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Beer (sort)Average Score (sort)No. Samples (sort)
Moor - Hoppiness (keg)Exceptional1
Tiny Rebel - Dirty Stop OutExcellent1
London Fields - Shoreditch Triangle IPAExcellent2
Northern Monk - Eternal Session IPAExcellent1
Buxton - Black RocksExcellent1
Arbor Ales - Phoenix StoutExcellent1
Adnams - Kristal White AleGood1
XT Brewing - No. 10 StoutGood1
Moor - Smokey HoryzonGood1
Beer Geek - Great White GeekGood1
Wild Beer Co. - Madness IPAAcceptable1
Camden Town - Rye Mild (KeyKeg)Acceptable1
Revolutions - Go-Go American PaleAcceptable1
Siren Craft - Jack TarrPoor1
Mallinsons - MosaicNot Tried0
Swannay (formerly Highland) - Scapa SpecialNot Tried0
Grain - OakNot Tried0
Adnams - American Style IPANot Tried0
Oakham - CitraNot Tried0
Moor - AmoorNot Tried0
Revolutions - RewardNot Tried0
Arbor Ales - Hoptical DelusionNot Tried0
Oakham - JHBNot Tried0
Redemption - TrinityNot Tried0
Burning Sky - Plateau (was 3.5%)Not Tried0
Kirkstall - Kirkstall Pale AleNot Tried0
Adnams / Camden Town Collaboration - South TownNot Tried0
Bristol Beer Factory - AcerNot Tried0
Revolutions - Senses Working OvertimeNot Tried0
Arbor Ales - Oyster StoutNot Tried0
Redemption - Big ChiefNot Tried0
Bristol Beer Factory - Bitter CalifornianNot Tried0
Kent - Black GoldNot Tried0
Redemption - HopspurNot Tried0
Moor - Nor'HopNot Tried0
Redemption - Fellowship PorterNot Tried0
Harvey's - Sussex Best BitterNot Tried0
Tiny Rebel - FUBARNot Tried0
Dark Star - Espresso StoutNot Tried0
Adnams - LighthouseNot Tried0
Bristol Beer Factory - Bitter KiwiNot Tried0
Picture 1. Holborn Whippet, Holborn, Central London
Picture 2. Holborn Whippet, Holborn, Central London

Visits Details

04 Apr 2016 (Stephen Harris)
I found myself getting off a bus right outside on my way home from Soho. The pub was uncrowded, so I popped in for a pint.
Northern Monk - Eternal Session IPA4.10ExcellentA pale gold, hoppy beer. The hop tastes seemed much better than I remember from drinking this beer before – good and fruity. Easily the best beer I drank this-evening.
Harvey's - Sussex Best Bitter4.00Not Tried
Dark Star - Espresso Stout4.20Not Tried
Adnams - Lighthouse3.40Not Tried
Mallinsons - Mosaic4.00Not Tried
Burning Sky - Plateau (was 3.5%)3.40Not Tried
11 May 2015 (Stephen Harris)
A fairly brief visit on the way home.
XT Brewing - No. 10 Stout4.50GoodA black Stout with a tan-coloured head. Creamy texture and dry finish.
Oakham - JHB3.80Not Tried
Redemption - Big Chief5.50Not Tried
Kent - Black Gold4.00Not Tried
Moor - Nor'Hop4.10Not Tried
13 Apr 2014 (Stephen Harris)
A quick Sunday afternoon pint as a short break from a long day escorting the Australian branch of my family on a sightseeing day in London. Pub quiet at this time.
Revolutions - Go-Go American Pale4.50AcceptableLet down by less than sparkling condition.
Oakham - JHB3.80Not Tried
Redemption - Fellowship Porter5.10Not Tried
Burning Sky - Plateau (was 3.5%)3.40Not Tried
Adnams / Camden Town Collaboration - South Town4.90Not Tried
Revolutions - Senses Working Overtime4.50Not Tried
13 Feb 2014 (HSB)
12:20 Just a few in. My first visit. Bit stark.
Siren Craft - Jack Tarr3.40PoorNasty cabbagey back taste.
Adnams - American Style IPA4.80Not Tried
Oakham - Citra4.20Not Tried
Redemption - Trinity3.00Not Tried
Moor - Amoor4.50Not Tried
Revolutions - Reward4.50Not Tried
29 Apr 2013 (Stephen Harris)
Early evening visit. Tolerably busy. I decided on a couple of halves of strong beers.
Buxton - Black Rocks5.50ExcellentThick and chewy, Black IPA. A combination of liquorice and grapefruit flavours, which are great in a beer but are not the sort of pairing you would have with your toast at breakfast time.
Wild Beer Co. - Madness IPA6.80AcceptableOn keg dispense. Golden-coloured. This is clearly a well-crafted beer, with plentiful hop flavours. But too cold and too fizzy; all but destroying the taste.
Swannay (formerly Highland) - Scapa Special4.20Not Tried
Grain - Oak3.80Not Tried
Arbor Ales - Oyster Stout4.60Not Tried
Adnams - Kristal White Ale4.20Not Tried
08 Apr 2013 (Stephen Harris)
Brief, after work visit. Busy and quite boisterous – somebody celebrating something.
Moor - Hoppiness (keg)6.50Exceptional(Real ale version, not keg). Marvellous, golden-coloured beer with a very high hop-load, giving both fruity and bitter hop tastes. Slightly hazy. An exemplar of the style.
Adnams - Kristal White Ale4.20GoodAn amber-coloured wheat beer in the Bavarian ‘Krystal Weizen’ style. Good, authentic, bananary, spicy flavours, suggest they have used a proper wheat beer yeast. Would be better in my view if it had remained unfiltered – does anybody in Germany actually drink the krystal versions?
Redemption - Hopspur4.50Not Tried
Redemption - Fellowship Porter5.10Not Tried
Tiny Rebel - FUBAR4.40Not Tried
Bristol Beer Factory - Bitter Kiwi5.00Not Tried
19 Mar 2013 (Stephen Harris)
Brief, early evening visit. Inevitably at this time, the pub is crowded – but service is notably good.
London Fields - Shoreditch Triangle IPA6.00ExcellentBig-hitting, fruity IPA.
Redemption - Trinity3.00Not Tried
Kirkstall - Kirkstall Pale Ale4.00Not Tried
Bristol Beer Factory - Acer3.80Not Tried
Arbor Ales - Oyster Stout4.60Not Tried
Bristol Beer Factory - Bitter Californian4.50Not Tried
15 Jan 2013 (Martin the Mildman)
Fairly quiet at 5pm before the post-office rush.
Arbor Ales - Phoenix Stout4.30ExcellentExcellent black roasty stout with bitter coffee notes and a little fruit in the finish. My score 16/20.
Camden Town - Rye Mild (KeyKeg)3.70AcceptableToo cold and gassy for my taste. Still not convinced by Keykeg. My score 14/20.
05 Jan 2013 (Martin the Mildman)
Opened at 1pm on this day and I was the first one in soon after.
Moor - Smokey Horyzon5.00GoodInteresting hazy unfined beer with a hint of smoked malt and also some fruity hoppiness. My score 15/20.
11 Dec 2012 (Stephen Harris)
Crowded in the early evening – luckily the bar staff here are very efficient and the wait to be served was not too long. A couple of other cask beers were also available.
Tiny Rebel - Dirty Stop Out5.00ExcellentIntense, black, full-bodied, roasty stout. Long bitter finish.
London Fields - Shoreditch Triangle IPA6.00ExcellentOne of the most popular and fastest selling beers at last week’s Pig’s Ear Beer Festival. Unfortunately it is only available here on keg dispense, with the associated drawbacks. But once warmed a little and de-gassed a bit, the full hop flavours come through. Very satisfying.
Beer Geek - Great White Geek4.50GoodPale ale with a floral hop aroma and crisp taste.
Arbor Ales - Hoptical Delusion3.80Not Tried
Arbor Ales - Phoenix Stout4.30Not Tried

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About the Holborn Whippet

The pub sign. Holborn Whippet, Holborn, Central London

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The pub is found in Holborn, Central London, WC1A 2QH.

A new pub/bar opened in May 2012 in the delightful surroundings of Sicilian Avenue, close to Holborn tube station. The design is reminiscent of the Euston Tap, with both keg and cask taps sprouting from a central servery. But it is a larger place, with several distinct seating areas.

We have visited this pub 21 times, seen 76 different beers and tried 34 of them.

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Postcode: WC1A 2QH