent hoppy, tingly finish. Nice golden summer beer.
Arundel - Hairy Mary4.70GoodChestnut colour with thin beige head. Juicy in mouth. Strawberry and cherry sticky fruit flavours. Dryish finish. Good depth to the fruit/malt flavours. Really good ESB style malty fruity beer. Another good beer from Arundel.
Oakham - JHB3.80AcceptablePale gold, thin white head. Soapy hop. Yeasty aroma. Thin in mouth. Some distinctive grapefruit hop on end. None of the depty you would expect. Compared to the Bowl Inn, Charing 2 weeks ago, this pint is a pale imitation
Woodforde's - Wherry3.80AcceptableThis is almost there. Distinctive aroma and flavour, but lacks depth.
Harviestoun - Bitter & Twisted3.80AcceptableNettley hop aroma. Citrus, nettle, astringent hop dominate. Bit of tea flavour. Bit like the JHB, this is normally better, but under the weather circumstances I can understand it.
Wadworth - Summersault4.00AcceptableGolden with thin white head. Piney Saaz hop aroma. Malts are quite juicy and then dusty Saaz distinctive hop finish. Smells like a lager, tastes like an ale, finishes like a lager. The finish of sweetness and tongue tingly hops is very enticing.
Hook Norton - Haymaker5.00AcceptableHazy deep copper colour with no head. Not a very good aroma, but sweet sticky hops in mouth are good. Mangoish fruit and hop aroma. Even a bit of farty yeast. Itís either not ready or past itís best I would guess. Sticky strong hop flavour on end. In fact the sweet sticky hop is just too mcuh for me.
Brakspear (at Marston's Wychwood) - Hooray Henley (superseded by 4% version)4.60Acceptable Pale copper with thin lasting off white head. Yeasty, hoppy, citrus aroma. Fine in mouth, malts are there but understated. Very dry hoppy finish. Earthy, spritzey finish. Overall, a yeasty, citric bitter.
Hanlons (formerly O'Hanlon's) - Firefly3.70AcceptableCopper colour with thin off white head. Yeasty aroma, some cascade hop aroma. Earthy in mouth, dry earthy hop finish. Very drying finish. Malts are quite juicy. Bit of spiciness. Oddly moreish bitter.
Jarrow - Rivet Catcher4.00AcceptablePale copper colour with thin lasting white head. Caramel/hop aroma. Bit soapy. OK in mouth. Herby hop flavours come through on the end. Underlying caramel. Yes, not bad. Could do with being either maltier or hoppier, or indeed both.
Kelham Island - Pale Rider5.20PoorPale gold, thin white head. Astringent hop aroma. Too citric to be pleasant. I think the heat may have been too much for some of the delicate flavours. Bit of alcoholic sweetness, but otherwise disappointing
White Star - Dark Destroyer4.70PoorDeep ruby colour, no head. Iíve not had good experiences with White Star beers, so I approached this with some trepidation. This one is sour, with dark malt aroma. Liquorice/choc/coffee in mouth. Not a great deal of depth. Sour liquorice finish. Again, I am afraid, not my favourite.
Highgate - Fox's Nob4.40PoorAmber colour, slightly hazy. No head. Sweetish malt/hop aroma. More fruity malt than hop. Not overly impressed. Bit of rubber on the malt. Poor bitter, slightly citric/lemoney and edgey.
22 Apr 2006 (Ian)
Here for their St George's Day festival that ran from the Friday to Sunday. Two marquees had been erected in the garden, one for a BBQ and the other for an 18 barrel stillage. Nice!! Beautiful weather, so I sat in the beer garden and went through 14 of the beers having a half of each one. Really good venue and well run beer event. Will be coming back for their summer and Trafalgar events.
Thwaites - Lancaster Bomber (please now use the Banks's entry)4.40GoodChestnut colour with bubbly off white head. Malty aroma with touch of tangy hop. Good malt flavours in mouth that slide into red berry and citrus. Not sure what I expected from this, but the hop really is quite spicey. Bit of tea on the aroma. Surprisingly tasty.
Mighty Oak - English Oak4.80GoodCopper colour, thin white head. Now this beer I do like. Rich succulent citric hop, juicy malt with red berry fruit. Aggressive hop finish with lots of flavours, all with good intensity
Mauldons - George's Best4.40GoodCopper colour with off white head. Well balanced aroma of earthy hop and caramel malt. Reasonably juicy in mouth with a good hoppy finish that errs on the earthy citrus side. Good balance of flavours
Wye Valley - St George's Bitter4.30GoodChestnut colour with bubbly beige head. Attractive aroma of choc malt. Fullish in mouth with herby hop and malt finish. Rather a good malty bitter
Arundel - Winston Church Ale4.70GoodChestnut colour with lasting beige head. Malty aroma. Nice fruit in mouth of the red variety. Some strawberry jam. Malty juicy finish with a smack of earthy hop. Would Sir Winston approve of being punned on this beer? Probably not, as he was a Pol Roger white foil drinker. Rather a delicious bitter though.
Hogs Back - T.E.A.4.20AcceptableCopper, thin off white head. Soft hop/malt aroma, some lemon/ginger flavour in mouth. Really quite attractive with a ginger spiced hop finish. I've certainly had worse bitters. Touch of toffee sweetness on then end.
St. George's - Maiden's Saviour3.70AcceptablePale copper with bubbly off white head. Tea and tobacco aroma with earthy hop. Drinks ike a session bitter with strong earthy hop finish. Bit of mud and more tea. Leaves your mouth feeling like you have sucked on a tea bag. Very dry.
Hampshire - T'Ale of the Dragon4.80AcceptableGolden beer, slightly hazy with disappearing white head. May not have entirely settled. Some earthy hop. Juicy in mouth with citrus, muddy grapefruit and lemon. Finish has mixture of juicyness and dryness from hops.
B&T (Banks & Taylor's) - Black Dragon Mild4.30AcceptableBlack beer with ruby edges and disappearing beige head. Aroma of dark roasted malts. Some liquorice. Nice and juicy in the mouth. Finish has a bit of tar and liquorice. Very drinkable juicvy mild.
Felinfoel - Double Dragon4.20AcceptablePale chestnut with thin white head. Fruity malt aroma, bit of nettle and red berry. Bit of stale malt too. Bit thin in mouth, earthy hop finish. Bit muddy. Difficult to smell anything as the woman opposite me at the table has extremely strong perfume
St. George's - England's Finest4.00AcceptableGolden bitter with lasting creamy white head. Citrus hop aroma. Astringent graperuit in mouth, drying, earthy grapefruit finish. Astringency wakes you up a bit without being too aggressive.
Coach House - Heritage4.90AcceptableI think that I had the first pint of this. Pale copper/gold. No head. Some citric aroma of the orangey variety. Sharp orange fruit flavour in mouth. Some hop on end. For a 4.9% beer, it drinks like a 3.8%. Fruit is nice.
JW Lees (see also Lees) - Dragon's Fire4.00AcceptableCopper colour with thin white head. Grassy almost farmyard aroma. Earthy. Some caramel/hop/spice finish. Odd. Some juicy malt but a bit muddy overall
Titanic - English Glory4.50PoorCopper colour with lasting off white head. Odd pond weed hop aroma. More like a bitter in th e mouth with nice enought finish, but still with this odd rubbery pond weed flavour. Slightly vegetal.
17 Apr 2006 (Ian)
Easter Monday lunch time and they were doing a steady trade. I cycled here from Ashford along the back lanes, although the No. 400 bus does stop outside. The pub was advertising their St George's Day festival for 21-23 April with a BBQ, marquee and 16 ales and music. Good village pub, feels like the heart of the community to me.
Harvey's - Sussex Best Bitter4.00GoodHandpull. Dark brown/chestnut with lasting ivory head. Signature Harvey's yeast aroma. Some dry malt and then hoppy/yeasty finish. Satisfying best bitter.
Shepherd Neame - Master Brew Bitter3.70AcceptableOn gravity. Deep copper. Sheps yeast aroma some lemony citrus hop. Nice toffee in mouth with dry hoppy finish with more lemony citrus. Fine, not quite at its best though.
Greene King - Morland Old Speckled Hen4.50Not TriedOn gravity
Fuller's (part of Asahi Europe) - London Pride4.10Not TriedOn gravity
Brakspear (at Marston's Wychwood) - Bitter3.40Not TriedHandpull
Eagle (formerly Wells & Young's, formerly Charles Wells, formerly Wells) - Wells Bombardier (now superseded by 4.1% version)4.30Not TriedOn gravity

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The pub is found in Bethersden, Kent, TN26 3AG.

Two bar pub in a pretty Kent village south of Ashford, located not far from the C of E church. Lounge bar on the left has tables for food as well as seating at the bar. Public bar has the stillage for the gravity dispense beers and also a pool table and juke box. Low ceilings lined with hops add to the cosy feel. Large beer garden to the side. Three handpumps plus the gravity beer. Selection of regional brewers.

We have visited this pub 15 times, seen 61 different beers and tried 52 of them.

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