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Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') Dark Conspiracy

PubAddressLast Visit Seen
The River Ale HouseEast Greenwich, Greater London29 Oct 2021
The Hovelling Boat InnRamsgate, Kent28 Oct 2021
Artillery ArmsRamsgate, Kent26 Sep 2021
The White SwanReading Street, Kent09 Nov 2019
The Conqueror AlehouseRamsgate, Kent26 Oct 2019
The Paper MillSittingbourne, Kent28 Feb 2019
Mind the GapBroadstairs, Kent28 Oct 2018
Leyton Orient Supporters ClubLeyton, Greater London27 Oct 2018
Larkins' AlehouseCranbrook, Kent20 Oct 2018
The Red LionRamsgate, Kent16 Oct 2018
Montefiore ArmsRamsgate, Kent29 Dec 2017
The Rose of EnglandRamsgate, Kent29 Dec 2017
The Butchers ArmsHerne, Kent12 Dec 2017
The Milk HouseSissinghurst, Kent11 Feb 2017
Yard of AleSt Peter's, Kent08 Jan 2017
Bake & AlehouseWestgate-on-Sea, Kent05 Jan 2017
The BedfordTunbridge Wells, Kent04 Dec 2015
Ales of the UnexpectedWestbrook, Kent06 Jan 2015
Bell & CrownCanterbury, Kent13 Dec 2014
The Tankerton ArmsTankerton, Kent13 Dec 2014
The Three MarinersHythe, Kent20 Nov 2014
The Handsome SamWhitstable, Kent20 Nov 2014
The PhoenixYork, North Yorkshire13 Nov 2014
The Foundry Brew PubCanterbury, Kent08 Nov 2013
The Flower PotMaidstone, Kent25 Nov 2012
The Firkin AlehouseFolkestone, Kent25 Nov 2012
The BerryWalmer, Kent16 Nov 2012
Jolly DraymanGravesend, Kent11 Nov 2012
The George & DragonFordwich, Kent29 Oct 2012
The Bowl InnHastingleigh, Kent21 Oct 2012
The Man of Kent Ale HouseRochester, Kent22 Mar 2012
The Old Brewery TavernCanterbury, Kent24 Dec 2011
The New InnCanterbury, Kent16 Dec 2011
The Crown of BroadstairsBroadstairs, Kent22 Oct 2011
The Cat & Custard PotPaddlesworth, Kent21 Oct 2011
The BullHorton Kirby, Kent18 Mar 2011
The Churchill TavernRamsgate, Kent01 Feb 2011
City ArmsCanterbury, Kent27 Dec 2010
The DolphinCanterbury, Kent11 Dec 2010
The Samuel PetoFolkestone, Kent14 Jan 2010

Tasting Summary

These comments are the opinion of the individual reviewer and represent what they thought of the beer on a particular day in a particular pub. If a review is less favourable, it may be because the beer suffered somewhere in the supply chain between them and the brewery.

The River Ale House, East Greenwich, Greater London

Philip PirripNot Tried29 Oct 2021 Ran out
Philip PirripNot Tried28 Oct 2021
Philip PirripNot Tried27 Oct 2021
Philip PirripNot Tried26 Oct 2021
Philip PirripGood25 Oct 2021
Philip PirripExcellent24 Oct 2021 As it should be

The Hovelling Boat Inn, Ramsgate, Kent

Magnus GreelNot Tried28 Oct 2021
ChrisENot Tried18 Nov 2014

Artillery Arms, Ramsgate, Kent

DosserExcellent26 Sep 2021 Splendid
DosserExcellent14 Nov 2019 Theyve got 3 more casks in the cellar as its going down that well.
DosserExcellent11 Nov 2019 In fine nick
DosserExcellent07 Nov 2019 In top condition
BlairExcellent13 Feb 2011 This beer seems to have become a local staple, I'm not complaining.
BlairExcellent05 Feb 2011 Just fantastic really.
BlairExcellent22 Jan 2010 I definitely preferred this beer last year, however, it is still top notch. Rich, dark and fruity.
BlairExcellent04 Dec 2009 Thick dark and delicious.
BlairExcellent13 Nov 2009 Rich and complex porter. Really is delicious.

The White Swan, Reading Street, Kent

DosserGood09 Nov 2019 Nice pint.
BlairExceptional09 Dec 2008 The best this beer has tasted! Rich, thick and exceptionally smooth. I had 3 and each one tasted better than the one before.

The Conqueror Alehouse, Ramsgate, Kent

DosserGood26 Oct 2019 My pint was better than Mr Ps I think.
Philip PirripAcceptable23 Oct 2019
Philip PirripGood16 Oct 2018
DosserExcellent05 Jan 2018 Fine pint
ChrisENot Tried02 Nov 2011
ChrisENot Tried22 Mar 2011

The Paper Mill, Sittingbourne, Kent

Philip PirripGood28 Feb 2019

Mind the Gap, Broadstairs, Kent

DosserGood28 Oct 2018
DosserGood08 Jan 2017 A little too cold for my liking. Served by the most polite barman ever.
DosserExcellent27 Dec 2016 Fine ale
AndrewGood17 Dec 2016 Nice and dark-fruity if lacking a bit of condition

Leyton Orient Supporters Club, Leyton, Greater London

Stephen HarrisNot Tried27 Oct 2018

Larkins' Alehouse, Cranbrook, Kent

WittendenNot Tried20 Oct 2018

The Red Lion, Ramsgate, Kent

Philip PirripGood16 Oct 2018
DosserNot Tried28 Dec 2016
DosserExcellent12 Dec 2016 Yummy
DosserExcellent23 Nov 2016 Top beer

Montefiore Arms, Ramsgate, Kent

DosserExcellent29 Dec 2017 Very nice
Jack WilliamNot Tried22 Nov 2015
BlairExcellent07 Nov 2008 Black, american style winter warmer. Used to be known as 'Fall Over' but apparently that promoted irresponsible drinking so Eddie had to change it. Really nice beer, sweet and chocolatey with a fair amount of carbonation. I liked it a lot.

The Rose of England, Ramsgate, Kent

DosserNot Tried29 Dec 2017

The Butchers Arms, Herne, Kent

Jack WilliamExcellent12 Dec 2017 Delicious full-bodied winter warmer.
ChrisEExcellent21 Jan 2010
AndrewExcellent20 Jan 2010 This was an excellent beer but the recipe has changed since last year. Why I don't know because last year's recipe was out of this world.
BlairExcellent22 Dec 2009 Top form, rich dark and chocolatey.
IanExcellent20 Dec 2008 Towards the end of the barrel, but the flavours are still amazing. Choc is really good, good malty flavours, rounded.
GlynExcellent20 Dec 2008 Dark and strong
MickExcellent19 Dec 2008 Very nice, dark and rich. Roast malt, molasses, chocolate, very smooth, a bit sweet for me but still v nice.
MickNot Tried02 Dec 2008
AndrewExceptional02 Dec 2008 I'd seen on one of Phil's websites that he thought this was an "American Fireside Porter". Given that description I was expecting not to like it overly and had a fear it might be like Porterhouse's Celebration Stout. Fortunately it was nothing like it. It was black in colour and had a milky body with a slight sourness to it. The hops were superb, subtle yet pervasive. There was a slight hint of honey flavours and some mild burnt malt too. It reminded me of really good Larkin’s Porter combined with really good Black Cat Mild. Top stuff.
MickExcellent30 Nov 2008 My first taste of this, an excellent pint, dark with chocolate and roasted malt,superb.
IanExcellent29 Nov 2008 Brewed by Eddie, Steve and Phil Lowry. Nice pump clip. Black beer, ruby edges. Lasting beige head. Freshly tapped. Chocolatey beer. Good condition. Very drinkable. Dryish, dry choc finish, little bit of powder on finish, but good balance of juiciness and dryness. Juicy dark fruits, some dark cherry and plum. Some Gadd's typical hop finish. Good choccy aroma. Bit of coffee there too. Flavour grows. Good lasting flavour. I was recommending this to anyone coming in.

The Milk House, Sissinghurst, Kent

WittendenExcellent11 Feb 2017 Probably 4.5. A lovely dark dry porter.
WittendenExcellent17 Dec 2016 Same line up as last week.Nowt wrong with that.Toasted blackcurrants.
WittendenExcellent10 Dec 2016 Dark brown,earthy berries.Intriguing and grown up beer.

Yard of Ale, St Peter's, Kent

DosserGood08 Jan 2017

Bake & Alehouse, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent

DosserExcellent05 Jan 2017 Quality beer. Beer quality as good as ever since new people took over. 5 ales on.
Philip PirripExcellent06 Dec 2012
Philip PirripExcellent06 Dec 2012 Moreish

The Bedford, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Stephen HarrisNot Tried04 Dec 2015

Ales of the Unexpected, Westbrook, Kent

Philip PirripGood06 Jan 2015

Bell & Crown, Canterbury, Kent

BrianExcellent13 Dec 2014 Best beer of the day for me.
AndrewNot Tried06 Jan 2012
BlairGood19 Dec 2011 Not the best condition I've had this beer in, but it was still a nice pint.
AndrewAcceptable29 Nov 2011 Good condition but woah, what is this! Cough candy and tar combo. So thick it crawled out of the glass itself.

The Tankerton Arms, Tankerton, Kent

Jack WilliamGood13 Dec 2014 Thick, black and liquoricy.

The Three Mariners, Hythe, Kent

ChrisENot Tried20 Nov 2014

The Handsome Sam, Whitstable, Kent

Philip PirripGood20 Nov 2014

The Phoenix, York, North Yorkshire

Philip PirripNot Tried13 Nov 2014
HSBNot Tried13 Nov 2014

The Foundry Brew Pub, Canterbury, Kent

BrianGood08 Nov 2013 Nice. Dark, bitter chocolate.
IanNot Tried20 Oct 2012

The Flower Pot, Maidstone, Kent

PedroNot Tried25 Nov 2012
PedroExcellent24 Nov 2012
PedroExcellent23 Nov 2012
PedroNot Tried18 Jan 2012
PedroNot Tried17 Jan 2012
PedroNot Tried16 Jan 2012
PedroNot Tried15 Jan 2012
PedroNot Tried14 Jan 2012
DosserExcellent14 Jan 2012 Crackin
PedroExcellent14 Jan 2012
PedroExcellent13 Jan 2012

The Firkin Alehouse, Folkestone, Kent

AlenomoreExceptional25 Nov 2012 In top condition. Genuine 5#. A rich, deep dark un'.
IanExceptional23 Nov 2012 Lots of choc, malt, character, smooth, complex, great condition, so drinkable. This beer was almost my downfall. But delightful.
ChrisEExceptional23 Nov 2012 Magic

The Berry, Walmer, Kent

IanNot Tried16 Nov 2012

Jolly Drayman, Gravesend, Kent

PedroExcellent11 Nov 2012
PedroNot Tried10 Nov 2012

The George & Dragon, Fordwich, Kent

BrianGood29 Oct 2012 Really nice light porter. I prefer the Street Light for example, with more coffee and choc flavours but this was good stuff.

The Bowl Inn, Hastingleigh, Kent

MickExcellent21 Oct 2012 Lovely porter type beer, coffee and toast. Really good.

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester, Kent

ChrisENot Tried22 Mar 2012
BlairExcellent05 Dec 2008 Great condition. Lively black beer with lots of chocolate and roasted malt.

The Old Brewery Tavern, Canterbury, Kent

Martin the MildmanNot Tried24 Dec 2011
BrianExcellent15 Mar 2011 Foamy beige head. Great powdery choc/coffee flavour.
Martin the MildmanNot Tried27 Dec 2010
BrianNot Tried11 Dec 2008

The New Inn, Canterbury, Kent

MattyBoyExceptional16 Dec 2011 This is just fabulous

The Crown of Broadstairs, Broadstairs, Kent

BlairAcceptable22 Oct 2011 Not at it's best.

The Cat & Custard Pot, Paddlesworth, Kent

MickExcellent21 Oct 2011 Dark with a cream/brown head, rich toasted malt, coffee and chocolate with some hops, a nice pint.

The Bull, Horton Kirby, Kent

AndrewGood18 Mar 2011 Excellent condition. Like drinking milky toasted oysters. Not quite the same beer it was when it first came out but still jolly nice.
DosserExcellent24 Jan 2010

The Churchill Tavern, Ramsgate, Kent

BlairExcellent01 Feb 2011 Still a top notch beer.
BlairExcellent21 Nov 2009 Rich, full in the mourh, fruity and chocolatey this is a wonderful beer.
BlairExcellent03 Dec 2008 This almost deserves 5 stars. rich and chocolatey with a fair amount of roasted malt, a little liquorice and a hint of smoke. Just lovely.
BlairExcellent27 Nov 2008 Fantastic condition. Lots of roasted malt on this one. Once again quite a lot of carbonation. Really nice interesting dark ale.

City Arms, Canterbury, Kent

Martin the MildmanExcellent27 Dec 2010 Dark brown porter with good fruity flavours and some dark malt character. My score 16/20.

The Dolphin, Canterbury, Kent

IanGood11 Dec 2010 very drinkable dark beer with very good malty flavour and mouthfeel
AndrewExcellent11 Dec 2010 Great stuff. Low hopping, slightly milky, slightly roasted. Great body, great stuff.

The Samuel Peto, Folkestone, Kent

IanNot Tried14 Jan 2010 I got the last pint out of it and I had to give it back

Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds') Dark Conspiracy

4.90% ABV.

We have tried this beer 76 times.

We have given this beer an average score of Good to Excellent.

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