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Goacher's 1066 Old Ale

PubAddressLast Visit Seen
The Paper MillSittingbourne, Kent12 Apr 2024
The River Ale HouseEast Greenwich, Greater London22 Feb 2024
Furlongs Ale HouseFaversham, Kent18 Feb 2024
Red LionSnargate, Kent06 Jan 2024
Pig's Ear Beer Festival 2023Hackney, Greater London30 Nov 2023
The Long PondEltham, Greater London01 Apr 2023
Marden Village ClubMarden, Kent05 Mar 2023
The Little GemAylesford, Kent02 Dec 2022
Rifle VolunteersMaidstone, Kent28 Dec 2021
This Ancient Boro'Tenterden, Kent29 Feb 2020
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2020Dover, Kent07 Feb 2020
The Just ReproachDeal, Kent16 Dec 2019
The LanesDover, Kent11 May 2019
Larkins' AlehouseCranbrook, Kent02 Mar 2019
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2019Dover, Kent01 Feb 2019
The Kentish BelleBexleyheath, Greater London13 Dec 2018
The Man of Kent Ale HouseRochester, Kent14 May 2018
Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2018Margate, Kent31 Mar 2018
Shipwrights ArmsFaversham, Kent03 Feb 2018
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2018Dover, Kent03 Feb 2018
Kent Beer Festival 2017Canterbury, Kent20 Jul 2017
Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2017Margate, Kent14 Apr 2017
Sonder (formerly The Thirty-Nine Steps Brewhouse; The Thirty-Nine Steps Alehouse)Broadstairs, Kent11 Feb 2017
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2017Dover, Kent03 Feb 2017
The Compass AlehouseGravesend, Kent20 Feb 2016
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2016Dover, Kent05 Feb 2016
The Firkin AlehouseFolkestone, Kent21 Mar 2015
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2015Dover, Kent07 Feb 2015
Marquis of LorneGillingham, Kent02 Dec 2014
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2014Dover, Kent08 Feb 2014
The PhoenixCanterbury, Kent21 Dec 2013
The Lifeboat Ale & Cider HouseMargate, Kent29 Mar 2013
The Royal Paper MillMaidstone, Kent02 Feb 2013
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2013Dover, Kent01 Feb 2013
The Flower PotMaidstone, Kent02 Jan 2013
Bull InnWest Malling, Kent27 Dec 2012
Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2012Margate, Kent06 Apr 2012
Royal Cinque Ports Yacht ClubDover, Kent02 Mar 2012
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2011Dover, Kent04 Feb 2011
Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2010Margate, Kent02 Apr 2010
The Swan Inn (old entry now superseded)Wittersham, Kent20 Feb 2010
1st K&ES Railway Beer Festival 2009Tenterden, Kent27 Jun 2009
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2009Dover, Kent06 Feb 2009
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2008Dover, Kent01 Feb 2008
The ChambersFolkestone, Kent05 Apr 2007
The Dering ArmsPluckley, Kent23 Jan 2007
Rare Breeds Beer Festival 2006Woodchurch, Kent02 Jun 2006
Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2006Ramsgate, Kent14 Apr 2006
White Cliffs Beer Festival 2006Dover, Kent04 Feb 2006

Tasting Summary

These comments are the opinion of the individual reviewer and represent what they thought of the beer on a particular day in a particular pub. If a review is less favourable, it may be because the beer suffered somewhere in the supply chain between them and the brewery.

The Paper Mill, Sittingbourne, Kent

AndrewGood12 Apr 2024 Venous
Jack WilliamGood09 Jan 2020
Jack WilliamExceptional14 Feb 2019 Absolutely superb.
Archie14Good03 Mar 2018
Archie14Excellent02 Nov 2014 Had a small sample. hic!
Archie14Exceptional28 Mar 2014 Stunning and the last cask of the season :)
Archie14Not Tried19 Jan 2014

The River Ale House, East Greenwich, Greater London

Philip PirripExcellent22 Feb 2024 Still excellent but slight loss of edge after 2 days
Philip PirripExceptional20 Feb 2024 Exceptional condition and flavours, alas only time for two
Philip PirripAcceptable31 Dec 2023 7th day on tap and tiring
Philip PirripExcellent28 Dec 2023 I hoped this would still be on. Been on tap for 4 days and still in lovely condition
Philip PirripGood23 Nov 2023 Very last half out of the cask. I was offered the choice to accept or reject. Still good but naturally had lost something from its high earlier in the week
Philip PirripExcellent20 Nov 2023 That slight improvement on yesterday's as the cask is vented through use
Philip PirripGood19 Nov 2023 It's back for this winter. A glorious tastes hit
Philip PirripGood23 Feb 2023 Still holding up well after some days on tap
Philip PirripExcellent21 Feb 2023 Top form as yesterday
Philip PirripExcellent20 Feb 2023 First day on and a heady ale with superb depth
Philip PirripAcceptable25 Nov 2022 Can't be more than a drip left in the cask
Philip PirripAcceptable24 Nov 2022 Last knockings from the cask
Philip PirripAcceptable23 Nov 2022 Near end of cask and after 3 nights consecutively of 5* now tiring significantly. That is real ale for you!!
Philip PirripExceptional22 Nov 2022 3rd day running in perfect condition
Philip PirripExceptional21 Nov 2022 Up there - top of the shop
Philip PirripExceptional20 Nov 2022 The holy grail is back. Exceptional ale in exceptional condition. Little local difficulty when I was served Goacher's Dark in error, believing it was 1066, but I was not duped for very long!!
Philip PirripNot Tried22 May 2022 Ran out as I entered the bar!
Philip PirripAcceptable20 May 2022 Well tired now
Philip PirripGood19 May 2022 Tiring a bit - no loss of flavour but its oooooooomph has faded
Philip PirripExceptional18 May 2022 Immaculate 4th day running
Philip PirripExceptional17 May 2022 Third consecutive night of perfect 1066
Philip PirripExceptional16 May 2022 Simply as perfect as yesterday's
Philip PirripExceptional15 May 2022 Wow. Had been kept for further cask ageing at the pub. A surprise appearance on the beer board - no pre-warnings! Beautiful head, lacing and condition. Can't be bettered
Philip PirripAcceptable27 Mar 2022 Almost last out of cask and I felt suffering for this
Philip PirripExceptional04 Feb 2022 Aged at the pub, smooth mouthfeel, no harshness, nectarous
Philip PirripGood29 Dec 2019 Nearing end of cask with some deterioration from its excellent high point
Philip PirripExcellent26 Dec 2019 Perhaps had one more than I should have
Philip PirripExcellent24 Dec 2019

Furlongs Ale House, Faversham, Kent

Archie14Excellent18 Feb 2024 Malty, toffee, molasses, rich n smooth.

Red Lion, Snargate, Kent

AndrewExceptional06 Jan 2024 Lovely and creamy. Goachers at its best
Philip PirripExcellent29 Feb 2020 Lovely woody old ale
Magnus GreelNot Tried29 Feb 2020
ChrisENot Tried08 May 2019
ChrisEExcellent29 Dec 2017
ChrisENot Tried24 Jun 2017
Philip PirripExcellent04 May 2017 Allegedly near the end of the cask but enough for us in near perfect condition
Philip PirripExcellent19 Feb 2017 New cask was nice and cool having come out of the cellar room earlier today
ChrisENot Tried27 Dec 2016
Philip PirripAcceptable18 Dec 2016 Pre-warned it was running out. On the second pint (the last out of the cask) Kate observed my glass had a "white gathering" at the bottom so I did not drink with my eyes
ChrisEExcellent10 Dec 2015
ChrisEExcellent25 Jul 2015 Wow
Philip PirripExcellent21 Jul 2015 The dog's, as a beer
IanExcellent10 Jan 2015 Strong fruity lovely.
AlenomoreNot Tried02 Nov 2014 My friend tried this and another pint to be sure...
PedroGood23 Jun 2012
AlenomoreExceptional23 Jun 2012 Goachers best ale. A1.
ChrisENot Tried27 Dec 2011
ChrisENot Tried27 Dec 2010
IanExceptional19 Jun 2010 I mean what can I say? The most interesting and characterful beer here. Rich alcohol soaked fruit aroma. Full in mouth. Hint towards sour on the finish. Really amazing.
IanGood19 Feb 2005 Excellent mixture of flavours in this typical old ale
AndrewNot Tried19 Feb 2005

Pig's Ear Beer Festival 2023, Hackney, Greater London

IanExcellent30 Nov 2023 On cask classic old flavours. Some early sourness. Malty. So drinkable. Not top notch but pretty good

The Long Pond, Eltham, Greater London

Philip PirripExceptional01 Apr 2023 I marked 4½* yesterday but today really can not see a single fault in this unbeatable dark strong ale, superbly kept and presented. Almost certainly should have marked yesterday as a 5 too
Philip PirripExcellent31 Mar 2023 4½* Superb after a few days on
Philip PirripExceptional28 Mar 2023 Been held back 3 or so months and now first day on. Unrivalled condition
Philip PirripExcellent21 Jan 2023 Been on a full week now and little loss of condition since its 5* score then
Magnus GreelExcellent20 Jan 2023 I managed to chew my way through this syrupy malty gloop with relative ease.
Philip PirripExceptional14 Jan 2023 Kept a while on site and simply superb
Philip PirripExceptional20 Dec 2022 5* full stop - on since Friday but still in peak condition
Philip PirripExcellent19 Feb 2022 Holding up superbly after a week on
Philip PirripExceptional16 Feb 2022 As on Saturday the perfection that is achieved rarely in ale. Lots left in the cask too!
Philip PirripExceptional12 Feb 2022 A great beer anyway but enhanced to peak condition by being conditioned at the pub for a couple of months before serving. A credit to the brewery and to pub cellarmanship
Philip PirripExceptional13 Dec 2021 As perfect as on Saturday and, if anything, just a little more woody
Philip PirripExceptional11 Dec 2021 Glorious for taste, condition and encroaching numbness
Philip PirripExceptional04 Nov 2020 As yesterday this 11 month old (stored here) was exceptional. Tempting and resulting in a take-away for Lockdown home consumption
Philip PirripExceptional03 Nov 2020 Nectar and perfect. 11 month old cask fresh on, smooth and innocently belying its true strength. Damn curfew closing time
Philip PirripExcellent05 Mar 2020 On a week and as good as ever. Just the one today thanks as it was not helping my crossword prowess
Philip PirripExcellent26 Feb 2020 4½* as near perfect as you can get and astounding to find another beer of the same quality here tonight too
Philip PirripExcellent21 Dec 2019 4½* As glorious as yesterday
Philip PirripExcellent20 Dec 2019 4½* Simply superb
Philip PirripExcellent27 Apr 2019 Stored on site for several months before today. Glorious, so a 4½* score is well due
Philip PirripExcellent23 Feb 2019 Still on top form despite being on for more than a week and nearing end of cask, little loss of condition was apparent
Philip PirripExceptional16 Feb 2019 Kept for just shy of 3 months before serving. An absolute No. 1 delight
Philip PirripExcellent14 Dec 2018 4½* To me the very best of the winter old ales

Marden Village Club, Marden, Kent

DosserExceptional05 Mar 2023 It doesnt get better than this.

The Little Gem, Aylesford, Kent

AndrewExceptional02 Dec 2022
ChrisENot Tried01 Apr 2022 Selling well today. My fried tried this and she said it was superb.
ChrisENot Tried17 Mar 2022

Rifle Volunteers, Maidstone, Kent

ChrisEExcellent28 Dec 2021 On gravity dispense.
ChrisEExcellent23 Dec 2021 On gravity dispense.
ChrisEExcellent03 Jan 2020 On gravity dispense.
ChrisEExcellent04 Jan 2019 On gravity dispense from the bar. A really enjoyable pint.
ChrisEExcellent18 Dec 2016 On gravity dispense and my half pint was a gift from the previous landlord. Beer in top notch form although not to everybody's taste.
ChrisENot Tried14 Dec 2016 A pin on the bar and as is so often the case these days a "coming soon".
ChrisEExcellent09 Dec 2015
DosserExcellent10 Jan 2015 In great form. I would have expected nothing less. The huge crowd were drinking mainly this and at £3.20 excellent value.
DosserExcellent04 Jan 2013
PedroExcellent04 Jan 2013
PedroExcellent07 Jan 2012
PedroExceptional06 Jan 2012 11 month old pin - superb newer polypin of old also pretty good !
PedroExcellent07 Jan 2011 But was very cloudy !
PedroExceptional09 Jan 2010
PedroExceptional08 Jan 2010

This Ancient Boro', Tenterden, Kent

Magnus GreelNot Tried29 Feb 2020
Philip PirripNot Tried29 Feb 2020 Pity not enough time to sample this
WittendenExcellent31 Jan 2019 Pleased to find this;fruity and austere.

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2020, Dover, Kent

DosserExcellent07 Feb 2020 One of the best beers today
AndrewExcellent07 Feb 2020 Had a few too many of these.
Philip PirripExcellent07 Feb 2020 Reliably superb

The Just Reproach, Deal, Kent

DosserExceptional16 Dec 2019 £4 a pint and superb.
Philip PirripGood10 Dec 2013 I could count our brain cells being destroyed as multiple orders were placed
Philip PirripExcellent11 Dec 2012 Woody - almost if not the last one out

The Lanes, Dover, Kent

ChrisENot Tried11 May 2019

Larkins' Alehouse, Cranbrook, Kent

WittendenNot Tried02 Mar 2019

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2019, Dover, Kent

Philip PirripExcellent01 Feb 2019 Quite the business

The Kentish Belle, Bexleyheath, Greater London

ChrisENot Tried13 Dec 2018

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester, Kent

Philip PirripAcceptable14 May 2018 Aha - in a pin on the counter top, tilted a bit but how far? The Guv doused the towels on top with some water when I showed interest. Came out pretty end of cask but still full on with its woody flavours and no off tsstes. Given a discount for it being near the end, nice honest touch
Philip PirripGood26 Aug 2015 Depending on your view not the best quicky pint or is the best quicky point! I was more than happy
ChrisENot Tried15 Feb 2011 A pin on gravity dispense, I would have tried one if it had not been so early in the day.
IanExcellent23 Jan 2010 Funnily not quite as good as at the Pig's Ear Beer Festival just before Xmas. Maybe just a touch warm on the bar, could do with having a couple of beer towels doused with cold water over it. Completely drinkable though, with great malts, good fruit and no hint of 6.7% ABV
AndrewExcellent23 Jan 2010 From a pin on the bar. No sourness which was a shame but rich, moreish, molasses, slightly burnt, bit of brown sugar and raisins. I stuck with this all night.
BlairExcellent14 Mar 2009 My last pint of the night and I was a little bit scared of it. Very rich with molasses and fruitcake. Complex and intriguing old ale. Remember finishing it but then nothing until I woke up in the morning.
BlairExceptional11 Dec 2008 Now this is an old ale! Very rich, dominated by raisins and other dried fruit. Didn't notice the strength but I don't remember much after this pint.
AndrewExceptional09 Dec 2006 Fermented raisens with a molases and dark sherry bite to it. Wonderful and on gravity.

Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2018, Margate, Kent

DosserExcellent31 Mar 2018 Quality
AndrewExcellent30 Mar 2018

Shipwrights Arms, Faversham, Kent

WittendenExcellent03 Feb 2018 My first meeting with this legendary Old Ale.Unctuous,raisins and tart plums:Granny's dark old sherry.
Philip PirripExcellent21 Jan 2016 One word applies - superb
Philip PirripExcellent21 Jan 2016 On the Guv's suggestion we had a mixed Mild / 1066 mixed to 5% and it became a superb porter
AndrewExcellent29 Dec 2015 Dry with hints of raisins and a big roasted warming finish.
AndrewExceptional11 Jan 2015 Goacher's Old stands out as a beacon in the sphere of beer. This was just stunningly good. Superb condition and flavours that you could write a poem about.

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2018, Dover, Kent

DosserExcellent03 Feb 2018
Philip PirripExcellent02 Feb 2018

Kent Beer Festival 2017, Canterbury, Kent

Jack WilliamExcellent20 Jul 2017 Mmmmm

Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2017, Margate, Kent

AndrewExceptional14 Apr 2017 Just so good. Had a couple of these.

Sonder (formerly The Thirty-Nine Steps Brewhouse; The Thirty-Nine Steps Alehouse), Broadstairs, Kent

DosserExcellent11 Feb 2017 Superb

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2017, Dover, Kent

Philip PirripExceptional03 Feb 2017 One word - superb

The Compass Alehouse, Gravesend, Kent

Philip PirripExcellent20 Feb 2016 A heady brew which leads one to float out into the Gravesend nighttime air

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2016, Dover, Kent

DosserExceptional05 Feb 2016 superb
Philip PirripExceptional05 Feb 2016 One word - superb

The Firkin Alehouse, Folkestone, Kent

Philip PirripExcellent21 Mar 2015 Say no more! The devil's brew tonight
IanExceptional29 Apr 2014 Is there a better beer brewed in Kent? Over 20 years I would have to say no. Massive thanks to Neil for keeping this cask since the winter. Amazing liquorice port flavours some hop dryness on the finish. Can still taste it on the finish on the train half an hour later. Just a touch of sourness. But like sour dark plums. Awesome.
IanExceptional06 Dec 2013 4 pints and I was more or less drunk. Great beer

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2015, Dover, Kent

IanExcellent07 Feb 2015 Consistently brilliant
oz11Excellent07 Feb 2015
Philip PirripExcellent06 Feb 2015 Surprisingly slow sales during my tenure of serving

Marquis of Lorne, Gillingham, Kent

Philip PirripExcellent02 Dec 2014 Deceptively smooth and easy drinking and at £3.20 pp too

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2014, Dover, Kent

IanExcellent08 Feb 2014 Funny I had it last night and didn't think that much of it I mean it was ok but didn't arrest my attention. Bit of tannin. Some pepper hop on the finish. Sweetish. Good though.
AndrewExceptional07 Feb 2014 Ah-ha, as Alan Partridge would say.
Philip PirripExcellent07 Feb 2014 Superb barley wine of the old school

The Phoenix, Canterbury, Kent

IanExceptional21 Dec 2013 Malty fruity. Outstanding. Made me want to stay here
AndrewExcellent21 Dec 2013 Great condition. Raisen and rich chewy roasted. Great.
BrianExceptional21 Dec 2013 Made a bold (i.e.stupid) move and started the day with this. Was superb though, dark and spicy and warming.

The Lifeboat Ale & Cider House, Margate, Kent

AndrewExceptional29 Mar 2013 The condition on this was extraordinary. I usually go for beers at about 3.8% but when you see Goacher's old on that's the exception. Man this was great.
AndrewExcellent22 Apr 2011 Top stuff

The Royal Paper Mill, Maidstone, Kent

PedroNot Tried02 Feb 2013
PedroNot Tried10 Jan 2013
PedroExcellent21 Sep 2012
PedroNot Tried03 Aug 2012
PedroExcellent03 Mar 2011 But was £3-75
PedroExcellent05 Feb 2011

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2013, Dover, Kent

Philip PirripExcellent01 Feb 2013 Woody and exceptionally moreish. Went back for seconds later

The Flower Pot, Maidstone, Kent

DosserExcellent02 Jan 2013
PedroExcellent01 Jan 2013
DosserExceptional01 Jan 2013 Beer of the night.
PedroExcellent31 Dec 2012
AngieExcellent22 Jan 2011 A little strong for this lady but did the trick.
IanExceptional21 Jan 2011 Still one of the best beers I've ever had. Strong, yes. Malt and molasses. Still some hop on the end, bit of bite. Hint of purple sourness on the finish. Really good condition. Just that fruity sour syrupyness developing on the finish already. Unbelievable beer.
PedroNot Tried16 Jan 2011
DosserExcellent16 Jan 2011
PedroNot Tried03 Apr 2010
PedroExceptional02 Apr 2010 crackin'
PedroNot Tried31 Mar 2010
PedroExcellent30 Mar 2010
DosserExceptional28 Mar 2010 Just superb
AngieExceptional17 Jan 2010 Excellent ale, just a little strong for a lady. On gravity.
PedroExceptional16 Jan 2010
PedroNot Tried22 Dec 2009
PedroExceptional18 Dec 2009 The south-east regional winner was abolutely supreme !...But beware a premium beer at a premium price !...but worth it !

Bull Inn, West Malling, Kent

PedroExcellent27 Dec 2012
PedroNot Tried29 Dec 2011

Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2012, Margate, Kent

AndrewExceptional06 Apr 2012 Awesomely good. Had 1.5 pints of this - which is going some for me at a beer festival where I usually just have halves of things.

Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club, Dover, Kent

IanExceptional02 Mar 2012 Fruity as hell and just that full malty flavour. Some dryness on finish

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2011, Dover, Kent

AndrewExcellent04 Feb 2011 Smooth, alcoholic, hint of sourness, hint of smoke. A "Box of Delights" beer.

Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2010, Margate, Kent

AndrewExceptional02 Apr 2010 Had to de-gas it a bit but then the wonderful moreish malts with their roasted tang and slightly sour finish kicked in.

The Swan Inn (old entry now superseded), Wittersham, Kent

PedroNot Tried20 Feb 2010

1st K&ES Railway Beer Festival 2009, Tenterden, Kent

BlairExceptional27 Jun 2009 Like drinking a glass of toffee, but with raisins thrown in. Really interesting and complex beer. You just keep discovering new flavours. Great stuff.
IanExceptional26 Jun 2009 Sour, Stilton cheese, dark fruit, just a little down on condition, but that could have been the warm temp. Great levels of malts. Almost speechless. Just incredbile rollercoaster of a beer.

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2009, Dover, Kent

AndrewExceptional06 Feb 2009 As Ian said, the best beer here. Rich with a hint of plum skin. Toasted straw and astringent with a hint of cob nut. Martyn decanted it too with made it even better.
IanExceptional06 Feb 2009 Smells of stilton and sweaty socks and some really good sourness. That is good. Most distinctive beer here. Again I bottled this and drank it on the way home.

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2008, Dover, Kent

AndrewExcellent01 Feb 2008 Engine oil with no sourness to it. Powerfull stuff

The Chambers, Folkestone, Kent

IanExceptional05 Apr 2007 Currently the best Kent beer in Kent? Yes, I think so. The malt, the sourness, the chocolate are heavenly. Stuns you and enlivens the tongue like the best sour dark cherry thing you could imagine.

The Dering Arms, Pluckley, Kent

IanExcellent23 Jan 2007 For a strong winter beer it's got the lot, strength, malt, dark fruits. The blackcurrant, blackberry are excellent with a slight sour/dry edge on the finish.
AndrewExcellent23 Jan 2007 Wonderfull marinated cherries with a sherry oak sweet tart bite. Needs just a touch more sourness to be outstanding but, by heck, this is a good beer.
IanExceptional06 Jan 2007 Now I give out 5/5s very sparingly these days. Very deep brown with touch of russet and lasting beige head. Roasted nuts, coffee, strong dry malt and touch of syrup on the aroma. Some hop too. Gorgeous in mouth, exquisitely full, light choc malts and roasted nuts. Toasty more than dark roast. Some juicy dark fruits. Finish is dry, full and juicy with dry toast coming through most. The longer it oxygenates, the sourer the fruit becomes. Damson, sour dark plum, sour dark cherry, sour blackberry. All wonderful. Give it another couple of hours in the cask and it will be even more wonderful.
IanGood23 Dec 2006 More sour than I remembered, but with a fullness and that distinctive Goacher's flavour. Took me nearly an hour to finish a pint. Great stuff.
AndrewNot Tried23 Dec 2005
IanExcellent23 Dec 2005 Slightly sour. If I didn't know that this is supposed to have these flavours, I would have said that it was off. But this was exceptional stuff. Black with fluffy beige head, lots of dark fruit and liquorice, burnt malts and this underlying sourness. Spectacular
IanNot Tried21 Jan 2005
IanNot Tried11 Jan 2005
IanPoor24 Dec 2004 Not as good as the last time I visited
AndrewAcceptable24 Dec 2004 Like engine oil. Good goacher's taste but too strong from me
IanExceptional17 Dec 2004 Perfect mix of burnt caramel and fruity malt balance the high alcohol level of this winter warmer

Rare Breeds Beer Festival 2006, Woodchurch, Kent

AndrewExceptional02 Jun 2006 Big sour and burnt acrid malt flavours dominate. This is kind of beer that rips your heart out and thrusts it back down your throat. Wonderful
IanExceptional02 Jun 2006 Now this is a proper old ale. Deep ruby with lasting beige head. Toffee and sour liquorice aroma. Intense sourness for a UK beer. Thick and syrupy in mouth. Good hop. Superb balance. Bit too much syrupy toffee, but still gorgeous.

Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival 2006, Ramsgate, Kent

IanGood14 Apr 2006 Rich, dark syrupy oily beer.

White Cliffs Beer Festival 2006, Dover, Kent

BrianExceptional04 Feb 2006 Lovely, 6.7%, but no real hint of that in the glass. Smooth and herby.

Goacher's 1066 Old Ale

6.70% ABV.

We have tried this beer 173 times.

We have given this beer an average score of Excellent to Exceptional.

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