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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Beerblefish - Barrel-aged Black BeerbleExceptional1
Iron Pier - Whiteout IPAExceptional1
Great Heck - MosaicExceptional1
Saltaire - Amarillo (was Amarillo Gold)Excellent1
Arbor Ales - Chasing CaterpillarsExcellent1
Iron Pier - BitterExcellent1
Arbor Ales - Pocket RocketExcellent1
Leigh on Sea - SS9Excellent1
Whitstable - Single Hop MosaicExcellent2
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Strawberry LucariaExcellent1
Buxton - Downfall CitraExcellent1
Leigh on Sea - CrowstoneExcellent1
Brew York - SkedaddleExcellent1
3 Piers - Central CitraExcellent1
Church End - Goats MilkExcellent1
Iron Pier - Dana & BullionExcellent1
Orkney (Sinclair) - Dark MunroExcellent1
Park - Killcat PaleExcellent1
Brew Buddies - US Hop IPAGood1
Whitstable - Single Hop Styrian WolfGood1
Mallinsons - KomosalGood1
Beerblefish - 1892 IPA Good1
BritHop (cuckoo or contract brewed at Franklins) - Sweet Symphony Mosaic Amber AleGood1
No Frills Joe - HefeweizenAcceptable1
Hopdaemon - Golden BraidPoor1
Whitstable - Bohemium LagerNot Tried0
Whitstable - Renaissance Ruby MildNot Tried0
Canterbury Ales (sometimes badged as Canterbrew) - The Reeve's AleNot Tried0
Tiny Rebel - The Vader ShuffleNot Tried0
No Frills Joe - Irish StoutNot Tried0
Whitstable - Native BitterNot Tried0
Bristol Beer Factory - Milk StoutNot Tried0
Tiny Rebel - Cereal KillerNot Tried0
Reunion - Incredible Pale AleNot Tried0
Bluestone (Pembrokeshire) - Bedrock BlondeNot Tried0
Beat - New WaveNot Tried0
Salopian - AvariceNot Tried0
Dark Star - FestivalNot Tried0
Saltaire - Galaxy Pale AleNot Tried0
Partners - BlondeNot Tried0
Flowerpots - Hopton PaleNot Tried0
Leigh on Sea - Two Tree IslandNot Tried0
Whitstable - Oyster StoutNot Tried0
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Wild SwanNot Tried0
Windsor & Eton - Bostin' Mild Not Tried0
Tankleys (cuckoo at Beerblefish) - English Golden Strong AleNot Tried0
Tankleys (cuckoo at Beerblefish) - Düsseldorf AltbierNot Tried0
Saltaire - Wheat GoldNot Tried0
Moor - RawNot Tried0
Twickenham (also uses sub-brand Old Hands) - RedheadNot Tried0
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - JaywickNot Tried0
One Mile End Brew Co. (formerly Mulligans at the White Hart and then WH Brew Pub) - Dockers DelightNot Tried0
3 Piers - Golden SmilerNot Tried0
Siren Craft - Suspended in MagicNot Tried0
Timothy Taylor - LandlordNot Tried0
Goacher's - 1066 Old AleNot Tried0
St Austell - TributeNot Tried0
Eagle (was Wells & Young's, was Charles Wells, was Wells) - Young's London Special (was Special)Not Tried0
St Austell - Proper JobNot Tried0
Wadworth - SwordfishNot Tried0
Vibrant Forest - Kick-StartNot Tried0
Arbor Ales - Sean of the RedNot Tried0
Little Critters - King CrowNot Tried0
New Bristol - French ToastNot Tried0
Picture 1. The Kentish Belle, Bexleyheath, Greater London
Picture 2. The Kentish Belle, Bexleyheath, Greater London
Picture 3. The Kentish Belle, Bexleyheath, Greater London
Jason Jones

Visits Details

15 Mar 2019 (Magnus Greel)
Venue for this months FEG, we arrived mid afternoon and luckily wasn't too busy just a few others dotted about hence procured a few free tables leaving plenty of room for others who joined us later. Excellent atmosphere and beer range as always, when I left 5.5 hours later the place was rammed, standing room only!
Iron Pier - Whiteout IPA5.30ExceptionalThis stood out by far - wheat beer style bursting with tropical fruit flavours combined with a spicy aroma. Faultless.
Saltaire - Amarillo (was Amarillo Gold)4.50Excellent
Iron Pier - Bitter4.00Excellent
Buxton - Downfall Citra4.30Excellent
Iron Pier - Dana & Bullion3.80Excellent
Vibrant Forest - Kick-Start5.70Not Tried
Arbor Ales - Sean of the Red5.10Not Tried
Little Critters - King Crow7.20Not Tried
New Bristol - French Toast4.40Not Tried
13 Dec 2018 (ChrisE)
A group of us met here at 12:00 opening time for a tour of micropubs in the Bexleyheath and Sidcup areas.
Orkney (Sinclair) - Dark Munro4.00Excellent
Timothy Taylor - Landlord4.30Not Tried
Goacher's - 1066 Old Ale6.70Not Tried
St Austell - Tribute4.20Not Tried
Eagle (was Wells & Young's, was Charles Wells, was Wells) - Young's London Special (was Special)4.50Not Tried
St Austell - Proper Job4.50Not Tried
Wadworth - Swordfish5.00Not Tried
12 Aug 2018 (Stephen Harris)
I just popped in for one on passing. But the beer range was so enticing I ended up staying for much of the afternoon.
Beerblefish - Barrel-aged Black Beerble5.30ExceptionalA strong version of their Stout which has been barrel-aged (possibly for as much as a year if I heard right). It is superb. Faultless.
Arbor Ales - Chasing Caterpillars4.90ExcellentVery pale gold. Very nice, smooth and hoppy. Arbor at their best.
Brew York - Skedaddle4.20ExcellentGolden. Ever-reliable brewery, with a light, hoppy pint.
Beerblefish - 1892 IPA 6.90GoodMurky-brown in colour Ė not pleasing to the eye. Tastes better than it looks though and has a big alcohol kick.
One Mile End Brew Co. (formerly Mulligans at the White Hart and then WH Brew Pub) - Dockers Delight4.50Not Tried
3 Piers - Golden Smiler4.00Not Tried
Siren Craft - Suspended in Magic4.00Not Tried
01 Jul 2018 (Stephen Harris)
An afternoon visit, with a steady trickle of customers present. The atmosphere is one of studious silence, although I notice that several people are surreptitiously watching World Cup football on a variety of devices in a way that is usually a big no-no in these micro places Ė although one of the less-surreptitious viewers is the guvínor, so I guess itís OK. There are a lot more beers available than I have listed here.
Great Heck - Mosaic4.50ExceptionalIím always impressed by Great Heck beers and I love the taste of Mosaic hops. Put them together in a beer in perfect condition and it adds up to a five star rating.
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Strawberry Lucaria4.50ExcellentA yummy black Porter, heavily flavoured with strawberries.
Mallinsons - Komosal4.30GoodA dry, golden beer with Mosaic and Centennial amongst the hop mix.
BritHop (cuckoo or contract brewed at Franklins) - Sweet Symphony Mosaic Amber Ale4.20GoodAn amber-coloured beer with a decent balance from a brand new brewery in Belvedere.
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Jaywick4.80Not Tried
13 Jun 2018 (Magnus Greel)
Shutters opened a minute or so after 1600 we were the first customers soon joined by many more. Friendly welcome from Nick the Guvnor who's keenness and enthusiasm complements the MicroPub ethos perfectly.
Park - Killcat Pale3.70ExcellentHazy with a mix of peaty smoky cirtus flavours
Brew Buddies - US Hop IPA4.90GoodToo sweet & syrupy not what I was expecting
Moor - Raw4.30Not Tried
Twickenham (also uses sub-brand Old Hands) - Redhead4.10Not Tried
26 Apr 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening visit until whatever time closing time is here. As a late bird the advertised closing time is crucial to planning a visit. Here is it shown on the door as 11pm but tonight at 10.30, just as I was about to order my second, all serving stopped as the Guv says he does and "has to do" every Thursday. So the closing time is 10.30pm, why not show it on the doors and on the pub's website, Facebook et al. Irksome enough to wonder if I shall re-visit.
Church End - Goats Milk3.80ExcellentSuperb session ale, pity I could not order a second one as it had grown on me!
Whitstable - Oyster Stout4.50Not Tried
Thornbridge / Thornbridge Hall - Wild Swan3.50Not Tried
Windsor & Eton - Bostin' Mild 4.00Not Tried
Tankleys (cuckoo at Beerblefish) - English Golden Strong Ale5.60Not Tried
Tankleys (cuckoo at Beerblefish) - Düsseldorf Altbier5.50Not Tried
Saltaire - Wheat Gold4.50Not Tried
21 Apr 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening visit until 11pm close. A friendly barstaff team holding the fort whilst the Guv was at CAMRA Coventry AGM standing for a National Executive post.
Leigh on Sea - SS99.00ExcellentSuperbly balanced strong stout, more like a wine, enjoyed from a goblet glass
Leigh on Sea - Crowstone5.50ExcellentBlack IPA
Dark Star - Festival5.00Not Tried
Saltaire - Galaxy Pale Ale5.00Not TriedTaster had an interesting caramel smell
Partners - Blonde3.90Not Tried
Flowerpots - Hopton Pale4.30Not Tried
Leigh on Sea - Two Tree Island4.50Not Tried
16 Apr 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening until 10pm close. Some beers at Monday prices here again, no CAMRA discount on them though.
Whitstable - Single Hop Styrian Wolf4.40Good
No Frills Joe - Hefeweizen4.30Acceptable
Whitstable - Native Bitter3.70Not Tried
Bristol Beer Factory - Milk Stout4.50Not Tried
Tiny Rebel - Cereal Killer3.00Not Tried
Reunion - Incredible Pale Ale5.00Not Tried
Bluestone (Pembrokeshire) - Bedrock Blonde4.00Not Tried
Beat - New Wave4.50Not Tried
Salopian - Avarice5.70Not Tried
09 Apr 2018 (Philip Pirrip)
Evening until 10pm close. Apparently many of the beers on the board were at last knockings stage. All at £3 a pint tonight.
Whitstable - Single Hop Mosaic4.40Good
Hopdaemon - Golden Braid3.70PoorHad been alternating sips with the Whitstable Mosaic. This was poured with no head and had lost its bitterness with a caramel smell and taste. Left a third
Whitstable - Renaissance Ruby Mild3.80Not Tried
Canterbury Ales (sometimes badged as Canterbrew) - The Reeve's Ale4.10Not Tried
Tiny Rebel - The Vader Shuffle6.50Not Tried
No Frills Joe - Irish Stout4.30Not Tried
08 Apr 2018 (Magnus Greel)
1603-1956hrs, I was recommended here by a work colleague of mine who lives nearby however my intentions of this being the first of many in the area fell by the wayside due to enjoying first rate beer and chatting with Nick the ex train driver, Jess his charming accomplice and many of the customers who gathered around the bar area, mostly locals including a chap who's local was The Windmill in Ashford, and a few MicroPub tickers. Great friendly relaxed and jovial atmosphere I also liked the spacious feel to the place allowing for free movement around the bar area as well as propping it up!
Whitstable - Single Hop Mosaic4.40ExceptionalStunning sums this up, my favourite so far hence it earnt my loyalty for the rest of the session. Fruity flavousome Mosaic hops dominated and in faultless conditon, faultless!
Arbor Ales - Pocket Rocket3.90ExcellentBiscuit malts and caramel
3 Piers - Central Citra5.00ExcellentFresh & zesty blonde ale. Citra and cascade hops blended perfectly.
Hopdaemon - Golden Braid3.70Not Tried
Whitstable - Bohemium Lager4.90Not Tried
Whitstable - Renaissance Ruby Mild3.80Not Tried
Canterbury Ales (sometimes badged as Canterbrew) - The Reeve's Ale4.10Not Tried
Tiny Rebel - The Vader Shuffle6.50Not Tried
No Frills Joe - Irish Stout4.30Not Tried

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About The Kentish Belle

The pub sign. The Kentish Belle, Bexleyheath, Greater London

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The pub is found in Bexleyheath, Greater London, DA7 4QW.

Micropub in Pickford Lane, near to Bexleyheath railway station, a shop conversion which opened on Saturday 17th March 2018. Serves real ales and ciders / perries on gravity dispense from a temperature controlled rear cellar room. Bar counter at the back of the pub and bench seats and normal height tables throughout. Upstairs Gents.

We have visited this pub 12 times, seen 81 different beers and tried 30 of them.

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Postcode: DA7 4QW